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									Banners Broker Strategy
I’m going to reveal some strategies and tips which will help
you in your Banners Broker business.
There are many strategies online but not all of them are based on
sound knowledge or principles. Some even break the Banners
Broker terms and conditions, which could lead to termination of
your account.
This strategy guide is designed to give you strategies which have
been handed down to me by my sponsor and his sponsor, who is
one of the managers at Banners Broker.
My sponsor and I are both making thousands of dollars (he is
making more than me as he has been at it longer) and so I know his
strategy works.
If you haven’t registered with Banners Broker, sign up here for
free. You won’t understand anything until you at least start looking
around inside the back office. Sign up is free so you have nothing
to lose.
These strategies are not common and you won’t find every p
erson using them. Rest assured, these tips and tricks will make
you more money than any regular ebook bonus or software could.
The information here has been tested thoroughly and will therefore
save you a lot of time and money!
Throughout your time with Banners Broker I would suggest you
refer back to this strategy guide to ensure you are making the most
money in the best way possible.
Ok, let’s get into it.
By this stage, you should be familiar with the mechanics of
Banners           Broker.        You          should          have
read my lesson structure prior to coming here. If you haven’t
read that yet, start at the Banners Broker breakdown section and
return here after you have more or less understood all the lessons
(it’s not the easiest thing to understand so I don’t expect you
to fully understand how everything works by the time you
purchase your first package).
When you start with Banners Broker, the first step (after funding
your eWallet) is to buy a package.
The package you buy initially is quite important as it can set the
standard for your on-going business.
As you may have deduced, buying a black package is the obvious
thing to do if you have the money as it yields the most profit.
However, please note that when buying a red or a black,

you’d have to wait many months to see a profit from the re
d/black panel itself, even though the profit is higher.
So for this reason, to balance the profit factor and the time factor, a
green package is what I would recommended. It combines a decent
profit and a decent wait time in comparison to the red and black.
However, having said that, if you are able to wait I would
recommend a red or a black package.
The reason for this is the fact that you get 2 complimentary panels
with your package purchase. You only get these complimentary
panels when you start out and at no other time.
So if you are getting something for free, would you want those free
items to be of a low value or a higher value?
Higher value of course!
So it makes sense to buy the green panel when starting out (as it
produces nice profits in a decent amount of time).
You only have a 3 week window of opportunity to upgrade your
package from when you first bought it. So if you have already
bought a lower package, upgrade it ASAP to the highest you can
Remember, even if you buy a black package, you don’t have
to wait for the full term before it starts paying out. All the lower
colored panels included within the package will start to pay out
quicker       according        to        their      own         time-
frames. It’s only the black which will take the most time (by
which time you would have made enough from the lower panels).
If you can afford it, buy a green package followed by a red panel
or a red package followed by a black panel. These will kick-start
your earnings from the outset.
In some countries, you can’t buy a high colored
package right away due to tax laws (don’t ask me). So in this
case, you can buy a lower colored package and then upgrade it
within 3 weeks.
In summary, don’t buy anything less than a green package. If
you can’t afford it, save up and then buy it. If you have no other
choice but to buy a blue then go for it but the profits will be a lot
If you have bought a package and one week later, it’s still si
tting there not making any money, then this means you have
forgotten to redeem the package.
Redeem Package
Immediately after buying your package, go to Manage Inventory
>> View Packages Purchased and redeem your panel. This will
activate it and money will start to flow in.

