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									                     Faculty Newsletter                                                                     69
                     Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences                                      December 2010

 In this issue                        Faculty news                               Faculty New Year’s Reception
                                                                                 The Faculty Board cordially invites
                                                                                 all staff members to the Faculty’s
> New faces Faculty Board             New faces Faculty Board                    New Year’s Reception on January
> From the Graduate School                                                       3rd, 2011 in the Bernoulliborg.
> Farewell party Biological Center    As of September the board of the           The reception starts at 4.00 p.m.
> Contest building name:              Faculty of Mathematics and Natural
  177 participants                    Sciences has three new board mem-
> Faculty’s logos online              bers: Jasper Knoester as dean, Peter     The Faculty Board (from left to right):
> Nieuws facultaire websites          van Haastert as board member for         Prof. Franjo Weissing (board member for
> Faculty Council                     education and former director of the     research and Graduate School director),
> New round Rosalind Franklin         Groningen Biomolecular Sciences and      Jan Poutsma (board member for resources
  Fellowship                          Biotechnology Institute, and advising    and personnel affairs), Prof. Jasper Knoester
> Open library instruction            member Jelmer Samplonius, Master         (dean), Jelmer Samplonius (advising student
> NWO subsidy for energy smart        degree student Energy and Environ-       member), Prof. Peter van Haastert (board
  offices                              mental Sciences.                         member for education).
> Four VIDI grants
> IEEE-SA Emerging Technology
> Wim Nieuwpoort Award
> Winnaars Facultaire
  Onderwijsprijs 2009
> Nieuwe studenten 2010-2011
> Tweedejaars Honours college
> BSA op website
> BSA-commissie
> First students Erasmus Mundus
> English summary of Dutch articles
> Recent press releases

                                       Faculty calendar
                                       3 January 2011 Faculty New Year’s Reception, Bernoulliborg
                                       10 January 2011 1st colloquium Faculty’s Spotlight

                                                       speaker: Prof. Siewert-Jan Marrink (Molecular Dynamics)

  Newsl lish                           4 February 2011 National ‘Bètadagen’ for prospective students

   in Eng ch
         ut                            Upcoming lectures, seminars and other events of the faculty’s institutes for
   and D                               faculty staff or a more general public can be published and found at

                                            From the Graduate School

                                            Ubbo Emmius PhD Meeting                    On November 27, 2010 representa-
                                            A year since they began their projects,    tives from the faculty travelled to
                                            the PhD students of the 2009 Ubbo          Beijing for the ‘China PhD Workshop’
                                            Emmius cohort met to share their           ( ). More than 1500
                                            experiences and brainstorm about           of the event’s ca. 2400 participants
                                            how to make the PhD process more           were associated with ‘beta’ scientific
                                            rewarding. The meeting – which took        disciplines, and the Graduate School’s
                                            place on October 8, 2010 in the Acad-      table received a constant stream of
                                            emy Building – featured brief scien-       visitors. In total, over 50 students
                                            tific presentations interspersed with       were interviewed during this event.
                                            lively discussions. Gerald Lier, Head of   The next item on the calendar is the
                                            RUG Career Development & Training,         ‘European Career Fair @ MIT’
                                            moderated the event.                       ( ) on
                                                                                       January 22-24, 2011. This fair at-
                                            Graduate School of Science at              tracts the attention of top gradu-
    Did you know?                           International Recruitment Events           ates seeking career opportunities in
    Foreign scholarship applications        The Graduate School of Science plays       Europe. This includes not only pro-
    typically require a letter of support   an active role in attracting talented      spective MSc and PhD students but
    from the student’s prospective          PhD candidates from abroad. A ma-          also post-doctoral and tenure-track
    supervisor. To strengthen the ap-       jor goal is to help make students          candidates. The Graduate School’s
    plication package, the Graduate         with access to funding from abroad         presence this year will ensure that the
    School of Science can provide a         aware of research opportunities at         faculty receives maximum exposure
    letter of conditional admission to      our faculty. Students are additionally     to graduates of institutions such as
    the PhD programme, which also           stimulated to apply for (inter)national    Harvard and MIT.
    describes the training environment      competitions such as Erasmus Mun-          For more information on the Gradu-
    and support via the Individual          dus 2 actions and the Nuffic Huygens        ate School of Science visit
    Training Budget.                        programme.                       

