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                                                                           Who would you trust?
             Whether You’re A Seasoned Job                                 Ask yourself…who would you trust more:
             Hunter or Just Starting Out, You                              A doctor who has performed heart surgery and has a first hand
              Can Get Fast Results With…                                   map of how everything works…or a doc who does surgery while
                                                                           reading a list of written instructions?

               “The 5 Secrets To                                           Who would you trust to build you a new house? A carpenter who is
                                                                           working with architectural blueprints…or one who just shoves his
                Boost your Job                                             elbow through the wall?

                                                                           Hmm-Tough question.
                                                                           I bet you’d go for the surgeon with experience and a proven map.
                In a Recession”                                            And you’d pick the professional carpenter with certified blueprints.

                                                                           I sure would.
           “Systemize your Job Search
                                                                           And I’d do the same thing for planning any job search.
           — Get More Interviews and
           Land a Great Job Fast - In a
                Tough economy”                                                               Hi I’m Thomas Sechehaye.

                                                                                             Searching for a job is a bit like heart surgery plus
                                                                                             home building all rolled up together. It’s intense.
                                                                                             It’s personal. It’s stressful if you don’t have a

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 For a guaranteed approach to finding a job, you have to see where         Find timesaving tips and visual blueprints so you will know exactly
 you’re going. To see where you’re going you need a map. But               what to do and what steps to take to get fast results.
 not just any map. You want a proven job search blueprint and a
 methodology you can trust.                                                Now, I recommend you print out this entire report - so you can
                                                                           highlight key ideas as you go along. So, get yourself a good cup of
 And for that, this field-tested Job Search Blueprint is exactly the       tea or coffee, and let’s jump in.
 system you need.

 I know that now. After 32 years of coaching individuals and               When I Was First Starting Out
 consulting Fortune 500 companies. But I didn’t always realize just
 how important this was.
                                                                           When I was a young newbie, just starting my career, I felt ashamed
                                                                           at my lack of business skill. I had no clue about how to market
 You see... things were not laid out so clearly when I got started in
                                                                           my skills. I had no clue about resumes, interview strategies or
 Germany in 1972.
                                                                           presenting myself.
 I want to tell you a personal story and share the 5 Secrets
                                                                           I was a trained therapist after all! I expected people to come to me.
 to Boost Your Job Search in a tough economy. I’ve learned
                                                                           I expected therapy centers to come to me. It never occurred to me
 the hard way. Although your background is different from
                                                                           that I would have to look for work.
 mine, I am sure you will find job-hunting tips that will cut
 your job searching time in half. You’ll learn how to write a
                                                                           And a strategic approach to job seeking…well, the concept hadn’t
 killer resume and get your resume picked from a stack of
                                                                           even crossed my mind. I craved the respect that other professionals
 hundreds. You will discover how to prepare and how to
                                                                           were getting. I had professional training and skill, but my job search
 ace any job interview.
                                                                           strategies were embryonic.
 If you don’t have time to read, you can start now and find the job
                                                                           I was determined to not let that stand in my way. Even then, I was
 that’s right for you. Just use the action blueprint at the end - and
                                                                           stubborn and committed to make myself better by learning from the
 then come back and have a good read. But I think you’re going to
                                                                           best. I had a Masters of Art from the Munich Academy of Art so it
 enjoy reading this Special Report and learning how to find the job
                                                                           was easy to make my first brochure.
 that’s right for you - especially in this challenging time.

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 My plan was to get professional advice by showing my little brochure      He told me that he knew what I was thinking.
 to a mentor and leader in my field.
                                                                           That made me sweat.
 I went to one of my teachers, VJ, a legend in therapeutic community
 and head of a world recognized drug treatment center in Holland.          He told me he knew I thought his brochures didn’t look like
                                                                           much. And that I felt they weren’t up to my artistic standard. In a
 Up until this point, I’d studied therapeutic techniques with him, one-    considerate way he pointed out that I must not be ready to hear
 on-one. But this time I asked for a special interview on job search       how self-promotion really worked. And I must not really be hungry
 practices, outside of working hours. He agreed to see me.                 enough to land a job. “Maybe sometime in the future,” he said,
                                                                           taking back his papers. And handing back my original brochure.
 I can still picture him now. Sitting in an old red leather chair behind
 his long well worn wooden desk… surrounded by books and                   I was bewildered. What was I missing here?
 drawings. Looking so wise. He was gruff, yet seemed willing to
 help someone just starting out.                                           Could bad brochures work? How is it even possible? Was this true
                                                                           when he started? Surely things were different and the world of job
 He politely looked at my new brochure and finding nothing positive        seeking had new rules. Was he just pulling my leg?
 to say, he started rummaging through his desk drawer. He pulled
 out some dusty papers and pushed them across the table. It was            He did have a reputation for being mysterious. So I thought perhaps
 his early flyers and brochures.                                           this is some kind of Zen stick approach.

 As he showed me, I was shocked.                                                                             But this odd meeting did prove to
                                                                                                             be a turning point in my grasp of
 To my classically trained artist eye, all of his brochures were                                             strategic job hunting. During the
 disgusting.                                                                                                 interview, as he was rummaging
                                                                                                             in his drawer, I noticed a little sign
 I mean it. Really awful. Hard to read. Whacky colors. Just a mess.                                          on his desk, carved in wood.
 It just went against everything I’d learned in art school.
                                                                                                             It said, “Make The Non-Logical
 I tried to be polite and waited for him to explain.                                                         Choice”

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 “Damn right” I thought.                                                   at the neighborhood restaurant down the street. I gave postcards
                                                                           to anyone who would take them.
 Obviously logic was not taking me by the hand and showing me the
 way. I felt in a complete gap. Seeing this sign, I decided that this      At the time, this was a complete stretch for me. I was a rather
 gap was the perfect place to begin.                                       quiet and introverted German. And I was against any kind of ego-
                                                                           inflating, self-promotion. So, you can imagine how hard a time I
 I started doing what the sign said. “Make The Non-Logical                 had giving these little cards away!
                                                                           And little by little, the phone started ringing.
 First off, I put my draft brochure in a drawer. “Who needs brochures
 anyway?” I thought. Instead, I wrote my name and phone number             Then, I gave FREE sessions.
 on post-cards. And I hand-wrote an offer for a “FREE consultation…
 good for one month.”                                                      And guess what? People liked them. They told their friends. They
                                                                           came back. This time they paid. And then they paid for more. Their
 I Gave Services For FREE !                                                friends came. Their neighbors came. They brought their husbands
                                                                           and wives. It just kept on flowing.
 That’s right…for FREE. This was unheard of at
 the time. No one was doing this.                                          As I was doing this, a therapeutic community in my neighborhood
                                                                           started forming. I went there and guess what? They had already
 I gave post-cards away to everyone.                                       heard about my work. And they invited me to join their staff.
 And I mean everyone.
                                                                           All from one illogical choice.
 The postman. The guy
 at the gas station.                                                       But I still wasn’t satisfied. I knew there had to be more…
 The folks at the
 beer garden.                                                              So I started reading everything I could on job hunting, interview skills
 The guy who                                                               and self-promotion. And there are some good books, tapes and
 cut my hair. The waitress                                                 trainings on this topic. Some had nothing to do with my profession
                                                                           of coaching and consulting, but many had ideas that I could apply.

