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									                     Faculty Newsletter                                                                67
                     Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences                                  April 2010

 In this issue                   Faculty news

> Building News

> From the Graduate School

> IWI becomes Johann Bernoulli

> New edition Career Paths in

> Charging point at Zernike      The live web cam at www.rug.nl/fwn/webcamLW shows the latest building progress;
                                 late March sedum was planted on the roofs.
> New target group-oriented
  websites                       Building News                                relocation of all units will take place
                                                                              during September through November.
> SysMO2 programme awards        Relocation planning Life Sciences            A unit’s relocation will take up about
                                 Construction of the new Life Sciences        three weeks’ time. All units have been
> Prof. Loos DPI Fellow:         building at the Zernike campus is            informed on its date of relocation.
  Polymers go “green”            complete; the contractor handed over         Students have been informed via Nes-
                                 the building site on April 1st. In the       tor. Courses in the first semester of
> Symposium Honours College      coming months all necessary facilities       the academic year 2010-2011 will be
                                 are installed after which the building       scheduled at Haren as well as on the
> Numerus fixus LS&T              can be put into use.                         Zernike campus. The last courses in
                                 In light of the current progression it       Haren will take place in the week of 8
> Bindend Studieadvies           was decided late March, that a phased        November.

> Highlights of Dutch articles    RUG instead of RuG
                                  In the days of the university’s old logo – the abbreviation ‘RuG’ in a black rec-
> Recent press releases           tangle – some staff members started to use this abbreviation in the exact
                                  same form in their texts, sometimes even with the u in italic. This logo how-
                                  ever no longer exists since the university implemented a new house style in
                                  September 2007. You can use simply ‘RUG’ – all capitals – in your texts to in-
                                  dicate the university. The university’s house style team would be most obliged
                                  to you and it saves you complicated typing!

  N ewsle h                       Faculty calendar
   in Eng ch
                                  > 28 April 2010              Opening Symposium ESRIG
                                  > 28 May 2010                University’s Parents day
   and D                          Upcoming lectures, seminars and other events of the faculty’s institutes can
                                  be found at www.rug.nl/fwn/calendar. If you have an event for faculty staff or
                                  the general public, you can have it published on the web site’s calendar by
                                  mailing to FWN-calendar@rug.nl.

    From the Graduate School

    Prize-winning photos
    The results of the 2009 photo compe-
    tition are in! The winners are:
    > First Prize: ‘Groningen sunrise’
       by Artem Bakulin
    > Second Prize: ‘Experimental babies’
       by Sandra Bouwhuis
    > Third Prize: ‘Brain in cave’
       by Jos Roerdink
    > Graduate School Choice: ‘NanoLab’
       (Thomas Maaßen)

    Each of the winners will receive a ‘cash’
    prize and an award certificate. The
    Graduate School of Science wishes to
    thank everyone who supported the
    contest by contributing their beautiful
    work and voting for their favourites.       First Prize: ‘Groningen sunrise’ by Artem Bakulin

    Second Prize: ‘Experimental babies’ by Sandra Bouwhuis         Third Prize: ‘Brain in cave’ by Jos Roerdink

                          Graduate School Choice: ‘NanoLab’
                          (Thomas Maaßen)

                                         First Graduates of ‘Teaching                IWI becomes Johann
                                         Science in Secondary Education’             Bernoulli Institute
                                         The first participants in the Graduate
                                         School course ‘Teaching Science in          The research institute for mathemat-
                                         Secondary Education’ have success-          ics and computing science changed
                                         fully finished. This new course gives        its name. As of March 2010 the insti-
                                         PhD students a chance to develop sci-       tute is no longer called ‘IWI’ (Instituut
                                         ence teaching modules for local             voor Wiskunde en Informatica) but
                                         (Dutch) secondary schools. Partici-         the Johan Bernoulli Institute, after the
Personalia 1                             pants Aart van Assen and Tjitske Oen-       well known Swiss professor in math-
                                         ema (photo) developed a module for          ematics. Johan Bernoulli (1667-1748)
Per 1 januari 2010 is dr. A.M. van       the new subject ‘NLT: Nature, Life and      was a professor at the Groningen uni-
Oijen benoemd tot hoogleraar Mole-       Technology.’ Their module focused on        versity for ten years. His son Daniel
culaire Microscopie en Spectroscopie     lung transplantation and disease, a         Bernoulli, who published the famous
bij het Zernike Institute of Advanced    topic closely related to their own PhD      Bernoulli principle in fluid dynamics,
Materials.                               thesis research.                            was born here.