                                         Alumni and partner at the Wall of Fame.
                                         Photo: Niels de Vries

                                         mingled, alumni and former staff
                                         members got re-acquainted, and stu-
                                         dents wondered about old photos and
                                         attributes on the Wall of Fame.

                                         Online memories and photos
                                         Alumni, (former) staff members and
                                         students submitted all kinds of pho-
                                         tos and memories for the Wall of
                                         Fame via the special web site for the
                                         Farewell Party. They are available at
                                Most photos pic-
                                         ture old classes, field work or research
Farewell party Biological                groups; some photos picture hilarious
Center                                   events. A film on the Farewell Party is
                                         available at
On November 4th more than 700  
alumni, students, staff members and
former staff members gathered at
the Biological Center for its farewell   Contest building name:
party. After 55 years of lectures,       177 participants
classes and research the building’s
doors will close in January 2011. The    Like other university buildings the
party was organized by the Biological    new building at Nijenborgh 7 has to
Center and the Faculty Board in close    be named after a renowned scientist,
collaboration with the study organiza-   preferably connected to Groningen.
tion GLV-Idun.                           To find this name the Faculty of Math-
                                         ematics and Natural Sciences organ-
Wall of fame                             ised a contest.
The party started with several speech-   Between 15 September and 15 Octo-
es on the beginning of it all, moving    ber 177 students and staff members
from spread locations such as the        submitted the name of a renowned
Grote Rozenstraat to Haren, and the      scientist in biology or life sciences.
enjoyable years next to the Hortus Bo-   Some names were mentioned by
tanicus. After the official part guests   more than one participant and some-
                                         times names were even accompanied
                                         by suggestions for the ‘green hill’ of
                                         the new building.
                                         Momentarily the contest jury is con-
                                         templating on which name should be
                                         recommend to the Board of the Uni-
                                         versity. A tough job! More information
                                         on the contest:

                                         The molecular genetica group in 1983 in
                                         the canteen’s garden

                                    Faculty’s logos online                      Het streven was om bij aanvang van
                                                                                het nieuwe studiejaar de nieuwe
                                    All files of our faculty’s logo have be-     websites online te hebben. De tool
                                    come downloadable on the web site           om bestaande webpagina’s te ver-
                                    for the university’s house style:           plaatsen naar de nieuwe website voor
                           In the logo data-     onderzoek, werkt. Echter, door een
                                    base you find all types of files (e.g. EPS,   onvoorzien technisch probleem met
                                    JPG) for the logo in red, black or white.   het universitaire webplatform worden
                                                                                pagina’s in de nieuwe webstructuur
                                                                                voor onderzoek nog niet zichtbaar.
                                    Nieuws van de facultaire                    Er wordt hard gewerkt om dit laatste
                                    websites                                    struikelblok op te lossen. Tot die tijd
                                                                                verandert er voor de webbezoeker
                                    Voortgang herstructurering                  niks. De andere 3 nieuwe websites
                                    FWN websites                                worden handmatig gebouwd en zul-
                                    Zoals eerder aangekondigd zullen de         len volgens onderstaande planning
                                    17 websites (oftewel portals) van de        online gaan.
                                    faculteit naar 7 websites worden ge-
                                    herstructureerd:                            Trinicom:
                                    > een nieuwe website voor onderzoek         vraag- en- antwoordsysteem
                                      (de ‘research’ portal)                    Bij meerdere faculteiten is onlangs
                                    > een nieuwe website voor ‘internati-       het Trinicomsysteem geïmplemen-
                                      onal prospective students’                teerd. Dit systeem bestond reeds op
                                    > een nieuwe website voor bachelor-         RUG-breed niveau als ‘Hoe zit het?’.
                                      studiekiezers                             Trinicom is een vraag-en-antwoord-
                                    > een nieuwe website voor master-           systeem voor de student en studie-
                                      studiekiezers                             kiezer. Het biedt de gebruiker tevens
                                    > de reeds bestaande website voor de        de mogelijkheid om contact te leggen
                                      Graduate School                           met de juiste contactpersoon. Voor
                                    > de reeds bestaande website van            een voorbeeld kunt u terecht op:
                                      Science LinX voor scholieren    
                                    > en de reeds bestaande facultaire          Sinds september wordt het systeem
    Trinicom voor de studiekiezer     website                                   voor de Faculteit Wiskunde en Na-
                                                                                tuurwetenschappen gevuld met
                                                                                informatie voor de verschillende
                                                                                doelgroepen (Nederlandse en buiten-
                                                                                landse studiekiezers, BSc-studenten,
                                                                                MSc-studenten). Het systeem zal via
                                                                                elke website van de faculteit te bezoe-
                                                                                ken zijn.

