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Oldest Moving Company in Boston Provides Tips to Planning an International Move


									Oldest Moving Company in Boston Provides Tips to Planning an
International Move
 How to Manage Details and Paperwork from International Mover Humboldt Storage and Moving

Online PR News – 31-January-2013 Humboldt Storage and Moving, the oldestmoving company in
Boston and a United Van Lines agent has assisted many people in transporting their families and
belongings out of the country. An international move can be far more stressful than a local move so the
experts in international moving from Boston have come up with several items to consider before
embarking oversees.

Below they have a few suggestions on how to prepare for a move out of the country:

Develop a plan: Take time to determine what is essential for the relocation and assess what should ship.
The amount of belongings being moved as well as the urgency will be considered by the moving company
and then evaluated to determine the best and most affordable way to ship items to the new location: full
container, air shipment, etc.

Paperwork and documentation: After a moving plan is established, a reputable moving company will supply
those relocating with the documentation necessary to export belongings out of the United States and to
import items into a new country. A sound relocation business will have a team of experts who can assist in
filling out complicated paperwork to ensure documents are completed correctly and arrive where they are
required to make the move go smoothly. They will also take care of customs clearance details as well as
final delivery factors and paperwork.

Assess items: Remaining objective when evaluating what should be shipped expedites the process and
streamlines efforts. When items to be shipped have been determined, a reputable moving crew will wrap
and pack belongings into a container then determine the best method to relocate goods: air or ocean freight.
The relocation company will ship goods, clear them through customs, deliver them to a new home and set
up everything at the new destination.

More how to tips including an educational video can be found here at the Humboldt blog:

“International Moving can be a daunting ordeal filled with a vast array of factors ranging from packing,
coordinating dates and managing other family details,” states James Sullivan, president of Humboldt Storage
and Moving. “Taking ample time to plan and coordinate details can save a family much stress in the process.”

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