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									Five Ways to Naturally Ease Menstrual Pains
                                    According to gynecologists between the ages of 8 to 14
                                    years old girls will go through their first menstrual cycle but
                                    may eventually experience menstrual cramps that are
                                    agonizing as they get older. The discomfort felt during these
                                    monthly cycles may be brought about by hormonal changes.
                                    The uneasiness may drive the person to find ways on
                                    relaxing it. Analgesics may be taken to lessen the
                                    discomfort, though there are some ways to naturally do it.
                                    Some may also try hormone therapy to normalize their
                                    menstruation but there are several risks that were found to be
                                    caused by hormones.

During menstruation, the wall of the uterus sheds the extra tissue which becomes the bloody red
discharges that comes out for three to five days. The experience of each women varies and it may
be painful for some while for others it is just an ordinary day. The normal length of the cycle is
28 days but there are some cases that it is longer or shorter than normal. The cramps may start
before, during or after the menses and it ranges from mild to severe pain. It is even possible that
some women may lose consciousness when they are at the peak of their pain. If this happens,
then the woman\’s life may be in danger.

This problem is mainly caused by poor nutrition, according to several gynecologists. Thus, some
health care providers suggest the following tips to minimize cramping during menses:

- Avoidance of caffeine and sweet sugary food. Contrary to popular belief, eating sweet food
may create an opposite effect. Fatty food together with red meat may also be avoided.

- Eat foods rich in fiber and vitamins such as E and B1. Vitamin E helps lower the levels of
prostaglandin. Menstrual pains is associated with the increase of prostaglandin.

- Put a warm pack over the painful area. This will help soothe the muscles and decrease the
discomfort felt in the back and lower abdomen.
- Keep the body active but do not get too stressed. Several researchers believe that exercise may
help in managing the discomfort.

- Distract the mind and keep it relaxed. A mind focusing on the pain may make the pain much
worse than it seems. It may also help to use aromatherapy.

The use of hormones may also prevent the pain from happening. Though the use of vaginal rings
have decreased because of the NuvaRing contraceptive device law suit filed by several women.
A sound decision may only be made when the person is aware of possible risks. The NuvaRing
Lawsuit Information Center at offers more information on these cases.


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