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 I started putting my art background to work once more. I made
 blueprints and road maps to plan my job-hunting efforts.

                     Click here to go to page 26

                     “Start By Giving Blueprint”

 Again, this choice was illogical. My blueprints didn’t look like
 anything anyone had ever seen. And my process was a wild blend
 from my art background with therapy, marketing and strategy. So
 I kept going…all the time thinking about that little sign I’d seen on
 VJ’s desk.

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                                                                                                                           Secret #1
                                                                                                   Plan Your Job Hunt Strategy In Advance

 Secret #1:                                                                I say this because it took me years to realize that the power is in the
                                                                           planning. All the job search books I’ve seen do not talk about this.
                                                                           They focus on specific resume writing practices. They emphasize
 Plan Your Job Hunt Strategy In Advance                                    specific systems to review and distribute your resume. They pitch
 As I made these early                                                     services to get you in front of recruiters.
 blueprints, I    realized
 that the power is in the                                                  But they do not focus on how to build a blueprint to find the job you
 planning.                                                                 need.

 It’s not in the specifics                                                 These career search and job search services swoop right past the
 of the job search efforts                                                 power of a visual plan.
 that    create    success.
 Sometimes one thing                                                       I know you may not have the same background, experience and
 works. Sometimes this                                                     schooling that I have. And so, I want to share this little miracle
 very thing bombs. The                                                     method with you. I’m sure it will help you get clear on the job
 power of a plan is not the content of the plan. The power is in           you want. And this will help you focus your job search to get fast
 your focus. With a blueprint and a job-search roadmap, you have a         results.
 consistent focus. And no matter what obstacles you encounter, you
 can reorient and stay on track.                                           Now, I bet your burning question is, “How
                                                                           Can You Do This FAST?”
 When things get tough, you don’t drift around for hours, days or
 weeks. Instead, you work your plan. You won’t fall into the swamps        How Can You Do This FAST?
 of sadness and self-pity. Unlike many job seekers, you’ll have
 strength, confidence and conviction. And this is precisely what           The absolute fastest way to do this is to
 employers and recruiters respond to.                                      grab a piece of paper and a pencil.

 This is not a little thing to notice.                                     I urge you to do this right now. Don’t wait.
                                                                           The pen or pencil can be anything, just so

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                                                                                                                         Secret #1
                                                                                                  Plan Your Job Hunt Strategy In Advance

 long as it writes and you can jot down your ideas. Make a laundry         This is a non-logical approach to job hunting.
 list of everything you can think of to spread the word about your
 unique skills.                                                            Usually we think about what we must bring to the table. And we
                                                                           don’t think about what’s going on for the hiring manager we are
 If you and I were sitting over coffee, we’d sit down and talk. But        pitching.
 since you are reading this, let’s do a quick and simple brainstorm
 and make a list - together.                                               Remember, job hunting is not the same as sales. It’s a lot more like
 Think of all the offers you                                               Marketing is getting the word out. It’s finding a way into peoples’
 get in the mail. Think of                                                 attention. Inside the very protected space of their mind.
 all the offers you get by
 phone or email. Consider                                                  And once you are in their minds, you have a chance to share your
 all the special deals, free                                               valuable skills.
 information, free reports,
 white papers, newsletters                                                 But you may be wondering…
 and information marketing
 you receive online.                                                       What Must You Know?
 Now ask yourself: What                                                    Think of VJ’s little wooden sign.
 can you send to potential                                                 “What is the most illogical choice you can make?”
 companies,       employers
 and recruiters to get them                                                Is it sharing some information that has really helped you? Is it
 thinking about you and your                                               offering a service or product that made all the difference in your
 skills?                                                                   life?

                     Click here to go to page 27                           What you really need to know is this: giving is the secret key.
                     “Turn Offers Into A Personal Gold Mine blueprint”
                                                                           Giving is how you will help the most number of people. Zig Ziglar,
                                                                           a brilliant motivational speaker is often quoted, “You can have

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                                                                                                                         Secret #1
                                                                                                   Plan Your Job Hunt Strategy In Advance

 everything you want if you help other people get everything that          Remember, VJ’s first clients were junkies and hard-core drug users.
 they want.”                                                               Over time he expanded to this core group to include what he used
                                                                           to call, “healthy neurotics.”
 How can you help other people get what they want? Sure you want
 a job. But how can you help the people who will hire you get what         They responded to his in-your-face style of information. It worked.
 they want? Focus on this and you will find the essence of your            They came. They called. They walked in. He had a phenomenally
 successful job-hunting message.                                           full practice.

 You are marketing yourself. You are a caring and committed                And the fact is, your potential hiring manager most likely will not
 human being. You are a skilled and trustworthy employee. You are          be on drugs. But you still need to understand what he or she finds
 the exact answer to their prayers. Of course, once you make a             attractive.
 promise, you need to keep it.
                                                                           You want to find the style, tone and feel that works like a magnet.
 And you will need to continue making this promise in your cover           You want to offer your skills in a wrapping that is the magnetic
 letter, resume, interview and follow up communications. You               attraction factor for your next boss.
 will need to make it in how you dress, move, speak and present
 yourself. And naturally, you will need to have the skills to keep this
                                                                           What works for your next boss…works for your job search.
 promise once you get the job!
                                                                           If your recruiter or new boss responds to an aesthetic, style or
 But perhaps you’re also curious about that little sign and my
                                                                           choice of language that isn’t how you speak to your friends…what
 interview with VJ: What did he mean by showing me those atrocious
                                                                           will you do? Unless you are living off a trust fund, and don’t really
                                                                           need a job, I think the answer is clear.
 I’ve thought about this a lot.
                                                                           Your resume, your clothes, and your message need to match what
 And my feeling is he wanted me to see what I was doing in an              your new boss will respond to. This goes all the way down to how
 entirely different perspective. I was looking at the design, font         your resume looks and feels: color, font, keywords and overall
 and color. I didn’t think about what the viewer…his client…would          layout. It includes everything you wear at your interview: business
 respond to.                                                               dress for business meetings.

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                                                                                                  Secret #1
                                                                               Plan Your Job Hunt Strategy In Advance

 Everything adds up to a message: you, your dress, your body
 language, your word choice, resume, people skills, timeliness all
 send a message. And this message must be attractive to your

                     Click here to go to page 28

                     “Body Language Secrets Blueprint”

 But how can you possibly know this in advance? Do you need
 a crystal ball? Here is a fast way to find out exactly what your
 interviewers are looking for.

