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									                                            SPS ACCOUNT CLOSING CHECKLIST
                           Grant Number:
                      Grant Validity Dates:
                  Business Office Contact:
                    Task                                              Action to be Taken                                  Completed
                                SECTION A - Complete prior to contacting Business Office
Does Grant Status = Award/Expired?      Change status if necessary
Compare Sponsor Award to Budget
Cost Sharing:
                                        Determine if cost sharing is % of effort, % of Cost or $ amount -
Check Cost Sharing Requirement          has c/s been met. C/S must be zero at closing.
Cost Share Reserve                      Is budget adjustment (FMBB) necessary.
Contributed F&A (IDC)                   Manually calculate (Report under construction)
                                        Documentation in file-contact Business Office for final
                                        documentation - see page 26
Memo Match                    
Check Pre Award Charges                 Check each IO (use Line Item Display or PageCenter if nec.)
Check Post-Expiration Charges           Check each IO (use AIMS or Line Item Display)
Check Commitments/Reservations          Check each IO (use AIMS or Line Item Display)
Check for GR/IR                         Run GR55, report group = Z500
Check Foreign Travel - if applicable    Check each IO (use Line Item Display and PageCenter if nec.)
Check for Admin & Clerical salaries     documentation\Project Close\AdminClericalSalaryCheck
Check Regulatory:

                                                Line-Item Display Layout /HS/AN VALID: GL 523045 - lab animals,
Animal                                          523055 - animal per diem, 523060 - experimental animals
                                                Line-Item Display Layout /HS/AN VALID: GL account 533210-
Human Subject                                   Human Subject Payments, 533905-Other Personal Services
                                                Line-Item Display Layout /GL EXCL - this layout will bring up all G/L's
Check F&A (IDC)                                 excluded from MTDC F&A Base
                                             SECTION B - Notification
                                       Once scrub from above has been completed attach any/all
Forward E-mail to Business Office with spreadsheets to the appropriate email template and send the
any findings of above items            the Generic B.O. address.
                                                        SECTION C - Adjustments
Is F&A adjustment needed                        Utilize F&A Adjustment Guide in Closing document book
Does the budget need to be reduced              Utilize Budget Adjustment Guide in Closing document book
Does C/S budget need to be reduced              Utilize C/S Adjustment Guide in Closing document book
                                                        SECTION D - Grant Finale
Subcontract IO's                                Verify Final Invoice received, all reports received, etc.
Final Billing Done for Non LOC                  If needed, process final bill
Excess Income:
                                                Contact Bus.Office if nec. Form located at
Residual Account Form/JV              
                                                Check Sponsor Agreement to see if funds must be returned.
                                                Invoice voucher template location:
                                                documentation\Project Close\Invoice Voucher to Return $ to
Return to Sponsor / Invoice Voucher             Sponsor.
Final Financial Reports                         Form SF269/SF269A or Check Sponsor Agreement
Federal Cash Transaction Report                 Form SF 272
Final Technical Report                          Make Business Office aware if tied to final payment
Property Report                                 Check Sponsor Agreement
Other Reports                                   Check Sponsor Agreement (i.e. Invention, MBEWBE, etc.)
Update Reporting Requirements                   Enter completion date into reporting requirements
Life Cycle Status                               Change to SPS Closed
Proceed with Hook's process                     documentation\Project Close\Hook's Process

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Revised 4/14/10

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