Per 1 februari 2010 is dr. M. Mostovoy   Aart and Tjitske got to teach their
benoemd tot adjunct-hoogleraar           module at the Reitdiep College in           New edition
Theory of Condensed Matter bij het       Groningen. The reaction to their mod-       Career Paths in Science
Zernike Institute of Advanced            ule was very enthusiastic, and the school   (Beta’s in Banen)
Materials.                               has decided to formally start teaching
                                         the subject NLT. This exchange ap-          As of January 1st, 2010, a third, re-
Per 1 februari 2010 is mw.dr. H.B.       peared to be the perfect try-out.           vised edition of ‘Career Paths in
Braam benoemd tot hoogleraar             The next TSSE course will start in Sep-     Science’ (Beta’s in Banen, November
Theoretische Chemie van Systemen         tember 2010. If you are interested,         2004) has been implemented at the
met Sterke Elektroncorrelaties bij       please send an email to Renske de           faculty. This edition describes the ca-
het Zernike Institute of Advanced        Jonge, r.m.de.jonge@rug.nl, before          reer paths for academic personnel
Materials.                               May 1st so we can determine how             with a permanent position and aca-
                                         many secondary schools can partici-         demic personnel under the tenure
                                         pate in this exchange. Since the            track system.
                                         course is part of an exchange project       The faculty board has informed mem-
                                         – secondary schools teachers also           bers of staff involved in the Tenure
                                         participate in first year university         Track system by letter of the impor-
                                         courses – participation is free.            tant changes that were introduced on
                                                                                     January 2010. The most important
                                         The first graduates Aart van Assen and       changes are:
                                         Tjitske Oenema next to their course coor-   > The appointment period for an as-
                                         dinator Jan Apotheker.                        sociate professor has been exten-
                                                                                       ded from 5 to 7 years.
                                                                                     > Between years 4 and 7, after ap-
                                                                                       pointment as associate professor,
                                                                                       the associate professor may choose
                                                                                       the assessment moment for possi-
                                                                                       ble promotion to Professor 2.
                                                                                     > Only one assessment moment is
                                                                                       possible – this was previously two
                                                                                       (2 x 5 years, maximum 10 years).

                                                                                     Transitional arrangements will apply
                                                                                     to the group of staff who started the
                                                                                     tenure track system before January
                                                                                     1st, 2010, or have already been ap-

    pointed as associate professor. The          New target group-
    full text of the transitional arrange-       oriented websites
    ments ‘University of Groningen Ten-
    ure Track Professor (adjunct hoogler-        In December the faculty decided to
    aar) Regulations 2010’ and the re-           restructure her 17 faculty websites
    vised ‘Career Paths in Science’ are          into 7 target group-oriented websites
    available at www.rug.nl/fwn/career-          (i.e. portals). The degree programme
    pathsinscience. The Dutch versions           sites will thus be a thing of the past,
    are available on this page too.              but what is the structure behind the
                                                 new websites and why is it needed?
    For any questions or more informa-
    tion, please contact your personnel          New division
    advisor.                                     The new division into websites is
                                                 based on the idea that we will serve
                                                 our external target groups best by of-
    Charging point at Zernike                    fering each target group a website
                                                 where they can find all the relevant
    If you have an electric scooter or an        information they are looking for. For
    electric supported bicycle, you can          example, a prospective student vacil-
    use a free electric recharging point at      lating between two Bachelor’s degree
    the Zernike campus as of March. The          programmes should no longer have
    charging point, the first one in the city     to visit two different degree pro-
    of Groningen, is situated on the north       gramme sites (with perhaps different
    side of the Bernoulliborg, close to the      menu structures) but just one web-
    `Marie Kamphuisborg’ building. The           site, that for prospective Bachelor’s
    key to use the charging point is avail-      students.
    able on the Zernikeplein 23 reception        Thus, the new division of websites is
    on payment of a small deposit.               as following:

    Impression of the homepage for prospective Bachelor’s students.