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                                                                                                                           Secret #2
                                                                                        Find Out Precisely What Companies Are Seeking

 Secret #2:                                                                Free Time At The Bookstore

 Find Out Precisely                                                        Books. Industry Magazines. Journals. Newspapers. Find out what
                                                                           your potential employers read. Check out the hiring manager
 What Companies Are Seeking                                                online. You can use a search engine and social networking sites. If
                                                                           you have mutual contacts in a company or industry, find out what
 Move Into 224 Baker Street                                                they read. Which bestsellers are they browsing through? Watch.
                                                                           Look. Listen. And pick up the same things.
 This address may ring a bell. It is the London home of the great
 detective Sherlock Holmes. While fictional, Sherlock Holmes               As you begin reading, make note of what you feel, think of and
 is a profound inspiration for strategic thinking. He is a master of       assume. Step into the mindset of your hiring manager. What are
 observing small details of habit, preference and manners in order         they looking for in this book, magazine or industry journal?
 to determine the bigger patterns.

 You’re trying to solve a mystery right now. Put on your sleuth hat                          Click here to go to page 30
 and get out a magnifying glass about your potential employers.
                                                                                             “Research Guide blueprint”

 What are companies really looking for?

 To do this, you’ll have to jump in with both feet. You have to            Get familiar not just with the news and trends in these magazines
 stop thinking about your own situation, needs and desires. And            and journals. Get into the language they use. Special words.
 start thinking like them. Study companies, hiring managers and            Acronyms. Key phrases. Buzz words. Learn the lingo. It might be
 interviewers. Get inside of their minds.                                  quite different from how you speak or think.

 From this place, you’ll be in a unique position to understand what        Start to make this language your own home ground. Get familiar
 is really driving their hunt for the perfect employee. You will get at    and at ease with the language your clients are using.
 the heart of what they want.
                                                                           And the next best place to do this is when you’re talking with
 Let’s start with reading…                                                 them.

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                                                                                                                          Secret #2
                                                                                           Find Out Precisely What Companies Are Seeking

 Get Curious About What People Say…                                        have time to study, read, observe and track. I need a job at the very
                                                                           latest by the end of the week!”
 What words do they use? Look on their website. Go to industry
 blogs. Examine their annual reports. Pay attention in interviews          I understand.
 and casual meetings with people in your industry.
                                                                           I know how tough it is to try to make time out of your crazy busy
 What are common phrases or terms that are unique to your                  job search to do marketing research on the mindset of your hiring
 audience?                                                                 manager.

 This is all going in the basket of company intelligence. You have         So here is the simplest and fastest way to get the information you
 to understand the mindset and language of your hiring manager in          need.
 order to create a resume and message that will reach them.
                                                                           It’s called, “ASK.”
 Record Patterns and Track Over Time
                                                                           I don’t have a fancy acronym system for this. I just mean, ask
                                                                           people in this field.
 Keep a record in your journal to track the patterns you see. Over
 time, check how often you hear certain themes appear. What are
                                                                           Ask people you know in the field. Ask family. Ask former and current
 people in this company and industry concerned about? What do
                                                                           colleagues. Ask people in your target market. Tell them you’re doing
 they want to achieve? And how can you help them achieve their
                                                                           research. Tell them you’re writing an article. Tell them you’re taking
                                                                           a survey.
 Over time, you’ll see a pattern emerge and this will help you shape
                                                                           And in fact, it would be great if you actually did all those things…
 the best message to exactly match the language and preferences
                                                                           writing an article, developing a free report or taking a survey. Do
 of your target employer.
                                                                           these things and then shared the information with hiring authorities
                                                                           you interview with.
 The Best Way To Do This, Most of the Time
                                                                           And here’s the interesting thing that I have found again and
 But maybe you’re thinking…”Hey, I needed a job yesterday! I don’t         again…

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                                                                                                                           Secret #2
                                                                                         Find Out Precisely What Companies Are Seeking

 Give Them What They Want                                                  And this is a little like the famous Oreo cookie. You get the chocolate
                                                                           and then you also get the frosting - on the inside.
 Kind of a no-brainer, wouldn’t you say?
                                                                           Meanwhile, you’re not working in a vacuum.
 Once you’ve done all that research…use it. Give people what they
 are asking for. You’ll have a calendar booked with job interviews.        So all this investigation started you on the right track and is going
 Hiring managers, employers and recruiters will feel that you are so       to keep you heading in the right direction. Because you are going
 special because you understand them!                                      to keep the conversation going with your potential new employer
                                                                           long past the initial contact. Here’s how:
 But that’s not all you’ll be doing.
                                                                           Ask For Input And Get Ready…
 It’s a 2-step process.
                                                                           Let me tell you a story about the value of ongoing input. This morning
 Give them what they want is Part One and Part Two is…                     I opened the door to find this at work. I belong to a wonderful service,
                                                                           Farm-Fresh-To-You. Every Tuesday morning, I get a box of organic
 …And Sneak In What They Need                                              farm fruits, herbs and vegetables delivered right to my door.

 This is the second and critical part.                                     Getting this box of glowing fruits and yummy vegetables has helped
                                                                           me to cook organically and make untold numbers of delicious
 Because, you and I know, not everyone will reveal the depths of           meals. I no longer have the excuse of ‘having to go to the store’
 their concerns, issues and problems. Many people want to sail past        standing in the way of a healthy meal.
 issues and cover up true needs. Many people do not want to share
 the root of what they really want.                                        In every box is a one-page double-sided newsletter filled with
                                                                           simple recipes and the news of the weeks…basically, what’s up at
 So you may have to be a little sneaky - but in a good way. You’ll just    the farm.
 use your creative skill to ‘sneak in what they need.’ What they need
 most are your unique skills, strengths and talents. But since you         Two weeks ago, Thaddeus, the author of this one-page newsletter,
 don’t want to come on too strong or appear desperately anxious for        asked a question. He asked all of us to tell him what we’d like him
 a job, you’ll have to sneak this in.                                      to plant this fall.

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                                                                                                                         Secret #2
                                                                                        Find Out Precisely What Companies Are Seeking

 Hint: This is a simple and straightforward way to check-in and stay       While this method is direct and uncomplicated, it works wonders.
 in touch with hiring managers. Ask them how they would like to            Everyone is involved. People feel part of the process. They are
 build the future.                                                         excited to share their ideas. They feel part of a community. People
                                                                           like to help. And especially in these turbulent economic times,
 In today’s newsletter, Thaddeus reported that he was thrilled with        people want to lend a hand.
 the tons of responses and was gathering up all the suggestions.
                                                                           These are all ingredients for success.
 This is a very easy and practical way to get feedback and guidance
 from hiring authorities. It’s free input from people - whether they       And once you start hearing from hiring authorities, you’re in a very
 hired you or not. They can still be helpful in telling you what will      special position. You’ve got inside information to use to get the
 make a difference in the next interview.                                  word out about your unique skills.