Whatever you do, don’t buy more than one package. You can only
redeem one. The only reason they allow you to buy more than one
is if you need to transfer a package to someone
else. In this case, you can buy extra and transfer them to so
meone who can’t make payment for whatever reason.
Remember, in this business, time is money so you need to do
things ASAP. Forgetting to redeem a package will only cost you
time (and potential money).
Once you have redeemed your package, go to Manage Inventory
>> View Panels and click on each of the colored tabs to cycle
through all the panels you have. On each panel page, click on the
Get Impressions button to collect all your impressions into your
impression bank, which you can then use for advertising your own
website or affiliate website.
You can check how many impressions you have collected by going
to Campaigns >> Impression Bank. If you had bought the red
package you should see 121,000 impressions sitting in your bank,
waiting for you to use them on your own sites. If you bought the
green package, you would see 41,000 impressions in your
impression bank. This includes 1000 complimentary impressions
(you received for joining BB).

Re-Purchase Settings
The next step is to make sure that the re-purchase settings on all of
your panels are set to 100%.
You have two choices – 50% and 100%.
First, here is what you should do.
On the first complimentary cycle (the cycle which starts after you
redeem the package), you will see Comp 1 in the small box, in the
middle of the panel. When you see this, set the panel to 100%.
After the panel completes, it will create 2 additional panels. Both
of these panels will show Comp 2 in the small box. When you see
this, set the re-purchase setting to 50% on these 2 panels.
After this, any additional panel you buy, keep it set to 50%.
Now, I’ll explain why you should do it this way.
If Banners Broker is giving you 2 complimentary cycles, you
should take maximum advantage of them.
When the first cycle completes, you can choose to get two free
panels for your second cycle or just one free panel for your
second cycle (Comp 2). Which would you rather go for?
By keeping the setting to 100%, Banners Broker will give you
TWO free complimentary panels for your second cycle.
Remember, in addition to this, these panels don’t have to be
qualified since they are complimentary. So the aim here is to get as
many complimentary panels as possible while they are dishing
them out.

If you were to keep the setting to 50% when starting out, you
would only get one complimentary panel on your second cycle
while the rest of the money is deposited in your eWallet account
(ready for liquidation).
At this stage don’t think about withdrawing the money, keep
your money in the system and use the 100% setting to get as many
complimentary panels as possible. This will pay off in the long
Remember this rule. When it says Comp 1, keep it set to 100% at
all times. Of course, once you have received your 2 additional
panels on the second cycle (which is
when you will see Comp 2 on the panel), then you can set it to
50% .
Since all panel purchases other than the ones you receive in your
initial             package               won’t              have
any complimentary panels on their first or second cycle, you
don’t have to leave it at 100%. You won’t be receiving anyt
hing for free.
But by leaving it at 50% from there on, you will be building your
business while withdrawing money at the same time.
If you have no need for earning while you build up your business,
then you can leave the setting on 100% and make your money
build up faster because you get 2 additional panels as each cycle
However, if you’re the type of person who likes to see
physical       results   (money          in     hand),       then
leave the setting at 50%. You’ll be able to withdraw money
every so often as panels complete. This is the recommended
setting (Comp 2 and onwards, and for all new panel purchases).
Now that you have bought your package and collected your
impressions and set the re- purchase settings, you can relax a bit.
The important parts are done.

At this time, you should go through all the tutorials which you can
access through the back office menu. Almost all the menu options
have a Tutorial sub-option. Try and get a complete understanding
of how things work.
From the Dashboard menu option, you will find recorded webinars
and also scheduled future webinars. Make sure you go through 2-3
presentations and many training sessions.
All-in-all, watch the tutorials and recorded webinars for
presentation and training and also attend scheduled webinars
online. This will give you a decent grounding into the business.
This is the time to learn so take full advantage of your time.
 Remember, there’s not much to do in this business other than
keeping an eye on your panels and making decisions. So the rest of
the time can be spent learning the business and informing others (if
you want to) for sales credits.
If at any time you have a problem with the site, you can submit a
ticket through the Help menu option. Their response time depends
on how loaded they are but I believe they will be employing
several new customer service representatives soon.

