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Allan Landosky is an Engineering Director seeking opportunities in Southeast MI. He has been utilized where changing market demands and technology required innovation, and has been consistently selected as the go-to resource for the tough jobs and premier assignments.

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Lapeer MI 48446                                      248-321-7985                         

                                                 Engineering Manager
Technology & Product Development / Project Management / Analysis / Validation / International
Design & Process Development / Quality / Systems Integration / Budgets / Cost Containment
      Utilized where changing market demands and technology required innovation, I have been consistently
selected as the go-to resource for the tough jobs and premier assignments. I have led international collaborations
critical to the success of modern manufacturing enterprises. I have successfully led teams and divisions into
previously uncharted product innovation processes, and produced outcomes consistently beyond planned goals.
      Driving product planning and development to consistent technical success
      Building collaborative problem solving relationships
      Succeeding in international business initiatives
      Utilizing industry contacts to build revenue
     I hold a BS in Mechanical Engineering, an AAS in Electrical Engineering, and 22 graduate level credit hours
in Metallurgical Engineering from Michigan Technological University. Subsequently, I have developed consistent
skills in building and leading teams that made the attainment of all-but-impossible goals a routine occurrence.

                                          SELECTED ACCOMPLISHMENTS
Validated reliability of emerging hybrid drive technology critical to new product introductions. Innovative
but untested combination of new electric transmission and hybrid powertrain represented both risk and opportunity
for GM. Warranty and market loss costs could be enormous if the product were not reliable from day one. Designed
validation process that provided marketable proof of product superiority. Won GM Chairman’s Honors Award.
Spearheaded international design collaborations. Fulfilled top level assignment to design 2 generation Saturn
L series drivetrain integrating German engine technology with US built transmissions. Produced product greater
than the sum of its parts through integration of components designed with different and not always compatible
engineering. Launched vehicle on schedule with best-in-class fuel economy. Again won GM Chairman’s Honors.
Resolved “irreconcilable” technical and business cultural problems. Technical incompatibilities and
differences between GM and Honda design and development presented seemingly insurmountable problems.
Honda’s engine was physically too big for GM vehicle. Assembled and led design and integration team that
resolved complex mechanical, electrical, engine control, fuel economy and emission management challenges.
Played key role in creation of revolutionary manufacturing model. Saturn launched as the template for GM’s
manufacturing future. Helped new processes take root. Personally recruited by manufacturing director to design
production process and build prototype vehicle components. Completed chassis design / manufacturing plan with
little prior precedent on schedule and within budget, the only Saturn development project to meet these goals.
Turned engineering initiative into revenue source. Led nuclear plant inspection for GE at Tokyo Electric Power
Company (TEPCO) Fukushima site. Quickly established role as GE’s communication expert with TEPCO.
Leveraged growing relationship to negotiate $6.9M in long-term service contracts.

                                                   CAREER SUMMARY
Director of Engineering – ICI Product Design Director and Department Manager 11/11 to present. Housing and sheet goods
plastic component design. Organized engineering and design activity to add quality and decrease lead times for product design
and development.
Engineering Specialist / Manager – Caterpillar 2010 to 2011. Currently validating tracked vehicle electric drivetrain design and
development in Advanced Drivetrain Components Group.
Engineering Group Manager - General Motors, 2006 to 2009. Led validation process for new hybrid powertrain products.
Earned promotion to this assignment reserved for strongest performers to develop critical new technology drive systems for near
future vehicle releases. Supervised 11 direct reports. Controlled $2.5M budget.
Vehicle System Engineering Manager - General Motors, 2000 to 2006. Coordinated integration of mechanical and electrical
powertrain systems components. Ensured product specification consistency across platforms.
Powertrain Engineering Manager - Saturn Division of General Motors, 1995 to 2000. Integrated European-designed
components with US-built automotive products. Facilitated first global application of common platform and powertrain design for
domestic US sale. Led staff of two in US and seven in Germany.
Prior: Product Development Team Leader, Saturn Division of GM. Senior Field Engineer, General Electric Mechanical and
Nuclear Group.
Personal Profile: I participate in tournament-level fishing, and enjoy boating and marine exploring. Additionally, I am a licensed
private pilot. My community involvement includes a commitment to the work of Habitat for Humanity.

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