 And now just imagine.                                                     Let’s take a look at how this 3rd secret can help you get the word
 All the produce customers are invested even more. For example,
 I wrote in and asked for more watercress. I even asked for my
 favorite kind of Nantes carrot. And I bet the list is quite long and
 interesting from all the other customers.

 We’re already paying for the box. But now we are more committed.
 Now we are invested in the future harvest. I bet that there will be
 a lower rate of people signing out of the program. No one is going
 anywhere…except to the door on Tuesday morning to check what’s
 in this week’s box.

 This is something I’ve seen over and over. People love to give advice
 and offer input. Make use of this in your job search. You’ll have a
 sure-fire formula for finding out precisely what hiring authorities are
 truly looking for in your industry.

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                                                                                                                            Secret #3
                                                                                 Describe Your Skills So…Nobody Can Resist Calling You

 Secret #3:                                                                 The truth is: everyone cares about themselves. They do not care
                                                                            about you. They care about what you can do for them. This is why
                                                                            all those “I” phrases have to get replaced with a different attitude.
 Describe Your Skills So…Nobody Can Resist
 Calling You                                                                It’s not important if YOU know what you mean. Your employer has
                                                                            to understand what you mean. They have to know what your skills
 Use What You Just Found Out                                                mean to them.

 All this research is going to hold you in good stead. You’ve just          It’s not what you say. It’s what your employer hears.
 determined what hiring managers want and how they talk about
 it. This is gold. Diamonds. Valuable jewels. Imagine the most              Say that over and over again. Just like a personal motto.
 outrageous valuable treasure you can picture. This is what you
 now hold in your hands.                                                    It’s not what you say. It’s what your clients hear.

 This is a special treasure trove of insight into your target industry.     And you want hiring managers and recruiters to hear only ONE
 And it will help you land your ideal job.                                  thing. You want them to hear the words that are irresistible to
 You’re inside of how employers in your industry speak and think.
 And you are now in a super unique spot. You are, in business lingo,        Now, I’m not sitting next to you. But if I were, we’d take out your
 “uniquely positioned.”                                                     journal. The one with all the commonly used key phrases, insider
                                                                            lingo, and core industry themes. The one with all the research
 Most job seekers don’t think about how their future employers are          you’ve been tracking.
 wired. They are too busy thinking about their own services, skills
 and their urgent need for a position. Far too many job seekers             And we’d get to work to build a message that describes your skills
 speak only about themselves - and forget about the company.                so that nobody could resist picking up the phone and booking an
                                                                            interview. So let’s roll up our sleeves and do this now. It’s quick and
 Their interview is full of “I” phrases. And this is not what you will      simple process.
 help you land the job. And it’s certainly not what you will do - in your
 cover letter, resume or interview.

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                                                                                                                            Secret #3
                                                                                Describe Your Skills So…Nobody Can Resist Calling You

 What’s Inside The Cookie?                                                 What Is Your Promise?

 This is exactly where the 2-step process comes in handy again.            What’s your unique and compelling promise? This is what people
                                                                           see and recognize instantly as YOU. There’s no question about it. It’s
 Give them what they want and sneak in what they need.                     your innate strengths and your one-of-a-kind, unique contribution.

 This is true for your professional business interview and it’s equally
 true for creating a compelling wrapping paper for your skills.                               Click here to go to page 31

                                                                                              “What Makes You Irresistible? blueprint”
 You’ve done the research. What core desires, needs and wants are
 driving your future employers? How will you use this knowledge to
 shape your message to them?
                                                                           Keep working at this until you come up with it.
 But of course, you’re only going to develop a message about
                                                                           You don’t have to do this in isolation. Ask people around you. Ask
 what you absolutely can deliver. Because you want a successful
                                                                           colleagues. Go over reports and reviews from earlier jobs. Revisit
 interview and a successful job experience! So you must provide a
                                                                           quotes and testimonials from any previous work or volunteer
 no-nonsense, no-headache, and absolutely ethical description of
                                                                           program. Most often, someone else’s description is a whole lot
 what you can do. And the clearer your promise, the more attractive
                                                                           clearer than the words you use to describe yourself.
 you will be to employers.
                                                                           Hint: make sure that your strength-based resume and skills
 You will attract your ideal job: The job where you can put your
                                                                           contribution is something you stand behind. It excites you. It’s
 strengths to work, where you are respected, well paid, and
                                                                           energizing and gives you goose bumps.
 rewarded for your input. The kind of job where you smile when you
 go to work.
                                                                           It’s compelling to you and it’s a compelling promise to your future
 So that brings us to the big question…
                                                                           Now do one more double-check…

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                                                                                                                            Secret #3
                                                                                Describe Your Skills So…Nobody Can Resist Calling You

 Is It How They Talk?                                                      Keep It Short and Simple. You’re kissing!

 Don’t write your unique promise to only work for you.                     Use this formula to get at a unique YOU message. Develop one
                                                                           that is easy to say and sounds natural.
 The message is a magnet for your employer.
                                                                           I always feel like after I write this KISS formula, that I have to keep
 It’s going to pull hiring managers to stop what they are doing, and       to it. It is so straightforward, that that’s all I’ve got to say on the
 write you an email. To pick up the phone. To schedule a second            topic!
                                                                           But here’s why it’s important for you…
 This message is going to do a lot of heavy lifting for you when
 you’re not in the room. So make sure that your promise matches            Easy To Say…Easy to Remember
 the way your potential employer actually talks.
                                                                           Your uniqueness message is easy to say…and so it’s easy for
 And fortunately, writing this message is a lot more like talking than
                                                                           a hiring manager to remember. Think of Job Seekers Blueprint.
 writing a term paper or research dissertation. This is one more
                                                                           It’s easy to say and easy to remember. Think of Presentation
 hidden gem most job resume experts won’t tell you:
                                                                           Storyboarding…it’s easy to say and easy to remember. Think of
 Write your message to sound like you just said it.                        the tag line for Presentation Storyboarding: The Definitive System
                                                                           to Better Presentations.
 To do that, here’s a simple formula called: KISS
                                                                           Easy to say and easy to remember.
 KISSing Works Wonders
                                                                                              Click here to go to page 31
 This is an acronym and it stands for:
 K = Keep                                                                                     “The Easy Test Blueprint”
 I = It
 S = Short
 S = Simple                                                                This ‘easy to say and easy to remember’ is exactly what you must

© 2009 Presentation StoryboardingTM http://www.presentationstoryboarding.com                                                         17
                                                                                                                 Secret #3
                                                                               Describe Your Skills So…Nobody Can Resist Calling You

 do to wrap your skills and boost your job search. Position your
 uniqueness in a short message that is easy for hiring authorities to

 Easy to say…easy to remember.

 You want to be the one candidate they remember.

 There’s one more thing that you can do to quickly test how your
 uniqueness message is working. It’s not tons of research…but
 more like a gut check to see if you’ve hit the target.

 How Can You Test Your Theory?

