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Eventige Media Group’s interior build for the
future of the Wall Street Journal’s innovative
“Reading Room of The Future”

Technology implementation and support guided
by the experience brought from infrastructure
design of the world’s most advanced Casinos
Free-Flow Design

Spacious and aery design with clean modern appeal

Interior build-out with functional flow and visual depth

Engage and provide client walk-throughs, providing a
variety of visual touch-points; all guided by a
centralized system of Watch-Servers streaming data

All elements controlled via a centralized admin panel
An open air feeling of light and space.
Custom lounges create intimate seating.
Vertical video walls create changing environments.
Individual conference areas and seating.

Construction, furniture, carpeting and wall treatments
environmentally-conscious materials.
Curved conference wall in clear and frosted glass.
Wrap around media kit wall. Monitors built into conference tables.
Information media kiosks have ability to rotate, creating flexible environments.
Curves are repeated in ceiling, furniture, tables.
Opened wall creates private lounge, and waiting area.
Wrap around video wall. Monitor coffee tables.
Vertical monitors float above curved desk wall.
Environmental lighting changes throughout day.
1.    Site Survey: Visit property to investigate current systems and infrastructure,
      speak with operators and engineers to understand the current system

2.    Client Interview: Meet with the client and their team: operations, marketing, &
      engineers, to understand their requirements and wish lists.

3.    Review proposal with Client: Engineers will design a system based on the site
      survey and client interview. We will sit and explain the functionality of the system
      to the client and answer all questions.

4.    Client Approval: Complete scope and obtain official approval from the client.

5.    Engineering and Site Planning: Design team will complete the engineering of
      the system, while our project management team produces an implementation
6.    Procurement, Fabrication, & Programming (PFP): Equipment will be ordered,
      received, fabricated in our rack shop, tested and programmed prior to delivery to
      the job site.

7.    Site Preparation: Planning the upgrade process with the on site engineers and
      support staff will minimize downtime and maximize efficiencies upon

8.    Implementation: The integrated solution will be installed along with all field
       equipment required.

9.    Commissioning and Training: System activation, testing, commissioning, and
      on site training of property engineers and personnel.

10.  Post Installation Interview: Post installation interviews and information
     feedback is vital to providing unparalleled service to our clients and building a
     lasting relationship.
Technologies for Consideration
55” HD Display Monitors – Professional
Portrait Orientation for Rotating Kiosks
(Samsung or LG) placed in a custom architectural piece
Click Here

AMX MXT 2000XL Touch Panel Keyboard – for Kiosks
Click Here

Media Wall – (overall size not determined) Clear Panel
LCD (no backlight) Plexiglas of various sizes that would
be fed by a Dataton Watchout System - Rotations of WSJ
Images – could be historical and/or real-time
Click Here
Low Resolution LED “Banner” that would display real time
stock/news information by Chauvet
(These could be “strung” across the top of the Conference
Room wall… facing the kiosks and Media Wall)
Click Here

Video Walls – 2x2 or 3x4 (space available)
(touch panel optional) – 50” or 60” HD Display Monitors –
placed appropriately on one of the Visitor Lounge walls
(Samsung or LG)
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Conference Room Display – Samsung 82” LCD
interactive touch panel is one of the lightest – largest
displays with built-in touch technology – similar to what is
used on the major network political, news and weather
broadcasts. Larger size units are available but require a
secondary “touch” accessory
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Video WSJ Logo – Beacon Glass Screen
– by 360 Brandvision
Could be placed at back of main room either centered or
above entry way to Visitor Lounge
Click Here

Holographic Logo Display – Beacon 5
– by 360 Brandvision
There is a 5’x5’ size available – hung either from the
ceiling or on a floor stand.
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Christie Micro Tiles – While a bit expensive, these tiles,
strategically placed can project a compelling visual
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