                                          > a website for international prospec-    this migration has been completed,
                                            tive students                           the new websites can be created and
                                          > the website of Science LinX (for        filled with content. Information from
                                            scholars)                               the current websites will be moved to
                                          > a website for prospective Bachelor’s    a new website per target group, and
                                            students (for students in 6 VWO         where necessary supplemented or
                                            and the HBO propaedeutic phase)         updated. In addition, the idea is that
                                          > a website for prospective Master’s      the information for students on the
                                            students (for Dutch HBO graduates       current websites is moved to Nestor.
Personalia 2                                and university Bachelor’s graduates)    Once the new websites are online,
                                          > a website on our research (for re-      there will be a link on the old website
Per 1 maart 2010 is dr. J. Kok              searchers nationally and interna-       redirecting web visitors to the new
benoemd tot hoogleraar Molecular            tionally)                               website.
Biology and Genomics Research of          > the website of the Graduate School
Lactococcus lactis and Enterococcus         of Science (for PhD students and
faecalis bij het Groningen Biomole-         prospective PhD Students)
cular Sciences and Biotechnology          > the Faculty’s website (as required by   Research news
Institute (GBB).                            the University’s web policy)

Per 1 maart 2010 is dr. H. Meurs          The decision on the new division was      SysMO2 programme
benoemd tot hoogleraar Immuno-            preceded by consultation with the         awards
farmacologie bij het Groningen            programme and research directors as
Research Institute of Pharmacy            well as research into our web target      Within the framework of the SysMO2
(GRIP).                                   groups, their most search terms, web      programme (Systems Biology of Micro-
                                          statistics, and our Google ranking.       organisms), three research projects
Per 1 april 2010 is dr. S. Harder                                                   have been awarded to international
benoemd tot hoogleraar Moleculaire        Better tailored to the target group       consortia in which researchers from
Anorganische Chemie bij het               A major advantage of a division ac-       the Groningen Biomolecular Sciences
Stratingh Instituut.                      cording to target group is that the       and Biotechnology Institute (GBB)
                                          new websites are easier to attune to      take part.
Per 1 april is dr.ir. G. Tiesinga werk-   the target group in terms of menu         SysMO2 is a European transnational
zaam als internationaliseringsmede-       structure, language, jargon, illustra-    funding and research initiative on
werker voor de Faculteit Wiskunde         tions, quick links, films and other        Systems Biology of Microorganisms,
en Natuurwetenschappen.                   functionality. Furthermore, 7 websites    funding large multinational research
                                          are easier to keep up to date than 17     projects aimed at recording and de-
                                          websites.                                 scribing the dynamic molecular proc-
                                                                                    esses going on in unicellular microor-
                                          Development                               ganisms in a comprehensive way, and
                                          There is a sounding-board group for       at presenting these processes in the
                                          each of the new websites to deter-        form of computerized mathematical
                                          mine the menu structure and content.      models.
                                          Each sounding-board group compris-
                                          es staff with various functions from      The grant that the GBB may apply
                                          different institutes who are familiar     within this framework is € 740,000.
                                          with the target group in question and     The projects will take three years. The
                                          the relevant information.                 three projects are:

                                          Planning                                  Noisy Strep
                                          The aim is to have the new websites       A grant of € 240,000 is for research
                                          online before the next academic year      into ‘the role of transcriptional fidelity
                                          begins. The University webserver (i.e.    and processivity on the noise of tran-
                                          ‘webplatform’) is currently being mi-     scription and its consequences for
                                          grated to a new CMS system. Once          phenotypic bistability in Streptococcus

                                                 pneumoniae’. The coordinator is ten-       Prof. Loos DPI Fellow:
                                                 ure track professor J.W. Veening           Polymers go “green”
                                                 (Molecular Genetics).
                                                                                            Prof. Katja Loos (Polymer Chemistry,
                                                 Silicon Trypanosome                        Zernike Institute for Advanced
                                                 The aim of this research project is        Materials) has been appointed DPI
                                                 understanding the physiology of the        Fellow. The Dutch Polymer Institute is
                                                 parasites that cause sleeping sickness     a top institute in which international
                                                 in Africa. The grant is € 300,000.         universities and companies work
                                                 Dr B. Bakker (Rosalind Franklin Fellow,    together on the next generation of
                                                 UMCG) and Prof. R. Breitling (Bio-         polymers and applications thereof.
                                                 informatics) are the Groningen re-
                                                 searchers participating in this project.   EUR one million DPI grant
                                                                                            As a DPI Fellow, Loos is granted one
                                                 BaCell Sysmo 2                             million euros by DPI for her research.
                                                 € 200,000 has been awarded to this         She will spend this on the synthesis
                                                 project. The specific topic of research     and characterisation of (highly)
                                                 is ‘Modelling carbon core metabolism       branched polysaccharides in order to
                                                 in Bacillus subtilis – Exploring the       clarify the structure-property rela-
                                                 contribution of protein complexes in       tionship of branched polymers. The
                                                 core carbon and nitrogen metabolism’.      objective is to translate the newly-
                                                 Prof. O.P. Kuipers (Molecular Genetics)    gained knowledge on polysaccha-
                                                 is the coordinator.                        rides, as a model system, into other
                                                                                            polymeric materials. Ultimately Loos
                                                 More information: www.sysmo.net            wants to find ways to produce plastic
                                                                                            material in an environmentally-
                                                                                            friendly manner. The industrial sector
                                                                                            is already showing interest in Loos’