 Pick the top 3 jobs listings you want to nail. Write the name of the
 person you would consider as your top competition. This may be
 someone from your last job. Write their name on 3 pieces of paper.
 Put your uniqueness message under their name in your sample job
 listing. If your unique message could fit under their name, then you
 have to keep working.

 But, if you win and it just has the feel, look and sound of YOU…
 then you’re home free.

 And now you’re ready to move on to the 4th Secret to A Successful
 Job Hunt:

© 2009 Presentation StoryboardingTM http://www.presentationstoryboarding.com                                              18
                                                                                                                         Secret #4
                                                                  Be The Difference Maker - Find Your Uniqueness In The Market Place

 Secret #4:                                                                Go online. Browse around different sites in your field. Look for what
                                                                           isn’t there. Look for what you would do if you could design the
                                                                           perfect solution for your industry.
 Be The Difference Maker - Find Your
 Uniqueness In The Market Place                                            Keep asking yourself, “What’s missing?” until you find your answer.
                                                                           This is key to unlock the question of how you can stand out in a
 How To Find Your Place                                                    crowded marketplace.
 Know Your Market
                                                                           And don’t only look at what’s present right now. Look for more. I’m
 You’ve been doing a lot of critical research but here’s the kicker        not saying this is necessarily easy. But it is remarkably powerful.
 question. What makes your skills absolutely unique? Even in a             And this single step distinguishes you as a leader and future leader
 crowded niche. Even in an overloaded market. Even if everyone             in your industry.
 and their brother is qualified for the same job.
                                                                           Find The Spot That Can Grow
 How can you define your special unique spot in your market
 place?                                                                    Explore the very things that could be coming in your industry but
 Here is the fastest and easiest way to doing this.                        aren’t quite there yet. Is there a new trend? Is there a new target
                                                                           population to serve? Is there an emerging need?
 Look For What’s Missing
                                                                           Tap into what’s coming in the future. From this visionary standpoint,
 Notice what isn’t in your field. What’s missing in your industry?         position your unique skills. This will make savvy recruiters stand up
 What’s missing from the job market you are looking in? If at all          and take notice. This is what great companies look for in recruits:
 possible, take an afternoon off to do this.                               visionary leadership - at every level in the organization.

 Go for a walk. Look around as if you just arrived from another planet.    This does not mean you are applying for a leadership position. But
 Observe from a completely different perspective. And remember             it does mean you are thinking like a leader - and this is a quality
 you are looking not for what’s already here. But for what’s not           smart companies are always looking for. It makes you the stand
 there.                                                                    out candidate. This is a rare and makes you extremely memorable.

© 2009 Presentation StoryboardingTM http://www.presentationstoryboarding.com                                                        19
                                                                                                                        Secret #4
                                                                  Be The Difference Maker - Find Your Uniqueness In The Market Place

 This is the quality a smart recruiter recalls and selects.                them at what they are so well known for. If they are supreme
                                                                           in data management, let them have it. Position your strength in
 This may require that you step out of your normal zone. Look at           communication and human relations.
 magazines. Scout around in different online neighborhoods. Open
 your eyes to current and future trends. Tap into your intuitive sense
 about future needs.                                                       Go in a side door. Go for a side aspect that your competitor is
                                                                           neglecting. Promote that. Own your zone. Tap into the un-mined
                                                                           opportunity and go for being the #1 in this area of your unique
                     Click here to go to page 32                           strength.
                     “The Difference Maker blueprint”
                                                                           Position To Beat

 Now this may lead you to realize that you’re not the only one             Here’s why. Your number one competitor has already paid for your
 thinking about this. And your fellow job seekers may have beaten
                                                                           research. They have shown what the employer is looking for - and
 you to the finish line. But there are things you can do even if you
 feel that your job-search niche is totally swamped with established       most likely this employer is not the only one looking. But now you
 skilled candidates…                                                       can position to be better.

 Even If You’re In A Super Tight Niche                                     Show what you will do in the first 100 days on the job. Prepare a
                                                                                             Click here to go to page 32
                                                                           timeline and project plan for how you will manage your workload.
 Perhaps you are in a super tight niche and there’s one definite                             “First 100 with compelling charts and diagrams.
                                                                           Blow your interviewer away Day Blueprint”
 #1 candidate who you have to beat. What can you do? Get

 First off, get to know your competitor inside and out. Find out what      In addition, be willing to engage your interviewer. Many of the top
 is their unique “difference” in the market.                               candidates use a pencil or marker to sketch out a plan. They do
                                                                           this live, on the spot. This type of active engagement will set you
 And let them have it. Don’t try to go head to head and beat               apart from other candidates.

© 2009 Presentation StoryboardingTM http://www.presentationstoryboarding.com                                                      20
                                                                                                                             Secret #4
                                                                  Be The Difference Maker - Find Your Uniqueness In The Market Place

 You are looking for a need you can serve better and faster than                       “The ONE Thing That Will Make
 your competition.                                                             Your Job Interviews Rock Solid…GUARANTEED”
 The biggest need you must serve is to help you interviewer
 remember you. Make this easy and simple. Show a diagram. Share            How To Get A Steady Flow of Interviews
 a blueprint. Leave behind a tangible and colorful record of your
 conversation.                                                             Have you ever been on a river…rafting, swimming or just playing
                                                                           around? You know when the water is flowing, it’s fun to go with the
 You are in a great position. And there’s something else…                  flow. The current takes you bobbing along.

 And there’s something else…                                               It’s fun. It’s fast and it’s no problem to stay floating.

 Don’t Laugh But…                                                          But you probably also know what it’s like if there’s been a drought.
                                                                           If the water level is low. You have to watch out. You have to put your
 This is a lot like that little sign on VJ’s desk so many years ago.       feet first, so you can push away from rocks when you need to.
 “Choose the illogical.” You are in a special moment in time and
 space. How you choose to make a difference will make a difference         Without enough water, you have to pay a lot more attention. You
 not just for your practice.                                               have to be alert. At times it can seem like it’s all rocks and no
 It will make a difference for each and every person you work with.
                                                                           It’s just like this when you are interviewing for a job.
 They will have the intuitive hunch just like you did, that they’ve
 just found the perfect person who understands their creativity.           When you have a few interviews - you have to work on getting
 They’ll feel how good it is to work with someone who respects their       more.
 uniqueness and understands their needs.                                   When you have a lot of interviews - you want to keep a steady
                                                                           stream coming.
 It feels great to work with people who “get you.” Get your creativity.
 Your unique bent. Your one of a kind take on things. That’s you!          The fastest and easiest way to keep a steady flow of interviews is
                                                                           to have everyone you know help you keep the flow going.
 Now there’s one more secret. The 5th of 5 secrets to boost your
 practice.                                                                 Curious how this works?

