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					High Impact
   In Hampton Roads

          Featuring grants and financial data from 2010
      A Positive yeAr                for our Communit y

                                     It’s been a good 18 months for the Hampton Roads Community Foundation and the
                                     people of Hampton Roads. On January 1, 2010 we launched a new community foundation
                                     built on the strengths of our merging Norfolk and Virginia Beach foundations.

                                         It is gratifying to see people rally around our new Foundation. In 2010 alone we
                                         had 444 people, organizations and companies donate to the Foundation.
                                         Fifteen of them created permanent charitable funds.

                                              Another 17 people have joined the Legacy Society for Hampton Roads – a group of extraordinary
                                              people with plans to help people forever through their philanthropy. Our two active giving
                                              groups brought together like-minded philanthropists to have fun and make important grants
                                              through the Community Leadership Partners and the Beach Fund.

                                      These charitable actions translate into grants and scholarships
                                      to help people in our region lead better lives. We’ve named
                                      our 2011 yearbook “High Impact in Hampton Roads” for
                                      good reason. Our generous donors are making a difference
                                      every day in the lives of citizens throughout our region.
                                       We are grateful to those who entrust us with their               Look for another change to come later this year when
                                       charitable resources. We wisely invest them to grow over         Angelica Light, the Foundation’s president and CEO since
                                       time while helping people today. In 2010 alone we put            1999, retires. She has been a powerful change agent for

                                       $12.3 million to work through grants to                                      our community – leading a team of profes-
                                       more than 150 different nonprofits and                                       sionals to link donors with good causes and
                                       scholarships for 335 college students.                                       address critical community issues.

                                       One of our board members has a favorite                                      The search is on for the next Foundation
                                       saying about the Foundation: “Permanent                                      leader who will keep the momentum going

                                       as the ocean, changing as the tide.” That’s                                  and find more ways to help generous people
Hampton Roads Community Foundation

                                       the essence of our community foundation –                                    make a lasting difference in our region.
                                       always here to do great work but adaptable
                                       enough to meet future needs.

                                                                                           Harry T. Lester

                                                                       MISSION                    To inspire philanthropy and
                                                                        transform the quality of life in southeastern Virginia

                                                                                                               2010 HigHligHts

On January 1, 2010 a merger of The Norfolk Foundation and The Virginia Beach Foundation created
the Hampton Roads Community Foundation – the region’s largest grant and scholarship provider.

During 2010 we:
u   Awarded more than $12.3 million in grants and scholarships to improve life throughout Southeastern Virginia
u   Helped 335 students pay for college with help from Foundation scholarships
    Received more than $10.8 million in gifts from 444 donors
                                                                                                                           Table of Contents

u   Welcomed donors who created 15 new permanent charitable funds.
New funds are:

Batten Fund for the Academy of Music*– a designated fund started as                                                        16
part of the Batten Endowment Challenge to benefit the academy                                                              Scholarships
Black Creek Baptist Church Endowment Enhancement Fund – a designated fund
to benefit the church                                                                                                      19
Julia Atwater Bristow Fund – a scholarship fund for Norfolk and Eastern Shore                                              Financial Statement
public high school graduates attending secular colleges
Cherrystone Fund – a donor advised fund                                                                                    20
Equi-Kids Fund – an organizational fund to benefit the therapeutic riding                                                  Affiliate Foundation
organization for disabled people
Franklin-Southampton County Relay for Life Endowment Fund – a designated                                                   22
fund to benefit this American Cancer Society activity                                                                      Legacy Society for
Friends of Northampton Free Library Fund – an organizational fund started as                                               Hampton Roads
part of the Eastern Shore of Virginia Community Foundation
Gabrielle P. Hubbard Fund – a designated fund to benefit The Williams School                                               26
                                                                                                                           Join Us
Harry E. and Martha Lee McCoy Fund – a donor advised fund
Ocean Lakes Scholarship Fund – to help Ocean Lakes High School graduates from                                              28
Virginia Beach study science, technology, engineering or mathematics in college
                                                                                                                           How to Give
Jean C. Old Fund – an unrestricted fund that will provide grants to a variety of nonprofits
Taylor Brothers Fund for Scholarships – a designated fund to provide scholarships                                          29
at Norfolk Academy                                                                                                         Frequently Asked Questions
Christiane and James Valone Charitable Fund – a donor advised fund
The Virginian-Pilot Fund – a field of interest fund to support technology needs                                            30
at the Colonel Samuel L. Slover Main Library in Norfolk                                                                    Where Our Grants Come From
Weisberg and Clark Scholarship Fund – to help South Hampton Roads students
attending college                                                                                                          37
                                                                                                                           Apply for Funding
 *The Batten Endowment Challenge helps selected nonprofits promote educational achievement in children and youth by
  establishing a $1 million endowment for them. Recipients who raise additional donations will receive up to $500,000 in
  additional matching grants from the Batten Educational Achievement Fund of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation.       40
About the Cover:
Everything we do at the Foundation focuses on making a better world for Hampton Roads’
children. Serah Christian, 5, and her preschool classmates are flying high at Childcare Network                            Board and Staff
in Virginia Beach. Serah will head to kindergarten this fall ready to succeed in life thanks in
part to more than $8 million in grants the Hampton Roads Community Foundation has                                          47
invested in Smart Beginnings South Hampton Roads in the past decade. (See page 28).                                        Committees
Photo by Glen McClure.
     2 0 10 g r A n t s PA i D       A r t s A n D C u lt u r e

                                     Grants paid from unrestricted and field of interest funds:                                                                 Grants paid from donor advised and
                                     We were able to award grants to the following nonprofits in 2010 because                                                   designated funds:
                                     generous donors created funds that gave our board the latitude to address                                                  We awarded grants to the following nonprofits
                                     current needs.                                                                                                             in 2010 because generous donors either created
                                                                                                                                                                donor advised funds that let them recommend
                                     The Academy of Music                                                                               $12,780                 grant recipients or named these organizations as
                                     For computer upgrades                                                                                                      recipients of their designated funds.
                                     African American Historical Society of Portsmouth                                                    37,827
                                                                                                                                                                African American Historical Society of
                                     For interior and mechanical work to restore the history museum                                                                Portsmouth
                                     Arts Enter Cape Charles                                                                              20,000                APVA Preservation Virginia - Southeastern
                                     To upgrade the sound system at the Historic Palace Theatre                                                                    Virginia Branch
                                     on the Eastern Shore                                                                                                       Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage Museum
                                     Business Consortium for Arts Support***                                                            445,500                 Business Consortium for Arts Support
                                     To help support 33 regional visual and performing arts organizations                                                       Chrysler Museum of Art
                                     in South Hampton Roads
                                                                                                                                                                The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
                                     Chrysler Museum of Art***                                                                                 500              Columbia Museum of Art
                                     For art exhibits and educational activities
                                                                                                                                                                Contemporary Art Center of Virginia
                                     Contemporary Art Center of Virginia                                                                 131,190                Eastern Shore of Virginia Barrier Islands Center
                                     For technology upgrades to Price Auditorium and the art center offices
                                                                                                                                                                The Feldman Chamber Music Society
                                     Eastern Shore of Virginia Community Foundation                                                       88,031                Generic Theater
                                     For grants to support Arts Enter Cape Charles, Eastern Shore of Virginia
                                     Historical Society and Oyster Museum of Chincoteague Island                                                                The Hermitage Foundation Auxiliary
                                                                                                                                                                The Hurrah Players
                                     The Hurrah Players**                                                                                   7,418
                                     For the Babes on Broadway program                                                                                          The Little Theatre of Norfolk
                                                                                                                                                                Little Theatre of Virginia Beach
                                     Jewish Museum and Cultural Center,
                                     Friends of Chevra T’helim*                                                                           45,325                New York State Summer School for the Arts
                                     To purchase a Steinway grand piano                                                                                         Old Coast Guard Station
                                     The Little Theatre of Norfolk                                                                        75,000                Portsmouth Museums Foundation
                                     To help replace the damaged theater floor                                                                                  Princess Anne County Historical Society
                                     Multi-cultural Performing Arts Consulting                                                            15,000                South Carolina Museum Foundation
                                     To purchase 20 steel drum sets to teach music to youth                                                                     Symphonicity – the Symphony Orchestra of
                                                                                                                                                                   Virginia Beach

                                     Peninsula Fine Arts Center                                                                             1,490
                                     For the Hands On for Kids revitalization project                                                                           Thomas Jefferson Foundation
                                                                                                                                                                Tidewater Friends of Folk Music
                                     Portsmouth Museums Foundation***                                                                          500
                                     To support museums in Portsmouth                                                                                           Todd Rosenlieb Dance
                                                                                                                                                                Virginia Arts Festival
                                     Symphonicity – the Symphony Orchestra
                                     of Virginia Beach                                                                                      4,574
                                                                                                                                                                Virginia Musical Theater Inc.
                                     For the 2010 Messiah Sing a Along                                                                                          Virginia Opera

                                     Tidewater Arts Outreach***                                                                             1,000
                                                                                                                                                                Virginia Symphony
Hampton Roads Community Foundation

                                     To bring arts performances to nursing homes, homeless shelters                                                             Wilton Manors Main Street Inc.
                                     and other places needing music                                                                                             Young Audiences of Virginia
                                     Virginia Arts Festival                                                                             125,000
                                     To help build the Clay and Jay Barr Education Center                                                                       Total:                      $1,640,255
                                     Virginia Children’s Chorus***                                                                          1,000
                                     To offer choral training to students
                                     Virginia Symphony***
                                     To offer orchestra performances to the community
                                                                                                                                                                    Total of all arts and culture grants
                                     Total:                                                                                     $1,012,635
                                       *Includes a grant from the E.K. Sloane Fund, a field of interest fund that provides pianos for nonprofit organizations
                                      **Includes a grant from the Community Leadership Partners, a Foundation giving group that in 2010 targeted grants to provide learning opportunities for area preschoolers
                                     ***Includes a grant recommended by guests at the 2010 Philanthropy Celebration luncheon
                                                                                                                          KAnter funD

‘Bravo Man’ Lives Forever
                                               THROUGH GRANTS FOR THE ARTS
Courtesy of the Kanter family

                                                                    Lee Kanter would jump up        During a college tour to George Mason University, “Arick
                                                                and shout “bravo” if he could       talked to the percussion director who was so impressed
                                                                hear Arick Bonnett hammer out       with him. Usually I have to ask questions for him, but that
                                                                Paganini on the steel drums.        was pretty cool to see him asking.” Bonnett also became a
                                                                Kanter, who died in 2001, was       leader in his high school orchestra and was named concert
                                                                a Virginia Beach music lover        master his senior year.
                                                                who was always first to leap            Multi-cultural Performing Arts            In the past decade our

                                                                up and applaud outstanding          Consulting started in 2006 to                 two Kanter Funds have
                                                                performances. His son nick-         teach music, promote diversity                provided more than
                                          Lee Kanter
                                                                named him “Bravo Man” for           and develop Hampton Roads                     $87,000 in grants to
                                                                his enthusiastic cheering.          youth. The new steel drums the                eight Hampton Roads
                                    Bonnett is a recent Great Bridge High School graduate           Foundation bought in 2010 let                 arts groups.
                                from Chesapeake. His passion in life is playing steel drums         Dr. Anthony Hailey, executive
                                with Multi-cultural Performing Arts Consulting. “I don’t play       director, expand the program to the Southside Boys & Girls
                                sports,” he says. “I play music.”                                   Club. The lilting sound of the steel drums “created a lot of
                                    The Hampton Roads nonprofit teaches students                    excitement. Kids started coming up and asking to be in the
                                like Bonnett to love music and to have the discipline to            program. The steel drums captivated them.”
                                master it. Multi-cultural offers free weekly lessons at the             Along with music, Hailey’s program teaches
                                Southside Boys & Girls Club, the Diggs Town housing                 discipline, responsibility and teamwork. Road trips
                                community, the Attucks Theatre and the Douglas Park                 introduce students to college life during performances
                                housing community.                                                  at college and universities.
                                    Kanter, an attorney and founder of the Farm Fresh grocery           Bonnett will start college at Northern Virginia
                                chain, left a bequest in his will for two permanent arts funds      Community College this fall and has already been invited
                                at the Hampton Roads Community Foundation. In 2010                  to play steel drums at George Mason University where he
                                Kanter grants paid for $15,000 in steel drums that let area         hopes to transfer. His goal: a career in music.
                                children learn to play music. Over the past

                                decade Kanter grants have assisted eight                                     Dr. Anthony Hailey
                                                                                                              (left) teaches
                                arts organizations including Todd Rosenlieb                                      Arick Bonnett.
                                Dance and the Virginia Symphony.
                                    On Wednesday evenings and Saturday
                                mornings Bonnett practices for two hours
                                at the Attucks Theatre on a new steel drum.
                                He is among 125 young steel drum players
                                from Hampton Roads. Bonnett is honing                                                                                                                 •
                                                                                                                                                                                      Hampton Roads Community Foundation
                                his skills through Mosaic Steel Orchestra –
                                Multi-cultural’s premier show group.
                                Before discovering the steel drums and their
                                magical sounds he was a shy violin player.
                                His mother Lisa attributes her son’s boost
                                in confidence to the steel drum program.
                                    “He’s more assertive now,” she says.
                                                                                                                                                              Photo by Glen McClure

                                                 Watch video on
                                                 your smartphone.
                                                                               more info —>
    2 0 10 g r A n t s PA i D        e D u C At i o n

                                     Grants paid from unrestricted and field of interest funds:                                                                 Grants paid from donor advised and
                                     We were able to award grants to the following nonprofits in 2010 because                                                   designated funds:
                                     generous donors created funds that gave our board the latitude to address                                                  We awarded grants to the following nonprofits
                                     current needs.                                                                                                             in 2010 because generous donors either created
                                                                                                                                                                donor advised funds that let them recommend
                                     ACCESS College Foundation                                                                          $39,820                 grant recipients or named these organizations as
                                     To implement the Early College Awareness program                                                                           recipients of their designated funds.

                                     Chesapeake Bay Academy                                                                                27,260               ACCESS College Foundation
                                     For a new phone system                                                                                                     Americans for Oxford Inc.
                                                                                                                                                                Association for Childhood Education
                                     Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters**                                                        15,000
                                     To support the Reach Out and Read program
                                                                                                                                                                The Baldwin School
                                     CHIP/Healthy Families Chesapeake**                                                                   22,352                Bina High School for Girls
                                     For the Parents as Teachers program                                                                                        Broadwater Academy
                                                                                                                                                                Bryn Mawr College
                                     Eastern Shore of Virginia Community Foundation                                                        49,115
                                                                                                                                                                Cape Charles Christian School
                                     For grants to support the Chincoteague Island Library
                                     and Eastern Shore Community College                                                                                        Cape Henry Collegiate School
                                                                                                                                                                Chatham Hall
                                     Eastern Virginia Medical School Foundation                                                         428,000                 College Foundation of the University of
                                     To research treatment for Alzheimer’s patients, and teenagers                                                                Virginia
                                     and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders, and to help                                                               The College of William & Mary Foundation
                                     build a new education and research facility                                                                                Cornell University
                                                                                                                                                                Duke University
                                     Hampton University*                                                                                  89,898
                                     To purchase a Steinway Model D grand piano                                                                                 Eastern Shore Community College Foundation
                                                                                                                                                                Eastern Virginia Medical School Foundation
                                     Isle of Wight County Public Schools*                                                                 40,000                Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
                                     To purchase a Boston grand piano for Smithfield High School                                                                Hampden-Sydney College
                                                                                                                                                                Hampton Roads Educational Television
                                     Lions Eyeglass Recycling Inc.                                                                          9,600
                                                                                                                                                                  Association, Inc. (WHRO)
                                     To purchase equipment to screen children for vision problems
                                                                                                                                                                Hargrave Military Academy
                                     Norfolk Public Library                                                                                 3,970               Harvard University

                                     To provide books and programs to help develop literacy skills                                                              Heathwood Hall Episcopal School
                                                                                                                                                                Hollins University
                                     Norfolk Public Schools*                                                                                7,748
                                                                                                                                                                Horizons Hampton Roads
                                     To purchase a baby grand piano for Booker T. Washington High School
                                                                                                                                                                L.D. Britt, M.D. Scholarship Fund
                                     Park Place School***                                                                                      500              Margolin Hebrew Academy – Yeshiva
                                     To help elementary school students at risk of failing to improve their                                                       of the South
                                     reading, spelling and math skills                                                                                          Mary Baldwin College

                                                                                                                                                                Merton College Charitable Corporation
Hampton Roads Community Foundation

                                     Places and Programs for Children**                                                                   25,000                Miller Center Foundation
                                     For need-based scholarships for preschool students
                                                                                                                                                                Ner Israel Rabbinical College
                                     Portsmouth Public Schools*                                                                           18,465                Norfolk Academy
                                     To purchase a Boston grand piano for Woodrow Wilson High School                                                            Norfolk Collegiate School

                                                                                                             E D U C AT I O N G R A N T S C O N T I N U E D O N PA G E 8 –>

                                       *Includes a grant from the E.K. Sloane Fund, a field of interest fund that provides pianos for nonprofit organizations
                                      **Includes a grant from the Community Leadership Partners, a Foundation giving group that in 2010 targeted grants to provide learning opportunities for area preschoolers
                                     ***Includes a grant recommended by guests at the 2010 Philanthropy Celebration luncheon

                                            Communit y leADersHiP PArtners

Program Helps Young Moms Learn
                  TO ExCEL AS PARENTS
                                                                          Sankofa Bey (left) and her
                                                                          daughter, Janiyah, check out the
        Malissia Lee could sense fear as young Virginia Beach             Virginia Aquarium’s horseshoe
    moms learned about water safety on a recent Tuesday. While            crabs with Jazmine Wilborne.
    their toddlers played games and sang songs, the moms
    worked with a water safety volunteer to overcome their own
    phobias so their children can become safe swimmers.
        Fast forward two weeks and you find the Toddlers and
    Parents Program moms on their second trip to the Seatack
    Recreation Center pool. Standing in shallow water they
    helped their little ones glide from one adult to another.
    By the end of the session moms and toddlers had all
                                       successfully dunked their
      In 2010 the Community            heads underwater – a

      Leadership Partners put          first step in overcoming
      $200,000 in grants to            fear of water.
      work through 12 nonprofit           Water safety is just one
      organizations that help          topic Lee has tackled as
      pre-school children thrive.      coordinator of the Tod-
                                       dlers and Parents program                The program got a boost in 2010 from a $12,250
    sponsored by Reaching Our Communities. Her weekly                      grant from the Community Leadership Partners – a new
    audience is 10 parents and their 15 preschoolers at Atlantis           giving group affiliated with the Hampton Roads Com-
    Apartments, a subsidized housing community in Virginia                 munity Foundation. Reaching Our Communities is one
    Beach. The program helps parents learn new techniques                  of 12 area nonprofits awarded a total of $200,000 in
    for giving their children great starts in life. Activities include     grants during the Partners’ first year of grantmaking.
    hands-on healthy cooking sessions and fun outings to the               All the grants were awarded to nonprofit organizations
    Virginia Aquarium. Each session includes lunch and parent-             running Hampton Roads programs that help pre-
    child bonding time that encourages them to read and speak              schoolers get ready for school and life.

    to their children in loving ways.                                           For Sankofa Bey, mother of 2 ½-year-old Janiyah,
                                                                                            the Tuesday programs give her “creative
                                                         Heather Foster and her son, Odin,  ways to deal with my child’s energy.”
                                                           explore the Virginia Aquarium.
                                                                                            Jessica Wilborne loves bonding with
                                                                                            her daughter away from distractions at
                                                                                            home. She is proud that her 3-year-old
                                                                                            daughter Jazmine is less shy as she plays
                                                                                            with other children during the weekly       •
                                                                                                                                        Hampton Roads Community Foundation
                                                                                       Photos by Glen McClure

                                                                                            programs. As a bonus, the young moth-
                                                                                            ers are making friends of their own and
                                                                                            giving themselves a support system to
                                                                                            help them and their children succeed.
                                                                                             After just a few programs Lee noticed
                                                                                            more positive interactions between
                                                                                            moms and children. Parents come back
                                                                                            each Tuesday because they want “to see
                                                                                            the success of their children,” Lee says.
                                                                                            “They are learning to lay the groundwork
                                                                                            for their children to reach higher and
     more info —>                                                have better futures.”

