How Electronic Cigarettes are Beating Tobacco Cigarettes At Its Own Game by ecigscornerus


									How Electronic Cigarettes are Beating Tobacco
Cigarettes At Its Own Game?
Smoking kills! How many times have you come across this
phrase? Everyday newspapers, televisions, billboards are over
flooded with health and environment protecting messages
stressing on the urgency of stopping this menace. Then why
have we failed to eradicate this social plaque from its root? The
answer lies in a simple word, addiction.
Various companies have struggled to find substitutes for these
“death sticks” as a desperate attempt to reduce its
consumption. Nicotine gum, nicotine patches, chewing tobacco,
regular gum and herbal cigarettes are products included in
cigarette substitutes portfolio and have failed to bring out the
mass movement response.

Among all this chaos of failed products, the lime light shines on
the new revolutionary gimmick, electronic cigarettes. Laggard’s
consumers are reluctant in trying new innovative products in
the market. In my electronic cigarette review I will take the
opportunity to shed light on this world of harmless smoking.
Go Green:
With this contemporary device you can indulge yourself in peak
enjoyment of smoking with an added benefit of saving yourself
from the harmful toxic materials you inhale with usage of
obsolete cigarettes. That means your lungs no more have to
endure torturous doses of carbon monoxide, tar and tobacco.
The electronic cigarette uses none other than the basic
component of convention cigarettes that is; nicotine, but the
liquid nicotine minus the noxious substances stated above
makes the whole experience much more healthy. So look after
yourself and your environment by adopting this ingenious
substitute of ordinary cigarettes.

Enjoy Perks Of Healthy Smoking:
Perhaps the most astonishing fact you will in most of the
electronic cigarette reviews is that you will find its taste no
different from typical cigarettes. This is because they use the
same addictive element nicotine. This specific substance is the
main reason why smokers find it so hard to quit. Excessive
smoking habit overtime develops nicotine tolerance in your
body, so when you do not give your body the required share of
nicotine it shows withdrawal symptoms often defined as
trembling, headaches and vomiting.
To avoid the displeasure of facing these consequences smokers
find themselves lured into a vicious cycle of smoking which in
long run has disastrous health consequences. So when you take
a puff from e-cigarettes not only are you giving your body what
it has been craving for, in fact you are also triggering a rescue
mechanism for your damaged lungs.

You will find various top electronic cigarette brands online
discussing different perspectives regarding this topic. The
smoke from cigarette not only harms its consumer but
unintentionally traps the surrounding people in the cycle of
passive smoking. There is an urgent need to make the masses
aware of its disastrous repercussions and electronic cigarette
reviews seem to being a good job at it. Why not switch to
healthier alternatives that will benefit your well being? Escape
from this sticky maze of obsolete smoking deteriorating your
health along with your loved ones. With this being said the
purpose of this electronic cigarette review seems fulfilled.

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