© 2009 Presentation StoryboardingTM http://www.presentationstoryboarding.com                                                           21
                                                                                                                            Secret #5
                                                                                                                  The True Secret to Referrals

 Secret #5:                                                                And keep in mind that the people who are coming to this event
                                                                           have already been ‘sold’ on your services. Not by you. But by your
 The True Secret to Referrals                                              satisfied colleagues, friends or clients.
 Make It Easy For People To Talk About You
                                                                           And here’s one more thing…
 Here are a few things you can give: Give them free services. Give
 them unbelievable eye-popping reports. Give them a free sample
                                                                           I Just Can’t Believe It…
 taste of how good your skills are. Make it so delightful that they
 can’t stop talking about it.
                                                                           When it feels like: “I can’t believe I’m just giving this away” - you’re
                                                                           on the right track. This kind of extreme giving is where you can
 And make it easy for them to spread the word.
                                                                           really add value. You are providing a service. For your network
                                                                           of friends and business connections. For your recruiter-magnet
                     Click here to go to page 35
                                                                           system. For your future employer.

                     “Be Easy To Talk About Blueprint”                     You’re not just giving away information.

                                                                           You’re making the Illogical Choice. You are giving people what they
 Send your colleagues free reports. Share news and updates with            want. And helping them get what they need. You are letting people
 long-time and new friends. Send free reports to hiring authorities        know the quality they can expect when they work with you.
 on topics they care about. Invite them to share the report. Create
 a viral interest with everything you send. Viral spreading works          Your over the top performance announces: Expect Excellence.
 easiest with online reports.
                                                                           This sets the tone for getting a great job. A rewarding job. A profitable
 Do the same thing by holding talks and mini-workshops for your            job.
 industry. Invite people to bring colleagues, friends, family and
 neighbors. This is a powerful ‘exposure’ to a new network, which          I’m sure that this Special Report gives you techniques, tips and tools
 may include new employers.                                                that can ‘rev up your job search. No matter what your competition,

© 2009 Presentation StoryboardingTM http://www.presentationstoryboarding.com                                                           22
                                                                                                                               Secret #5
                                                                                                                     The True Secret to Referrals

 environment, or economy. No matter what your skill set or how              Please send me an email and let me know what you found most
 long you’ve been looking for a job. Even if you just started your job      useful in this report. And be sure to send your comments and
 search. You can find a job now.                                            questions to me so I can answer in the Presentation Storyboarding
                                                                            Blog and in Special Reports.
 Plus, this is all for pennies. But that’s not all. I want you to get
 results. And this means you must take action.                              To your success,
 I have included a set of Action Blueprints to help you put these           Thomas Sechehaye
 ideas into action. These blueprints, checklists, and maps are yours        The Presentation Storyboard Coach
 to keep and to use. I hope you use at least one job search tip - and
 use it today.                                                              P.S. You owe it to yourself to use these tools to present yourself
                                                                            and get the job you want. Get started today!
 Many people get excited to start a job search. And the real challenge
 is keeping it going at a constant, steady pace. Continue to read this      P.P.S. Make a specific time and date appointment to use each
 report, use the blueprints and checklists. As you gain momentum            of these secrets. Go ahead and get out your calendar now. You
 and get more experience in posting your resume, exploring job              deserve to get fast results!
 search sites and interviewing for positions, you’ll find these tips will
 improve your results.
 My wish is that you have every success in finding the job you’re           http://www.presentationstoryboarding.com/
 looking for.

 Plus, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the FREE Presentation Blueprints, videos       Thomas Sechehaye is a presentation coach and visual strategy consultant
 and tips which are yours at http://www.presentationstoryboarding.          for creative professionals. He helps coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs
 com/                                                                       and small business professionals successfully present ideas and services.
                                                                            For instant tools and online coaching to achieve greater credibility, higher
 Because getting strategic in your job hunt will help you land the job      impact and instant authority, visit http://www.presentationstoryboarding.
 you deserve. And once you land the right job, you’ll want to keep          com/
 your edge by growing brilliant presentation skills.

© 2009 Presentation StoryboardingTM http://www.presentationstoryboarding.com                                                               23
                                                                                    10 Action Blueprints To Boost Your Job Search,
                                                                               Ace Interviews and Get A Great Job - In A Recession   BLUEPRINTS
                                                                                                                                       Table of Contents

                               Getting Started
                               1.   Be Non-Logical Blueprint
                               2.   Start By Giving Blueprint

                               Secret #1: Plan Your Job Hunt Strategy In Advance
                               3.   Turn Offers Into A Personal Gold Mine Blueprint
                               4.   Body Language Blueprint

                               Secret #2: Find Out Precisely What Companies Are Seeking
                               5. Research Guide Blueprint

                               Secret #3:
                               Describe Your Skills So…Nobody Can Resist Calling You
                               6.   What Makes You Irresistible and Unique Blueprint
                               7.   The Easy Test Blueprint

                               Secret #4: Be The Difference Maker - Find Your
                               Uniqueness In The Market Place
                               8.   The Difference Maker Blueprint
                               9.   First 100 Days Blueprint

                               Secret #5: Make It Easy For People To Talk About You
                               10. Be Easy To Talk About Blueprint

© 2009 Presentation StoryboardingTM http://www.presentationstoryboarding.com                                                                 24
                                                                                    10 Action Blueprints To Boost Your Job Search,
                                                                               Ace Interviews and Get A Great Job - In A Recession   BLUEPRINTS
                                                                                                                                        Getting Started

 Getting Started
 1. Be Non-Logical Blueprint
 Print this sign and post it near where you work. Use this sign as
 a frequent reminder to think about your choices in a new light, to
 sense new options and to tap into your core intuition.

 “Make The Non-Logical Choice” sign

© 2009 Presentation StoryboardingTM http://www.presentationstoryboarding.com                                                                25
                                                                                    10 Action Blueprints To Boost Your Job Search,
                                                                               Ace Interviews and Get A Great Job - In A Recession   BLUEPRINTS
                                                                                                                                        Getting Started

 2. Start By Giving Blueprint

                        What Can You
                     Give Away For Free?


                                                                    Who Can You Give It To?
                                                                     •	 Hint look for people who will refer your
                          Taster sessions                               business

                                                                     •	 Hint: look for people who do not provide
                          Pilot workshops                               your service but your service will be of
                                                                        interest to their customers

                         Cross Promotion

                           Free Trial Of…

© 2009 Presentation StoryboardingTM http://www.presentationstoryboarding.com                                                                26
                                                                                    10 Action Blueprints To Boost Your Job Search,
                                                                               Ace Interviews and Get A Great Job - In A Recession   BLUEPRINTS
                                                                                                                                       Secret #1:
                                                                                                          Plan Your Job Hunt Strategy In Advance

 Secret #1: Plan Your Job Hunt Strategy In Advance
 3. Turn Offers Into A Personal Gold Mine Blueprint
 Go through blogs, catalogues, e-mail, physical mail and website offers for several days. Pick out an offer idea you can adapt to communicate
 your unique services and skills to potential employers. Use this list to jumpstart your thinking about potential communication offers to your
 potential employers. Mix and match to create a unique offer that will appeal to your industry.

