Adobe_OCR by fahdfahd717


									                       HOW-TO OCR A .PDF FILE
                      USING ADOBE ACROBAT PRO
                               (NOT All .PDF Files Can Be OCR’d)

Step 1: Open the .PDF file you wish to OCR in Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Step 2: Click the Document menu.

Step 3: Move mouse cursor to OCR Text

Step 4: Select Recognize Text Using OCR.

Step 5: You will get the Recognize Text window

Step 6: Pick what pages you would like to OCR:
       A. All Pages
       B. Current Page
       C. From Page # to ##

Step 7: Click the OK button.

Step 8: The progress bar below will be in the lower
        right hand corner until it completes.

Step 9: Use the Find text feature in Acrobat to
        search for text.

Step 10: Use the Previous and Next buttons to
         highlight the text you are searching for.

Final Step: Click File menu and choose Save As
            to save file with OCR and
            searchable text for future use.

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