  2 0 10 g r A n t s PA i D          e D u C At i o n                                                              –> E D U C AT I O N G R A N T S C O N T I N U E D F R O M PA G E 6

                                     Grants paid from unrestricted and field of interest funds:                                                                 Grants paid from donor advised and
                                                                                                                                                                designated funds:
                                     Portsmouth Schools Foundation**                                                                      20,000
                                                                                                                                                                Norfolk Public Library
                                     For the Portsmouth Reads’ childcare workshops initiative
                                                                                                                                                                Norfolk State University Foundation
                                     Randolph-Macon College*                                                                                8,654               Old Dominion University Educational
                                     To purchase two Yamaha pianos                                                                                                 Foundation
                                                                                                                                                                Otsego County Community Foundation
                                     Reaching Our Communities**                                                                           12,250                Park Place School
                                     For the Toddler and Parent program in the Atlantis Apartment
                                                                                                                                                                Patrick County Education Foundation
                                     community in Virginia Beach
                                                                                                                                                                Rider University
                                     Smart Beginnings South Hampton Roads***                                                            183,000                 Sentara College of Health Sciences
                                     To help implement Virginia’s Star Quality Initiative and a child                                                           Smart Beginnings South Hampton Roads
                                     readiness assessment tool, provide operating support and advocacy                                                          The Southeast Virginia Community
                                     services, and help two Virginia Beach childcare centers receive                                                               Foundation
                                     Quality Rating & Improvement System services
                                                                                                                                                                St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes School
                                     Southampton County Public Schools*                                                                     4,045               Sweet Briar College
                                     To purchase a digital piano for Southampton High School                                                                    Talmudical Academy of Norfolk
                                                                                                                                                                Tidewater Community College Educational
                                     STARBASE Victory***                                                                                       500                 Foundation
                                     To support middle school science programs in Portsmouth Public Schools                                                     Toras Chaim
                                                                                                                                                                United Negro College Fund
                                     Suffolk Early Childhood Development Commission**                                                     18,000
                                     To develop the Better Kid Care program                                                                                     Union Theological Seminary
                                                                                                                                                                University of Pennsylvania
                                     Tidewater Literacy Council***                                                                             500              University of Virginia College at Wise
                                     To provide tutoring to help adults learn to read                                                                           University of Virginia Law School Foundation
                                     The Up Center **                                                                                     15,000                Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science
                                                                                                                                                                   Center Foundation
                                     To implement the Parents as Teachers program
                                                                                                                                                                Virginia Beach Education Foundation Inc.
                                     Virginia Business Coalition on Health **                                                             23,080                Virginia Center for Public Safety
                                     For a computer, software and training for Square One and to provide                                                        Virginia Engineering Foundation
                                     online professional development training for early childhood educators                                                     Virginia Foundation for the Humanities

                                     Virginia Wesleyan College                                                                          114,076                 Virginia Theological Seminary
                                     To help renovate and equip science labs in Blocker Hall                                                                    Virginia Wesleyan College
                                                                                                                                                                Virginia Zoological Society
                                     WHRO**                                                                                               14,900                Warren Wilson College
                                     To support summer camps
                                                                                                                                                                Woodberry Forest School
                                     Total:                                                                                     $1,190,733                      Yale University

                                                                                                                                                                Total:                      $3,585,647
Hampton Roads Community Foundation

                                                                                                                                                                       Total of all education grants

                                       *Includes a grant from the E.K. Sloane Fund, a field of interest fund that provides pianos for nonprofit organizations
                                      **Includes a grant from the Community Leadership Partners, a Foundation giving group that in 2010 targeted grants to provide learning opportunities for area preschoolers
                                     ***Includes a grant recommended by guests at the 2010 Philanthropy Celebration luncheon

                                                                                                                                                          J o s H DA r D e n

         Friends Honor Their Mentor
                                           By H E L P I N G S T U D E N T S AT T E N D C O L L E G E

    Paying for books and tuition is something
college student Anthony Sutton doesn’t
worry about. That’s not because he’s wealthy
but because 40-plus people banded together
to thank their mentor, Josh Darden.
    Their generous gesture in 2009 created
the Friends of Joshua P. Darden Jr. Scholar-
ship at the Hampton Roads Community
Foundation. Darden is one of Hampton
Roads’ leading philanthropists, a long-time
champion for education and a member of
the Foundation’s board of directors.
                                                                        Photo by Glen McClure

    Sutton, a Booker T. Washington High
School graduate, was among the first three
Darden Scholars in 2010. The Norfolk
computer science major has just finished his
freshman year at James Madison University
and is eligible for three more years of help                                                                                                               Car dealers influenced by
from the Darden Scholarship. Sutton dreams                                                                                                                 Josh Darden are among the donors
                                                                                                                                                           to a scholarship fund in his honor.
of becoming either a video game designer or
a computer science teacher.
    The Darden Scholarship originated with friends who                                                                                                    Since 1959 Josh Darden has sup-
                                                                                                Photo by Stephanie Oberlander


consider Darden their mentor. Many of the contributors                                                                                                    ported great causes in our region.
are former employees of Colonial Auto Group, which                                                                                                        In 2011 he won the Frank Batten
Darden once headed. He helped many of them get their                                                                                                      Community Philanthropist Award
own auto dealerships. By the end of 2010 the Darden                                                                                                       from the Hampton Roads Community
Fund had a value of $734,716 and was helping three                                                                                                        Foundation. The late Perry Morgan

Hampton Roads public school graduates attend college.                                                                                                     received the first award in 2000.
    Anthony Sutton, the JMU student, is thankful for the
Darden scholarship and the people who created it. “A lot                                                                                                 next semester,” he says. “This
of my friends worry about how they will pay for college                                                                                                  scholarship allowed me to not have
                                                                                                                                 Josh Darden
                                                                                                                                                         to stress about that.” Instead, he can
Photo by Sally Hartman

                                                                                                                                concentrate on his studies and prepare for the future. This
                                                                                                                                fall the three original Darden Scholars will be joined by four
                                                                                                                                new Darden scholarship recipients, and many others will           •
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Hampton Roads Community Foundation
                                                                                                                                follow in future years.
                                                                                                                                    The Friends of Joshua P. Darden Jr. Scholarship is among
                                                                                                                                65 permanent scholarship funds administered by the Foun-
                                                                                                                                dation. Together the scholarship funds help more than 335
                                                                                                                                college students every year achieve their dreams.
                                                                                                                                    Each scholarship fund has its own story of what inspired
                                                                                                                                its start, but the results are the same – deserving students
                                                                                                                                given a boost in life by
                                                                                                                                generous people they’ve                  Watch video on
                                                                                                                                never met.                               your smartphone.
                                       more info —>
                         Anthony Sutton is among the first three Darden Scholars.
 2 0 10 g r A n t s PA i D           HumAn serviCes

                                     Grants paid from unrestricted and field of interest funds:                                           Grants paid from donor advised and
                                     We were able to award grants to the following nonprofits in 2010 because                             designated funds:
                                     generous donors created funds that gave our board the latitude to address                            We awarded grants to the following nonprofits
                                     current needs.                                                                                       in 2010 because generous donors either created
                                                                                                                                          donor advised funds that let them recommend
                                     Virginia Beach Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)*                                   $500      grant recipients or named these organizations as
                                     To advocate for abused and neglected children involved in juvenile                                   recipients of their designated funds.
                                     court proceedings
                                                                                                                                          Alexandria Seaport Foundation
                                     The Community Builders Inc.                                                               75,000
                                                                                                                                          American Red Cross of Southeastern Virginia
                                     To expand the community center serving Norfolk’s Broad Creek
                                     neighborhood                                                                                         Amnesty International, USA
                                                                                                                                          The Ballentine
                                     The Dwelling Place                                                                        25,000
                                     Matching grant for emergency operating support                                                       Bertha Snyder Children’s Care Fund
                                                                                                                                          Boy Scouts of America
                                     Eastern Shore of Virginia Community Foundation                                            52,795
                                                                                                                                          Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeast Virginia
                                     For grants to support the Accomack-Northampton Pregnancy Center
                                     and the Bloxom Fire Department                                                                       Boys Town – Father Flannigan’s Boys Home
                                                                                                                                          Boys’ Home Inc.
                                     Eggleston Services                                                                       150,000
                                     For building renovations                                                                             Chesapeake Service Systems Inc.
                                                                                                                                          The Children’s Home of Virginia Baptists Inc.
                                     The Endependence Center*                                                                    500
                                                                                                                                          Domestic Abuse Shelter Inc.
                                     For independent living for individuals with disabilities
                                                                                                                                          Doorways for Women and Families
                                     Equi-Kids Therapeutic Riding Program*                                                       500      The Dwelling Place
                                     For horseback riding activities to help people with mental, physical, social or
                                     learning disabilities                                                                                Equi-Kids Therapeutic Riding Program
                                                                                                                                          Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia
                                     Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia*                                                       103,000     ForKids Inc.
                                     To help renovate its facility and to honor the 2010 Barron F. Black
                                     Community Builder Award recipient                                                                    Franklin Cooperative Ministry
                                                                                                                                          Grace Jones Community Center
                                     ForKids Inc.*                                                                               500
                                     For emergency, transitional and permanent family housing                                             Guiding Eyes for the Blind
                                                                                                                                          Hope House Foundation
                                     Franklin Southampton Economic Development                                                 15,018     I Need A Lighthouse Inc.
                                     To purchase furnishings and equipment for the Franklin Business Incubator
                                                                                                                                          The Institute for the Advancement of
                                     Friends of the Portsmouth Juvenile Court                                                  19,660        Education in Jaffa
                                     For technology upgrades                                                                              Jackson-Feild Homes

                                     Goodwill Industries of Central Virginia                                                   52,000     Knox Area Rescue Ministries
                                     To implement a human resources information system to benefit clients                                 Lance Armstrong Foundation
                                     from Hampton Roads                                                                                   Martin County Department of Social Services
                                     I Need A Lighthouse Inc.*                                                                   500      Names Project, South Florida Chapter
                                     To promote and support suicide prevention and awareness to youth                                     Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society
                                     Oasis Commission on Social Ministry                                                      100,000     Norfolk Senior Center
                                     To construct a new building for homeless services in Portsmouth                                      Oakmont Community Development

Hampton Roads Community Foundation

                                     Portco Inc.                                                                               15,000
                                     For a green building feasibility study for the organization that works                               Oasis Commission on Social Ministry
                                     with people with disabilities                                                                        The ORPHANetwork
                                                                                                                                          PIN Ministry
                                     Portsmouth Area Resources Coalition                                                       15,535
                                     To replace roofs at four transitional houses for formerly homeless                                   Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Virginia
                                     families, install Internet access and upgrade security systems                                       Presbyterian Homes & Family Services Inc.
                                                                                                                                          Rafiki Foundation
                                     Samaritan House*                                                                            500
                                     To help house homeless families and domestic violence victims                                        The Salvation Army, Tidewater Area Command
                                                                                                                                          The Salvation Army of Columbia, S.C.
                                                                                                                                          Samaritan House

                                                                                           H U M A N S E R V I C E S G R A N T S C O N T I N U E D O N PA G E 12 –>

                                      *Includes a grant recommended by guests at the 2010 Philanthropy Celebration luncheon
                                 fooDbAnK of soutHeAstern virginiA

         Fixing the Foodbank’s Leaky Roof
                                       HELPS HUNGRy PEOPLE

        Peggy Sue Brown used to donate to local nonprofits

                                                                                                                                                                          Photos by Glen McClure
                                                                              Peggy Sue Brown
    with ease. Then doctors discovered a tumor on her spine,                  is thankful for
    and the Virginia Beach resident’s life tumbled downward.                  Foodbank groceries.
    Immense pain made it impossible to continue working as
    a special education assistant at a Norfolk school.
        Before being approved for disability payments, Brown
    and her son lived on $98 a month. She lost her home
    and her car and moved eight different times in four years.
    To keep from starving she relied on the food pantry at St.
    Mark’s Catholic Church in Virginia Beach for everything
    from meat and noodles to holiday turkeys. St. Mark’s is one
                                           of 325 area organiza-
      Since 1981 more than $1              tions that receive food

      million in Foundation grants         from the Foodbank of
      have helped renovate and             Southeastern Virginia
      equip the regional Foodbank,         and give it to people in
      and start an Eastern Shore           need for free.
      Foodbank branch.                         Most weeks “all                   The struggling economy meant church pantries like
                                           we ate was from the               St. Mark’s had growing numbers of hungry people. To
    Foodbank,” says Brown, 51. On a recent pickup day at                     cope, the church now allows the same clients to pick
    St. Mark’s the only food left at home was rice, noodles                  up food only twice a month rather than weekly. Church
    and a few canned vegetables. That day Brown brought                      volunteers make sure they meet with clients to share
    home four bags of free food, including pork, spaghetti                   information on free healthcare, housing assistance and
    sauce and pasta, and a cherry pie.                                       other ways to deal with a multitude of problems that
        A recent $100,000 grant from the Hampton Roads                       go along with being poor.
    Community Foundation allowed the Foodbank to fix its                         Since 1981 the Hampton Roads Community
    50-year-old leaky roof so it can ensure that food is safe.               Foundation has awarded the Foodbank more than $1

    Each month about 1 million pounds of food helps hun-                     million in grants to buy refrigerated trucks, renovate its
    gry people right here in Hampton Roads. Many have to                     building, “transport food and keep this organization
    “choose between medicine and food. Families can’t make                   going,” says Batson. Without the improvements, the
    ends meet,” says Joanne Batson, chief executive officer at               organization would be less efficient and provide fewer
    the Foodbank. “We are the safety net for them.”                          meals to the community. Most of the Foundation’s
                                                                                              grants to the Foodbank come from
                                                           more info —>
                                                                                              permanent funds created by generous
                                                                                              donors who left little or no restrictions   •
                                                                                                                                          Hampton Roads Community Foundation

                                                                                              on how their grants benefit our region.
                                                                                                  Today, Peggy Sue Brown is doing
                                                                                              better. She is now receiving disability
                                                                                              payments and lives with her son
                                                                                              in a mobile home. “The Foodbank
                                                                                              kept us alive,” says Brown. “They
                                                                                              literally saved us.”

                                                                                                           Watch video on
                                                                                                           your smartphone.

         St. Mark’s volunteers pack bags for hungry people visiting the church food pantry.
2 0 10 g r A n t s PA i D    HumAn serviCes                                                                  – > H U M A N S E R V I C E S G R A N T S C O N T I N U E D F R O M PA G E 10

                             Grants paid from unrestricted and field of interest funds:                                               Grants paid from donor advised and
                                                                                                                                      designated funds:
                             STOP                                                                                     55,845          Seton Youth Shelters
                             To purchase a van and equipment for Second Chances’                                                      Simon Family Jewish Community Center
                             Klean Slate Enterprises                                                                                  St. Columba Ecumenical Ministries
                             Together We Can Foundation                                                               26,000          St. Mary’s Home for Disabled Children
                             For the Connections program that helps teens in foster care                                              Sugar Plum Bakery Inc.
                             develop workforce readiness skills                                                                       Toby’s Dream Foundation
                             The Up Center                                                                            50,000          Together We Can Foundation
                             For the Foster Care Youth Mentoring program                                                              Union Mission Ministries
                             Virginia Conflict Resolution Center                                                       8,300          United Way of South Hampton Roads
                             To purchase laptops, printers and a projector                                                            United Way of Virginia’s Eastern Shore
                                                                                                                                      The Up Center
                             Virginia Supportive Housing                                                             248,000
                                                                                                                                      Virginia Gentlemen’s Foundation
                             For three years of peer support and wellness self-management
                             programs and to build South Bay Apartments in Portsmouth                                                 Virginia Hunters Who Care Inc.
                             for formerly homeless people                                                                             Virginia Supportive Housing
                                                                                                                                      The Virginian-Pilot Joy Fund Foundation
                             yWCA of South Hampton Roads*                                                            125,500
                             To repair the emergency shelter and purchase fundraising software                                        YMCA of South Hampton Roads

                             Total:                                                                         $1,139,653                Total:                 $1,296,861

                             *Includes a grant recommended by guests at the 2010 Philanthropy Celebration luncheon

                                                                                                                                         Total of all human services grants

                                      environment                                                                                     Grants paid from donor advised and
 2 0 10 g r A n t s PA i D

                             Grants paid from unrestricted and field of interest funds:
                             :                                                                                                        designated funds:
                             We were able to award grants to the following nonprofits in 2010 because                                 We awarded grants to the following nonprofits
                             generous donors created funds that gave our board the latitude to address                                in 2010 because generous donors either created
                             current needs.                                                                                           donor advised funds that let them recommend
                                                                                                                                      grant recipients or named these organizations as
                             Friends of Fred Heutte Foundation*                                                       $3,500          recipients of their designated funds.
                             For the Urban Gardener Lecture Series and upgrades to the                                                The 500-Year Forest Foundation
                             display gardens at the Fred Heutte Center in Norfolk                                                     Chesapeake Bay Foundation – Hampton
                             Lynnhaven River Now**                                                                        500            Roads Office
                             To restore, protect and reduce pollution in the Lynnhaven River                                          Elizabeth River Project
                             Norfolk Botanical Garden Society*                                                        12,000          Florida Keys Land and Sea Trust
                             For the summer maze exhibit                                                                              Lynnhaven River Now
                             Suffolk Partnership for a Healthy Community*                                              1,348          Mary’s Garden
                             To expand education activities at existing gardens                                                       The Nature Conservancy, Virginia Chapter
                                                                                                                                      The Nature Conservancy, Virginia Coast Reserve
                             Virginia Living Museum*                                                                   4,650
                             To purchase materials for the teaching gardens                                                           Norfolk Botanical Garden Foundation
                                                                                                                                      Virginia Eastern Shorekeeper
                             The Virginia Zoological Society*                                                          6,875
                             For self-guided audio horticulture tour                                                                  Total:                 $95,455
                             Total:                                                                              $28,873

                             *Provided by the Julian Haden Gary and Margaret Savage Gary Fund, which is for horticultural purposes.

                             **Includes a grant recommended by guests at the 2010 Philanthropy Celebration luncheon
                                                                                                                                           Total of all environment grants

2 0 10 g r A n t s PA i D   CiviC engAgement

                            Grants paid from unrestricted and field of interest funds:                                                Grants paid from donor advised and
                            We were able to award grants to the following nonprofits in 2010 because                                  designated funds:
                            generous donors created funds that gave our board the latitude to address                                 We awarded grants to the following nonprofits
                            current needs.                                                                                            in 2010 because generous donors either created
                                                                                                                                      donor advised funds that let them recommend
                            Association of Fundraising Professionals                                                 $1,500           grant recipients or named these organizations as
                            To support professional development of nonprofit fundraisers                                              recipients of their designated funds.
                            Community Foundation Insights                                                              4,160          Eastern Shore of Virginia Community
                            For a centralized community foundation data resource                                                        Foundation
                            Council on Foundations                                                                   24,530           Hampton Roads Community Foundation
                            To support work in philanthropy
                                                                                                                                      Lewis Fund of the Greater Lynchburg
                            GuideStar                                                                                   500             Community Trust
                            To support an online tool that provides financial information on nonprofits                               Peninsula Community Foundation of Virginia
                            Hampton Roads Center for Civic Engagement *                                              25,500           VOLUNTEER Hampton Roads
                            To establish a center focused on citizen involvement in community issues
                            Southeastern Council of Foundations                                                       6,000           Total:                $151,451
                            To support philanthropy in the Southeast
                            Suffolk Foundation                                                                       10,000
                            To support philanthropy in Suffolk and neighboring communities
                            Tidewater Community College
                            For the Academy for Nonprofit Excellence
                                                                                                                    125,224                  $348,865
                                                                                                                                         Total of all civic engagement grants
                            Total:                                                                           $197,414
                            *Includes a grant recommended by guests at the 2010 Philanthropy Celebration luncheon

                            otHer grAnt s PAiD in 2010
2 0 10 g r A n t s PA i D

                             These organizations received grants awarded from donors’ designated, field of interest or donor advised funds.