                                    What Can You
                                 Give Away For Free?                                                                   To

                        Special Deal                    Special Report                                   Potential companies

                      Free Information                     Evaluation                                          Employers

                         Free Report                         Service                                            Recruiters

                         White Paper                        Upgrade                                      Former employer

                          Newsletter                   Referral reward                                       Your network

                             Video                                                                       Social media network

© 2009 Presentation StoryboardingTM http://www.presentationstoryboarding.com                                                              27
                                                                                        10 Action Blueprints To Boost Your Job Search,
                                                                                   Ace Interviews and Get A Great Job - In A Recession   BLUEPRINTS
                                                                                                                                           Secret #1:
                                                                                                              Plan Your Job Hunt Strategy In Advance

 4. Body Language Blueprint                                                    Is your posture straight?
                                                                               Are your gestures natural and unforced?
 Top Tips For Body Language
                                                                               Are your body movements fluid and comfortable?
 In Job Interviews
                                                                               Does your face display a pleasant expression?
 In job interviews, all your body language and gestures are a                  Are you smiling?
 critical part of your message. Your interviewer is watching! They             Are you making a connection with your eyes?
 are evaluating and responding to your eye contact, movement and
 ability to relate to them as a human being.
                                                                           All of these signal confidence and build rapport with your
 Research shows that interviewers remember applicants by the way
 they make eye contact and move, nearly 600 times more than what
                                                                           2. They eyes have it. Darting eyes make your audience nervous.
 they say!
                                                                           Staring at people for too long can also make them uncomfortable.
 People recall an applicant’s presentation from:
                                                                           How do you decide what’s long enough to look at a person? 3-5
                                                                           seconds is fine to look before moving on to the next person.
 7%  is the content.
                                                                           Experiment with looking at your interviewer for a full thought. If
 52% if the presenter makes eye contact.
                                                                           there are multiple interviewers, then move on to look at the next
 41% how the presenter moves.
 Your interviewer or recruiter will sense if you are fully present,
                                                                           3. Practice giving your interview both standing up and sitting down.
 standing and giving your full attention. Pay attention to your body
                                                                           Rehearse so you are equally comfortable with different settings.
 language as it has a dramatic and instant impact.
                                                                           Your confidence comes through in your ease, personal presence
                                                                           and posture.
 Use these tips for gestures and body language. Make sure your
 gestures are and support your unique promise and strengthen your
                                                                           4. Keep your hands visible. Keep your hand gestures above the
                                                                           waist. Gestures below the waist look nervous and don’t convey
                                                                           confidence. If you don’t feel comfortable with your gestures, don’t
 1. Take the body language quiz. Rate your body language during
                                                                           use them. Forced gestures look worse than none.
 interviews from 1 = poor to 10 = excellent

© 2009 Presentation StoryboardingTM http://www.presentationstoryboarding.com                                                                  28
                                                                                     10 Action Blueprints To Boost Your Job Search,
                                                                                Ace Interviews and Get A Great Job - In A Recession   BLUEPRINTS
                                                                                                                                        Secret #1:
                                                                                                           Plan Your Job Hunt Strategy In Advance

 5. Watch out for hand gestures where both hands do the same thing.        10. Dress for business. It will put you in a professional state of
 This may look like a windshield wiper and is highly hypnotic. Don’t       mind.
 risk putting your new boss or interviewer into a trance with repetitive
 hand gestures. All he or she will remember is how distracting your        11. Take a stretch. Stretch before you begin your high-stakes
 hands were and this can override any of your positive traits.             interview. Create a set of exercises that work for your body. Focus
                                                                           on how to increase breath calmly and calm your nerves.
 6. Use the pause. This is the best method for calm delivery during an
 interview - even if you aren’t feeling calm. Because of nervousness,      12. Take a walk. Go outside before your interview. Breathe fresh air.
 many candidates start talking before they officially begin. Don’t         Move around a bit before you get started. This lets you work off a
 fall prey to this. If you have informal conversation before your job      little nervous energy and prepare to give a focused presentation.
 presentation officially starts, pause. Smile and silently count to
 three. Then, start your presentation. This is a sign of confidence        Be sure to continue to work with these suggestions as you give
 that will earn respect before you even say your first word.               more job interview presentations. Develop your personal set of
                                                                           ‘best practices’ so you can ace any interview no matter what.
 7. Smile like you just found a quarter. A smile is the best gesture you
 can use. It not makes you feel more confident, but it also changes
 the environment of a high-stakes interviewer.

 8. Break the habits. Eliminate distracting habits. Record yourself
 on video. Watch objectively for actions including rocking, swaying,
 fidgeting, jingling pocket change, adjusting hair, playing with a pen,
 chewing a pencil, chewing your glasses, fidgeting with clothing
 or swinging your legs while sitting. Start working to avoid these
 movements. Pick one habit at a time.

 9. Avoid wardrobe malfunctions. Don’t wear a brand new outfit.
 Standing or sitting in front of a potential new boss is not the time to
 find out that your shirt won’t stay buttoned. Don’t wear jewelry you
 are tempted to play with. Wear something tried and true.

© 2009 Presentation StoryboardingTM http://www.presentationstoryboarding.com                                                               29
                                                                                    10 Action Blueprints To Boost Your Job Search,
                                                                               Ace Interviews and Get A Great Job - In A Recession   BLUEPRINTS
                                                                                                                               Secret #2:
                                                                                           Find Out Precisely What Companies Are Seeking

 Secret #2: Find Out Precisely What Companies Are Seeking
 5. Research Guide Blueprint
 Do the research so you can step into the mindset of what matters most to your next employer.

              What are they reading                           What pattern do
                                                                                                                     Who else to ask:
                and listening to:                              you notice:

                        Books                                      Key words                                          People in the field
                                                                     Trends                                            Industry leaders
                      Magazines                                   Buzz words                                                   Family
                     Newspapers                                                                                      Current colleagues
                                                                                                                     Former colleagues
                 Industry newsletters                                 News
                        Blogs                                                                                               Recruiters
                     Conference                                    Length of
                                                                communications                                             Competitors
                          TV                                                                                                    Other:
                                                               Media they prefer
                        Other:                                       Other:

© 2009 Presentation StoryboardingTM http://www.presentationstoryboarding.com                                                                30
                                                                                     10 Action Blueprints To Boost Your Job Search,
                                                                                Ace Interviews and Get A Great Job - In A Recession
                                                                                                                           Secret #3:
                                                                               Describe Your Skills So… Nobody Can Resist Calling You

 Secret #3:                                                                7. The Easy Test Blueprint
                                                                           Does Your Unique Promise Pass The Easy
 Describe Your Skills So…
 Nobody Can Resist Calling You
                                                                           Easy to say…easy to remember

 6. What Makes You Irresistible and Unique                                 Is it Short?
                                                                           Hint: Short is much easier to recall than long.
 Answer a few questions to make sure your promise is powerful and          Is it Simple?
 will pop thru the clutter in an interviewer or recruiter’s mind:          Hint: Short words, no acronyms, and short sentences.
                                                                           Easy to say is easy to remember.