    Prof. Dr. Ton Schoot Uiterkamp during his session with the first                         Nieuws uit onderwijs
    Honours College students of our faculty.

                                                                                            Honours College

                                                                                            The first activity in 2010 of the brand
                                                                                            new Honours College for the students
                                                                                            of the Faculty of Mathematics and
                                                                                            Natural Sciences took place on
                                                                                            Wednesday 3 February. A special sym-
                                                                                            posium titled ‘Exploring Excellence’
                                                                                            was held at the Academy Building and
                                                                                            chaired by Prof. Dr. Elisabetta Pallante,
                                                                                            the coordinator of the program. Ac-
                                                                                            cessible only to the 39 admitted first
                                                                                            year students of the faculty program,
                                                                                            three plenary sessions were held in
                                                                                            the morning with speakers Prof. Dr.
                                                                                            Francesco Picchioni (RUG), Prof. Dr.
                                                                                            Floris Rutjes (RU) and Prof. Dr. Ton

Numerus fixus                           Schoot Uiterkamp (RUG). They each         > de doceerkwaliteit van de docenten
Life Science & Technology              held a session addressing one of the        moet in kaart gebracht worden.
Met ingang van 2010-2011 heeft         three tracks of the Honours College;        Hiervoor zal nog een uitwerking ge-
de bacheloropleiding Life Science      academic, commercial and social. In         maakt worden.
& Technology een numerus fixus.         the afternoon, the tracks were ex-
Vanwege het grote aantal inschrij-     plored in depth during parallel So-       Voor de onderwijsondersteuning
vingen in afgelopen jaren heeft de     cratic sessions, where Prof. Dr. Serge    betekent de invoering van het BSA
opleiding een maximum gesteld          Daan (RUG) contributed to the aca-        eveneens veel extra taken. Zo moet de
aan het aantal toe te laten studen-    demic track. The day was closed by        studiebegeleiding aan een aantal
ten om de kwaliteit van de studie te   Prof. Dr. René Bernards (UU), integrat-   voorwaarden voldoen en krijgt de stu-
kunnen garanderen. Voor het stu-       ing all tracks in his presentation.       dent twee keer in het eerste studiejaar
diejaar 2010-2011 zullen er 150                                                  bericht over hoeveel ECTS hij/zij al
plaatsen beschikbaar zijn. Vanwege                                               heeft behaald voordat een definitief
de numerus fixus dienen aspirant-       Bindend Studieadvies                      advies wordt gesteld.
studenten zich vóór 15 mei 2010
aan te melden via Studielink.          In het najaar van 2009 heeft het Col-     Meer informatie over het BSA volgt.
                                       lege van Bestuur aangegeven dat zij
Meer informatie:                       een Bindend Studieadvies (BSA) aan
www.rug.nl/fwn/LSTnumfixus              de universiteit wil invoeren. Het BSA     Highlights of Dutch
                                       schrijft voor dat een eerstejaarsstu-     articles
                                       dent 40 van de 60 ECTS in het eerste
                                       studiejaar moet hebben behaald. An-       Binding Study Advice
                                       ders kan de student zich niet voor het    The University Board intends to im-
                                       tweede studiejaar herinschrijven.         plement the binding study advice (i.e.
                                                                                 ‘BSA’) at our university starting 2010-
                                       Voordat het zover is, heeft het College   2011. This regulation dictates that
                                       de faculteiten gevraagd na te gaan of     new students as of September 2010
                                       hun bacheloropleidingen voldoen aan       must obtain 40 out of 60 ECTS in the
                                       de 27 randvoorwaarden. Deze rand-         first year. Momentarily several groups
                                       voorwaarden zijn bijvoorbeeld organi-     at corporate and faculty level are busy
                                       satorisch van aard (onderwijs- en ten-    with the preparations f.e. adapting the
                                       tamenroosters, jaarindeling) of heb-      ECTS administration system, a moni-
                                       ben te maken met studiebegeleiding.       toring system, and intensified coach-
                                                                                 ing for the students in order to pre-
                                       Wat betekent het BSA voor docenten?       vent them from obtaining too less
                                       > de nakijktermijn wordt heel strikt:     ECTS.
                                         voor de meeste tentamens geldt
                                         een nakijktermijn van 10 werkda-        Life Science & Technology:
                                         gen en voor een aantal uitzonderin-     limitation on new students
                                         gen 5 werkdagen;                        As of 2010-2011 the bachelor’s de-
                                       > per vak wordt een tweede docent         gree programme Life Science & Tech-
                                         aangewezen die optreedt als peer        nology offers a limited amount of 150
                                         reviewer bij het maken van het ten-     places for prospective students in or-
                                         tamen en als achterwacht bij het        der to maintain the programme’s
                                         nakijken;                               quality. In the last few years the
Webfilmpjes Natuurkunde                 > docenten in het eerste studiejaar       number of applications has been ris-
en Farmacie                              moeten ook een begeleidende rol         ing steadily. Prospective students
Ook over de bacheloropleidingen          op zich nemen met o.a. als doel: ver-   have to apply before May 15th in or-
Natuurkunde en Farmacie is nu een        sterken van de relatie van het vak      der to participate in the selection pro-
webfilmpje voor studiekiezers ge-         en onderzoek; betrokkenheid bij de      cedure.
maakt. U kunt de filmpjes bekijken        studenten vergroten;
via www.rug.nl/fwn/studiekiezers       > voor de tentamens wordt een nabe-
                                         spreking ingeroosterd.