                              Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund                                                  Randy Custis Memorial Fund Inc.
                              Bethany Presbyterian Church                                                           Royster Memorial Presbyterian Church
                              The Billfish Foundation                                                               Special Olympics Virginia Inc.
                              Chesapeake Bay Wine Classic Foundation                                                St. John the Apostle Catholic Church
                              Chesapeake Humane Society                                                             St. Joseph Catholic Church
                              Christ and St. Luke’s Episcopal Church                                                St. Lukes United Methodist Church
                              Church of the Good Shepherd                                                           Torah Umesorah, The National Society for Hebrew Day Schools
                              Court Street Baptist Church                                                           Union Mission Ministries                                             •
                                                                                                                                                                                         Hampton Roads Community Foundation
                              Covenant Christian School                                                             Virginia Athletics Foundation, UVA
                              First Presbyterian Church, Norfolk                                                    Virginia Beach SPCA
                              First Presbyterian Church, Virginia Beach                                             Virginia Beach United Methodist Church
                              Immanuel Baptist Church                                                               Westmoreland Children & Youth Association
                              Mt. Carmel Christian Church                                                           Westville Christian Church (DOC)
                              Mount Nebo Baptist Church                                                             Windsor Athletic Association
                              Nansemond River Pony Baseball                                                         Young Life Virginia Beach
                              New Life Ministries International
                              Nimmo United Methodist Church
                              Norfolk SPCA
                              Orphan Helpers
                                                                                                                               Total of all other grants

                                              H e A lt H
                                                                                                                        Grants paid from donor advised and
                                                                                                                        designated funds:
2 0 10 g r A n t s PA i D

                            Grants paid from unrestricted and field of interest funds:                                  We awarded grants to the following nonprofits
                            We were able to award grants to the following nonprofits in 2010 because                    in 2010 because generous donors either created
                            generous donors created funds that gave our board the latitude to address                   donor advised funds that let them recommend
                            current needs.                                                                              grant recipients or named these organizations as
                                                                                                                        recipients of their designated funds.
                            Beach Health Clinic                                                   $56,800
                            To renovate and expand the free clinic and purchase computers                               American Cancer Society - South Atlantic
                            Eastern Shore of Virginia Community Foundation                             35,000           American Heart Association
                            For grants to support the Eastern Shore Rural Health System                                 Beach Health Clinic
                            and the Sentara Health Foundation’s campaign to buy a new                                   Bon Secours DePaul Health Foundation
                            Nightingale emergency helicopter                                                            Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters
                            Edmarc Hospice for Children*                                                1,000           Eastern Shore Rural Health System
                            To provide services to sick children and their families                                     Edmarc Hospice for Children
                                                                                                                        Foundation for Howard & Georgeanna Jones
                            Hampton Roads Community Health Center                                       9,000              Institute
                            To purchase equipment for obstetrics care at the Park Place Medical Center                  Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
                            Lee’s Friends                                                              21,385           Klinefelter Syndrome and Associates
                            To purchase a car to provide transportation to cancer patients                              Operation Smile
                                                                                                                        Parkersburg Area Community Foundation
                            United Way of South Hampton Roads                                          50,000
                                                                                                                        Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Virginia
                            For the Sickle Cell Disease Management program with Eastern Virginia
                            Medical School and the Urban League of Hampton Roads                                        Prevent Cancer Foundation
                                                                                                                        Sentara Health Foundation
                            Total:                                                             $173,185                 Shore Health Services Inc.
                                                                                                                        The Smile Train
                                                                                                                        Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Tidewater Chapter
                            *Includes a grant recommended by guests at
                            the 2010 Philanthropy Celebration luncheon   $339,778                                       Virginia Beach Rescue Squad Foundation
                                                                                                                        Virginia Health Care Foundation
                                                                          Total of all health grants
                                                                                                                        Total:                $166,593

                                 builDing exCellenCe grAnts
2010 grAnt s PAiD

                            Each year we award Building Excellence grants to give four area nonprofit organizations
                            18 months of technical services from The Curtis Group. The goal is to help them improve
                            their fundraising and development capabilities.

                            In 2010 recipients were awarded a total of $93,000 in services. Recipients were:

                            Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts Foundation

                            Places and Programs for Children

                            ACCESS AIDS Care

                            Armed Services yMCA of Hampton Roads
                                                                                                       Total of all Building Excellence grants

                                                                                                   gooDmAn funD

                         Research Proves Sunken Chest Surgery
                                             FIxES BREATHING PROBLEMS

                                                                                                                                                         Courtesy of the Goodman family
                 You would never know the college student proudly wearing
             the University of Miami logo across his chest received life-
             changing surgery directly beneath that symbol a decade ago.
                 Thanks to the surgery David Bonnewell, 20, of Norfolk can
                                                                                                                  Victor and Ruth
             now play Frisbee golf, row on rivers and run half marathons.                                            Goodman
             Bonnewell was born with pectus excavatum, best known as
             sunken-chest syndrome. Before surgery his concave ribs put
             pressure on his heart and lungs making it hard for him to
             get enough breath to enjoy sports.
                 The surgery that fixed Bonnewell’s problem was pioneered                 Foundation grants from the Victor and Ruth N. Goodman
             in his hometown by Dr. Donald Nuss at Children’s Hospital               Fund let the hospital buy specialized equipment to test
             of The King’s Daughters. Bonnewell is among 1,400 CHKD                  patients’ breath capacity both before and after surgery.
             patients who have benefitted from the Nuss Procedure                    The hospital is “one of only three who use this technology
             that inserts a titanium bar to pop out sunken ribs as                                         in the world,” says Dr. Obermeyer.
             children grow. After three years Bonnewell’s bar was                                             “This research helps kids by clearly
                                              removed leaving him                                          demonstrating that function is impaired
                 In 2010 the Goodman          with a normal chest                                          and can be corrected,” Dr. Robert Kelly

                 Fund provided $70,100        and the new ability to                                       said. “We are very grateful that the Hamp-
                 in scholarships for          breathe deeply.                                              ton Roads Community Foundation has
                 16 students studying            For years it was                                          supported this work.”
                 medicine, dental surgery,    hard to prove that the                                          The Goodman grants are available to
                 pharmacy and nursing.        Nuss Procedure was                                           fund research because Ruth Goodman
                                              not just a cosmetic                                          thought to put a charitable bequest in her
             procedure that gave patients a better-looking chest.                                          will. When she died in 1995, her estate
             But a $393,537, six-year research grant from the                                              created the fund for medical education
                                                                            David Bonnewell (left)
             Hampton Roads Community Foundation revealed                                                   and research that she outlined in her will.

                                                                               prior to surgery.
             that “patients with uncorrected pectus excavatum                                              Goodman’s interest in medicine came
             have abnormal chest wall motion during breathing,                       from the volunteer hours she logged greeting patients at
             which may explain their reported lack of endurance during               Sentara Norfolk General Hospital from 1959 to the early
             exercise,” says Dr. Robert Obermeyer, a CHKD surgeon. After             1990s. By the time she retired her pink-lady uniform,
             correcting the problem patients can breathe normally as they            Goodman was the hospital’s longest-tenured volunteer.
             run, swim and enjoy activities most people take for granted.                         For David his post-surgery life is so much better
                                                                                             than when he struggled to keep pace with classmates
     more info —>                                                                   during a run in fourth grade.                                                                •
                                                                                                                                                                                          Hampton Roads Community Foundation
                                                                      David Bonnewell
                                                                     lives an active life        “My breathing capacity jumped up after having the
                                                                          after surgery.     surgery,” says Bonnewell. He led Norfolk Collegiate’s
                                                                                             crew team while in high school, played on his univer-
                                                                                             sity’s Frisbee golf team and completed a half marathon
                                                                                             in Miami last fall. All these activities would have been
                                                                                             impossible without the surgery.
                                                                                               “I couldn’t even imagine not breathing like I do
                                                                                             now,” Bonnewell says. “It’s something I almost take
                                                                                             for granted.”
Photo by Glen McClure

                                                                                                                            Watch video on
                                                                                                                            your smartphone.

2 0 10 g r A n t s PA i D            sCHolArsHiPs

                                     Generous donors’ scholarship funds helped students attend more than 65 different colleges and universities
                                     in 2010. Scholarships were paid directly to the students’ colleges from the following funds to benefit 335 students
                                     primarily from our region. Details on the purpose of each scholarship fund are on page 38.
                                     Fund                                                 Amount    Fund                                                    Amount
                                     Helen Murphy Addington Scholarship Fund               $4,350   The Lefki and George Polizos Family Scholarship Fund     2,500
                                     Kay White Baker Art Fund                                650    Harry B. Price, Jr. Memorial Fund                        4,500
                                     The “Max” Bennis Scholarship Fund                      2,000   Roland W. Proescher Fund                                 2,000
                                     Barron F. Black Theological Scholarship Fund           2,300   Elisabeth Kelly King Reilly Scholarship Fund             6,500
                                     Jesse T. Bonney Scholarship Fund                      46,900   Edwin J. Rosenbaum Scholarship Fund                     15,000
                                     Clara Wahlig Burhans Memorial Scholarship Fund        28,700   Ellis W. Rowe Memorial Scholarship Fund                 46,000
                                     C. F. and M. C. Burroughs Memorial Scholarship Fund 51,500     Doctors Kirkland Ruffin and Willcox Ruffin
                                                                                                    Scholarship Fund                                            900
                                     Stephen Ashby Carpenter Memorial Fund                  1,600
                                                                                                    Wilfred G. Semple Scholarship Loan Fund                  7,000
                                     Community Fund for Scholarships                        1,000
                                                                                                    Felton Ray Sharp and Evelyn Berryman Sharp Fund         13,700
                                     E. W. Chittum Memorial Scholarship Fund                2,000
                                                                                                    Florence L. Smith Fund                                  83,000
                                     Richard Dickson Cooke and Sheppard Royster Cooke
                                     Scholarship Fund                                       5,000   Hy Smith Endowment Fund                                     200
                                     J. Robert and Ettie Fearing Cunningham Memorial                Jarrod Camper Smith Memorial Scholarship                    600
                                     Scholarship Fund                                      47,000   Enid W. and Bernard B. Spigel Architectural
                                     Friends of Joshua P. Darden Jr. Scholarship            6,000   Scholarship Fund                                         8,000
                                     Hunter Davis Memorial Scholarship Fund                 2,000   D.A. Taylor Memorial Scholarship                         5,100
                                     R. Franklin and Arbee R. Edwards Scholarship Fund     12,000   Vincent J. Thomas Scholarship Fund                       5,000
                                     Frank Fang Memorial Scholarship                        2,000   Thomas P. Thompson Memorial Fund                         8,500
                                     Palmer Farley Memorial Scholarship                     4,600   Capt. Rexford Vinal Wheeler Jr., USN Fund                2,600
                                     Nicholas J. Georges Memorial Fund                      1,500   Paul and Athena yeonas Memorial Fund                     6,000
                                     Harry Bramhall Gilbert Merit Scholarship Fund         18,700
                                     Victor and Ruth N. Goodman Memorial Fund              70,100
                                     Colonel J. Addison Hagan Memorial Scholarship Fund    22,250

                                     Joseph E. Harry and Bertha White Harry Fund          121,000
                                                                                                                   Total of all Scholarship grants
                                     Hampton Roads Association of Social Workers
                                     Scholarship                                            1,000
                                     Hampton Roads Sanitation District Environmental
                                     Scholarship Fund                                       2,000
                                                                                                        In addition to the scholarships listed above,
                                     Anne Hurd Memorial Fund                                3,500       in 2010 we provided $225,570 in grants to

                                                                                                        support scholarship funds at eight schools
Hampton Roads Community Foundation

                                     Louis I. Jaffe Memorial Scholarship Fund              10,500
                                                                                                        and colleges specified by the donors.
                                     James 2:26 Fund                                       49,957       These grants helped even more students.
                                     Thomas G. Johnson Jr. Scholarship Fund                 2,000       (Note: These awards are detailed in the Education
                                     Joseph A. Leafe Scholarship Fund                       3,500       grant listing.)
                                     Lewis K. Martin, II, M.D. and Cheryl Rose Martin                   Educational grants were provided by:
                                     Scholarship                                            1,500
                                                                                                        Charles F. and Mabel C. Burroughs Memorial Fund
                                     Ellen Hitt McLaughlin Scholarship                       500        George Chamberlaine Memorial Fund
                                     John H. and Annie Campbell Miles Memorial Fund         7,000       F. Ludwig Diehn Fund
                                     Carrie Biggs Morrison Memorial Fund                   39,600       Margarette Hanes Old Nurse and Student Education Fund
                                     Perry and Bunny Morgan Fund                           88,800       William S. and Lucille W. Sawyer Memorial Fund
                                     Benjamin D. Pender Scholarship Fund                    9,000
                                                                                            burrougHs sCHol ArsHiP

                                    Three Hampden-Sydney Alumni
                                                                              MAKE THEIR MARKS AT HOME
Courtesy of the Burroughs family

                                                                Charles F. Burroughs Sr. never
                                                              attended college. But he’s                                           Craig Reilly (left),
                                                              managed to send 188 students to                                      Shep Miller
                                                              Hampden-Sydney College through                                       and Billy Ekofo
                                                                                                                                   all benefitted
                                                              the scholarship he started at the                                    from Charles
                                                              Hampton Roads Community                                              generosity.
                                                              Foundation 51 years ago. The tool
                                                              he used to accomplish this was a
                                   Charles F. Burroughs Sr.
                                                              bequest he put in his will.
                                                                 Burroughs had one special tie to
                                    Hampden-Sydney: Frank Moore, a company vice president
                                    he hired who graduated from the all-male Virginia college in
                                    1957. Burroughs headed the Royster Fertilizer Company in         Photo by Glen McClure

                                    Norfolk, and Moore was one of his valued employees. “My
                                    grandfather always said one secret of success is hiring people
                                    smarter than you,” says Richard C. Burroughs, president of
                                                                      Harvey Lindsay Commercial
                                       The Burroughs Fund             Real Estate.

                                       is among 65 different             Before his death in 1960,
                                       scholarship Funds that         Burroughs arranged for his
                                       have provided more             estate to donate Pembroke       more info —>
                                       than $15 million to help       Farm in Virginia Beach to the
                                       3,600+ students attend         Foundation. The farm became           Today Reilly is Monarch Bank’s Virginia Beach president and
                                       college since 1950.            the site of Pembroke Mall and     is president of The Maury Foundation board. He is involved in
                                                                      the money generated from its      other community organizations and has been honored by Inside
                                    sale created the Charles F. and Mabel C. Burroughs Memorial         Business as a Top 40 Under 40 business leader.
                                    Scholarship Fund. Among the schools Burroughs named for                 Reilly studied managerial economics at Hampden-Sydney
                                    scholarships was Hampden-Sydney. By 1963 the first Burroughs with help from the Burroughs scholarship and a second
                                    Scholars were enrolled in college.                                  scholarship from the Foundation. He was among the

                                        Among the beneficiaries of Burroughs’ generosity are these      first recipients of the Joseph A. Leafe Scholarship started
                                    three graduates of Norfolk’s Maury High School – Shep Miller,       at the Foundation in 1992 to honor Leafe, a Hampden-
                                    Craig Reilly and Billy Ekofo. After graduation all returned to      Sydney alumnus, for his service as Norfolk mayor. The Leafe
                                    Hampton Roads to live and work.                                     Scholarship is for Hampden-Sydney students who graduated
                                        The Burroughs scholarship was a huge help to Miller, a          from Norfolk Public Schools.
                                    1979 Hampden-Sydney graduate who worried about paying for                Ekofo, a 2004 Hampden-Sydney graduate, fled war-
                                    college. “My dad lost his lumber business in Hurricane Camille      ravaged Congo at age 17 with only his passport, three changes
                                    and died while I was in college,” Miller says. The scholarship      of clothes and some family photos. He lived with a Norfolk           •
                                                                                                                                                                             Hampton Roads Community Foundation
                                    made it possible for him to attend the all-male liberal arts        minister’s family while attending Maury High. The Burroughs
                                    college. He earned a degree in government and foreign affairs       scholarship let him study economics at Hampden-Sydney
                                    and today is chairman of KITCO Fiber Optics, a Virginia Beach       where “I loved everything – especially the camaraderie.” Today
                                    company. This summer he will join the Hampden-Sydney board Ekofo is director of business development at Re:Act Media, a
                                    of trustees. Miller chairs Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing        Norfolk firm specializing in multi-media projects for nonprofit
                                    Authority’s board and is on seven other boards including the        organizations. This fall he will begin work at the College of Wil-
                                    Commonwealth Transportation Board.                                  liam & Mary on a master’s degree in business administration.
                                        Craig Reilly, a 1997 Hampden-Sydney graduate, recalls that          Burroughs’ generosity continues today at Hampden-
                                    “as soon as I entered the gates of Hampden-Sydney College, I        Sydney with 11 Hampton Roads students on scholarship.
                                    immediately fell in love with its beauty and prestige, and I knew   His scholarship fund is among the 65 different funds the
                                    this was the college I wanted to attend.”                           Foundation administers on behalf of generous donors
                                        The cost of a private school was daunting and “would have       like Charles F. Burroughs Sr.
                                    placed a financial burden on my family.” Reilly says. “Luckily,     who want to give students the
                                                                                                                                                        Watch video on
                                    with the help of the Foundation we were able to bridge the gap      gift of higher education.
                                    and my parents were able to send me to my dream school.”                                                            your smartphone.
2 0 10 g r A n t s PA i D             g r A n D t o tA l g r A n t s A n D s C H o l A r s H i P s PA i D

                                                                         Total of all Grants and Scholarships Paid

                                                                     2010 Grants Paid by Program Area

                                                                     Other $640,368
                                                       Scholarship $889,107
                                                                                                          Arts and Culture $2,652,890
                                           Building Excellence $93,000

                                      Human Services $2,436,514                                                  Civic Engagement $348,865

                                                                                                                 Environment $124,328

                                                   Health $339,778

                                                                                                          Education $4,776,380

                                                                         2010 Grants Paid by Fund Type

                                               Discretionary $4,050,222

                                                                                                              Scholarship $889,107
 Hampton Roads Community Foundation

                                            Endowments $159,770
                                                                                                                     Designated $1,334,529

                                                                                                        Donor Advised $5,867,602

                                                                                                 2010 finAnCiAls

    The Hampton Roads Community Foundation is                                       provided great downside protection. However, this approach
committed to being a good steward of the assets entrusted                           has been a drag on performance during the 2010 market rally.
to it by generous donors over the past 61 years. We invest                              During the past three years, our portfolio’s annualized
our resources wisely so they grow to meet future needs while                        return was -0.7%, which lagged a target index (60% S&P
allowing us to provide grants and scholarships today.                               500/40% Barclay’s Capital) by 1.8%. The illiquid real assets
    Oversight of our investment portfolio is handled by our                         portfolio was the main performance detractor along with
investment committee working in tandem with our investment                          domestic and international equity. The positive returns of the
consultant. The committee sets policy, establishes performance                      fixed income and hedge fund allocations helped bolster the
benchmarks, selects managers and monitors performance.                              portfolio during this period.
    The chart below shows the current policy allocation. Our                            Our portfolio’s annualized return was 3.9% over the past
approach is to emphasize diversification and risk-adjusted                          five years, roughly in-line with a 60/40 index.
returns. We seek to provide downside protection, while also
focusing on performance over a full market cycle.
    Our conservative position during the recent recession
                                                                                               Summarized Financial Statements
                                                                                                 Y e a r e n d e d d e c e m b e r 3 1, 2 0 1 0
                                                                                           Investments                                      $ 215,081,629
                                                                                           Operating cash and fixed assets                      2,203,622
              CURRENT ASSET ALLOCATION                                                     Future interests                                    27,079,871
         Growth                Risk Reduction            Inflation Protection             Total assets                                      $ 244,365,122
         (41.8%)                  (44.9%)                      (13.3%)

      U.S. Equities             Hedge Funds                 Real Assets                   Liabilities and net assets:
        (16.8%)                   (28.4%)                     (8.9%)
                                                                                           Funds held for others                            $     4,597,609
 International Equities         Fixed Income               U.S. Inflation                  Grant and other payables                                 137,096
        (16.5%)                     (8.5%)                     (4.4%)                      Net assets                                           239,630,417
      Private Equity                 Cash                                                 Total liabilities and net assets                  $ 244,365,122
          (8.5%)                    (8.0%)
                                                                                           Contributions                       $ 10,246,924