Panel Completion Time
The average time for panels to complete is shown here:
Yellow: 15 – 25 days Purple: 4 – 6 weeks Blue: 8 – 10 weeks
Green: 3 – 4 months Red: 5 – 6 months Black: 7 – 8 months
The time could vary quite a bit so don’t bank on the timelin
es I have given here. But you should check your panels
around the estimated completion time and be ready to set your re-
purchase setting to 50% (after you get the 2 additional panels).
You will also need to collect the impressions from those new
panels and also qualify those that need qualifying (after Comp 2)
with traffic packs and sales credits.
The Procedure (Non-Complimentary Panels)
When you buy a new panel, or you re-purchase a new panel
automatically as a previous one completes, you need to do several
1.   Click the Lock button. This is to tell Banners Broker
     that you won’t be transferring the panel to anyone else.
     As you do this, 2 things will happen. First, whoever referred
     you to Banners Broker, will receive sales credits. Secondly,
     the Get Impressions button will be active and you will be
     able to collect your impressions into your impression bank.

2.   Use the Get Impressions button to collect your impressions
     and then check your impression bank.

3.   Set the re-purchase setting to 50% for the reasons explained
     above (for all panels comp 2 and onwards).

4.   Qualify the panel. For all non-complimentary panels, you
     will see the box on the right of the panel say “Traffic
     Required“. This means that you now need to use your t
     raffic packs or sales credits to qualify the panel. If you have
     enough traffic hits in your account, click on this box and it
     will qualify the panel and the words will change to “Panel

To recap on qualifying a panel:
You get 2 complimentary panels after your first complimentary
panel completes (if set to 100%). These complimentary panels do
not need to be qualified and hence require no traffic hits.
After these additional complimentary panels have completed their
cycle (meaning that Comp 2 has finished), you will need to qualify
all future panels from that point on, whether they be automatic
re-purchases due to panel completion or a brand new panel
purchase. All purchases after the 2 complimentary cycles will
require panel qualification, and therefore traffic hits.
So unless you see Comp 1 or Comp 2 on your panels, you will
need to qualify the panel to get it started.
To qualify a panel, you need traffic loaded in your account. To
load traffic into your account, you can do that through sales credits
(referring people to BB) or by buying traffic packs.
Traffic Packs
Most people don’t like to promote BB and therefore, opt to
buy traffic packs in order to qualify their panels.
Traffic packs cost $50 each. To purchase a traffic pack, go to
Purchase >> Purchase Traffic Packs. Go ahead and buy just one
at this stage. This will load 100,000 traffic hits into your account
(which includes 50,000 bonus hits).
Now go and see which panels you have that need qualifying. Start
qualifying as many panels as you can with the amount of traffic
hits you have available.
For instance, you may have bought 2 yellow panels, 2 purple
panels and 1 blue panel, all of which need qualifying.
2 yellows = 2 x 5000 = 10,000 hits required to qualify both panels
2 purples = 2 x 15,000 = 30,000 hits required to qualify both
panels 1 Blue = 1 x 45,000 = 45,000 hits required to qualify this
10,000 + 30,000 + 45,000 = 85,000 Traffic Hits.
To qualify all these panels, you need a total of 85,000 traffic hits.
With your traffic pack purchase, you already have 100,000 hits
sitting in your account and so you can comfortably qualify all these

But if you had say another green panel, then you would either have
to buy another traffic pack or wait until the next month to buy
another traffic pack without being upgraded to a premium
To find out how much traffic you need to qualify a certain panel,
just look at the box on the right side of the panel. It will inform you
of the amount of traffic hits you require to qualify
that panel.
If your traffic hits run out (finish) after you have applied your
traffic pack hits (that were loaded into your account) to your
panels, you will need to buy more traffic hits. If you choose to buy
another traffic pack within 30 days of buying the first traffic pack,
you will be upgraded to the premium membership, which means
you pay $100/month as part of your membership fee instead of just
$15 as a standard member.
If you can wait for 30 days from when you bought the first traffic
pack,         then         do        so        and            buy
the next traffic pack at that time. This way, you’ll avoid upg
rading to the premium         membership unnecessarily but the
drawback is, you will lose time.
Eventually, you’ll need to buy more than one traffic pack within a
30 day period. If you feel that you must have two or more traffic
packs, then go ahead and buy them. You will be upgraded to the
premium membership and you will be committed to buying two
packs per month from that date onwards.
As a premium member, there are no limits to the number of traffic
packs you can buy but remember you will be committed to that
number every month. Make sure you have the funds for that
available    in your    eWallet    before     you   take     this
step. In any case, don’t upgrade until you have passed
the second complimentary cycle. We’ll discuss this more in d
etail later.

