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Car mechanic CV


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									                                  C URRICULUM V ITAE


Name                                    István Kiss
Address                                 Mosoly utca 1., Baja, 5516 Hungary
Telephone                               +36 30 123 4567
E-mail                                  valami@valami.hu
Marital status                          divorced
Place and date of Birth                 Békéscsaba, 22.10.1978

Date of employment                     2005 – to date
Position                               Car mechanic and electricity technician
Employer                               SKODA Dealership – Fixauto Kft. (Baja, Hungary)
                                       *authorised service* www.fixauto.hu
 Main duties: Working with Skoda, Seat, Volkswagen, Audi and other car brands. Oil and inspection
 service. Checking and repairing engines, brakes systems, suspensions and gaskets, petrol and diesel
 engines exhaust valve and intake, timing chain. Diagnostics and repair for air conditioning, climate
 compressor, climate system. Diagnostics and repair for starter, generator, wiring, actuator and
 sensors. Alarm, central locking and additional extras installation, diagnostics for engine and
 electrical equipment, new cars handover before boarding.
  Repaired brands: Skoda, Seat all models, Volkswagen Polo, Golf, Jetta, Passat, Audi A4, A6
  some Renault, Fiat, Opel, Ford, Mercedes, BMW models
  Diagnostic tools: VAS 5051A, VAS 5052, VAS 1552, OK climate, ETKA and ELSA (in English)

Date of employment                     2002 – 2005
Position                               Car mechanic
Employer                            L&R S/S Inc. (New York, United States) www.l-and-r.com
 Main duties: Working mostly with American, Japanese and some other cars. Checking and repairing
 brake systems, suspensions, engines. Performing tune up, cheking or changing engines and
 automatic transmission oils. Changing timing belts and gaskets, brake pads. Keeping cars and
 workplace tidy.
 Repaired brands: Ford, Caddilac, Chevrolet, Toyota. Lexus, Honda, Subaru, Daewoo, Mercedes,
 Volkswagen, BMW
Date of employment                    1998 – 2002
Position                              Car mechanic and electricity technician
Employer                              FORD Dealership – Bestauto Kft. (Kaposvár, Hungary)
                                       *authorised service* www.bestauto.com
  Main duties: Working with Ford cars and vans. Oil and inspection service. Alarm, central locking
  and additional extras installation. Diagnostics for engine and electrical equipment. New cars
  handover before boarding. Checking and repairing starter, generator and wiring. testing drive.
   Repaired brands: Ford cars and vans
   Diagnostic tool: FDS 2000 and WDS (in English and Hungarian languages)

Date                                   1997-2002
Name and type of school                Csonka János Technical College
Name of qualification                  Car technical mechanic and Car electrician

Date                                   2006
Name and type of school                Öveges József Practicing Vocational School
Name of qualification                  Electronical   and     mechanical      security-system

Foreign language skills                English - conversational level
Driving licence                        B category, I have an own car
Computer skills                        Microsoft Office (Excel, Word), Internet
Diagnostic program skills              VAS 5051A, VAS 5052, VAS 1552, OK climate, ETKA and
                                       ELSA, FDS 2000 and WDS (in English)
Professional trainings                 Porsche Hungária: Skoda basic training, Roomster training,
                                       Climate training (2007-2008)

References                             SKODA Dealership – Fixauto Kft.
                                       L&R S/S Inc.

Hobbies                                 swimming, running, reading, motorcycle

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