                                          Planning nieuwe websites en              general affairs of the Faculty with the
                                          Trinicom                                 Faculty Board, to make suggestions
                                          De structuur van de nieuwe websites      and to voice its opinions.
                                          en Trinicom sluiten nauw op elkaar
                                          aan. Daarom is er voor gekozen om de
                                          ontwikkeling van de vier nieuwe web-
                                          sites en Trinicom voor onze faculteit    Research news
                                          parallel te laten lopen.
                                          De vernieuwde planning is als volgt:
                                                                                   New round Rosalind
 Gereed:                                   Website voor:
                                                                                   Franklin Fellowship
 December/januari                          Onderzoek / research + Trinicom
 Eind januari                              International Prospective students
                                                                                   The University of Groningen has initi-
                                           + Trinicom
                                                                                   ated a new round of Rosalind Franklin
                                           Masterstudiekiezer + Trinicom
                                                                                   Fellowships to attract outstanding
 Eind Februari                             Bachelorstudiekiezer + Trinicom
                                                                                   women scientists. The Faculty of
                                           Trinicom voor BSc- en MSc-studenten
                                                                                   Mathematics and Natural Sciences
                                                                                   will award four fellowships. Applica-
                                                                                   tion deadline is January 7th, 2011.
Personalia 1                              Faculteitsraad                           Successful candidates are expected to
                                                                                   establish an independent, externally
Prof.dr. A. Herrmann is per 1 augus-      Per 1 september is de faculteitsraad     funded research programme, and to
tus 2010 benoemd tot hoogleraar           werkzaam in een nieuwe samenstel-        contribute to the development of the
Polymer Chemistry and Bioengi-            ling. U vindt deze op                    teaching programmes.
neering bij het Zernike Institute for        The advisory committee for selec-
Advanced Materials.                       De raad bestaat uit 9 personeelsleden    tion consists of Prof. Bert Poolman
                                          en 9 studenten. De personeelsgele-       (chairman, Groningen Biomolecular
Per 1 september 2010 is dr. B.I. Tiele-   ding wordt voor twee jaar gekozen, de    Sciences and Biotechnology), Prof.
man benoemd tot adjunct-hoogleraar        studentgeleding elk jaar opnieuw.        Paul Luiten (Center for Behaviour and
Dierecologie bij het Centre for Eco-      De faculteitsraad is het medezeggen-     Neurosciences), Prof. Beatriz Noheda
logical and Evolutionary Studies          schapsorgaan voor de medewerkers         (Zernike Institute for Advanced Ma-
(CEES).                                   en studenten van FWN en is bevoegd       terials), Prof. Amina Helmi (Kapteyn
                                          de algemene gang van zaken binnen        Institute), and Prof. Sabeth Verpoorte
Dr. N.C. van de Merbel is per 1 sep-      de faculteit met het faculteitsbestuur   (Groningen Research Institute of
tember 2010 benoemd tot honorair          te bespreken, voorstellen te doen en     Pharmacy). Presently, 14 Rosalind
hoogleraar Industrial Bioanalysis bij     standpunten kenbaar te maken.            Franklin fellows are working at the
het Groningen Research Institute of                                                faculty. More information:
Pharmacy (GRIP).                                                         
                                          Faculty Council
Per 1 oktober 2010 is dr. B.J. Kooi
benoemd tot adjunct-hoogleraar            The composition of the Faculty Coun-     Open FWN library
Nanostructured Materials and Inter-       cil is changed as of 1 September. The    instruction session
faces bij het Zernike Institute for       list of new members can be found on
Advanced Materials.                     Twice a month, the Faculty’s library
                                          The Faculty Council comprises of         organizes an open instruction session
                                          9 staff members and 9 students.          about the library services: electronic
                                          The staff members are elected for        databases, catalogue, scanning articles,
                                          two years, the student members for       etc. The session (of approximately 40
                                          one year. The Faculty Council is the     minutes) will be held in the instruc-
                                          faculty’s consultative participation     tion room in the library. Please, regis-
                                          body and is authorized to discuss the    ter for one of the open sessions at:

    NWO grant for energy                      Four VIDI grants
    smart offices
                                              The Netherlands Organisation for Sci-
    Within the NWO Smart Energy Systems       entific Research (NWO) has awarded
    (SES) research programme, a grant of      4 researchers at our faculty a VIDI
    EUR 450,000 has been awarded to the       grant. In total 88 researchers in the
    research into Energy Smart Offices         Netherlands receive a VIDI. Every re-
    headed by Prof. Marco Aiello (Dis-        searcher is awarded an amount up
    tributed Systems, Johann Bernoulli        to EUR 800,000 to develop their own
    Institute for Mathematics and Com-        research line and set up their own re-
    puter Science). The research is being     search group.
    conducted in cooperation with the         The four VIDI grant winners at our
    Eindhoven University of Technology,       faculty are:
    Philips Research and IBM Benelux.
                                              Electron transport through
    Substantial energy savings in of-         polymeric nanostructures
    fice buildings could be achieved by        Dr (Meike) Stöhr (f) 14-07-1971,
    building-wide collaborative switch-       Ludwigsburg (Germany), University of
    ing and regulating installations and      Groningen – Zernike Institute for
    appliances tailored to actual needs.      Advanced Materials
    The research project on Energy Smart      The use of low-dimensional conduct-
    Offices will develop a scalable energy-    ing polymers as active materials in
    aware framework that incorporates         nanoelectronic devices is a promising
    dynamic occupant activity recogni-        alternative to conventional silicon-
    tion and building context knowledge       based materials. With the aid of a new
    to adapt office installations and appli-   modular concept, researchers will
    ances to saving energy.                   fabricate such polymers on surfaces
                                              and study their electronic and struc-
                                              tural properties.

                                              Ecologie van gezonde eieren
                                              [Ecology of healthy eggs]
                                              Dr B.I. (Irene) Tieleman (f) 15-06-1973,
                                              Groningen, University of Groningen –
                                              Animal ecology
                                              Eggs protect themselves against in-
                                              fection from bacteria in the nest. The
                                              chances of infection vary depending
                                              on living environment. The research-
                                              ers will study eggs and nests in the
                                              tropics, deserts and other environ-
                                              ments. This will provide insight into
                                              the evolution of the immune systems
                                              of birds.

                                         Hoe chemie het heelal vorm geeft            dardization group and co-author of
                                         [How chemistry gives shape to the           published standard “IEEE Standard
                                         universe]                                   11073-20601™-2008 -Health infor-
                                         Dr S.M. (Stéphanie) Cazaux (f) 02-05-       matics—Personal health device com-
                                         1973, La Rochelle (France), University      munication Part 20601: Application
                                         of Groningen – Astronomy                    profile—Optimized Exchange Proto-
                                         Stars are born in an environment con-       col”. His work for the standardization
                                         sisting of gas and solid particles. The     group consisted in formally verifying
                                         chemistry that takes place on these         the designs of the transmission pro-
Personalia 2                             particles influences the formation of        tocols between medical devices that
                                         stars and is also responsible for the       send patient-related physiological
Dr. J.G. Roelfes is per 1 oktober 2010   presence of molecules necessary for         data and other devices or computer
benoemd tot adjunct-hoogleraar Bio-      the emergence of life. This research        systems that receive those data. Cur-
moleculaire Chemie bij het Stratingh     will concentrate on the origin of stars     rently, he is working with emeritus
Institute for Chemistry.                 and life by means of laboratory ex-         professor Herman Berendsen and
                                         periments, theory and observations,         other specialists from his group on
Per 1 november 2010 is dr. E. Takano     including astronomical observations.        molecular dynamics algorithms, tools
benoemd tot adjunct-hoogleraar Syn-                                                  and applications.
thetic Microbiology bij het Groningen    Nabootsen van de iriserende
Biomolecular Sciences and Biotech-       kleuren van scarabeeën
nology Institute (GBB).                  [Reproducing the iridescent
                                         colours of scarabs]
Dr. C. de Graaf is per 1 november        Dr N. (Nathalie) Katsonis (v) 22-02-1978,
2010 benoemd tot honorair hoogle-        Vienna (Austria), University of
raar Theoretische Chemie van Mag-        Groningen – Chemistry
netische Systemen bij het Zernike        The colours of scarabs are caused by
Institute for Advanced Materials.        complex structures based on a spiral
                                         form. Inspired by these structures,
                                         researchers will create new materials
                                         that reflect light and energy, in the
                                         same way that scarabs do. These ma-
                                         terials will be applied to save energy.