Campaigns and Ad Impressions
You’ve bought ad impressions as part of your package. So m
ake use of it by creating a campaign within Banners Broker
and sending the traffic to your own website. If you don’t ha
ve a website, sign up as an affiliate at clickbank. Then you can
send           the          traffic          to         someone
else’s site and get paid if a visitor buys something.
The other option is to send the traffic to your Banners Broker
affiliate        link.          In          my             opinion,
it’s not worth doing that as I don’t think many people will s
ign up just by looking at the                   Banners Broker
home page. It’s not user friendly. It would be better if you
could make a separate website explaining the basics of the Banners
Broker system.
This type of site will eventually save you money as people start to
sign up with Banners Broker through your affiliate link on your
site. This will earn you sales credits, thereby allowing you to
qualify panels without relying on buying traffic packs. Remember,
you need two referrals to the same colored panel to be able to
qualify a panel of the same color in your account.

So if your customer bought and qualified 2 red panels, you can
qualify one red panel.
Your traffic bank will break down the amount of traffic you have
available for each panel. You can then check to see if you have
enough to qualify any of your panels.
If you have qualified all your panels and still have money in your
eWallet account, you can buy more panels to make more money,
or you can liquidate (withdraw) the money into your bank account.

Growing Fast Strategy
There are a number of variables you need to consider and so the
resulting strategy boils down to individual circumstance.
You need to consider how many panels you have and how much
money you have available in your eWallet account. You also need
to consider if you will be promoting the business and
gaining referrals or if you’re going to stick to buying traffic
If you decide to promote Banners Broker, then you should execute
these actions as part of your strategy...
Active Promoter Strategy
Only buy 20% (max) of the traffic needed (by buying traffic packs)
to               qualify              panels.                Since
the majority of your panel qualifications will be done through
 sales credits, you don’t need to buy as much traffic. So, only
buy 20% of what you need.
For example, if you have many panels which you need to qualify,
add           up         all         the         traffic         hits
required to qualify all of them. Let’s say this figure is 550,0
00 traffic hits. 20% of 550,000 is 110,000. Since each traffic
pack consists of 100,000 traffic hits, you will need to buy 2 traffic
packs. However, in this case, I would still only buy one, as the
figure is close to 100,000.
Remember, this is the strategy to use if you plan on getting lots of
sales credits.
But most people don’t like to promote. What should these
people do?
Non-Promoter Strategy
The        great    thing    about     Banners     Broker    is
you don’t need to promote anything to make money.
If this is the type of person you are, then use the following s
You need to be conservative when buying traffic packs. You
can’t afford to spend too much on them because you need to
wait until your panels pay you so you can finance them.
should only buy traffic packs that you can afford and this m
eans that you won’t be able to qualify all your panels, every
time. Yes, it’s the cold hard truth, but you will need to do a lot of
waiting with this strategy.
You may need to qualify some of your panels and then wait until
the following month to buy another traffic pack so you can qualify
some more.
Eventually, as your business grows, you will be holding something
as typical as say 3 green panels. Each green panel requires 135,000
hits to qualify. If you were to wait for one traffic pack each month
so you could qualify all these panels (amongst some lower colored
panels), you would be waiting forever. At this stage, you would
need          to        upgrade          to         a       premium
membership. Upgrading at this stage would actually be an ad
