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									Understanding the
One of the most exciting benefits of the Profit Clicking
business is a unique feature that sets Profit Clicking apart
from the other high-yield businesses. We call this feature
the ProfitShift.

The ProfitShift has been developed over time and has
been proven to be the most effective way to insure the
survivability of our company and the ongoing satisfaction
of our customers, and individual IBOs.
The basic idea of a ProfitShift is to convert products that
pay out daily income into products that pay out after a
predetermined volume is attained.

In simple terms, a ProfitShift converts the full value of a
number of your active Ad Packs into a number of new PC
Panels. The fully matured value of any Ad Packs that get
converted in the ProfitShift will be applied to new PC
Panels and any value left over will be posted to your cash
The ProfitShift allows Profit Clicking to stay in business
with out being forced to make unpopular choices like
incurring debt or cutting incomes.

The benefit is that customers continue receiving the
products they want and IBO’s continue generating the
income they want.
This is one of 3 presentations that cover what a ProfitShift is.
We also have created:

ProfitShift Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and
How to read a ProfitShift Results Table.

We hope that these tools will help you understand what a
ProfitShift is, how it works, and most importantly what
strategies will help your business benefit from a ProfitShift.

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