                                                                                           Net assets received upon VBF merger   12,969,189
              PERFORMANCE AS OF 12 - 31- 10                                                Changes to future interests            1,067,956
                                                                      Since                Investment income                     14,402,343
                        Market           1          3         5     Inception              Grant refunds & other                     41,050
                        Value           year       yrs       yrs    June 2000
                                                                                          Total revenues                                    $ 38,727,462
 Hampton Roads
 Foundation’s $208,810,500               8.3% -0.7%         3.9%      4.1%                Grants and expenses:
 master pool                                                                                                                                                      •
                                                                                                                                                                  Hampton Roads Community Foundation
                                                                                           Grants and other program services                $ 12,323,358
                                                                                           Supporting services                                 1,328,398
 60% S&P 500/                                                                             Total grants and expenses                         $    13,651,756
 40% Barclays                           12.1%     1.1%      4.1%      3.2%                Change in net assets                              $ 25,075,706
                                                                                          Net assets beginning of year                      $ 214,554,711
                                                                                          Net assets end of year                            $ 239,630,417
Note: The benchmark allocation has similar risk and return characteristics to
                                                                                          These summarized statements do not include all disclosures and the
our master pool portfolio. Returns are net of all fees and are for funds invested         format required by generally accepted accounting principles. Complete
in the Hampton Roads Community Foundation’s master pool. Financial perfor-                audited financial statements, which include footnotes, are available
mance is regularly updated on our website.                                                upon request and are posted at

A f f i l i At e f o u n D At i o n    eAstern sHore of virginiA Community founDAtion

                                       In 2010 the Eastern Shore of Virginia Community Foundation distributed            The foundation formed in 2004 after
                                       $224,941 during its second round of grants to benefit the people of Accomack      raising $4 million to meet a $2 million
                                       and Northampton counties.                                                         challenge opportunity offered by the Hampton
                                       Recipients were:                                                                  Roads Community Foundation through the
                                                                                                                         Argyle Fund. Its 27 funds are managed by the
                                       Accomack-Northampton Pregnancy Center                                 $2,795      Hampton Roads Community Foundation.
                                       To start an “Earn While You Learn” program to teach
                                       parenting skills to expectant mothers                                             Eastern Shore of Virginia
                                       Arts Enter Cape Charles                                              $20,000      Community Foundation
                                       To upgrade the sound system at the historic Palace Theatre                        Board of Directors
                                       in Cape Charles
                                       Bloxom Volunteer Fire Department                                     $50,000      W. Revell Lewis III, chair
                                       To help build a new fire house
                                                                                                                         J. Anderson Duer, vice chair
                                       Chincoteague Island Library                                           $9,115
                                       To complete the renovation of the library in downtown Chincoteague                Gary S. Ginsberg, secretary/treasurer
                                       Eastern Shore Community College                                      $40,000
                                       To help build a new access road between the campus and                            James A. Bott Jr.
                                       Accomack Industrial Park
                                                                                                                         Dr. Linda Thomas Glover
                                       Eastern Shore of Virginia Historical Society                         $19,031
                                       To install security systems and lighting and renovate its
                                                                                                                         Caramine Kellam
                                       headquarters at the historic Ker Place
                                       Eastern Shore Rural Health                                           $10,000      Suzanne VK. Tankard
                                       For a generator for the Onley Community Health Center
                                       Oyster Museum of Chincoteague Island                                 $49,000      Catherine J. Tignor
                                       For new roof, entry way and windows
                                                                                                                         Donald J. Trufant
                                       Sentara Health Foundation                                            $25,000
                                       To help purchase a new Nightingale Air Ambulance                                  For more information contact:
                                                                                                                         David M. Parker, executive director,
                                                                                                                         (757) 789-0910

                                                                                                                         Eastern Shore of Virginia Community Foundation

                                                                                                                         Box 205
                                                                                                                         Onley, Virginia 23418

                                       Photos by Glen McClure
  Hampton Roads Community Foundation

                                                                                      Librarian Harriet Lonergan
                                                                                      and volunteer Linda Ryan enjoy
                                                                                      the renovated and enlarged
                                                                                      Chincoteague Island Library.
                                                                                      The Hampton Roads Community
                                                                                      Foundation provided one of
                                                                                      the first grants for the library
                                                                                      project. The Eastern Shore of
                                                                 Watch video on
                                                                                      Virginia Community Foundation
                                                                 your smartphone.     awarded the last grant to
                                                                                      complete the renovation.
eAstern sHore of virginiA Community founDAtion

  Helping 2 Rural Virginia Counties
                                    MEET CRITICAL NEEDS

          January 17, 2006 was the worst night of Jody Bagwell’s
          The chief of the Bloxom Volunteer Fire Department and
     his team were battling a house fire when they were alerted
     to another fire. This time a blaze was devouring the volun-
     teer company’s fire station in downtown Bloxom. The town

                                                                                                                                                                                      Photo by Glen McClure
     has 400 residents, and 60 of them volunteer as either fire
     fighters or emergency medical technicians.
          Bagwell rushed back to find the 52-year-old build-
     ing destroyed along with two ambulances – one of them
     a new $100,000 vehicle. The company’s five fire trucks
                                       were unharmed only be-
        Since 2008 the                 cause they were out on call.

        new Eastern Shore              Arson was likely the culprit                                                 Fire Chief Jody Bagwell is
                                                                                                                    grateful for the help provided
        foundation has awarded         in both fires that day.                                                      by the new Eastern Shore
        $422,671 to 17                      “We couldn’t                                                            foundation.
        nonprofits helping             save anything. People
        Eastern Shore residents.       were tearful, but as                                   grant from the Hampton Roads Commu-
                                       the chief I had to                                     nity Foundation’s Argyle Fund. The fund
     hold everything together,” says Bagwell. He immedi-                                      has a preference for funding nonprofits
                                                             Photo by Glen McClure

     ately focused on the future – building a one-story fire                                  on the Eastern Shore set by donor Charles
     station that is handicap friendly, has a big commu-                                      F. Burroughs Jr. who loved spending time
     nity hall and offers rooms for firefighters to bunk.                                     at his vacation home on the Shore.
     The volunteer fire company typically answers 1,000                                          In 2009 the board of the new Eastern
     calls a year within 20 square miles and responds to                                      Shore foundation awarded a $150,000,
     both medical and fire emergencies. Its fire station                                      three-year grant to help build and equip
     functions as a Bloxom community center for every-                                        the $1.5 million fire station. The grant

                                                                 Charles F. Burroughs Jr.
     thing from meetings to seafood fundraising dinners.                                      jump-started construction on the fire
          Volunteers tapped resources that ranged from insurance           station, which opened in 2011. “I am glad the new foun-
     to individual donations. One key funder was the new East-             dation was here and could help us out,” says Bagwell,
     ern Shore of Virginia Community Foundation. The Hamp-                 who is among nine family members volunteering with
     ton Roads Community Foundation helped start the new                   the fire company.
     foundation in 2004 by challenging Eastern Shore residents                 “We were happy to award the grant,” says Suzanne
     to raise $4 million to start their own foundation. If they            Tankard, a board member of the Eastern Shore of Virginia
     were successful, they would receive a $2 million challenge            Community Foundation. “Bloxom is not a wealthy area,                  •
                                                                                                                                                 Hampton Roads Community Foundation

                                                                           and we knew the fire company needed help.”
       A 2006 fire destroyed the                                               The 2009 grant to the fire company was among the
       Bloxom fire station.
                                                                           first made by the new Eastern Shore foundation. So far
                                                                           17 nonprofits on the Eastern Shore have received grants
                                                                           for needs ranging from library expansions to health care
                                                                           and historic preservation.
                                                                               Charlie Burroughs, who died in 2007, once
                                                                           donated a vintage fire truck to an Eastern Shore fire
                                                                           company for special events. Imagine how happy he
                                                                           would be to know his fund spawned a new community
                                                                           foundation that could help the Bloxom community
                                                                           build a new fire station.
                                       more info —>
91 e x t r Ao r D i n A ry P e o P l e   legACy soCiet y for HAmPton roADs

                                         Connecting Generous Citizens with the Future
                                         The generous people listed below have all made future plans through the Hampton Roads Community
                                         Foundation. While their plans differ, they exhibit one common element – a love for their community.
                                              Some gifts will create scholarships; others will               We appreciate our Legacy Society donors
                                         generate grants to help specific nonprofits or a variety       letting us know of their plans so we can thank
                                         of organizations. But all legacy gifts will work together      them for all they will do for our region. Our honor
                                         to make a better tomorrow for people in our region.            roll of future donors is listed below. If you would
                                              For that we thank the forward-thinking members of         like to join them, contact Nan Edgerton, vice
                                         the Legacy Society for Hampton Roads. Their vehicles           president of development, at (757) 622-7951
                                         include wills, trusts, retirement funds and other planned      or
                                         gifts. Since January 2010 we have welcomed 17 new
                                         members to the Legacy Society.

                                                                   Legacy Society for Hampton Roads
                                                                                  (Members as of April 18, 2011)

                                             Anonymous (15)                       Burton D. Goodwin, M.D.              Edward A. and Susan R. O’Neal
                                             Theodore Baker Jr.                   Susan and Paul O. Hirschbiel         Dal Paull
                                             Robin Deal Baliles                   Bruce and Susan Holbrook             Lee and Eunice Payne
                                             Mary Rawls Cooke Berkeley            Andrew and Esther Kline              Powell and Jacque Peters
                                             Lawrence A. Bernert Jr., M.D.        Paul A. Kotarides                    Nancy G. Plaskie
                                             David Cole Bland                     Leslie P. Langley                    Lynette S. Regan
                                             Tim Bostic and Tony London           Ernest M. Lendman                    Kurt M. and Rose R. Rosenbach
                                             Thomas C. Broyles                    Stuart P. Levy                       Roger F. Rowe
                                             Arlene T. Campsen                    Angelica D. Light                    Louis F. and Prudence H. Ryan
                                             Kim and Keith Curtis                 Edward L. Lilly, M.D.                Ralph E. and Joyce A. Safford
                                             Cinthia A. Cutler and Craig          Harvey L. Lindsay Jr.                Toy D. Savage Jr.
                                                W. Haines                         Robert L. and Jean A. Major          Jane Reeb Short
                                             Joshua P. Darden Jr.                 John May and Judith Whitehead        Lewis H. and Gay W. Shulman

                                             Ann Caldwell Dearman                 Martha Lee and Harry E. McCoy Jr.    Helen N. and Daniel E. Sonenshine
                                             Edward J. Dempsey                    Dorris W. McNeal                     Bobby Stein
                                             James R. Early                       Roberto L.R. Mercado                 Hildreth and Lois B. Martin Strode
                                             Russell D. Evett, M.D.               Gwendolyn Joyce Moss                 Charles Syer
                                             Lynne and Paul Farrell               Ula K. Motekat, Ph.D.                Ruth B. Weeks, M.D.
                                             Valerio M. Genta, M.D.               Jacqueline and Frederick             John O. and Susan S. Wynne
                                             Martha and Rob Goodman                  Napolitano Sr.
   Hampton Roads Community Foundation

                                                     Remembering Our Friends We are saddened by the
                                                     passing in 2010 of Legacy Society Members Julia Atwater Bristow and Jean C. Old.
                                                     We appreciate the arrangements they made for future gifts at the Foundation through
                                                     their estate plans. Our honor roll of former legacy society members also includes the late:
                                                                    W. Byron Babcock                     Linford Mason
                                                                    Winifred Maddock Baldwin             H.P. “Sonny” McNeal
                                                                    Charles F. Burroughs Jr.             Donald E. Sly, M.D.
                                                                    William A. Goldback

                                                                                    giving bACK

Dr. Tim Bostic & Tony London
                               MAKING PLANS FOR LASTING LEGACIES
 Photo by Glen McClure

                                                                                                      Dr. Tim Bostic (left)
                                                                                                      and Tony London enjoy
                                                                                                      giving back to their
    more info —>

    Dr. Tim Bostic and Tony London are forward-thinking          much,” London says. He and Bostic were drawn to the

people. “You can’t constantly take from your community.          Foundation because of low administrative costs, its
Someone has to put something back,” Bostic says.                 reputation and the ability to choose how their fund
    That’s why he and London arranged several years ago          would benefit the region.
to leave permanent gifts to the Hampton Roads region                 Bostic, an Old Dominion University English professor,
                                  that has been so good to       “saw heartbreaking things” when he was a Norfolk public
                                  them. The Norfolk couple       high school teacher. Trying to help students find ways

        Each of the 91
                                  has lived and worked in        to make better lives spurred his interest in scholarships.
        current members of                                                                                                        Hampton Roads Community Foundation
        the Legacy Society        Hampton Roads for more         London, who works with Prudential Towne Realty,
        has found a special       than 20 years. Bostic and      specializes in selling homes for older homeowners. He’s
        way to benefit our        London plan to donate the      seen first-hand the good people can do when they leave a
        community forever.        bulk of their estates to the   charitable bequest to make life better for future generations.
                                  Hampton Roads Commu-               London and Bostic are good community stewards who
nity Foundation. Half of their charitable fund will provide      have been involved with a variety of causes, including the
scholarships to help students attend college. The remainder      Friends of the Norfolk Public Library and ACCESS AIDS
will support organizations that help families in need.           Care. Their goal is to help people forever through their
    “We had intended to create our own foundation and            community foundation.
have it managed. But our attorney said it would cost too
                                                                                                         Watch video on
                                                                                                         your smartphone.

                                                                          f l o r e n C e                                    s m i t H     s C H o l A r s H i P

                                                                         Two High-Impact Physicians
                                                                                  PROVIDE GOOD VISION AND SOUND MINDS

                                                                Thank goodness physicians                                                                  Bruce Bodner, M.D. has helped provide 20,000
                                                            Robert Brown, M.D. and Bruce                                                                       corneas and eye tissues to help people see.
                                                                                                                                                                 (Below) Bodner at the eye bank in 1985.
                                                            Bodner, M.D. bucked the odds
                                                            and became the first in their Norfolk
                                                            families to go to college. Bodner
                                                            recalls being told in high school
                                                            that he should learn a trade.
                                                                “Lucky for me my mother
                                                            thought being a physician meant
                                                            learning a trade,” says Bodner,
                                                            whose mother encouraged him
                                                            to become a doctor.
                                                                Today as co-founder and
                                                            medical director of the Lions
                                                                                                     Photo by Glen McClure

                                                            Medical Eye Bank in Norfolk,
                                                            Bodner has helped give the gift
                                                            of sight to thousands of people.
                                                            Since 1979 the eye bank has sup-
                                                            plied more than 20,000 corneas
                                                            and eye tissue for transplants.
                                                            Recipients include 12- and 14-year-old Cassidy and Hannah                    Right now 17 Smith Scholars attend EVMS, UVA or the
                                                            Outten of Chesapeake, whose genetic eye disease forced them              Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine. Past
                                                            to hold magnifying glasses to read their school books. After their       scholarship recipients include a president of the American
                                                            recent transplants they don’t even need to wear glasses. “Words          Medical Association, medical missionaries, medical school
                                                            cannot express my gratitude,” says their mother, Kim Outten.             faculty, clinical researchers, free clinic volunteers, health depart-
                                                                At age 80 Bob Brown is a University of Virginia School of            ment heads and caring physicians in every specialty imaginable.

                                                            Medicine psychiatry professor who treats mentally devastated                                                          Brown and Bodner are
                                                            Army veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Since                                                              just two of more than
                                                            2005 he has helped soldiers through more than 10,000                                                                  750 Smith Scholars
                                                                                                                                                                           P h ot o c o u r t e s y o f t h e L i o n s M e d i c a l E ye B a n k

                                                            private and group therapy sessions.                                                                                   helped by the generos-
                                                                Brown and Bodner share more than being excellent                                                                  ity of Florence Smith.
                                                            physicians who grew up in Norfolk. Both are Smith Scholars –                                                               Brown was the
                                                            recipients of medical school scholarships provided through                                                            youngest of six children

                                                                                                a bequest from the estate of                                                      of a house painter who
Hampton Roads Community Foundation

                                                                                                the late Florence L. Smith,                                                       couldn’t read or write.
                                                                                                a physician’s daughter. In                                                        His mother only went
                                                                                                1952 a $460,000 gift from                                                         through fourth grade.
                                     Courtesy of the Burroughs family

                                                                                                Smith’s estate created a                                                          He graduated from
                                                                                                permanent scholarship at the                                                      Maury High School in
                                                                                                Hampton Roads Community                                                           1950 and from UVA in
                                                                                                Foundation to help Virginia          1953. He entered medical school that year among the first of
                                                                                                medical students. By 1953            the students helped by the Smith Scholarship. He left medical
                                                                                                the Foundation had its first         school after a year, taught high school in Norfolk, earned a
                                                                                                25 scholarship recipients,           Ph.D. at UVA and successfully returned to medical school 10
                                                                                                including Bob Brown.                 years later and served as class president.
                                                                             Florence Smith’s
                                                                        legacy of helping students
                                                                            become physicians
                                                                             continues today.
                                 Bruce Bodner and Bob
     Bodner was the              Brown are two of the
son of a butcher                 750-plus physicians helped
and graduated from               by Florence Smith’s
Maury High in 1963.              generosity since 1952.
He earned degrees
from Virginia Military Institute in 1967 and
the UVA School of Medicine in 1971. He
was an Army flight surgeon before starting
ophthalmology residency at Emory Univer-
sity. Bodner planned to stay in Atlanta, but
in 1979 Lions Club members enticed him to
return home to help start an eye bank.
     “I saw this as an opportunity to launch
a new service. This was my way of repaying
the kindness of my community in educat-
ing me,” says Bodner, who is on the faculty
of Eastern Virginia Medical School. The eye
bank is housed nearby at Sentara Norfolk

                                                                                                                           Photos courtesy of Robert Brown
General Hospital and helps train ophthal-
mology residents at EVMS.
     “The eye bank helped attract top-notch
eye surgeons to our region,” says Dr. Pat
Williams, EVMS professor of ophthalmology
and pharmacology. With skilled surgeons                   Robert Brown, M.D. has helped thousands
and cornea and eye tissues readily available,             of Army veterans have peace of mind.
patients like 65-year-old Jackie Howrey of                (Below) Robert Brown at medical school in 1953.
Virginia Beach can have

their vision restored                                               Brown served 24 years in the Army Reserves as a psychia-
without leaving Hamp-                                           trist and also ran a private practice in Charlottesville. Today
ton Roads. Her recent                                           the 80-year-old physician spends five days a week working at
transplant allows her to                                        Fort Lee near Petersburg. He treats 55 soldiers at a time with
drive, read books, see                                          post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury. Using
vivid colors and use a                                          psychiatry he helps soldiers regain peaceful minds, untroubled
computer after years of                                         sleep and satisfying relationships. On weekends he returns to
failing vision.                                                 Charlottesville to oversee a psychiatric resident at UVA.                                    •
                                                                                                                                                             Hampton Roads Community Foundation
     As a child Bob                                                 “I’ve never had a job as emotionally gratifying,” Brown
Brown dreamed of                                                says of his current work. “The degree of trauma our soldiers
being both a doctor                                             are experiencing is new.” Repeated deployments and attacks
and a soldier. He has                                           by enemies who don’t wear uniforms make it tough to return
accomplished both                                               home and function normally. Brown’s approach to helping
with motivation from                                            them heal is straight-forward: “I treat everyone like a hero.”
the Smith Scholarship.                                              At the Hampton Roads Community Foundation, our
“Your faith and confi-                                          750-plus Smith Scholars are our heroes along with Florence
dence in me… was an                                             Smith whose bequest allows
enormous incentive in my unrelenting pursuit of a medical       us to give the gift of education              Watch video on
education,” Brown says.                                         to so many physicians.                        your smartphone.

                                     exPerienCe tHe Power of PHil AntHroPy

                                                                                      Join Us
                                      We hope you will become an active partner with the Hampton Roads Community Foundation
                                      and experience the joy of seeing your philanthropy improve our region.
                                      Our two active philanthropy groups – the Community                 their grants on helping children in our region.
                                      Leadership Partners and The Beach Fund -- bring                        To learn more about either group contact Debbi
                                      together like-minded people to explore community                   Steiger, regional vice president, at (757) 622-7951 or
                                      needs, connect with each other and pool their donations   You can also read more
                                      to award grants. In 2010 both giving groups focused                about our giving groups at

                                                                      Community Leadership Partners
                                       This giving group is for civic leaders who want to connect with other philanthropists and learn about community
                                         needs and philanthropy. Each year members participate in recommending grants to nonprofit organizations
                                                      working in targeted areas. You can join with a $2,100 annual gift to the Foundation.
                                                                          Listed below are members as of April 15, 2011.

