Chapter 1 Notes by E3svN78


									                         Chapter 1 Notes

  1. geography- the study of the earth and how people use it

  2. geographers- people who study geography

5 Themes of Geography:

  a. Location- tells where a place is

  b. Place- describes what a place looks like

  c. Human-Environment Interaction- shows how people
     interact with their environment

  d. Movement- shows how people, goods and ideas move

  e. Region- describe a place’s characteristics such as climate,
     land, history

  3. latitude- imaginary lines that circle the earth parallel to the
  4. equator- 0º line of latitude that divides the earth into
     northern and southern hemispheres
  5. hemisphere- half of the earth
  6. longitude- imaginary lines that circle the earth parallel to the
     Prime Meridian
  7. Prime Meridian- 0º line of longitude that divides the earth
     into eastern and western hemispheres
  8. globe- a model of the earth
  9. plains- an area of flat land
  10. projection- putting a map of the earth on a flat surface
Two Types of Projections:

11. distortion- a map projection that misrepresents the true shape
of the earth’s surface

12. compass rose- a picture on a map that shows direction

13. key- a section of the map that explains what the symbols mean

14. scale- used to show distance on a map

15. North Pole- the most northern place on earth

16. South Pole- the most southern place on earth

17. cardinal directions- north, south, east and west

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