vantage for you. You’re not restricted to how many traffic
packs you buy but you still need to consider the monthly
If you buy say 3 traffic packs within any 30 day period (even as a
premium member), you will have to commit to buying 3 traffic
packs every month from there onwards. If you decide to cancel
(because you found it too much or burdensome), you will be
locked out from buying further traffic packs for 6 months.
So as you can see, there is a line between having lots of panels,
which require you to upgrade + take advantage of the upgrade and
having fewer panels while sticking to the standard membership.
Let’s take a scenario.
Initially you bought the green package. As the package completed,
you                 found                 that              your
eWallet was loaded with ‘green revenue’. You used that mon
ey to buy more panels and you built your business further.
Sometime later, after your repurchases and additional standalone
purchases, let’s say you now have a total of 3 green panels, 3
blue panels, 3 purple panels and 3 yellow panels. You also have
say, $800 in your eWallet.
Now you need to qualify all these panels.
Here is a reminder as to how many traffic hits are required to
qualify each panel.
If you total all the unqualified panels you have in your acco
unt, you’ll realize that you need a total of 600,000 traffic hits
to get those panels going.
You could use the $800 in your eWallet to buy 6 traffic packs for
$300 and qualify all of them but there is good and bad in that.
It would be good that you used your profits to buy traffic packs
instead of funding your account with additional money from your
But if you used all the money in the eWallet to buy 6 traffic packs,
you would have made a massive mistake.
Never ever overspend your eWallet money on traffic packs. Even
though you needed all those traffic packs, it’s still not a good idea
to buy the full amount. Remember, you will have to commit to at
least that amount from there onwards.
Here is a rule and formula you should remember when buying
traffic packs.
Only buy 25% of the traffic you need to qualify. So in the above
example where you need 600,000 traffic hits to qualify all your
panels, only buy 25% of that. This means you need to purchase:
600,000 x 25% = 150,000 traffic hits. This = 2 traffic packs which
will give you 200,000 traffic hits for $100.
When you do it this way, you will have to stagger your panel
Let’s take another scenario.
You have 5 green panels in your account which need to be
5 x 135,000 required traffic hits = 675,000 hits needed to qualify
all of them.
You need to buy 25% of the traffic required (168,750 hits) and so
you spend $100 buying 2 traffic packs.
Look at what you have just done. Originally, one of your panels
completed while its setting was set to 50%. This means, that upon
completion, 50% went towards purchasing a new panel while the
other 50% was left in your eWallet account. From that portion, you
took $100 and spent that on traffic and you left the remainder in
your account for possible membership fees or further panel
At the end of this strategy page, you’ll find some math whic
h will show you how much profit you can expect from buying
panels after taking into consideration the cost of traffic packs.

Forward Planning
Think about when you should upgrade to a premium membership.
Remember the scenario I wrote about above. Don’t upgrade p
rematurely and don’t hold out for too long. It can hurt in both
situations. Once you see the need, then upgrade at the right time by
buying an additional traffic pack. But only do that according to the
25% rule for non- promoters and the 20% rule for active
By sticking to this rule, you will maintain a steady growth without
injecting additional capital into the business.
The only way to make a loss with BB is if you buy too much
traffic. One other way to work out the max number of traffic packs
you should buy is by adding up all the required traffic hits to
qualify all your panels and then divide that by 12 months. So, if all
your unqualified panels in total require 3,600,00 to qualify, then
you need to buy 3 traffic packs per month max. 3,600,000 / 12 =
300,000 = 3 traffic packs.

