Design and develop JAX-WS 2.0 web services

					Before you start
About this tutorial
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This content is part of a progressive knowledge path for advancing your
skills. See Building and deploying JAX-WS web services
In this tutorial, you design an develop an order-processing application
that exposes its functionality as web services, whereby various consumers
can place order information in a platform-independent manner.
After going through this tutorial, you can apply the concepts and
knowledge to develop web services for your application using JAX-WS
To complete this tutorial successfully, you should have a basic
understanding of web services technology and have some proficiency in
Java programming.
System requirements
Related content:Web services hints and tips: JAX-RPC versus JAX-WS
seriesJAX-WS client APIs in the Web Services Feature Pack for WebSphere
Application Server V6.1 seriesWeb services on demand demosTo run the
examples in this tutorial, you need Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java
SE) 6.0 installed.
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Next steps from IBM
WebSphere Application Server can leverage its built in Web Services
support to expose services to remote consumers in an industry-standard
Try: The no-charge WebSphere Application Server Community Edition is a
pre-integrated, lightweight Java 5 application server built on Apache
Tomcat and includes built in Web Services support.Article: Learn how to
use of the JAX-WS programming model to create dispatch and dynamic proxy
clients and how to create an asynchronous Web service client.Tutorial:
This tutorial takes you through the steps to deploy Data Web Services to
the WebSphere Application Server Community Edition.Demo: This demo shows
how to extract and install the IBM Java Platform, Java EE 5 SDK with
WebSphere Application Server.Buy: WebSphere Application Server -
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