                                         IEEE-SA Emerging                            Wim Nieuwpoort Award
                                         Awards received on                          Prof. dr. Wim Nieuwpoort, professor
                                         standardization                             emeritus in Theoretical Chemistry
                                                                                     at the Zernike Institute for Advanced
                                         Dr. Nicolae Goga (Molecular Dynam-          Materials, has accepted the honor to
                                         ics Group, Groningen Biomolecular           give his name to the Wim Nieuwpoort
                                         Sciences and Biotechnology Institute)       award, financed by NCF and SARA.
                                         together with his colleagues from
                                         IEEE 11073 Personal Health Devices          The purpose of the Wim Nieuwpoort
                                         Working Group were selected to get          Award is to advance scientific com-
                                         one of the two 2010 Emerging Tech-          putational research through the
                                         nology Awards given by IEEE (Institute      most efficient deployment of modern
                                         of Electrical Engineering).                 massively parallel supercomputers,
                                                                                     for which the challenge is the use of
                                         The award ceremony took place on            supercomputing facilities to their
                                         Sunday December 5th at the Hyatt            maximum capability for a single ap-
                                         Regency Hotel in New York (USA).            plication code that could lead to
                                         Dr. Goga is member of the stan-             groundbreaking results in application

    areas which are of interest for science   Jaarlijks mag elke opleidingscommissie
    and society.                              (OC) een docent voordragen voor de
                                              Facultaire Onderwijsprijs. Uit de voor-
    It has been recognized for a long time    drachten wijst de jury een winnaar of
    that efficiently exploiting high-per-      meerdere winnaars aan waarvan er een
    formance computing systems to their       vervolgens meedingt in de jaarlijkse
    full potential is a very challenging      RUG-prijs voor Beste Docent van het
    matter. In order to stimulate progress    Jaar.
    of leading-edge technical computing
    applied to scientific problems, the        Alle genomineerden voor de Onderwijs-
    NCF-board and the SARA-directorate        prijs 2009 zijn:
    have devoted funding to an annual         > Martina Schmidt (voorgedragen door
    national award to recognize achieve-         opleidingscommissie Farmacie)
    ments in parallel computing on real       > Arnold Meijster (voorgedragen door
    application codes on PRACE-accessi-          opleidingscommissie Kunstmatige
    ble supercomputing systems.                  Intelligentie)
                                              > Fokie Cnossen (voorgedragen door
                                                 opleidingscommissie Kunstmatige
    Nieuws uit onderwijs                      > Dirk Jan Slotboom (voorgedragen
                                                 door opleidingscommissie Biologie
                                                 en Life Science & Technology)
    Winnaars Facultaire                       > Scott Trager (voorgedragen door
    Onderwijsprijs 2009                          opleidingscommissie Sterrenkunde)
                                              > Rien van de Weijgaert (voorgedragen
    Op 10 december is de jaarlijkse Fa-          door opleidingscommissie Sterren-
    cultaire Onderwijsprijs uitgereikt aan       kunde)
    prof.dr. Jaap Top (docent Wiskunde)       > Eric van der Giessen (voorgedragen
    en dr. Fokie Cnossen (docent Kunst-          door opleidingscommissie Natuur-
    matige Intelligentie).                       kunde en Technische Natuurkunde)
    De jury koos hen uit 12 genomineer-       > Frank van Steenwijk (voorgedragen
    den. De prijs is een gratificatie van         door opleidingscommissie Natuur-
    1.000 euro.                                  kunde en Technische Natuurkunde)
                                              > Jaap Top (voorgedragen door op-
                                                 leidingscommissie Wiskunde en
                                                 Technische Wiskunde)
                                              > Arthur Veldman (voorgedragen door
                                                 opleidingscommissie Wiskunde en
                                                 Technische Wiskunde)
                                              > Nick Szirbik (voorgedragen door
                                                 opleidingscommissie Technische
                                              > Erik Heeres (voorgedragen door
                                                 opleidingscommissie Technische