Don’t let your zeal prompt you to overbuy the traffic packs.
Maintain a cool head about your business activities with the
aid of a spreadsheet.
If you do intend to add additional funds to grow your business
quicker, then you can make the rules as you go along because your
money will control how much you make.
But most people like to use their profits to fund their ongoing
business. If this is how you wish to play it, make sure you stick to
the limits above for buying traffic packs.
Sometimes,               buying              too        much
can be overwhelming for a business and can ruin it. It’s like
 trying to push an apple through a bottleneck.
You must always keep some money in your eWallet. Don’t k
eep withdrawing everything. You need to prepare for your
monthly membership fees plus your monthly traffic pack
purchases. Both of these fees are monthly commitments so y
ou just can’t afford to keep your eWallet empty.
To keep track of everything, use a spreadsheet. Note down every
time your panels mature and the dates you need to buy your traffic
packs etc... With this type of spreadsheet, you can estimate when
you will get paid and how much after deducting all costs. It may
help you plan ahead.
By sticking to these rules, you will give yourself a 20% pay-raise
every 6 months which is far better than any job will give you.

Traffic Boosters
As you know, traffic boosters will boost up your panel completion
time by 20%.
You can only use them on non-complimentary panels, when you
see the Traffic Booster sign in the middle of the panel. It will tell
you how many boosters you need to purchase in order to boost that
Do not apply boosters to any panel below Green. It will be a waste
of money. Only apply them on Green, Red or Black.
For a standard member, each booster costs $8. For a premium
member,           each           booster         costs     $5.
So, if you’re planning on applying a booster to a green pane
l, you’ll have to pay $64 as a standard member or $40 as a
premium member. You can see that premium members will save a
lot of money in the long run, but still, only upgrade when you
absolutely must or if you have 3 greens (or more).
Just like when buying traffic packs, limit your booster buying to
20% of the number of panels you need boosted.
So if you have 4 green panels that need to be boosted, 20% of 4 is
less than 1. So just buy one traffic booster.
When applying a booster, do it as soon as you have qualifie
d     a    panel.      Don’t     wait      until    its half
way through its cycle. You’ll be wasting its value.
Roll Up
If you have 3 panels of the same color, you can elect to roll them
up to the next highest color.
So if you have 3 yellow panels, you can swap all of them for one
purple panel.
During your early days, this is not advisable as it will take longer
to make money.
Yes, once you have hundreds of panels and you’re being pai
d almost every week/day, then that is the time when you ca
n afford to roll up as the time factor won’t matter as much.
There is one rule you should be aware of!
If you try and qualify 6 panels or more of the same color within 24
hours,        Banners        Broker         will      roll       all
3 of them up to the next color. So if you qualify 6 blues wi
thin 24 hours, you’ll end up with 2 greens.
To avoid this from happening, only qualify 5 panels at a time (of
the        same        color)        within          a         24
hour period. You can do another 5 the next day and so on...
It may take a little longer to qualify your panels (extra day)
but you’ll make money faster.
In summary, don’t roll any panels up until you have lots of
panels       all      working      away.      At       that
stage, you can roll up as many as you need, as time won’t
have much of a bearing.

Dos and Don’ts
1.   Always stick to the BB terms and conditions otherwise you
     could be kicked out of the business. Read the rules on their

2.   Stay abreast of the latest developments by watching the
     weekly webinars. It may affect you immediately.

3.   Remember to set your re-purchase settings to 50% as your
     2nd complimentary cycle starts.

4.   If you can, set up a new email address for your Banners
     Broker          business       to         keep       it
     separate from your personal email address. You don’t w
     ant to mix the two. You can change your BB registered
     email in your back office.

5.   Intend to increase your business by 20% every quarter by
     buying more traffic packs or by obtaining more referrals or
     by purchasing new panels. After your initial package
     purchase, it will be panel purchases all the way from there

1.   Never buy more than 25% of the traffic required. If you need
     20 traffic packs, then only buy 5. In fact, limit it to 20% if
     you can.

2.   Never qualify more than 5 panels of the same color within a
     24 hour period until you have scores of panels and time does
     not affect you.

