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									Xavier University
ASL 102.01
April 30, 2007
Questions on Final Exam: May 7th

There are 10 questions for you to study on Language/Culture. I will choose five from those
questions for Final Exam. Total points for this section (five questions) are 3 points each. All
questions came from your assignments in this course.

Who is the current president of Gallaudet University (2007-Present)?
Robert R. Davila

Which U.S. president signed the charter to establish Gallaudet?

What were the students’ four demands during the Deaf President Now?
1. That a new deaf president be named immediately;
2. That Jane Bassett Spilman resign
3.That the board of trustees be reconstituted with a majority of deaf members;
4.That there be no reprisals.

Do you think that it is important for a university for deaf students to have a deaf president during
the Deaf President Now in 1988? Why or why not?
Yes, I think it's important for the Deaf Community to have someone in power.
What is the difference between the terms "Deaf" and "hearing impaired"? Which one do we
(Deaf people) prefer to use: Deaf or hearing impaired? Why or why not?
Deaf. "Hearing Impaired" implies someone with a deficiency, which Deaf people do not see.

How did American School for the Deaf success for Deaf people in the early eighteen century?
They brought about the

Name five Deaf organizations and explain each.
American Athletic Association of the Deaf (AAAD) - organizes athletic events for the deaf
National Fraternal Society of the Deaf - provides auto insurance and fraternal insurance.
National Association of the Deaf - a federation of state associations of the Deaf that advocates
for sign language and the rights of Deaf people.
Deaf artists of America - organizes exhibits to promote Deaf art.
National Theatre for the Deaf (NTD) - seeks primarily to bring hearing theater to hearing and
Deaf audiences using Deaf actors.

What are the four common characteristics of minorities that bind them together?
1) The group shares a common physical and cultural characteristic
2) Individuals identify themselves as members of the minority and others identify them in that
3) There is a tendency to marry within the minority
4) Minority members suffer oppression.

Name five diversities in the Deaf-World and explain each.
Deaf Women United (DWU) - fights for the rights of Deaf Women, was brought about by the
Women's Liberation movement.
National Black Deaf Advocates (NBDA) - fights for the rights of black deaf people.
Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf - fights for the rights of gay and lesbian deaf people.
American-Association of the Deaf-Blind - promotes interest in the deaf/blind of the U.S.

Name five famous Deaf people and their contributions to the Deaf community.

   Laurent Clerc helped establish Deaf education in the United States
   Ferdinand Berthier established the earliest Deaf association, which provided mutual aid, and
   an athletic, cultural, and leisure program to its adult Deaf members.
   Emmanuelle Laborit - a deaf media star in constant demand with a best-selling
   autobiography, she helped revitalize the Deaf theatre community
   Lars Wallin is a famous writer of the Deaf community's step into the Hearing community.
   Alfredo Corrado - led the movement which was the foundation of the International Visual
   Theater in Paris

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