TEXAS INTER SOCCER CLUB
                    14501 Fondren, Houston, TX
         Fall 2012 Membership Fees of Texas Inter Soccer Club
Age 9 or younger $135.00          Age 10 - 14     $175.00    Age 15 – 18 $250.00

This fee is all inclusive for the season except for the Club Uniform. It includes the
Club Membership Fee and player card, and membership in TISA League/US Club
Soccer, and player accident insurance. It also pays for referee and game fees, and
training frees from the trainers of the Texas International Soccer Academy for
practice two days per week. Entrance and parking fees are also included. Families
who register more than one family member as players receive a family discount of
30% of the youngest player’s Membership Fee. Hardship discounts and payment
terms will be considered. Our goal is every kid should play.

The Official Uniform, includes 2 shirts, 1 short, 1 pr socks and 1 training T-shirt
$50.00. Usually, these are purchased once a year or as needed.

INDEPENDENT TEAMS may register as affiliate Members of Texas Inter SC if they
choose to play games in the league, but do not wish to practice on Texas Inter SC
fields or have Texas International Soccer Academy trainers. The fee package includes
Affiliate Membership, referee and game fees and free entrance and parking on game
days at Texas Inter SC fields. It does not include practice or training fees. Practice
and training may be separately charged if requested.

Age 9 or younger $60.00 Age 10 - 14 $70.00 Age 15 – 18 $100.00 (Practice
and Training Fees are not included)

The Soccer Complex will charge an entry fee of $2/car only on Saturday Home
Games for visiting teams and spectators. Members and Affiliate Members of Texas
Inter SC will not have to pay this entry fee as it is included in the Membership Fee.
This fee partially pays for the cost of field maintenance and preparation. Club teams
will not be charged entry fees for training on weekdays. When teams play away
games, the host club will charge a similar fee for entry of each car.

Visiting teams are charged a game/referee fee on game day. The Club and Affilate
teams do not have to pay this fee as they are included in the Membership Fee. Most
games are officiated by a single referee. U7, U8, U9, U10, U11 is $25/team/ game.
U12, U13, U14, U15, U16 is $30/team/ game. U17, U18, is $35/team/ game.

For any questions or registration of teams and players in the Club/Academy, please
contact Club President Skip Belt 281-650-2751, skipbelt@sbcglobal.net or
Junior League Director, Ariel Santillan 832-647-3204             Revised 8/20/12

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