                                     Charles and Susan Barker        Nathan and Leora Drory             Paul and Susan Hirschbiel           Vince* and Patty Olivieri
                                     Sumner and Susan Bell           Doug and Ellen Ellis               Susan and Bob Hume                  Susan T. Pender
                                     Tom and Carolyn Betz            John and Janet Ellis               Akhil and Nita Jain                 Michael and Lee Rashkind
                                     Macon and Joan Brock            Darin and Jennifer Ely             David and Micky Jester              Robin* and Richard Ray
                                     Tom and Betty Broyles           John* and Joyce Fain               Anne G. Kellam                      Dick and Shirley Roberts
                                     Bill and Uschi Butler           Lynne* and Paul Farrell            Rob and Ann Krebs                   Louis* and Pru Ryan
                                     Meg and Bill Campbell           Rich and Felisa Ferguson           Aubrey and Peggy Layne              Will and Bev Sessoms
                                     Jim* and Cindy Cervera          Andy and Barbara Fine              Harry and Calvert Lester            John and Audrey Settle
                                     Becky and Hap Chalmers          Morris* and Jan Fine               George and Gwen MacDonald           Jane* and Win Short
                                     Ann and Clarke Crenshaw         Jimmy and Angie Finley             John** and Harriet Malbon           Bill* and Donna Smothers
                                     Keith and Kim Curtis            John and Susan Gill                Gary and Patsy McMahan              Ed and Jean Snyder
                                     Josh and Betty Darden           Michael* and Kathleen Glassman     John and Barbra Midgett             Robert H. and Janice G. Wells
                                     Morgan and Sheri Davis          Nancy* and Robert Hall             Fred and Jackie Napolitano          Lynne and Steve Winter
                                     Dennis and Elaine Deans         Bill and Barbara Hearst            Richard* and Maureen Olivieri       Dubby and Susan Wynne

                                                                     *Steering committee member       **Chair of the steering committee

                                                                                         Beach Fund
                                              This giving group is for Hampton Roads residents ages 25 – 45 (or those who are young at heart).
                                          Members gather for networking and to learn about community needs and philanthropy. They do hands-on
Hampton Roads Community Foundation

                                          volunteer work and recommend grants to nonprofit organizations working in targeted areas. You can join
                                                  for a $400 annual gift to the Foundation. Listed below are members as of April 15, 2011.

                                          Annie Beale*                            Sandy Jared                                   Rebecca Pucheu and David Hryvniak
                                          George and Lauren Dillon                Sheila Kilpatrick*                            Allison* and John Rachels
                                          Natalie* and Dan Eden                   Lamont D. Maddox                              Lisa A. Raines*
                                          Nancy* and Robert Hall                  Jessica* and Christopher Martyn               Jeff and Katherine Richardson
                                          Byron* and Amie Harrell                 Cory and Pattie McCallum                      John and Sheri Searing
                                          Derek** and Leah Holser                 Ann* and Rusty Onhaizer                       Amanda Tierney** and Josh Parnell
                                          Tina* and Andy James                    Lori Overholt                                 Jeremy Walters and Pamela Tarbox
                                                                                  Powell and Jacque Peters

                                                                     *Steering committee member       **Chair of the steering committee

                             beCKy CHAlmers AnD Annie beAle

 Connecting With Others
                                                             TO IMPROVE OUR REGION

     At age 9 Madison Beale
 knows that helping people is
 good. The Virginia Beach stu-
 dent recently raised $100 for the
 Virginia Aquarium by running a
 neighborhood lemonade stand.
 Each month she cheerfully saves
 part of her allowance to give
 back to the community.
     Madison’s desire to help
 others has deep roots. She sees
 first-hand the joy of philan-
 thropy from her mother and
                                     Photo by Glen McClure

 grandparents who are connect-
 ed with the Hampton Roads
 Community Foundation. Her
 mother and grandmother have
 taken their involvement a step
 further by joining the leadership
 teams of their giving groups –
 the Beach Fund for Annie Beale
                                                                                                           Becky Chalmers (left) and Annie
 and the Community Leadership        more info —>                          Beale are active philanthropists.
 Partners for Becky Chalmers.
                                        Annie Beale, Madison’s      moving back to Virginia Beach in 2000. She appreciates
         In 2010 more than 150     mom, is a member of the          her family giving her a roadmap for making a difference in

         philanthropists pooled    Beach Fund, a group of           people’s lives. Through their estate plans her late mother,

         their resources to tackle young philanthropists. Each      Annie Kellam, and her late brother, Floyd Kellam, tapped
         community needs           member family donates            Chalmers and her sister, Anne Kellam, to recommend
         through the Community     $400 a year to join and par-     grants from donor advised funds at the Hampton Roads
         Leadership Partners       ticipates in awarding grants     Community Foundation. That connection introduced
         and the Beach Fund.       to nonprofits each year.         Chalmers to the community foundation concept and the
                                      “Pooling your money           satisfaction of awarding grants to tackle specific needs.
 goes a long way, and you meet new people and learn about               In 2010 Chalmers and her husband Hap were among the
 needs in the community,” Annie Beale says. In 2010 the Beach       first to join the Foundation’s new giving group – the Com-             Hampton Roads Community Foundation

 Fund channeled nearly $20,000 in grants to nonprofits helping      munity Leadership Partners. The Partners bring together
 children in Lake Edward, one of Virginia Beach’s poorest           area philanthropists to pool donations and award grants in
 neighborhoods.                                                     key areas. Chalmers is now a steering committee member of
     Becky Chalmers, Madison’s grandmother and Annie’s              the Partners, which awarded $200,000 in grants last year to a
 mom, grew up in what is now Virginia Beach in a family that        dozen nonprofits helping preschoolers succeed in life.
 taught the importance of community. Her father, the late               Chalmers is “so glad my brother and mother started a
 Judge Floyd E. Kellam Sr., would leap up and head out to help      fund” at the Foundation. It connects you to the community,
 as soon as he heard a fire alarm. He “enjoyed helping others       and “helping people is a good feeling.” She likes connecting
 and really cared about his neighbors,” she recalls.                with “a lot of people who get things done. I feel I can call the
     Chalmers lived in North Carolina for two decades before        Foundation anytime I have a question.”

beCome A Donor                                               exPerienCe tHe fun of PHilAntHroPy

                                                                   At a recent after-work gathering a Hampton Roads           Foundation. Our honor roll of donors includes teachers,
                                                              business executive asked two of our staff members what          a composer, a seamstress and a telephone operator.
                                                              the Hampton Roads Community Foundation does. Before             Yes, some of our region’s leading business and civic leaders
                                                              they could reply, an engineer standing nearby gave the          are our donors, too.
                                                              perfect answer:                                                      You can make                   Our donors give us

                                                                   “The community foundation lets you have the fun of         a gift today using                  the resources to award
                                                              giving away money to good causes without all the hassle of      the envelope in this                grants to hundreds of
                                                              creating a private foundation.”                                 yearbook or by going to             Hampton Roads nonprofit
                                                                   If that idea appeals to you, then let us help you                  organizations and scholar-
                                                              experience the joy of philanthropy. Your options for doing      and using our secure                ship recipients each year.
                                                              good are endless, but here are a few to consider:               online system. If you
                                                              u   Sending deserving students to college                       are 70 1/2 or older and have an Individual Retirement
                                                                                                                              Account, a charitable IRA rollover is an option.
                                                              u   Helping homeless families have a better life                     Or, you can let your will say a lot about you by putting
                                                              u   Making our arts community even more vibrant                 a gift for charity in your estate plans. For many donors,
                                                                                                                              arranging for a future charitable gift through their wills,
                                                                  At the Hampton Roads Community Foundation you               trusts or retirement plans is a perfect way to make a lasting
                                                              don’t have to be super wealthy to be a philanthropist. A gift   difference. Your future gift lets you join the Legacy Society
                                                              of any size will go to work providing grants or scholarships    for Hampton Roads. (See page 22 for details).
                                                              to help people in our community. A minimum gift of                   If we can help you, contact Nan Edgerton, vice president
                                                              $25,000 will start a permanent fund in your name or that of     of development, at (757) 622-7951 or nedgerton@
                                                              a special person that will help people forever.        You will find helpful charitable giving
                                                                  Our donors are regular people doing extraordinary           information at Be sure to discuss your
                                                              work through the resources they have entrusted to the           philanthropic ideas with your legal and tax advisors, too.

                                                                                                                                     Smart Beginnings
                                                                                                                                          Best friends Serah Christian, 5, (left) and Zoie
                                                                                                                                      Davis, 4, are off to great starts in life thanks to the

                                                                                                                                      efforts of Smart Beginnings South Hampton Roads.
                                                                                                                                      The grassroots organization grew out of an early
                                                                                                                                      education initiative started at the Hampton Roads
                                                                                                                                      Community Foundation a decade ago.
                                                                                                                                          Since 2001 we’ve awarded more than $8 million in
                                                                                                                                      Foundation grants to Smart Beginnings. Many grants
                                                                                                                                      came from our Batten Educational Achievement Fund.

                                                                                                                                      The goal is to ensure Serah, Zoie and our other young-
Hampton Roads Community Foundation

                                                                                                                                      est citizens spend their days in great learning environ-
                                                                                                                                      ments. In 2010 our Community Leadership Partners
                                                                                                                                      provided a $15,000 grant to Smart Beginnings to help
                                                                                                                                      two childcare centers in Virginia Beach. One of them
                                                                                                                                      is the Childcare Network where Serah and Zoie attend
                                                                                                                                      preschool. The center used Smart Beginnings funds to
                                                                                                                                      train teachers, buy science and math supplies and pur-
                                     Photo by Glen McClure

                                                                                                                                      chase other equipment to create a better environment
                                                                                                                                      for Serah, Zoie and their friends. That effort helped
                                                                                                                                                   the Childcare Network earn a four-star
                                                                                                           more info —>
                                                                                                                                                   quality rating from Smart Beginnings.

                       f r e q u e n t ly A s K e D q u e s t i o n s

1. What is the Hampton Roads Community                            7. How do your funds work?
Foundation?                                                       We are made up of more than 400 component funds.
We are a regional community foundation and the                    Each retains the identity and purpose established by
largest grant and scholarship provider in southeastern            the original donor. All our funds are used exclusively for
Virginia. We were formed January 1, 2010 through                  charitable purposes following the wishes of the donors,
a merger of The Norfolk Foundation and The                        such as grants to nonprofits or scholarships for students.
Virginia Beach Foundation.                                        A percentage of each fund generally is used each year for
                                                                  grants or scholarships.
2. What do we do?
We award grants and scholarships to help people in our            8. How are funds invested?
region have better lives. We can do that because of our           Our assets are primarily permanent funds held
permanent endowment, which was created by generous                and invested for long-term growth. Our board of
people from all walks of life. Since the 1950 founding of         directors sets our investment policy and monitors the
our predecessor foundation, The Norfolk Foundation,               performance of funds. We have an investment committee
we have awarded more than $152 million in grants to               and investment consultant working with us. We regularly
nonprofits and scholarships to students.                          post the most recent investment results to our website.

3. What is a community foundation?                                9. How do nonprofit organizations receive
It is a nonprofit organization that awards grants to help         grants?
people living in a specific geographic area. There are more       Nonprofit organizations are invited to apply for a variety
than 760 community foundations in the United States –             of funding opportunities. Details are on our website –
27 of them in Virginia.                                 

4. Why did The Norfolk Foundation and The                         10. How do students apply for scholarships?
Virginia Beach Foundation merge?                                  Scholarship applications are available online starting
The two community foundations joined forces in 2010 to            December 1 and are due March 1 for most scholarships.
address regional challenges, promote greater community            Details are on our website –
involvement in philanthropy and help donors and
nonprofits in the region.                                         11. Do you accept gifts of all sizes?
                                                                  Yes. Gifts of any size can be made to existing funds,
5. How did the Foundation get started?                            including our family of community funds. If you want
A group of civic leaders amassed donations of $2,350              to start a named, permanent fund, the minimum
in 1950 to create The Norfolk Foundation – the first              gift is $25,000. We welcome current gifts as well as

community foundation in Virginia. Community leaders in            arrangements for future gifts from wills or trusts.
Virginia Beach created The Virginia Beach Foundation in           For details visit
1987. The two foundations merged in 2010 to form the
Hampton Roads Community Foundation.

6. What area do you serve?
We serve southeastern Virginia but primarily South
Hampton Roads, western Tidewater and the Eastern
                                                                                                                               Hampton Roads Community Foundation

Shore of Virginia. Our donors come from throughout
Hampton Roads.

                     +                                          =

                                        The foundation names and logos are trademarked.
wHere our grAnt s Come from           D e s i g n At e D f u n D s

                                                                Designated funds support specific nonprofit organizations named by donors.
                                                              Grants are made each year to the named organizations to help them do their work.

                                      Fund Name, Year Founded                          Value as of December 31, 2010      Fund Name, Year Founded              Value as of December 31, 2010

                                      ACCESS Education Challenge, 1999                                     $762,986       Gabrielle P. Hubbard, 2010                             527,654
                                      ACCESS 20th Anniversary, 2007                                         178,278       Lee B. Jacobs, 1993                                    402,250
                                      Isaac M. Baker Jr. and Sarah Lee Baker                                              Alice R. Jaffe Memorial, 1994                          104,268
                                         Memorial, 1995                                                       60,185
                                                                                                                          Johnsen Peregrination, 2005*                           230,419
                                      Mary F. Ballentine, 2000                                            2,365,096
                                                                                                                          Kellam Family, 2005*                                    779,154
                                      Batten Fund for The Academy of Music, 2010                          1,008,752
                                                                                                                          John Jay & Ola Hill Krueger, 1999                        33,715
                                      Batten Fund for the Children’s Museum of
                                        Virginia, 2008                                                    1,116,156       Harold L. and Brooke Neilson Lowry
                                                                                                                            Memorial, 1959                                        455,183
                                      Batten Fund for Horizons Hampton Roads, 2007                          930,548
                                                                                                                          Benjamin W. Mears Jr. Family, 2007                       33,492
                                      Batten Fund for Park Place School, 2008                             1,076,564
                                                                                                                          Ula and Janne Motekat, 2006                              67,138
                                      Batten Fund for young Audiences of
                                        Virginia, 2007                                                      856,491       Neptune Festival, 2007                                   35,385

                                      Bay Island yacht Club, 2009                                           336,618       Norfolk State University Honors Program, 1998           447,177

                                      C. M. Baylor Jr., 2001                                                    5,168     Kathrina B. Powell, 2006                                 23,720

                                      Bellamy Martin, 2003                                                    46,797      William A. and Lucille W. Sawyer Memorial, 1999          93,814

                                      Black Creek Baptist Church Enhancement, 2010                            25,461      Mary Elizabeth Semple, 1991                              90,011

                                      Charles F. and Mabel C. Burroughs                                                   Sergeant Memorial, 1988                                  70,232
                                        Memorial, 1960                                                    3,725,981       Shore Bank, 2006*                                        26,320
                                      Margaret G. and William T. Campbell, 1989                                 8,653     Shore Cancer Center, 2008*                               22,221
                                      George Chamberlaine Memorial, 1953                                     111,131      Slone Family Designated, 2008                          100,859

                                      Carol Chittum Endowment for the                                                     Smithfield Courthouse of 1750 and Clerk’s Office
                                        Theatrical Performing Arts, 2004                                      26,159        of 1799, 1996                                          24,831
                                      The Chrissy Fund, 2008                                                  12,174      Symphony Fund, 1962                                    910,297
                                      The Colenda Fund (Art, Gerry, Jeri Colenda), 2007                             413   Taylor Brothers Fund for Scholarships, 2010              25,325
                                      Fannie R. Cooke #1, 1961                                                79,091      Taylor Sisters Library, 1999                             40,920

                                      Fannie R. Cooke #2, 1962                                              314,714
 Hampton Roads Community Foundation

                                                                                                                          William J. and Ellamae Vakos, 1993                     116,415
                                      Elsie Stewart Copeland, 1983                                            51,353      Virginia Beach Foundation Administrative, 2007         126,928
                                      Lynnwood Craig, 2002                                                    18,303      I. T. Walke Jr., 1978                                2,870,650
                                      East Ocean View Literary, 2005                                        118,716

                                      Franklin-Southampton County Relay for Life, 2010                        26,842

                                      Green Family Memorial, 1990

                                      Hampton Roads Cultural Endowment, 1994

                                                                                                                                        Total of all Designated Funds

                                      *Part of the Eastern Shore of Virginia Community Foundation family of funds

                                                                                   o r g A n i z At i o n A l f u n D s

                                           Organizational funds are created by nonprofit organizations
                                                 to provide them with permanent endowments.

Fund Name, Year Founded                           Value as of December 31, 2010               Fund Name, Year Founded                         Value as of December 31, 2010

Auxiliary of Shore Memorial Hospital, 2006*                             $76,698               Norfolk and Portsmouth Bar Association
                                                                                               Foundation, 2009                                                   32,115
Beach Health Clinic, 2000                                                22,894
                                                                                              Norfolk Rotary Endowment, 1992                                    373,763
Broadwater Academy, 2005*                                                29,294
                                                                                              Norfolk Senior Center Endowment, 1998                               76,112
Broadwater Academy Julia B. Fleet, 2006                                 338,198
                                                                                              Old Coast Guard Station, 1999                                         4,683
The Children’s Center, 2008                                              43,798
                                                                                              Park Place School, 2009**                                           18,332
Citizens for a Better Eastern Shore, 2009*                               27,379
                                                                                              Peninsula Community Foundation of Virginia, 2004 113,778
Eastern Shore Community College Foundation, 2005*                         42,045
                                                                                              Physicians For Peace, 2005                                          31,301
Eastern Shore Family yMCA Branch of the yMCA
  of SHR, 2006*                                                           56,180              Portsmouth Museums Foundation for the Children’s
                                                                                                Museum, 2009**                                 46,205
Eastern Shore of Virginia Barrier Islands Center
  Endowment, 2006*                                                        99,089              Seton youth Shelters, 2003                                          25,066
Eastern Shore of Virginia Community Foundation,                                               South Hampton Roads Habitat for Humanity Inc.
  2005*                                                                 264,022                 Fund for Jill House, 2002                                         36,850
Endependence Center, 2001                                                      681            Sugar Plum, 2003                                                  539,979
Equi-Kids Therapeutic Riding Program, 2010                              107,638               Symphonicity, 2008                                                  18,721
Feldman Chamber Music Society Endowment, 1991 321,733                                         United Way of South Hampton Roads
                                                                                                Endowment, 1995                                                 496,692
ForKids Inc. Endowment, 1998                                             31,915
                                                                                              Virginia Arts Festival Endowment, 1997                             461,804
Friends of the Northampton Free Library Inc., 2010                       83,696
                                                                                              Virginia Beach CASA, 2008                                             6,053
The Hermitage Foundation Auxiliary
  Endowment, 2000                                                        37,272               Volunteer Hampton Roads, 2000                                       12,930
Hope House Building, 2005                                                 12,162              young Audiences of Virginia, 2008**                                 58,417

Hope House Foundation, 2002                                             254,347

Horizons Hampton Roads, 2008**                                          123,559
Hummingbird Fund, 2001                                                    74,198
                                                                                                             Total of all Organizational Funds
Mercy Medical Airlift-Angel Flight, 2003                                198,010

                                                                                                                                                                              Hampton Roads Community Foundation
 *Part of the Eastern Shore of Virginia Community Foundation family of funds

**Participants in the Batten Endowment Challenge program are eligible for matching funds for gifts made to their organizational endowments.
  The match comes from the Batten Educational Achievement Fund administered by the Foundation.

wHere our grAnt s Come from           fielD of interest funDs

                                                                   Field of interest funds support an area of concern identified by donors.
                                                                   Grants are awarded to nonprofit organizations working in those areas.