Rule to Remember
Buying   traffic  packs   is   a    monthly   subscription
commitment. Don’t buy so many that you don’t have enough
 funds the following month. If this happens, you will lose yo
ur business so be very careful how you manage this. In addition
to this, you need to factor in your monthly membership fee ($15 or
Money Management Example
Let’s assume you’ve been wheeling and dealing and you curr
ently have $1200 sitting in your eWallet.
You also have 7 green panels which need to be qualified. 7 green
panels = 7 x 135,000 hits = 945,000 hits required for qualification
of all panels.
So instead of going out and buying 10 traffic packs to qualify them
all in one fell-swoop, you can stagger it.
Use the 25% rule to figure out how many traffic packs to buy. 25%
of 945,000 = 236,250.
So go ahead and buy 3 traffic packs (300,000 hits) but only qualify
2 green panels with those hits.
With the remaining hits, look at the smaller panels which are about
to mature and use those hits to qualify them.
The following month, do the same with another 2 green panels.
Eventually,             as              your               business
grows,      you’ll     be        able      to      qualify      the
higher panels in one go, and you’ll continue to qualify the l
ower panels with remaining hits from a traffic pack purchase.
However, when looking at what other panels you should be
qualifying, you need to consider the traffic allowance.
Remember, allowance figures show you how much you can qualify
of a given color.
In the example above, look at the purple panel allowance figure. It
shows I can qualify a maximum of 3 purple panels because each
purple panel requires 15,000 hits, and I only have 45,000 to play
with in my allowance.
To increase the allowance for any color, simply buy the next
highest panel above that color. So in this case, I should buy a blue
panel. Once I do that, I will get 2 x the qualification figure, for the
panel below.
So, if I buy a blue panel, I will get 15,000 X 2 = 30,000 and that
will be added to my purple allowance.
This is what I must consider when selecting which smaller panels
to qualify with my remaining traffic hits.
Above, you can see that I also need to bring up the green
allowance and so I must buy and qualify a red. But this will be
done with the majority of my traffic pack hits rather than using the
remaining left over hits. It has to be considered separately.
When                          you                          buy
a black panel and then qualify it, it won’t affect your allowa
nce. The black panel allowance is unlimited.
Hopefully, one day, you’ll have all black panels, each one pa
ying out every day. That’s when you will be $$$$$$$$ richer.
Profit Per Panel
complimentary panels will provide the most profit since they
don’t need to be qualified.
For every panel you buy after that, i.e., during the course of your
business, you will turn a profit after the 2nd cycle. Not after the
first cycle. This is due to having to spend money on traffic packs
Of course, if you are qualifying your panels in one of the other 2
ways                 (sales              credits                or
organic traffic), then you can turn a profit on every cycle (as
suming you’re not spending any money on those actions).

