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					December 22, 2012

Dear Member Associations of the
Wu-Shu Kung-Fu Federation of India

Enclosed please find a membership renewal application form for the WKFI for 2013-14. Since
its inauguration in 1999, the WKFI has made tremendous improvements in the administration
and promotion of the Wu-Shu Kung-Fu in India, as well as internationally. These contributions

       •        Hosting annually the 2011 National Wu-Shu Kung-Fu Festival & Championships for all
       styles of Chinese martial arts, including traditional, contemporary, internal and fighting events.

       •       Successfully developing the first and only Wu-Shu Kung-Fu organization in India that
       operates on a national basis with uniform rules and standard administration. The WKFI greatly
       improved management of the art.

       •       Initiating and organizing various WKFI sanctioned tournaments, seminars, programs
       and other activities for teachers, athletes and members. The WKFI has taken the lead in creating
       an exciting network among Wu-Shu Kung-Fu practitioners in India.

       •        Creating a uniform voice and representing India in the international arena. The WKFI
       has organized official national teams that have participated in internationally recognized
       tournaments such as the 2007 Emei International Wushu Festival of Sichuan, 3rd World
       Traditional Wushu Championship, 8th International Shaolin Wushu Festival and Hong Kong
       International Wushu Competitions.

We could not have made so much progress without your support and participation. However, as
a non-profit organization with a goal to organize an unorganized martial arts events, without
governmental or corporate support has been a real challenge and even a struggle at times. We
are aware that we can always improve and hope to offer more substantial benefits to individual
and school members in the coming years such as sending out regular quarterly newsletters.
New programs and benefits are under consideration and we welcome member’s suggestions.
Simply email us at

Please renew your membership. We look forward to working with you to improve and enhance
the growth of the Wu-Shu Kung-Fu community here in India and around the world.


Raju Newar
Chairman, Membership Committee

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