                                              Recent press releases

                                               Read more of the press releases on www.rug.nl/fwn/news.

                                              EU awards University of Groningen      NWO Vici Grant to Dr. Mirjam Dür
                                              EUR 2.7 million grant for European     February 09, 2010
                                              science shops network
                                              March 24, 2010                         ERC Starting Grant for
                                                                                     Dr Gerrit Poelarends
                                              Zernike Institute for Advanced         February 09, 2010
    Colophon                                  Materials in Times Higher
                                              Education top 10                       Universal eye problem leads to
    The Faculty’s Newsletter is publis-       March 17, 2010                         better vision
    hed five to six times each year and is                                            February 08, 2010
    sent to each staff member of the          Groningen to participate in Solar
    Faculty of Mathematics and Natural        Challenge                              Stick insects named after
    Sciences. Contributions of 150 words      March 12, 2010                         Groningen biologist Laas Pijnacker
    can be sent to the communications                                                February 04, 2010
    officer and editor, Mariëlle Zwaanen-      How ‘green’ are industrial CO2
    burg, m.e.l.zwaanenburg@rug.nl.           emissions?                             NWO Vici Grant to Prof. Andreas
    The editor may decide to revise or dis-   March 11, 2010                         Herrmann
    card a contribution.                                                             February 02, 2010
                                              Harsh winters lucrative for picky
    Editor                                    feeders                                Baker’s yeast has a biological
    Mariëlle Zwaanenburg                      March 05, 2010                         clock ticking too
                                                                                     January 20, 2010
    Contributions                             RAVE survey ventures beyond our
    Henk-Jan Hoving                           immediate home                         Parasitoid wasp DNA code cracked
    Monique Koers                             March 04, 2010                         January 15, 2010
    Greetje Lap-Koekkoek
    Berber Miedema                            Four million for Systems Biology       Highest ranking for Groningen
    Rudy Moddemeijer                          Centre                                 astronomy education
    Anneke Oerlemans                          March 02, 2010                         January 14, 2010
    Leonie van Putten
    Kristin Schubert                          Bat gets green light                   Is speciation adaptive?
    Corina Visser                             March 01, 2010                         January 06, 2010
    Engel Vrieling
    Mariëlle Zwaanenburg                      Missing primitive stars outside        Primates’ social intelligence is
    Rudi Zwier                                Milky Way uncovered                    overestimated
                                              February 19, 2010                      January 04, 2010
    Nynke Kuipers BNO, Groningen

    Lay out
    Marcel Zinger, Grafimedia,
    University Services Department
                                               PhD defenses
    Print                                      You can find all PhD defenses at www.rug.nl/fwn/PhDdefenses.
    Grafimedia,                                 Press releases on upcoming PhD defenses are also presented in the News tab
    University Services Department             on the faculty’s homepage.


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