                                      Fund Name, Year Founded                   Value as of December 31, 2010   Fund Name, Year Founded                   Value as of December 31, 2010
                                      Ashinoff Family Fund for the Arts, 2004                      $25,103      H. Lee Kanter, 2001                                          204,170
                                      To benefit the arts                                                       For the performing arts
                                      Margot Reilly Barnhardt Fund for Women                                    H. Lee Kanter Endowment for the Performing
                                       and Children, 2005                                           67,489        Arts, 2001                                                257,485
                                      For women and children                                                    For the performing arts
                                      Benjamin R. Brown, 1985                                     127,452       Mary Jane Kunhardt Fund for the Benefit of the
                                      For research in mental illness and for those suffering from it             Homeless of Tidewater, 2000                                    8,549
                                      Charles G. Brown, 1983                                      403,571       For homeless people
                                      For advanced research in mental illness                                   Sean A. Lovas Memorial, 2008                                  15,136
                                      Community Action Resource Empowerment, 2008                      8,473    For support of children’s charities
                                      For projects that positively impact youth in certain                      Perry and Bunny Morgan, 2000                              9,214,447
                                      neighborhoods in Virginia Beach                                           For the arts, education (particularly student
                                      Mary E. and Curtis M. Chappell Jr., 2006                      28,072      scholarships) and essential human services
                                      For arts and humanities on the Virginia Peninsula                         Alfred L. Nicholson, 1998                                 5,653,243
                                      William A. and Jane M. Charters, 2004                     7,394,583       For the humane treatment and care of animals
                                      For essential human services                                              John L. Roper, 2nd and Sarah Dryfoos Roper, 1984 594,255
                                      The Colenda Fund (Art, Gerry, Jeri Colenda), 2007                1,648    For cultural arts
                                      For children, veterans and abandoned or abused animals                    Glenn Allen Scott and Anne C. Brower
                                      Community Fund for Arts and Culture, 2007                     22,561        Cultural, 2001                                              38,611
                                      For arts and culture                                                      For an arts and culture endowment
                                      Community Fund for Civic Leadership, 2007                     23,642      E. K. Sloane, 1997                                        4,257,151
                                      For civic engagement and leadership                                       To provide pianos to charitable, educational
                                                                                                                or intellectual institutions
                                      Community Fund for Educational Achievement, 2007 21,273
                                      For improving educational opportunities for students                      Brenda & Alan Stein for Homeless and Indigent, 1990 15,919
                                                                                                                For food, clothing or shelter, especially for children
                                      Community Fund for the Environment, 2007                      24,462
                                      For the environment                                                       The Surry Fund, 1999                                          12,569
                                                                                                                To promote racial harmony and lessen the negative
                                      Community Fund for Health and Human                                       impact of race in Surry County
                                        Services, 2007                                              22,276
                                      For health and human services                                             Taylor Sisters, 1999                                          14,785
                                                                                                                For organizations serving minorities, the poor

                                      Ryan S. Crouse, 2005                                          20,541      and homeless in Norfolk
                                      For children and teenagers
                                                                                                                The Laura Turner Fund, 1997                                   45,433
                                      Lowery D. Finley Jr. Memorial, 2002                           27,523      To assist adults with cerebral palsy
                                      For youth
                                                                                                                Tyler Cultural Fund, 1995                                    221,592
                                      Julian Haden Gary and Margaret Savage Gary, 1998 557,481                  For arts and cultural organizations
                                      For educational horticultural purposes
                                                                                                                The Virginian-Pilot, 2010                                 2,030,456
                                      Lee A. and Helen G. Gifford Endowment for the                             To support the technology needs of the
                                        Cultural and Performing Arts, 1997                        352,250

                                                                                                                Colonel Samuel L. Slover Main Library
 Hampton Roads Community Foundation

                                      For cultural and performing arts
                                                                                                                Harry F. Wall Memorial, 2007                                278,047
                                      William A. Goldback, 2009                                 4,354,968       For public high schools
                                      To support performing arts organizations and to support organizations
                                      providing medical services, medical education or research                 Skip Wilkins, 1992                                              3,755
                                                                                                                For basic human needs
                                      Victor and Ruth N. Goodman Memorial, 1996                 1,798,107
                                      For medical education and research                                        Sue Cook Winfrey Memorial, 1997                           3,740,419
                                                                                                                For organizations helping abused children
                                      Jennifer Lynn Gray, 1993                                      74,767      and/or spouses
                                      To support people with intellectual disabilities
                                      Paul S. Huber Memorial, 1985                              5,282,194
                                      For the arts
                                      Ethel T. Jones, 1965
                                      To improve life for children and youth in Norfolk
                                                                                                1,762,788                   $49,007,246
                                                                                                                            Total of all Field of Interest Funds

                                                                                                  winfrey grAnts

                                 Helping Foster Kids
                                                            HAVE SUCCESSFUL LIVES
                                                                                                                                         In 2010 Foundation

Courtesy of the Winfrey family

                                                   Guy Winfrey knew hard                Along the way Barrett has learned             grants to more than
                                             times. His mother died while he        to listen to good advice from help-               70 human service
                                             was a boy, and he quit school at       ful people – something she used to                organizations helped
                                             age 14 to support his younger          avoid. “I don’t just blow people off              thousands of area
                                             sisters. After working in a drug       anymore,” she says. “I try to make                people lead better lives.
                                             store and as a railroad laborer,       wiser decisions.”
                                             he forged a successful career              Young adults who leave the foster care system “have the
                                             selling cars in Norfolk at Conoly      worst statistics of having problems in the future,” says Tom
                                             Phillips Lincoln Mercury.              Crockett, executive director. His program works with older
                                                Despite his accomplishments,        foster kids who have no family support. Staff and volunteers
               Guy Winfrey                   Winfrey never forgot what it           help them find out “what they want to do and how we can get
                                             was like to struggle. Before his       them there,” Crockett says.
              death in 1996 he arranged to leave a $2.1 million bequest to              A second 2010 Winfrey grant lets The Up Center match
              the Hampton Roads Community Foundation to help abused                 270 younger foster children with mentors through its Foster
              children and spouses. He chose to name it for his first wife          Care Youth Mentoring Program. The children live in Chesa-
              who had died before him. Over the decades the Sue Cook                peake, Norfolk, Portsmouth and Virginia Beach but often
              Winfrey Memorial Fund has awarded more than $1.1 million              move from one foster home to another. That’s where men-
              to 16 organizations ranging from Children’s Hospital of               tors like state trooper Ross Thompson can provide stability.
              The King’s Daughters to Samaritan House.                              The 35-year-old Virginia Beach resident meets weekly with the
                  In 2010 the Winfrey fund provided seed funding for two            same 15-year-old boy to talk, have fun and be a stable force
              Hampton Roads nonprofits helping foster children thrive as            in his life. Movies, bowling, sailing and bike riding are among
              adults. The Together We Can Foundation is using a $77,940             their favorite activities.
              grant to help foster children and young adults who are ages                “I saw a huge change in him after the first year,” says
              14 to 24. The program links them with mentors, provides               Thompson. “He thought I would leave when he moved, but I
              educational opportunities and teaches them life skills. The Up        was still there.”
              Center is applying a $135,000 three-year grant to provide                 Mary Midyette, who coordinates the mentoring program
              mentors to foster children ages 6 through 17.                         for The Up Center, says: “I’m proud of the mentors who come

                  On one recent evening 19-year-old Paris Barrett met her           in with their big hearts knowing it will be difficult because of
              new mentor, a 30-year-old mother of a 5-year-old child.               the nature of foster care, but they still want to help.”
              Barrett has lived in three different
              foster homes in the past seven years.                                                                              A mentoring program
              As part of Together We Can Foun-                                                                                  is helping Paris Barrett
                                                                                                                                 plan a positive future.
              dation’s Connections Program, the
              Virginia Beach resident has earned
              a diploma from the Adult Learning                                                                                                                               •
                                                                                                                                                                              Hampton Roads Community Foundation

              Center and is studying to become
              a licensed pharmacy technician.
              She participates in Together We
              Can workshops that help her write
              a resume, master time management
              techniques and apply other coping
                                                                                                                                                       Photo by Eric Lusher

                                 Watch video on
                                 your smartphone.

                                                       more info —> and
wHere our grAnt s Come from          unrestriCteD funDs

                                      Unrestricted funds are provided by generous donors who create funds with no restrictions on their charitable use.
                                      This gives the Foundation’s board the ability to use resources wisely to provide grants that respond to community
                                                    needs, help solve regional issues or enhance the quality of life in southeastern Virginia.

                                     Fund Name, Year Founded               Value as of December 31, 2010               Fund Name, Year Founded             Value as of December 31, 2010

                                     Leon H. Ackerman, 1976                                    $269,447                Colgate and Constance Darden Memorial, 1980         8,363,169

                                     Anne B. Addington, 2004                                       35,216              Leroy W. Davis Memorial, 1993                           40,995

                                     Argyle Fund, 1998                                           208,732               Daisy K. and William P. Dickson Jr. Memorial, 2004 139,298

                                     Margaret B. Atkinson, 1971                                  124,766               Discretionary Grantmaking Fund, 2002                1,570,072

                                     Byron Babcock, 2009                                         474,493               Discretionary Grantmaking Fund for Eastern Shore
                                                                                                                         of Virginia Community Foundation, 2009*               66,508
                                     Isaac M. Baker Jr. and Sarah Lee Baker
                                        Memorial, 1995                                             26,995              Ralph B. Douglass, 1973                               604,612

                                     BAL Group, 1988                                                   770             Walter A. Edwards Jr., 1992                           293,723

                                     Chad Ballard, 2006*                                         104,378               Ellen W. and Douglas D. Ellis Sr., 2003                 45,402

                                     E. C. Barnhardt III Memorial, 2005                            54,461              Family Channel, 1990                                      3,145

                                     Frank Batten, 1988                                            35,445              Lynne and Paul Farrell, 1992                          216,333

                                     Beskin & Associates, 1988                                       1,392             Alan and Ester Fleder Foundation, 1991                    1,660

                                     Mary L. B. Birdsong, 1971                                   574,596               Barbara H. Fleming, 1987                              194,319

                                     Barron F. Black Article VIII, 1976                          155,231               Furman Family, 1990                                       9,542

                                     Munro Black, 1959                                           887,206               General Unrestricted Fund, 1988                       233,925

                                     Edward J. Brickhouse, 1979                               1,456,061                Gornto Fund, 1988                                         1,740

                                     Macon and Joan Brock , 1992                                   29,611              Albert H. Grandy Memorial, 1988                       100,050

                                     Dan H. Brockwell, 2003                                        27,005              Eva K. Grant, 2008                                    186,093

                                     Virginia P. and Charles F. Burroughs Jr.                                          John Stanley Gregory Memorial, 1994                   285,391
                                        Memorial, 2008                                        2,340,781
                                                                                                                       Evelyn D. Grones, 1990                                  10,486
                                     June Page Camp, 1999                                          93,795

                                                                                                                       Isla Vance Grover, 1980                             3,842,221
Hampton Roads Community Foundation

                                     Margaret G. and William T. Campbell, 1991                     10,100
                                                                                                                       William B. Grover, 1980                               565,710
                                     Chesapeake Bay Wine Classic Foundation, 1997                   3,236
                                                                                                                       Hall Auto Mall, 1988                                      6,953
                                     Richard S. Cohoon Memorial, 1978                            241,824
                                                                                                                       J. Burton Harrison Jr., 1988                              4,612
                                     Community Fund, 1975                                     1,056,966
                                                                                                                       W. Wright Harrison Memorial, 2001                         5,395
                                     Croshaw, Seigal et al, 1989                                    3,489
                                                                                                                       The Howard Association, 1987                           211,690

                                                                          *Part of the Eastern Shore of Virginia Community Foundation family of funds

                                                                              unrestriCteD funDs

Fund Name, Year Founded             Value as of December 31, 2010             Fund Name, Year Founded                  Value as of December 31, 2010

Johns Brothers, 1989                                        2,413             Langford W. Redwood, 1962                                1,603,115

Samuel G. Jones Jr., 2004                                103,169              Clarence B. Robertson, 1968                                165,380

Edwin C. Kellam, 1988                                       3,929             Lelia E. Robertson, 1980                                   280,538

Landmark Design Group, 1990                                 6,959             Walter H. Robertson, 1973                                  410,974

Edmund A. “Ned” Langhorne Memorial, 2008                   61,037             The Runnymede Corporation, 1988                                6,989

S. E. Liles Jr., 1988                                       7,620             Philip and Mary Russo, 1997                                  14,253

Joseph Lust, 1994                                           4,879             Henry and Phyllis Shook, 1991                                  4,035

Ethel and Linford Mason, 2009                         2,937,456               Hattie G. Slaughter, 1964                                  245,303

Francis and Jean McCoy, 1989                                5,500             Mrs. C. Gordon Smith Jr., 1990                               26,048

Gary D. McMahan, 1991                                       7,065             Special Fund #1, 1997                                    4,682,224

H. P. McNeal, 2005                                       346,915              Special Fund #3, 1984                                    7,996,331

McPhillips, Roberts & Deans, 1990                           2,307             Dorothy Redwood Cooke Sutherland, 2004                       94,545

Meadville Fund, 2005*                                 1,494,561               Charles Syer, 1996                                          141,774

Alva W. Mercer, 1972                                      48,650              The Trinder Fund, 1993                                         3,754

Perry and Bunny Morgan, 1999                          5,590,196               Helen W. Tucker Memorial, 2005                               44,012

C. Whitley Musick, 1989                                     1,043             Goldsborough S. and Katherine P. Tyler
                                                                                Memorial, 1999                                             90,364

Nandua Fund, 2008*                                    1,704,279
                                                                              Mabel B. Tyler, 1987                                       417,664
Napolitano Family, 1989                                  103,043
                                                                              Virginia Investment Counselors Charitable, 1997              26,590
V. H. Nusbaum Jr., 1988                                     4,324
                                                                              I. T. Walke Jr., 1978                                      948,496
Jean C. Old, 2010                                        368,175
                                                                              Eugene Walters Foundation, 1992                                7,499
Pat and Dan Fund, 1991                                      2,757                                                                                      •
                                                                                                                                                       Hampton Roads Community Foundation
                                                                              William P. Woodley, 1990                                     82,254
PNC Bank, 2006*                                           23,953
                                                                              Tom and Page young, 2007*                                    43,101
C. J. Prettyman Sr. Fund, 2008*                          152,037

RBC Centura, 1991                                           4,134

Irene D. Redwood, 1977                                   815,851                                 $56,356,535
                                                                                                   Total of all Unrestricted Funds

                                    *Part of the Eastern Shore of Virginia Community Foundation family of funds

wHere our grAnt s Come from          D o n o r A Dv i s e D f u n D s

                                                            Donor advised funds let donors recommend grants to specific nonprofits.
                                                         Donors also can name successor advisors to recommend grants from their funds.

                                     Fund Name, Year Founded                                                         Fund Name, Year Founded

                                     Winifred Maddock Baldwin Charitable, 1998                                       Goodman Family, 1988

                                     Batten Educational Achievement, 2003                                            A. Jackson Henry, 2000

                                     Beach Fund, 1998                                                                Julia and Rebecca Memorial Garden, 2002

                                     Jennet Bernert Helping Hands Charitable, 2000                                   Annie B. Kellam, 1999

                                     Bradley Family, 2008                                                            Floyd E. Kellam Jr. Family, 2000

                                     Ned and Patsy Caton, 2005                                                       Kirkland-Harris, Suitt Fund, 2008

                                     Checkered Flag, 2000                                                            Nancy Bush Lawson Memorial, 1999

                                     Cherrystone, 2010                                                               Robert A. Lawson Jr. Family, 2005

                                     Ted Clarkson, 2006                                                              Lewis Family, 2008

                                     Community Leadership Partners, 2009                                             Malbon Family, 1998

                                     James W. and Denyce K. Corzatt, 2008                                            Carl W. Mangum Jr. and Marguerite S. Mangum, 1995

                                     Homer Cunningham Fund for Meals on Wheels, 1996                                 Glenn B. and Reba S. McClanan, 2004

                                     Kim and Keith Curtis, 2005                                                      Joanne and Jim McClellan, 2008

                                     Joshua and Elizabeth Darden, 2001                                               Harry E. and Martha Lee McCoy, 2010

                                     E. J. Dempsey, 2005                                                             McKinnon Fund, 2004

                                     Friedrich Ludwig Diehn, 1987                                                    “E.A” and George N. McMath Edgewater, 2007*

                                     Dollar Tree Stores, 1997                                                        Meachum Education, 1996

                                     Dr. Luke’s Trust, 1991                                                          Milton-Mountjoy, 2007

                                     Fain Family, 2002                                                               Sis Nash Memorial, 1992

                                     Fine Family, 1988                                                               Nightingale Fund, 2004

                                     Gettier Family, 2006                                                            Alan and Susan Nordlinger Family, 2002
Hampton Roads Community Foundation

                                     Lee A. and Helen Gifford, 1994                                                  Richard and Maureen Olivieri, 2006

                                     John and Susan Gill Family, 2006                                                Marianne Olivieri Memorial Fund for the
                                                                                                                       Performing Arts, 2007
                                     Cindy and Chris Gooch Conservation, 2005
                                                                                                                     Alison J. and Ella W. Parsons, 2005
                                     William A. Gooch Conservation, 2005
                                                                                                                     Dal Paull Endowment, 2005
                                     Lewis B. Goode Foundation, 2002
                                                                                                                     Charles E. and Carolyn W. Plimpton, 2001
                                     Martha and Rob Goodman Family, 2005

                                                                        *Part of the Eastern Shore of Virginia Community Foundation family of funds
                                                                           D o n o r A Dv i s e D f u n D s

 Fund Name, Year Founded                                                        Fund Name, Year Founded

 Robin A. Rinaca and Nicholas J. Covatta Jr., 2006*                             Torrech Family, 2004

 Bill Rosenow Memorial, 2002                                                    Mabel Burroughs Tyler, 2007

 Louis F. and Prudence H. Ryan, 2008                                            George W. and Nancy S. Vakos, 2002

 Slone Family, 2007                                                             Christiane and James Valone Charitable, 2010

 Louis Snyder Foundation, 2002                                                  Bradley J. Waitzer, 1998

 Special #4, 2000                                                               Guilford Dudley Ware Charitable, 1997

 Special #5, 2003                                                               John Wareing Memorial, 2000

 Special #6, 2008                                                               Robert Wells, 2008

 Special #7, 2008                                                               Violet S. Whitson Memorial, 2005

 B. M. Stanton Foundation, 1989                                                 Dona Wood Family, 2002

 Debbi and Jim Steiger Family, 2006                                             Wynne Family, 2008

 David B. and Suzanne VK. Tankard, 2005*

 Lisa and David Tankard Jr., 2007*

 Tonya T. and Samuel V. Tankard, 2007*                                                            $64,897,654
                                                                                                   Total of all Donor Advised Funds
 Richard and Joie Tankard Conservation, 2008*

                                    *Part of the Eastern Shore of Virginia Community Foundation family of funds

                                  Apply for Funding
           G R A N T S A N D S C H O L A R S H I P S A R E A VA I L A B L E                                                                         •
                                                                                                                                                    Hampton Roads Community Foundation