So how did I work out that you only make a profit after the 2nd
cycle (if you use traffic packs)?
If you are interested in the math, try and follow my explanation
I’ll use + to indicate money coming to you and a - to indicate
money you are shelling out.
We’ll take a red panel as an example.
Let’s say you buy a red panel and you have the re-purchase
setting set at 50%.
You shelled out $810 for it. -$810
To qualify it, you need 405,000 traffic hits, which will cost you
just over 4 traffic packs. The total price for this is -$202.50
So far you have shelled out $810 and $202.50 = -$1012.50 just to
get going. When the first cycle completes, $810 will be deposited
into your eWallet account as your
profit: +$810 Taking everything into account at this stage, you
shelled out -$1012.50 and you made +$810.
This includes a total loss of -$202.50 after the first cycle.
So far, the summary of what just happened is, you put $810 in and
you got $810 out thereby cancelling each other. But you also paid
some money for the traffic pack and so you lost out by that much.
Now let’s see what happens during the 2nd cycle.
When the first cycle ended, an automatic re-purchase was made of
one         red         panel,        due         to       your
50% setting. You didn’t have to pay any money for this and
 yet you got a $810 panel for free. So this gives you +$810
in your account (even though it’s not in money form just yet
Now you also need to pay to qualify that re-purchased panel. So
again, you spend $202.50 (as before) to qualify that re-purchase.
This is -$202.50.
So by the end of the 2nd cycle, you have gained +$810 and you
have shelled out -$202.50. This gives you a net profit (just for 2nd
cycle) of +$607.50.
Now we should compare the loss of the first cycle with the profit
gained from the 2nd cycle. End of first cycle: -$202.50
End of second cycle: +$607.50 Total profit after 2 cycles = +$405
So as you can see, you didn’t make a profit after the first c
ycle,      but       you     turned       a      profit      after
the 2nd cycle. It’s like a business start-up that spends on stock
to get going and when everything is flowing smoothly, the money
comes rolling in later.
The above scenario only applies to the first time you buy a panel of
a particular color.
So it will apply the first time you buy a yellow or the first time you
buy a purple or the first time you buy a blue etc...
But after your 2nd cycle with each of these colors, you won’
t be in a loss situation ever again because you’ll continue to
receive a new panel at the end of every cycle due to your re-
purchase setting. Your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th etc... will all be pro
fitable. It’s only your first purchase which will be unprofitable
and you have to ride through that.
Here are my calculations for all of the panels. It only shows the
profits up to the end of the 2nd cycle and does not count any
profits which build up after that point.
But if you were to set the re-purchase setting to 100% for the first
cycle and 50% for the second cycle, then you can expect the profits
below (not taking the running costs into account).
I think we’ve covered the most important parts of this busine
ss. By using the above strategies, you will grow your busines
s profitably. You won’t be over-stretched and you won’t have to
shell out additional money (unless you want to).
I know of a fellow who put in $150,000 into buying panels. As
they continuously pay out, he’ll be a millionaire pretty soon.

What is the purpose behind transferring a panel?
If one of your referrals pays you cash, you can transfer a panel to
him. Or you can hold a competition of some sort and give the
winner a free panel.
I’m impatient! How can I make a profit quicker?
After your second complimentary cycle, you can elect to boost
your panels.
However, you should only do this for the green panel and upwards
and you should boost them at the beginning of their cycle rather
than half way through.
Remember to only buy 25% of how many you need. 5 panels to
boost, then boost one.
What does locking a panel do?
Locking a panel stops it from being transferable to someone else. It
will also activate the Get Impressions button, so you can collect
them into your impression bank.
What is the purpose of a campaign?
You received some impressions when you purchased your
package/panels. You can use these impressions to send traffic to
any website you want.
To send these impressions to one of your sites, create a campaign
from the menu.
This is just the icing on the cake when making money with panels.
How many impressions should I use for a campaign?
You can only have 3 campaigns running at any one time according
to the rules, which means you can send traffic to 3 websites.
But you should only allocate 30% of your impressions to any
 campaign. If it doesn’t work out, you can just delete the
campaign or change your banner ad.
Is there a less expensive way to grow your business than by
using traffic packs?
Unless you are willing to tell others and get referrals, you ca
n’t grow your business by qualifying your panels without
purchasing traffic packs. This is the only way to do it and is the
most popular.
Of course, there is the organic traffic method of qualifying panels
but at the time of this writing, it’s not active yet.
If you can, tell others and get them to sign up to the Banners
Broker site through your affiliate link (which you should find in
your back office). When they buy a package or they qualify panels,
you should get sales credits which will allow you to qualify your
own panels at the ratio of 2:1.
The best way to do this is to initially create a site.
When you have a site, you can drive people to it so they can read
what              you        have            there            and
then signup using your affiliate link. You’ll find my affiliate
link plastered all over this guide for this purpose. Here is my
affiliate link again.

Final Words
If you sit around doing nothing, you won’t get anywhere. Be
  pro-active and treat this like a business. Get busy purchasing
panels and working out when and where you should buy your
traffic packs.

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