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					Child, Youth & School Services Liaison, Education and Outreach (CLEOS) addresses any concerns/issues with

children in the local school system by:

                    Coordinating education transition related resources and points of contacts within school
                     and the community.

                    Collaborating with parents to ensure academic success.

                    Educating parents on the local school system policies, procedures and programs and

                    Supporting home school families.

                    Supplying resource materials on primary, secondary, and post-secondary education.

The School Liaison Officer works with local school systems to develop partnerships and opportunities for

students and Fort Hamilton volunteers and supports military families during transitions and as a subject

matter expert in relation to local schools, support with education challenges, college search and financial aid

information. Stop by the CYSS central Registration Office and check out the great educational brochures or

the CLEOS web pages or call 718-630-4805.

The CLEOS Program is committed to promoting communication and partnership between Fort Hamilton,

Child, Youth & School Services, and local schools. The programs basic function is to assist military students
during their transition and assignment to this installation, by providing information on local schools, youth

sponsors with parent permission, and encouraging active parent involvement and positive relationships with

their child's school. The CLEOS program also provides many youth and parent education topics throughout

the year. We strive to partner with local community agencies and schools for the advancement of youth and
education. The local school districts and Fort Hamilton’s Partner's in Education Agreement provides

employees and units with opportunities to volunteer in local schools. Please visit the CLEOS Office at 404
Sterling Drive, Fort Hamilton or call 718-630-4805 for further information on education and volunteer

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