    Thanks to our generous donors we are able to award grants                   students can apply for funding, please visit our website –
to nonprofit organizations and scholarships to students. In            There you will find detailed informa-
2010 those grants and scholarships exceeded $12.3 million.                      tion, deadlines and application forms.
    Grants are awarded quarterly to nonprofit organizations                         Staff members and volunteers from nonprofit organiza-
working in Hampton Roads. Scholarships are awarded once                         tions are invited to our monthly drop-in days – usually the first
a year in the spring to students who will be attending college                  Thursday of each month from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. They also
in the fall. Most scholarships are need-based, primarily for                    can keep up with grant opportunities by subscribing to our
students from Hampton Roads and are renewable.                                  free monthly electronic newsletter, the Grant Seekers Gazette.
    To learn how nonprofit organizations and college bound                      Details are on our website –

 wHere our grAnt s Come from         sCHolArsHiP funDs
                                                       Scholarship funds help students primarily from Hampton Roads attend college.
                                              Donors create the specific criteria for the scholarships. In 2010, 335 students attended 65 different
                                                                  colleges and universities with help from our scholarships.
                                     Fund Name, Year Founded               Value as of December 31, 2010   Fund Name, Year Founded                Value as of December 31, 2010
                                     Helen Murphy Addington, 1986                           $107,732       Nicholas J. Georges Memorial, 1974                         29,525
                                     For female graduates of Maury High School                             For Old Dominion University students of Greek heritage
                                     Kay White Baker Art, 1987                                  12,250     Harry Bramhall Gilbert Merit Scholarship, 2004           433,862
                                     For Norfolk Public School graduates studying art                      For Chesapeake Public School graduates attending
                                     Bank of America, 2002                                      23,610     the College of William & Mary, James Madison University,
                                     For graduates of the Bank of America job program                      the University of Virginia or Virginia Tech
                                     John “Max” Bennis, 2007                                    52,234     Everette H. and Edith P. Griffin Memorial, 2002          223,074
                                     For a student graduating from First Colonial High                     For students from western Tidewater or deaf and
                                     School in Virginia Beach                                              blind students from South Hampton Roads with a
                                                                                                           preference for Isle of Wight County students
                                     Barron F. Black Theological, 1976                          45,530
                                     For students at Virginia Theological Seminary                         Colonel J. Addison Hagan Memorial, 1980                   331,040
                                                                                                           For students at Virginia Military Institute
                                     Jesse T. Bonney, 1981                                     886,537
                                     For female students ages 25 and under                                 Hampton Roads Association of Social
                                                                                                             Workers, 1959                                            32,157
                                     Julia Atwater Bristow, 2010                           1,145,729       For graduate students in social work
                                     For graduates of public high schools in Norfolk and
                                     on the Eastern Shore of Virginia attending secular colleges           Hampton Roads Sanitation District
                                                                                                             Environmental, 1999                                      61,889
                                     Clara Wahlig Burhans Memorial, 1986                       653,729     For graduate students in environmental studies
                                     For deserving students from Chesapeake, Norfolk
                                     and Virginia Beach                                                    Joseph E. Harry and Bertha White Harry, 1990           2,568,278
                                                                                                           For students at Old Dominion University or
                                     C. F. and M. C. Burroughs Memorial, 1960                  952,725     Virginia Wesleyan College
                                     For students at Hampden-Sydney College
                                                                                                           Pat Howe Jr. Health Care, 2005                             26,124
                                     Stephen Ashby Carpenter Memorial, 1994                     15,630     For students in the allied health professions
                                     For Norfolk Public School guidance counselors
                                     pursuing additional education                                         Anne Hurd Memorial, 1987                                   76,862
                                                                                                           For female students active in Key Club or the
                                     E. W. Chittum Memorial, 2005                               45,238     daughters of Kiwanis Club members
                                     For Chesapeake Public School graduates with a preference for
                                     students attending Washington and Lee University                      Louis I. Jaffe Memorial, 1987                            365,677
                                                                                                           For graduate students in humanities at
                                     Community Fund for Scholarships, 2007                      27,610     Old Dominion University and for graduates of
                                     For Hampton Roads students attending college                          Norfolk State University pursuing graduate degrees
                                     Richard Dickson Cooke and Sheppard Royster                            James 2:26 Fund, 2008                                  1,516,507

                                       Cooke, 1951                                             158,893     For students living in public or subsidized housing in
                                     For students at Union Theological Seminary                            Hampton Roads who are attending a public college in Virginia
                                     J. Robert and Ettie Fearing Cunningham                                Thomas G. Johnson Jr., 1990                                56,254
                                        Memorial, 1992                                     1,020,260       For Norfolk Public School graduates attending
                                     For students from Hampton Roads with a preference                     the University of Virginia
                                     for those from Norfolk and those planning to make
                                     education their careers                                               Adrian Ryan Kirk Memorial, 2001                            17,975
                                                                                                           For students with ADD/ADHD/LD
                                     Friends of Joshua P. Darden Jr., 2009                     734,716
                                                                                                           Joseph A. Leafe, 1992                                      66,231

                                     For students attending public high schools in South
Hampton Roads Community Foundation

                                     Hampton Roads who are in need of financial aid                        For Norfolk Public School graduates attending
                                     for post secondary education at a college or university               Hampden-Sydney College
                                     Hunter Davis Memorial, 1979                                31,426     Lewis K. Martin II, M.D. and Cheryl Rose
                                     For former Thalia Elementary School students                            Martin, 2005                                             36,755
                                     who are graduates of Princess Anne High School                        For students at Davidson College, University of
                                                                                                           Virginia School of Medicine, Salem College or Salem Academy
                                     R. Franklin and Arbee R. Edwards, 1999                    157,106
                                     For students from Isle of Wight County                                Ellen Hitt McLaughlin, 1998                                13,686
                                                                                                           For students who attended Holland Elementary
                                     Frank Fang Memorial, 2005                                  43,105     School in Virginia Beach
                                     For Chinese or Chinese American students
                                     from Hampton Roads                                                    Metro Machine, 2005                                        45,079
                                                                                                           For students who met reading program milestones while
                                     Palmer Farley Memorial, 2008                              107,124     attending St. Helena or Campostella elementary schools
                                     For students pursuing a master’s degree in mass
                                     communication with a concentration in brand                           John H. and Annie Campbell Miles Memorial, 1990            91,068
                                     management at Virginia Commonwealth University                        For students from Mathews County

                                                               sCHolArsHiP funDs
Fund Name, Year Founded               Value as of December 31, 2010   Fund Name, Year Founded               Value as of December 31, 2010
William F. Miles Memorial, 1990                            20,656     Felton Ray Sharp and Evelyn Berryman
For students preparing for leadership in a field                        Sharp, 1999                                            361,278
of religious service                                                  For undergraduate or graduate students
Carrie Biggs Morrison Memorial, 1958                   1,081,113      Jarrod Camper Smith Memorial, 2000                        15,837
For students from Virginia Beach or Martin County, N.C.               For students who participated in youth sports programs
Ocean Lakes, 2010                                         100,000     at the Kings Grant/Lynnhaven Recreation Association
For Ocean Lakes High School graduates studying science,               Florence L. Smith, 1952                               1,936,159
technology, engineering or mathematics                                For Virginia students attending medical school at
Margarette H. Old Student and Nurse                                   Eastern Virginia Medical School, the University of Virginia
 Educational, 1960                                        214,180     or Virginia Commonwealth University
For students at Sentara School of Health Professions                  Hy Smith Endowment, 1952                                  42,730
or Salem College                                                      For students at Virginia Theological Seminary
Hope Wallace Parker Memorial, 1999                          7,600     Enid W. and Bernard B. Spigel Architectural, 1983 173,692
For graduates of First Colonial High School or                        For upper-level undergraduate or graduate students studying
Open Campus in Virginia Beach                                         architecture, architectural history or architectural preservation
Benjamin D. Pender, 1957                                  217,706     D.A. Taylor Memorial, 2006                              269,209
For students at the College of Notre Dame of Maryland                 For South Hampton Roads students with strong leadership
Lefki and George Polizos Family, 2000                      45,105     skills and academic ability who exhibit overall excellence
For students of Greek heritage or students at                         Vincent J. Thomas, 1984                                   75,357
Virginia Wesleyan College                                             For Norfolk Public School graduates attending Virginia
Harry B. Price Jr. Memorial, 1985                          96,398     Military Institute
For students displaying qualities of leadership,                      Thomas P. Thompson Memorial, 1976                       176,759
initiative and ability                                                For Norfolk Public School graduates
Roland W. Proescher, 1987                                 131,751     Weisberg and Clark, 2010                                  61,721
For students in engineering or science                                For students from South Hampton Roads
Elisabeth Kelly King Reilly, 2006                         143,173     Capt. Rexford Vinal Wheeler Jr., U.S.N., 1988             47,712
For graduates of Maury High School attending                          For Norfolk students attending Old Dominion University
the University of Virginia                                            Paul and Athena yeonas Memorial, 1997                   115,510
Edwin J. Rosenbaum, 1985                                  313,398     For students of Greek heritage or students at
For students of the Jewish faith                                      Old Dominion University
Ellis W. Rowe Memorial, 1990                              763,911
For students from Gloucester County
Doctors Kirkland Ruffin and Willcox Ruffin, 1997           17,608
For Norfolk students at Eastern Virginia Medical School

Wilfred G. Semple, 1966                                   243,302
For upper-level undergraduate students studying                                          Total of all Scholarship Funds
engineering, physics or math at Virginia colleges

       fisCAl sPonsorsHiP funDs                                                                                                             •
                                                                                                                                            Hampton Roads Community Foundation

Fund Name, Year Founded               Value as of December 31, 2010
Art of Glass, 1998

Red, White and Blue youth, Fishing Program, 2004

                                                                                     Total of all Fiscal Sponsorship Funds

                                         Total of all charitable funds on December 31, 2010
                                     2 01 0                D o n o r s

                                                 In 2010 the Hampton Roads Community Foundation welcomed gifts of all sizes
                                           from generous donors from all walks of life. We gratefully acknowledge the following donors
                                                          who made gifts between January 1 and December 31, 2010.

                                      ACCESS College Foundation        Anne Brockenbrough              Claude H. Crockett Jr., M.D.    Andrew and Barbara Fine
                                      Mr. David H. Adams               Mr. and Mrs. Theodore J.        Stacy and Aimee Cummings        Morris and Jan Fine
                                      Anne B. Addington                  Broecker                      The Curtis Family Foundation    Jimmy and Angie Finley
                                      Lisa Wigginton Alejo             Patrick and Ann Brogan          Kim and Keith Curtis            Chester “Tim” Fisher Jr., M.D.
                                      Martha and Tom Ambler            Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Brown   Patricia M. Curtis              Bill Fiveash
                                      Kitty and Eric Anderson          Dr. and Mrs. Richard C.         Darrell S. Daniels, M.D.        Alan and Esther Fleder
                                      Anonymous (21)                     Brown                         Darden Properties Inc.            Foundation
                                      APVA Preservation Virginia       Tom and Betty Broyles           George F. Darden Jr.            Mary A. Forbes*
                                      Joan D. Atkinson                 Mackenzie and Aaron             Mike and Kyle Davila            Robin C. Foreman
                                      W. Byron Babcock (Estate)          Brunson                       Jason and Leigh Davis           Ronald J. Foresta Jr.
                                      Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey T. Baker    Charles and Elisabeth Burgess   Morgan and Sheri Davis          Leslie Friedman
                                      Theodore Baker Jr.               Mr. and Mrs. James G. Burritt   Dale Dean                       Friends of the Northampton
                                      H. Furlong Baldwin               Bill and Uschi Butler           Dennis and Elaine Deans           Free Library
                                      Winifred Maddock Baldwin         Carrie S. Camp Foundation       Virginia and Alvin Dillon       Alex J. Gabriel
                                        (Estate)                       Page Camp                       Dollar Tree Stores              Graham A. Gaskins
                                      The Hon. Gerald L. and           Meg and Bill Campbell           Douglas R. Dorsey, M.D.         Valerio M. Genta, M.D.
                                        Robin Deal Baliles             Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E.          Nathan Drory                    Bing and Susan Gentry
                                      Bank of America Charitable         Carpenter III                 Ruth W. Duke                    Shawn N. Gersman, M.D.
                                        Foundation Inc.                Emily G. Carter                 John R. Eagle, M.D.             Harry Bramhall Gilbert
                                      Charles and Susan Barker         CASA (Virginia Beach)           Eastern Shore of Virginia         Charitable Trust
                                      Charles Barker Toyota/Scion      Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Caton      Barrier Islands Center Inc.   John and Susan Gill
                                      Mrs. Margot R. Barnhardt         Becky and Hap Chalmers          Eastern Shore of Virginia       Mr. and Mrs. Philip B. Glaize
                                      Tom Bates                        Checkered Flag Motor Car          Community Foundation            and Family
                                      Jane P. Batten                     Company Inc.                  Natalie and Dan Eden            Mr. and Mrs. Stuart D.
                                      Beach Auto Brokers Inc.          Cherrystone Foundation Inc.     Nan and Gary Edgerton             Glasser

                                      Annie Beale                      Chesapeake Bay Wine Classic     The Hon. and Mrs. Robert B.     Michael and Kathleen
                                      Ed Bell, Bell Seafood              Foundation                      Edwards                         Glassman
                                      Sumner and Susan Bell            Citizens for a Better Eastern   Doug and Ellen Ellis            Gloucester-Southside
                                      Carter and Larry Bernert           Shore                         John and Janet Ellis              Insurance Agency Inc.
                                      Mrs. Kathryn Bernert and Mr.     Paul and Barbara Clancy         Dennis Ellmer                   Kathleen P. Gonzalez and
                                        Lee Morgan                     Margaret S. Clay                Darin and Jennifer Ely            Catherine R. Pastore
Hampton Roads Community Foundation

                                      Tom and Carolyn Betz             ClubCorp Charities Inc.         Equi-Kids Therapeutic Riding    The Claiborne W. Gooch III
                                      Michael Blais                    The Rev. and Mrs. Harold J.       Program                         Charitable Trust
                                      Dr. and Mrs. William M.            Cobb Jr.                      Meredith and Barrett Esarey     Claiborne W. Gooch Jr.
                                        Blaylock                       Mrs. Geraldine Colenda          John and Joyce Fain               Charitable Trust
                                      Bruce I. Bodner, M.D.            Jeri Colenda                    Lynne and Paul Farrell          William A. Gooch
                                      J. William Bowles, M.D.          Colonial Chevrolet              The Feldman Chamber Music       Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Goode Jr.
                                      Mr. and Mrs. Howard L.           Charles and Minette Cooper        Society                       Sandra and Howard Gordon
                                        Brantly                        Mr. Nicholas J. Covatta and     Rich and Felisa Ferguson        Stephan and Marynell
                                      David and Janet Brashear           Ms. Robin A. Rinaca           Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund     Gordon
                                        and Family                     Scott Crabtree                  Mr. Lawrence and Mrs.           Eva K. Grant (Estate)
                                      Julia Atwater Bristow (Estate)   William and Mildred Craig         Charlotte Field
                                      Broadwater Academy               Ann and Clarke Crenshaw         Emily Harkins Filer             *Deceased
2010 bArron f. bl ACK Communit y builDer AwArD

                                             Allan Donn
                           A FORCE FOR THE FUTURE
      Allan G. Donn recalls being “a                                                            is tax law, which Donn says led him
  kid lawyer” when he met the late                                                              “into two principal areas – estate
  Barron F. Black more than 40 years                                                            planning and charitable gift plan-
  ago. Donn was a newly minted                                                                  ning since they all go together.”
  Harvard-educated attorney who had                                                                In Hampton Roads legal circles
  returned to his hometown of Norfolk                                                           Donn is renowned for his 1997
  to work for Willcox & Savage PC.                                                              work with a 90-year-old client
      Black, who died in 1974, was an                                                           who was wary of lawyers and
  esteemed Norfolk attorney and a                                                               owned a lot of family property.
  community advocate who saved his-                                                             Donn realized that the way the
                                             Photo courtesy of Willcox & Savage

  toric houses, raised funds for libraries                                                      man’s will was written most of his
  and helped found The Norfolk Foun-                                                            estate would go to pay taxes after
  dation, a predecessor of the Hamp-                                                            his death. Within two months
  ton Roads Community Foundation.                                                               Donn helped the client restruc-
      In November Donn was honored                                                              ture his estate plans to benefit six
  as the 2010 Barron F. Black Com-                                                              charitable organizations he valued
  munity Builder Award recipient.                                            Allan Donn         and reduce the tax payment by
  The Hampton Roads Community                                                                   $17 million. Donn did that with-
  Foundation presents the award annually to a professional            out ever meeting the reclusive client face to face. Because
  advisor who exemplifies Black’s enthusiasm for improving            of Donn’s work today six nonprofits have additional
  his community.                                                      resources to carry out their missions and help more people.
      Donn is a long-time member of the Sentara Health                    As part of the Black award the Foundation gave two
  System board of directors and has served on the boards              $2,500 grants in Donn’s name. The recipients were two
  of the Tidewater Jewish                                                                               nonprofits recommended
                                           Our region has many professional advisors who are

  Foundation, the Virginia                                                                              by Donn – the Foodbank of
  Symphony, the Norfolk                    strong advocates for philanthropy. Allan Donn joins          Southeastern Virginia and

  Forum and the Norfolk Law                previous Barron F. Black Community Builder Award             the Union Mission.
                                           winners Anita O. Poston of Vandeventer Black LLP,
  Library. His area of expertise
                                            Robert C. Nusbaum of Williams Mullen and Guilford
                                            D. Ware of Crenshaw Ware & Martin PLC.

  –> DONORS CONTINUED                                                                                                                    •
                                                                                                                                         Hampton Roads Community Foundation

 Mr. and Mrs. David R.            Fred Deen Herring                               Gabrielle P. Hubbard           Greg Johnson
  Greer Sr.                       Capt. and Mrs. James                            John C. Huenerberg Jr.         Thomas G. Johnson Jr.
 Capt. and Mrs. William             M. Hickerson                                  Long P. Huynh, M.D.            Alex Jones
  H. Grigg                        Mr. and Mrs. Irvine B. Hill                     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas            Douglas M. Joyner
 Nancy and Robert Hall            Paul and Susan Hirschbiel                         C. Inglima         
 Byron and Amie Harrell           Ernest Hodge                                    Mr. and Mrs. Gerald C. Jaffe   Floyd E. Kellam Jr.
 Grady Harris                     Dr. and Mrs. Roger A. Hofford                   Akhil and Nita Jain              Charitable Lead
 Sally and Ron Hartman            Derek and Leah Holser                           Tina and Andy James              Annuity Trust
 Bill and Barbara Hearst          Horizons Hampton Roads                          Sandy Jared                    Hank and Beth Kellam
 Hendrick Automotive Group        Joyce Howe                                      David and Micky Jester         Sheila Kilpatrick

                                     2 01 0                   D o n o r s                              –> DONORS CONTINUED

                                      Mary E. Kirk                      Ula K. Motekat, Ph.D.              Rashkind Family Foundation        Keith T. Sivertson, M.D.
                                      Andrew and Esther Kline           Mrs. Clancy T. Mundy               Patricia Peace Rawls              Mr. and Mrs. Jordan E. Slone
                                      Kathy and Harry L. Land Jr.       C. Arthur Nalls III, M.D.          Robin and Richard Ray             Norman Slone
                                      Landmark Foundation               Napolitano Family                  R. Alan Rice                      Martha C. Smith
                                      Edmund A. “Ned” Langhorne           Foundation Inc.                  Jeff and Katherine Richardson     Bill and Donna Smothers
                                        (Estate)                        Margaret R. Nash, M.D.             Allen and Ann Richter             Ed and Jean Snyder
                                      Leslie P. Langley                 Monroe Nash Jr.                    Mary and Morgan Riley             Wes Snyder
                                      Mr. and Mrs. Steve E. Lawson      Neptune Festival                   Dick and Shirley Roberts          Mr. and Mrs. Donald E.
                                      Aubrey and Peggy Layne            Dr. Daniel and Mrs. Lynn           Casey and Denise Robinson           Southern
                                      Mr. and Mrs. Arnold H. Leon         Neumann                          Betsy and Edgar Rossheim          Roger and Marion Spero
                                      Mr. and Mrs. Harry T. Lester      Norfolk Rotary Charities           RADM Richard Rumble               James and Joan Spore
                                      Michael and Pam Levinson          Norfolk Southern                   Lee Ann Russo and Kevin C.        Mr. and Mrs. Robert M.
                                      Angelica and Henry Light          Bob Nusbaum and Linda                Miller                            Stanton
                                      Dr. and Mrs. Edward Lilly           Laibstain                        Mary Caligari Russo               Debbi and Jim Steiger
                                      Don and Carolyn Long              Delbert E. O’Meara                 Philip L. Russo Jr. and Jane D.   Brenda and Alan Stein
                                      Ms. Marion J. Loughlin and        Vivian M. Oden                       Tucker                          Barbara K. Stephens (Estate)
                                        Ms. Jill A. Gallant             Jean C. Old (Estate)               Sarah, Andrew and Ben Russo       David and Kay Stockwell
                                      Arthur A. MacConochie             The Honorable and Mrs.             Mr. and Mrs. Louis F. Ryan        Mrs. Lois B. Martin Strode
                                      George and Gwen                     Norman Olitsky                   Samaritan House                   Sugar Plum Bakery Inc.
                                        MacDonald                       Richard and Maureen Olivieri       Stanley L. Samuels                SunTrust Bank
                                      Lamont D. Maddox                  Vince and Patty Olivieri           Dr. and Mrs. George E.            Thomas E. and Bonnie B.
                                      Daniel Maiello                    Ann and Rusty Onhaizer               Sanborn                           Sutton
                                      John and Harriet Malbon           Margaret and Grover C.             Mr. and Mrs. John Rodger          Randy and Irene Sutton
                                      Mr. and Mrs. Carl W.                Outland Jr.                        Schoonover                      Dr. and Mrs. Ashby B. Taylor III
                                        Mangum Jr.                      Lori Overholt                      Alfred M. Schulwolf, M.D.         D.A. Taylor Charitable
                                      Bill and Nancy Mann               Regina and Susan Paige             Schwab Charitable Fund              Foundation
                                      Dr. and Mrs. Lewis K. Martin II   Park Place School                  Glenn Allen Scott                 Mr. John S. Taylor and Mrs.
                                      Louise Eggleston Martin           Dal Paull Jr.                      Allen, Amanda and Sam Scott         Mary K. Brennan Taylor