                                         Nieuwe studenten                           Tweedejaars Honours
                                         2010-2011                                  college

                                         In november werden de definitieve           Van de oorspronkelijke 40 Honours
                                         aantallen nieuw ingeschreven stu-          Collegestudenten, zijn er 27 begon-
                                         denten (eerstejaarsstudenten) per          nen aan het tweede jaar. Gedurende
                                         bacheloropleiding bekend:                  dit tweede jaar zullen ze een college-
                                                                                    serie van 8 lezingen volgen waarin de
      Opleiding     Aantal nieuw inge-      groei t.o.v. 2009     groei in %        verschillende onderzoeksgebieden
                    schrevenen 2010
                                                                                    binnen de faculteit in de aandacht
    BSc Biologie           158                     43               37,4%
                                                                                    staan. Daarnaast kunnen de studen-
   BSc Farm Wet            16                      1                 6,7%           ten kiezen uit verschillende verdie-
    BSc Farmacie           122                     -2               -1,6%           pende onderdelen (10 ECTS).
 BSc Informatica           38                      12               46,2%
BSc Kunstm Intel           41                      9                28,1%           In dit tweede jaar krijgen de Honours
 BSc Life Sc/Tech          85                     -86               -50,3%          Collegestudenten meer onderwijs in
BSc Natuurkunde            39                      0                 0,0%           de vorm van projecten. In deze projec-
BSc Scheik Techn           18                      8                80,0%           ten kunnen bijvoorbeeld de in het eer-
 BSc Scheikunde            29                      -1               -3,3%           ste jaar geschreven ontwerpplannen
BSc Sterrenkunde            5                      -5               -50,0%          binnen het thema ‘Duurzaam Zernike’,
                                                                                    of een ander door docenten binnen
 BSc Techn Bedrk           108                     -6               -5,3%
                                                                                    de faculteit aangeboden of zelf ge-
  BSc Techn Natk           21                     -10               -32,3%
                                                                                    schreven projectvoorstel uitgevoerd
 BSc Techn Wisk             6                      3                 50%
                                                                                    worden. De projecten kunnen eventu-
   BSc Wiskunde            24                      7                41,2%
                                                                                    eel ook buiten de RUG plaatsvinden in
          Totaal           710                    -27               -3,7%
                                                                                    een bedrijf of instituut.

                                         Opvallende cijfers zijn:                   Verschillende projecten zijn reeds ge-
                                         > De bacheloropleidingen hebben in         start, variërend van een zelf geschreven
                                           totaal 710 eerstejaarsstudenten. In      projectvoorstel over de mogelijkheid
                                           2009 waren dat er 737.                   van slaappillen om coma-patiënten te
                                         > De numerus fixus van Life Science         doen ontwaken, tot een aangeboden
                                           and Technology is niet gehaald. Van      voorstel om met behulp van de Grate-
                                           de 150 beschikbare plekken zijn 85       ma-telescoop observaties te doen.
                                           bezet. Biologie lijkt door de fixus van   Naast deze onderzoeksprojecten kun-
                                           Life Science and Technology aan          nen de studenten er ook voor kiezen
                                           populariteit te hebben gewonnen          het grensvlakcollege “tacking chan-
                                           (+37%).                                  ces with the sciences” te volgen en/
                                         > De opleidingen Kunstmatige Intel-        of de organisatie van het congres van
                                           ligentie (+28%) en Informatica           eerstejaars Honours Collegestuden-
                                           (+46%) zijn gegroeid evenals Schei-      ten op zich te nemen. Tevens is het
                                           kundige Technologie (+80%) en            de bedoeling dat de ouderejaarsstu-
                                           Wiskunde (+41%).                         denten de eerstejaars Honours Col-
                                         > Technische Natuurkunde is gedaald        legestudenten gaan begeleiden zodat
                                           met 10 studenten (-32%) .                ze ook in deze facetten van onderzoek
                                         > Bij de kleine opleidingen is Sterren-    ervaring opdoen.
                                           kunde gedaald van 10 naar 5 eerste-
                                           jaars en Technische Wiskunde ge-
                                           stegen van 3 naar 6 eerstejaars.