  What is your big benefit to your employer?                               Is it Absolutely Memorable?
                                                                           Hint: Alphabetize any lists or core competencies:
                                                                           Example: Master of facilitating, presenting and training.

  Do they want this benefit?

  Are they willing to pay for it:

© 2009 Presentation StoryboardingTM http://www.presentationstoryboarding.com                                                               31
                                                                                      10 Action Blueprints To Boost Your Job Search,
                                                                                 Ace Interviews and Get A Great Job - In A Recession
                                                                                                                           Secret #4:
                                                                   Be The Difference Maker - Find Your Uniqueness In The Market Place

 Secret #4:                                                                9. First 100 Days Blueprint
                                                                           Use these guidelines to build your ‘First 100-Day Timeline’ and
 Be The Difference Maker - Find Your                                       impress any interviewer or recruiter. Build this first on a whiteboard
 Uniqueness In The Market Place                                            or paper chart. Then, decide if you will present this in your interview
                                                                           working live, or in a prepared format. For some situations, you may
                                                                           want to send this timeline after your interview as a record of what
 8. The Difference Maker Blueprint                                         you heard in the conversation.
 Answer a few questions to make sure your recruiter sees you as
 unique in the market:
                                                                           First 100 Days Timeline
  What makes you unique?
                                                                           A horizontal organization of information, with time of 100 days
                                                                           along the bottom, and categories along the left hand vertical axis.

  What’s missing in your industry?                                         Point

                                                                           A first 100-day timeline makes it easy to engage your interviewer
                                                                           and show your grasp of key initiatives, gaps, patterns and deadlines.
                                                                           It positions you as a valued member of your potential employer’s
  What is the opportunity for growth?                                      team.

  What makes you the best match for this opportunity?                          1. Orient in a landscape If you are using a flipchart or
                                                                                  whiteboard, turn the paper horizontal. If you are working on
                                                                                  a smaller surface, orient the paper so the longest side is on
                                                                                  the bottom, in what’s called a “landscape” format.

© 2009 Presentation StoryboardingTM http://www.presentationstoryboarding.com                                                                32
                                                                                      10 Action Blueprints To Boost Your Job Search,
                                                                                 Ace Interviews and Get A Great Job - In A Recession
                                                                                                                           Secret #4:
                                                                   Be The Difference Maker - Find Your Uniqueness In The Market Place

     2. Decide on 100-day timeframe. Divide the chart into                     9. Look at the whole. As you look at the big picture, are there
        three segments of 35 days each. Or divide the chart into 5                any stages, eras, themes that you want to add to further fill in
        segments of 20 days each. Make it easy to see the natural                 your timeline? What do you notice as you see the whole?
        sections of your timeline.
                                                                               10. Decide if you will present this as a live discussion or if
     3. Leave room so that you’ll have room to write, draw, add,                   you prefer to put     this into a PowerPoint or Keynote
        and move ideas around.                                                     presentation.

     4. Decide on the categories you will track. Keep these to no          Pitfalls
        more than five or seven categories. Write and or draw an
        icon that represents this category on the left hand side.          •	Too	much	detail
                                                                           Does it feel overwhelming? If you find yourself really concentrating
     5. Create	 flexibility. If you aren’t sure of where something         on details in one section, pull yourself back. The secret here is use
        goes, write it in on a note-card or sticky note, so you can        key-phrases and stay in a big picture so you can present the bigger
        move it around.                                                    flows.

     6. Use the icons for categories. This can help you orient             •	Too	little	detail
        and help you tell the story in a memorable way for your            Do you feel that “It doesn’t have enough depth?” If you don’t use
        interviewer. The icons create a verbal and visual shorthand        the key words and priorities of your new employer, it will be hard
        method for referring to categories. For example use a “talk        to connect in the detail.
        bubble” for communications and a “price tag” for costs.
                                                                           •	Too	many	categories
     7. Let it rest. Walk out of the room. Walk outside. Take a break.     If you look at the chart and think, “Whoa! This is too much too
        Come back later in the day, or in a few days. Now what do          track!”
        you notice?                                                        This is a recipe for disaster. Trying to capture everything can lead to
                                                                           overwhelm and frustration. If you have more than 3-5 categories, cut
     8. Ask for input. Get input from a close colleague, friend or         to the critical few. Combine. Eliminate. Pick the absolute essentials
        peer. Have you left anything out that they notice? Do they         for your timeline.
        see a pattern or cycle that you missed?

© 2009 Presentation StoryboardingTM http://www.presentationstoryboarding.com                                                                33
                                                                                     10 Action Blueprints To Boost Your Job Search,
                                                                                Ace Interviews and Get A Great Job - In A Recession
                                                                                                                           Secret #4:
                                                                   Be The Difference Maker - Find Your Uniqueness In The Market Place

 Payoff                                                                    Recall and remember
                                                                           As years go by, all the events can all flow together…just which
 •	Easy	to	see	patterns                                                    year was it that “X” happened? A timeline is an excellent tool to
 Several years ago, Harvard Business review used a colorful                remember events, changes, and skill development.
 timeline to tell the story of the history of business in the United
 States. This was a radical departure from only black and white            Present a project plan as a story
 text, a colorful timeline made it easy to see themes.                     A timeline is a powerful visual anchor for telling a story. Plus
                                                                           you can leave the timeline behind and you can count on your
 You can use the same methods to identify themes, patterns                 interviewer looking at this much more intently than one text-only
 and cycles and present yourself as a productive and valuable              resume.
 employee for your recruiter.                                              First 100 Days Timeline Checklist
 •	Easy	to	tell	a	story
 Get your 100-day story out of your head. A visual timeline will help       Do you have your paper or slide oriented to a landscape -
 you think systematically about how you want to invent the future.           horizontal layout?

 •	Easy	to	involve	others                                                   Are you sure about your 3-5 categories?
 Interviewers enjoy seeing a big picture and getting involved
 in a colorful story. Use your skill to engage even the toughest            Do you have a large title on your chart?
 interviewer. A timeline is a powerful tool to build a memorable
 story of productivity. Enjoy telling stories.                              Do you have easy-to-draw icons to identify each category?

 Practice                                                                   Are you clear on the phases in the first 100 days?

 Review	and	reflect                                                         Are you balancing overview and detail across categories and
 Track your own job history along several coordinates at once:               time?
 career, location, partners, finances and personal themes.
 Track the history of your business or career.                              Have you taken a break to include your interviewer and get
 Explore your personal timeline around one topic such as: physical           input?
 health, finances, stress, or creativity.

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                                                                                 Ace Interviews and Get A Great Job - In A Recession   BLUEPRINTS Secret #5:
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 Secret #5: The True Secret to Referrals Make It Easy For People To Talk About You!
 10. Be Easy To Talk About Blueprint
 Short Story
  What’s your short story?

                                                                                                                             How will you make it easy
                                                                       How will you share it?
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