                                      Jessica and Christopher           Payday Payroll Services Inc.       Mary Carter Scott                 Marshall Carney Taylor, M.D.
                                        Martyn                          George and Leslie Pelton           Mr. and Mrs. Norvell O.           Mr. and Mrs. Tazewell G.
                                      Linford Mason (Estate)            Susan T. Pender                      Scott Jr.                         Taylor
                                      Dr. and Mrs. James T. May III     Geoff Pohanka                      John and Sheri Searing            Carolyn P. Themides
                                      Mr. and Mrs. Jim McClellan        John Pohanka                       Betsey and Julian Selig           Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J.
                                      Harry E. and Martha Lee           John J. Pohanka Family             Sergeant Memorial Fund              Thomas
                                        McCoy                             Foundation                         of the Hampton Roads            Alma Tice Thompson Family
Hampton Roads Community Foundation

                                      Wayne and Cheryl McLeskey         Kevin and Kathy Prendergast          Community Foundation              Trust
                                      Gary and Patsy McMahan            The Thomas C. Prince Trust         Will and Bev Sessoms              Bruce L. Thompson
                                      Merrill Lynch & Co.               William A. Prince                  John and Audrey Settle            Tidewater Jewish Foundation
                                        Foundation Inc.                 Priority Auto Group                Jennifer L. Sharp-Warthan, M.D.   Amanda Tierney and Josh
                                      Metro Machine Corporation         Suzanne and Joe Prueher            Carol Waddell Sharrett, M.D.        Parnell
                                      Ernestine K. Middleton            Rebecca Pucheu and David           Betty and George Shaw             Mr. and Mrs. Michael Torrech
                                      John and Barbra Midgett             Hryvniak                         Dr. and Mrs. Christopher          Winship and Guy Tower
                                      Christine R. Morris and           Jane and Charles Purrington          N. Sheap                        Josephine Jenks Trant
                                        Thomas E. Kochaba               Allison and John Rachels           Wilson and Lola Shepherd          Dot Traweek
                                      Lt. Col. and Mrs. Stanley P.      Kevin and Michelle Rack            Jane and Win Short                Troutman Sanders LLP
                                        Morrison (USN Ret)              Lisa A. Raines                     Signature Printing & Graphics     Charles F. Tucker

                                                                   b i l ly                g o l D b A C K

Creating a Healthier World
                                                    FULL OF FABULOUS MUSIC
     Virginia Symphony Conductor
                                              Billy Goldback valued good music
 JoAnn Falletta loves to reminisce about      and good health.
 William A. Goldback.
     “It was always fun to see Billy after a
 concert. He was a devoted concertgoer.
 If he didn’t like a piece or if he loved a
 piece, he would always tell me,” says
 Falletta, who was Goldback’s neighbor
 in Norfolk’s Freemason neighborhood.
     “Music was his passion in life. He
 couldn’t live without it,” she recalls.
 “Lots of people enjoy the symphony,
 but it is a small group who can’t live

                                                                                                                                      Photo by Glen McClure
 without music, and Billy was one of
     Billy Goldback, a lifelong Norfolk
 resident who died in 2007 at age 84,
 also had other life passions. As a dia-
 betic he believed in helping people have
 good health. He loved his temple – particularly its music           a time for area school children to attend classical concerts.
 programs. And, he got a kick out of driving Corvettes. This             A bequest to the Hampton Roads Community Foun-
 quiet man had a boyish, adventurous side that led him to            dation created the permanent William A. Goldback Fund
 drive flashy cars and explore Singapore, Alaska and other           in 2010 to support arts and medicine. The first Goldback
 far-flung locales.                                                  grants have helped:
     Robert C. Goodman, his friend and an attorney                   u The Academy of Music teach more children

 at Kaufman & Canoles, helped Goldback craft a                       u The Business Consortium for Arts Support fund
 philanthropic legacy that captured several of his passions.           33 cultural organizations
 “Billy was a gentle, thoughtful, generous man,” says

                                                                     u Eastern Virginia Medical School expand to train
 Goodman who remembers him buying 250 tickets at                       more physicians
                                                                     u The Hampton Roads Community Health Center
 Courtesy of John Harrison

                                                                       treat more patients
                                                                           Many other Goldback grants will follow in the years
                                                                       to come. A separate Goldback bequest directly to Ohef
                                                                       Sholom “supports great music at the temple,” says Chuck
                                                                                                Woodward, music director. Later                               •
                                                                                                                                                              Hampton Roads Community Foundation
                                                                 Billy Goldback is among        this year the temple will debut a

                                                                 nine former Legacy             musical piece commissioned in
                                                                 society members who            honor of its music-loving member.
                                                                 have created permanent               After graduating from Maury
                                                                 funds through their            High School in 1940 and the
                                                                 wills or other estate plans. University of Virginia in 1944,
                                                                                                Goldback served in the Navy
                                                                       before returning home to work at Atlantic Electric, his
                                                                       family’s long-time business. John Harrison, who worked
                                                                       with Goldback for more than 40 years, remembers him
                                                                       as “very caring and not ostentatious.”
                                                                           Today Billy Goldback’s spirit lives on through the beau-
                                                                       tiful music and good health that spring from his generosity.
                                     2 01 0                 D o n o r s                                –> DONORS CONTINUED

                                      Hampton Tucker and                 Mr. and Mrs. Howard M.            Honorary Gifts                                                 Susan and Allan Donn
                                        Christopher Anderson               Weisberg                                                                                       Nan C. Edgerton
                                      Elizabeth A. Twohy                 Robert H. and Janice G. Wells     (Given to the Hampton Roads                                    Terry Tang and Jimmy Fang
                                      Mabel Burroughs Tyler              Edith R. White                    Community Foundation between                                   Morris Fine
                                        Foundation                       Dr. and Mrs. James L. White       January 1 and December 31,                                     Jennifer Lynn Gray
                                      United Way of the Greater          Karen Bloxom White, M.D.          2010)                                                          Capt. and Mrs. James M.
                                        Triangle                         F. Beale Wilhoit                  We appreciate gifts made                                         Hickerson
                                      George W. Vakos Revocable          William T. Wilkins, M.D.          in honor of the following                                      Harry and Calvert Lester
                                        Trust                            Donald E. Williams                special people:                                                Harvey L. Lindsay Jr.
                                      Virginia Arts Festival             Mary Jane Willis                                                                                 Jane Stuart Barr
                                      Virginia Automobile Dealers        Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J.            Mrs. C. Chadwick Ballard Jr.                                     MacConochie
                                        Association                        Wilson                          Mr. and Mrs. C. Chadwick                                       Mr. and Mrs. Daniel
                                      Virginia Beach Events              Lynne and Steve Winter              Ballard III                                                    Mahoney
                                        Unlimited                        Dorothy Urban Wright, M.D.        Logan Mackenzie Bates                                          Suzanne and Vince Mastracco
                                      The Virginian-Pilot                Mr. and Mrs. John O. Wynne        Skylar Thomas Bates                                            Philip L. Russo Jr.
                                      Jody and Alan Wagner               Dr. and Mrs. Terry P.             Sandra and Chick* Baylor                                       Glenn Allen Scott
                                      Dr. and Mrs. Frederic R.             Yarbrough                       Mrs. Jane Beskin                                               Capt. and Mrs. Gerry R.
                                        Walker                           Young Audiences of Virginia       Jimmy and Iona Cerza                                             Spaulding
                                      Waterfront Marine                                                    Mrs. Geraldine “Gerry”                                         Hampton Tucker and
                                        Construction                                                         Colenda                                                        Christopher Anderson
                                                                         *Deceased                         Betty and Josh Darden                                          Benjamin J. Willis Jr.

                                     nonProfit AC ADemy Honors 800tH s tuDent

                                         October 6, 2010 was Stan Winarski Day

                                          AT T H E AC A D E M y F O R N O N P RO F I T E xC E L L E N C E .
                                         The reason? Winarski, the co-chair of                                                                                        Most academy students take
                                     First Book Hampton Roads, was the 800th                                                                                     multiple classes, and 49 of them
                                     person to take a class at the Academy,                                                                                      have earned Certificates in Nonprofit
                                                                                                                               Photo courtesy of Stan Winarski

                                     which is held at Tidewater Community Col-                                                                                   Management. Stan started with a
                                     lege. The Academy is co-sponsored by the                                                                                    two-day session on nonprofit brand-
Hampton Roads Community Foundation

                                     Hampton Roads Community Foundation.                                                                                         ing and returned for a website class.
                                         Since 2004 the Academy has offered 188                                                                                  The Hampton resident plans to keep
                                     one- and two-day classes to help Hampton                                                                                    learning so his nonprofit can help
                                     Roads nonprofit staff and board members                                                                                     even more area children love reading.
                                     learn new skills in marketing, fundraising,                                                                                      The Hampton Roads Commu-
                                     administration and a host of other help-                                                                                    nity Foundation pioneered the non-
                                     ful topics. Senior Services of Southeastern                                                                                 profit academy to provide excellent
                                     Virginia alone has sent 26 staff members to                                                                                 but affordable training for nonprofit
                                     various classes.                                                                                                            staff and board members.

                                                                 Watch video on
                                                                 your smartphone.
Memorial Gifts                 Emily Harrison “Lee” Harkins   of the Society of Smith          John R. Eagle, M.D.
                               Starr Herman                   Scholars. All were touched       Russell D. Evett, M.D.
(Given to the Hampton Roads    Helen Chapman “Polly”          by the generosity of Florence    Chester L. “Tim” Fisher Jr.,
Community Foundation between     Herring                      Smith, a physician’s daughter,     M.D.
January 1 and December 31,     Michael J. Hofford             who created a scholarship in     Shawn N. Gersman, M.D.
2010)                          Mr. George Hogan               1952 at the Hampton Roads        Burton D. Goodwin, M.D.
We appreciate gifts made       Robert E. Howerin Sr.          Community Foundation.            Roger A. Hofford, M.D.
in memory of the following     Lawrence and Katherine         Over the decades Smith           Long P. Huynh, M.D.
special people:                  Keenan                       Scholarships have helped         Edward L. Lilly, M.D.
                               Adrian Ryan Kirk               more than 750 physicians,        Lewis K. Martin II, M.D.
Mrs. Lorrie Ashman             Roy B. Martin Jr.              including those named below,     James T. May III, M.D.
W. Byron Babcock               Dr. Melvin Morrison            pay for their education at       C. Arthur Nalls III, M.D.
Mrs. C. Chadwick Ballard Sr.   Lois S. Nusbaum                Virginia medical schools.        Margaret R. Nash, M.D.
Max Bennis                     Marianne Olivieri                                               Edgar H. Rossheim, M.D.
Barron F. Black                Elisabeth Kelly King Reilly    The following Smith Scholars     George E. Sanborn, M.D.
Grayson “Bunny” Bradshaw       Helen Hillman Schulwolf        have arranged for a planned      Alfred M. Schulwolf, M.D.
Julia Atwater Bristow          Jesse J. Scott                 gift, made a donation in         Jennifer L. Sharp-Warthan,
Dr. William E. Byrd            Lillian Majette Scott          2010 to the Hampton Roads          M.D.
Stephen Ashby Carpenter        Mrs. Pat Shepard               Community Foundation or          Carol Waddell Sharrett, M.D.
Mr. Lynnwood Craig             Charlotte Steingold            have created a fund at the       Christopher N. Sheap, M.D.
James E. Crocker Jr.           A. Brooke Taylor Jr. and       Foundation:                      Keith T. Sivertson, M.D.
Frances Saunders Horgan          Frances G. Taylor                                             Ashby B. Taylor III, M.D.
  Daniels                      Webb M. Thompson Jr, M.D.      Jeffrey T. Baker, M.D.           Webb M. Thompson Jr., M.D.*
Eliza E. Darden                Helen W. Tucker                William M. Blaylock, M.D.        Ruth B. Weeks, M.D.
Pretlow and Audrey Darden                                     Bruce I. Bodner, M.D.            James L. White, M.D.
Philip and Miriam Dean         Smith Scholars Honor           J. William Bowles, M.D.          Karen Bloxom White, M.D.
Dr. Everett L. Duke            Their Benefactor               Jeffrey A. Brown, M.D.           William T. Wilkins, M.D.
Fanny Snyder Epstein                                          Richard C. Brown, M.D.           Dorothy Urban Wright, M.D.

Dr. Frank Fang                 We thank the following         Claude H. Crockett Jr., M.D.     Terry P. Yarbrough, M.D.
Kathleen Franz                 physicians for their           Darrell S. Daniels, M.D.
Ann Georges                    generosity. They are members   Douglas R. Dorsey, M.D.          * Deceased

                                                                                                                              Hampton Roads Community Foundation

                            We’ve moved
                 to the World Trade Center in Norfolk
            Our new address is 101 W. Main Street, Suite 4500, Norfolk, VA 23510.                                             45
                                     H A m P t o n roA D s C o m m u n i t y f o u n DAt i o n

                                     Board of Directors                                                          Staff
                                     Harry T. Lester, chair                                   Administration
                                     Eastern Virginia Medical School, president               Angelica D. Light
                                                                                              President & CEO
                                     John O. “Dubby” Wynne, vice-chair
                                     Landmark Communications Inc., retired president
                                     and CEO                                                  Finance and Administration
                                     Paul O. Hirschbiel Jr., treasurer                        Martha B. Ambler
                                     Eden Capital LLC, president                              Chief Financial Officer
                                     Macon F. Brock
                                     Dollar Tree Stores, chairman                             Rosanne Scott
                                                                                              Administrative Assistant
                                     The Reverend Harold J. Cobb Jr.                
                                     Grace Episcopal Church, rector
                                     Joshua P. Darden Jr.                                     Development and Gift Planning
                                                                                              Nan C. Edgerton
                                     Darden Properties Inc., president
                                                                                              Vice President of Development
                                     Andrew S. Fine                                 
                                     Runnymede Corp., president
                                                                                              Debra R. “Debbi” Steiger
                                     Mary Louis LeHew                                         Regional Vice President
                                     The Planning Council, retired president        
                                     John F. Malbon, (ex-officio)
                                                                                              Lynn Watson Neumann
                                     Papco Inc., president and CEO
                                                                                              Director of Gift Planning
                                     Louis F. Ryan                                  
                                     Landmark Communications Inc., retired executive
                                     vice president                                           Mackenzie Morris Brunson
                                                                                              Development & Communications Associate
                                     Toy D. Savage Jr.                              
                                     Willcox & Savage P.C., member
                                                                                              Program and Donor Services
                                     Jody M. Wagner
                                                                                              Christine R. Morris

                                     Jody’s Inc., president
                                                                                              Vice President of Initiatives
                                     For biographical information and photos visit
                                              Leigh Evans Davis
                                     You will also find lists of past board members online.   Director of Program & Donor Services
                                                                                              Robin C. Foreman

                                                                                              Director of Scholarships & Administration
Hampton Roads Community Foundation

                                     Stay current by subscribing                    
                                     to our electronic newsletters.
                                                                                              Vivian M. Oden
                                     We produce two free monthly e-publications:              Program & Donor Services Manager
                                     u   News & Notes, featuring stores about
                                         grants and donors                                    Communications
                                                                                              Sally Kirby Hartman
                                     u   Grant Seekers Gazette, featuring grant and           Vice President of Communications
                                         education opportunities for nonprofits     
                                     You can subscribe to either – or both—
                                     electronic newsletters at            For biographical information and photos visit


                          The Hampton Roads Community Foundation appreciates the time and
                                expertise shared by our volunteer committee members.

Professional Advisors Committee            Executive Committee                Audit and Finance Committee

Lawrence A. Bernert III                    Harry T. Lester, chair             Jody M. Wagner, chair
Wilbanks, Smith & Thomas Asset             Eastern Virginia Medical School    Jody’s Inc.
                                           Joshua P. Darden Jr.               Macon F. Brock
Neal P. Brodsky                            Darden Properties Inc.
LeClairRyan                                                                   Dollar Tree Stores

Ginny Brown                                Paul O. Hirschbiel Jr.             Paul O. Hirschbiel Jr.
Virginia E. Brown P.C.                     Eden Capital LLC                   Eden Capital LLC
Lisa L. Conrad                             John O. “Dubby” Wynne              Mary Louis LeHew
SunTrust Bank                              Landmark Communications Inc.       The Planning Council
Cyrus A. Dolph IV                          (retired)                          (retired)
Clarke, Dolph, Rapaport, Hull,
Brunick & Garriott PLC                                                        Kurt M. Rosenbach
                                                                              Haynes Furniture Co.
Nancy J. Hall                              Investment Committee               (retired)
Wall Einhorn & Chernitzer P.C.
                                           John O. “Dubby” Wynne, chair
Peter M. Huber
                                           Landmark Communications Inc.
Willcox & Savage P.C.
                                           (retired)                          Marketing, Development and
Kirkland M. Kelley                                                            Donor Services Committee
Kaufman & Canoles P.C.                     John H. Fain
                                           Fain Enterprises LLC               Louis F. Ryan, chair
Richard F. Kiefner Jr.
                                                                              Landmark Communications Inc.
Northwestern Mutual Insurance              Guy R. “Rusty” Friddell III        (retired)
John T. Midgett                            Landmark Communications Inc.
Midgett & Preti P.C.                                                          Joshua P. Darden Jr.
                                           Paul O. Hirschbiel Jr.             Darden Properties Inc.
Gordon E. Parker Jr.                       Eden Capital LLC

Heritage Business Strategies                                                  Andrew S. Fine
                                           Timothy B. “Tim” Robertson         Runnymede Corp.
Kristen Hodeen Robinson
                                           Bayshore Enterprises LLC
Courtesy Law P.C.
                                                                              Harry T. Lester
Neil L. Rose                                                                  Eastern Virginia Medical School
Willcox & Savage P.C.
                                                                              John F. Malbon
Jane R. Short
                                                                              Papco Inc.
UBS Financial Services                                                                                          Hampton Roads Community Foundation

William W. Smothers
Merrill Lynch
Tazewell G. Taylor
Sullivan Andrews & Taylor
Guilford D. Ware
Crenshaw, Ware and Martin PLC
Edith E. Weiss
Dixon Hughes Goodman

                                                                                                                                 Non Profit Org.

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                                                                                                                                Permit No. 3253
                                                                                                                                   Norfolk, Va
                       Inspiring Philanthropy. Changing Lives.

                                                                                                                                                               Copywriting: Sally
                       World Trade Center
                       101 W. Main Street, Suite 4500

                                                                                                                                                               Kirby Hartman, Mackenzie Brunson and Amanda Slade Photography: Glen McClure, Eric Lusher and Stephanie Oberlander Printing: Jones Printing Service
                       Norfolk, Virginia 23510
                       (757) 622-7951

                                                             Ludwig’s will said a lot about him.
                                                             What does your will say about you?
                                                                 Hampton Roads composer
                                                              Ludwig Diehn died in 1995 . . .
                                                              but he lives forever through concerts
                                                              in our community underwritten by
                                                              his charitable bequest.
                                                                 Our free booklet will show you
                                                              how easy it is to leave a future gift
                                                              for your passion in life.
                                                                 Order your copy now at
                                                              757-622-7951 or visit

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