              Korte URLs             BSA op website                           First students Erasmus
     naar alle roosters bij de RUG                                            Mundus programmes         Zowel op de facultaire website als op         de disciplinewebsites is informatie      The new Erasmus Mundus Master
                                     geplaatst over het Bindend Studie        programmes that are coordinated
                                     Advies (BSA).                            within our faculty, CEMACUBE (in
                                     Medewerkers/docenten kunnen infor-       Biomedical Engineering) and MEME
                                     matie vinden over Werken met stu-        (in Evolutionary Biology), have a geo-
                                     denten en het BSA Handboek op:           graphically very diverse group of 41
                                      students. These students were select-
                                     medewerkers/index.                       ed to participate in the programmes
                                     Studenten kunnen worden verwezen         with the support of a prestigious
                                     naar:     Erasmus Mundus scholarship.
                                     studenten/Reglementen/bsa waar
                                     een aparte pagina voor hun is aange-     Double degree
                                     maakt.                                   After completing their programme all
                                                                              students will receive a double or even
                                                                              a triple degree from the partner uni-
                                     BSA-commissie                            versities of the MEME and CEMACUBE
                                                                              consortia. Half of the selected MEME
                                     Er is commissie ingesteld die het        students and a fifth of the selected
                                     faculteitsbestuur zal gaan adviseren     CEMACUBE students were welcomed
                                     over de definitieve Bindende Studie-      at our university at the beginning of
                                     adviezen aan het eind van het studie-    the academic year 2010-2011. The
                                     jaar, en over de studieplannen die       remaining selected students have
                                     de studieadviseurs opstellen voor        started their programme at other
                                     studenten met gemelde persoonlijke       partner universities.
                                     omstandigheden. In overleg met de
                                     opleidingsdirecteuren zijn de volgen-    For the programmes and partner uni-
                                     de commissieleden benoemd:               versities of these programmes, please
                                     > Dr. Marion van Rijssel (opleidings-    see their web sites:
                                       coördinator Biologie/Life Science (MEME, Erasmus Mun-
                                       and Technology en adviseur van de      dus Master programme in Evolution-
                                       examencommissie Biologie/Life          ary Biology)
                                       Science and Technology)       (CEMA-
                                     > Prof. dr. Bauke Dijkstra (voorzitter   CUBE, Erasmus Mundus Master pro-
                                       examencommissie Scheikunde)            gramme in Biomedical Engineering).
                                     > Dr. Marco Wiering (voorzitter
                                       examencommissie Kunstmatige
                                     > Drs. Corina Visser (beleidsmede-
                                       werker Onderwijs, Facultair Onder-

Highlights of                             Awards Best Teacher                           Honours College second
Dutch articles                            of 2010                                       year programme

                                          On December 10th Prof. Peter van              27 Honours students started on their
News on faculty web sites                 Haastert, board member for education,         second year of the Honours Bachelor’s
                                          handed out the faculty award for Best         programme. Their programme consists
Restructuring the current 17 web          Teacher of the Year to Prof. Jaap Top         of a series of lectures, special courses
sites of the faculty into 7 web sites     (Mathematics) and Dr. Fokie Cnossen           and projects. The projects may be car-
is in full progress. The web sites will   (Artificial Intelligence). Along with          ried out within the university or for a
atune to specific target groups:           a certificate they receive a prize of          company or institute. Furthermore,
> a new web site for research             1,000 euro.                                   second year students will be tutoring
> a new web site for international        Teachers are nominated for the annual         the first year Honours students to
   prospective students                   award by the advisory committees of           gain tutoring skills.
> a new web site for Dutch prospective    their degree programme. The winner or
   Bachelor’s students                    winners of the faculty award are the
> a new web site for Dutch prospective    nominees for the upcoming univer-
   Master’s students                      sitary award for Best Teacher of the
> the current web site of the Graduate    Year.
> the current web site Science LinX
   for scholars                           New students 2010-2011
> and of course the faculty website
                                          In November the final numbers of new
Trinicom integrated                       registered first year students were
Due to a technical problem with           published:
the university’s web server and the
upcoming development of Trinicom                                                      New registered first
                                                         Bachelor’s programme         year students 2010    Compared to 2009
for the faculty - the web based Q&A
                                                                           Biology           158              43       37,4%
system “Ins and outs” - the planning
                                                          Farmaceutical Sciences              16              1         6,7%
for the new web sites has changed.
Trinicom will provide different target                                  Pharmacy             122              -2       -1,6%

groups, such as international pro-                      Life Science & Technology             85             -86      -50,3%
spective students, with faculty specific                       Computing Science               38              12       46,2%
information on application and reg-                          Artificial Intelligence           41              9        28,1%
istration. Therefore, Trinicom will be                                 Chemistry              29              -1       -3,3%
integrated along with every new web                        Chemical Engineering               18              8        80,0%
site:                                                                      Physics            39              0         0,0%
> December-January: website for re-                               Applied Physics             21             -10      -32,3%
   search + Trinicom                                                 Mathematics              24              7        41,2%
> End of January: website for inter-
                                                            Applied Mathematics               6               3         50%
   national prospective students +
                                                                       Astronomy              5               -5      -50,0%
                                             Industrial Engineering & Management             108              -6       -5,3%
> End of January: website for Dutch
                                                                           Totaal            710             -27       -3,7%
   prospective Master’s students +
> End of February: website for Dutch
   prospective Bachelor’s students +
> End of February: Trinicom for current
   Bachelor’s and Master’s students

                                              Recent press releases

      PhD defenses                             Read more of the press releases on
      You can find all PhD defenses at
      Press releases on upcoming PhD          Breakthrough in dental plaque          Sex determination of lizards
      defenses are also presented in the      research                               depends on temperature
      News tab on the faculty’s home-         December 01, 2010                      October 28, 2010
                                              Young Talent Encouragement             NWO awards two TOP-GO grants
                                              Prizes 2010                            October 27, 2010
                                              November 25, 2010
                                                                                     Jatropha experts from around the
                                              EUR 1.15 million for honours path      world headed for Groningen
     Colophon                                 in Master’s phase                      October 20, 2010
                                              November 19, 2010
     The Faculty’s Newsletter is published                                           Students in Elsevier content with
     five to six times each year and is sent   Francesco Picchioni Gouden             RUG degree programmes
     to each staff member of the Faculty of   docent 2010 van de KNCV                October 20, 2010
     Mathematics and Natural Sciences.        November 17, 2010
     Contributions of 150 words can be                                               Endangered Montagu’s Harrier
     sent to the communications officer        Low disease resistance due to          found to have permanent homes
     and editor, Mariëlle Zwaanenburg,        rapid growth in farm animals           October 20, 2010 The            November 16, 2010
     editor may decide to revise or discard                                          Neighbour’s drilling more
     a contribution.                          Gold medal for Groningen iGEM          irritating than traffic noise
                                              2010 students                          October 13, 2010
     Editor                                   November 11, 2010
     Mariëlle Zwaanenburg                                                            Emissions of greenhouse gases are
                                              How do our skylarks winter?            objectively measurable
     Contributions                            November 09, 2010                      October 11, 2010
     Monique Koers
     Greetje Lap-Koekkoek                     Computer modelling of an               Stronger coordinating role for
     Leonie van Putten                        artificial cell undergoing osmotic      pharmacist decreases drug-
     Kristin Schubert                         shock                                  induced osteoporosis
     Han van der Strate                       November 08, 2010                      September 28, 2010
     Corina Visser
     Mariëlle Zwaanenburg                     Testbed Target klaar voor
                                              petabytes aan data
     Design                                   November 03, 2010
     Nynke Kuipers BNO, Groningen
                                              Eleven Veni grants for University
     Lay out                                  of Groningen
     Marcel Zinger                            November 02, 2010
     University Services Department           CHE Excellence Ranking:
                                              Chemistry among top in Europe
     Print                                    now too
     Grafimedia                                October 28, 2010
     University Services Department


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