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Februarys Parish Pump


Februarys Parish Pump

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									PARISH PUMP is published every month except January, and should be
distributed to every household in the Shill Valley and Broadshire benefice. If you
do not receive a copy, please contact your pump representative or the editor.
Advertising revenue does not cover all our costs, and we welcome
donations (suggesting at least £5/year) which you can send through your
Parish Pump Correspondent (see inside back cover), the person who
delivers your Parish Pump, or directly to Ellie Maughan. If you have not
already done so, please send your donation to cover 2012’s issues. Cheques
should be made out to ‘Parish Pump’.
We welcome articles, letters, diary items, or just good ideas for future articles [and
criticism, whether good or bad! Ed]. Please submit through your local Parish Pump
Correspondent, or directly to Ros Atkinson. Photographs are also welcome.
Copy should be sent electronically by email to
All copy for inclusion should reach the editorial office by the 10 th of the month
preceding publication.
Advertising enquiries are welcomed, and should be directed to Gill Cox
We are indebted to all the Parish Correspondents, and to all those in all the
parishes who make possible the publication and distribution of Parish Pump
every month.
EDITOR Ros Atkinson
Cross Tree Cottage, Cross Tree Lane, Filkins, Nr Lechlade, Glos GL7 3JL
Tel: 01367 860859         Email:
TREASURER Ellie Maughan
Home Farm, Kelmscott, Lechlade, Glos GL7 3HD
Tel: 01367 252220         Email:
Ivy Nook, Kencot, Lechlade, Glos
Tel: 01367 860250       Email:
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Half page           £26                 £70.50             £132                 £198
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Small adverts £10                       £28.50             £52.50               ---
20 words only
The Parish Pump team work very hard each month putting together our village news and
appreciate contributions from all. We cannot however be held responsible for inaccuracies,
mistakes or views expressed.

Welcome to a brand new year of Parish Pump. Currently freezing, I am sitting at
my computer wrapped in a blanket, with a hot water bottle and very feeble fire
going, into which I am happily feeding all sorts of important letters and bills.
Upstairs is a child with the pox (truly disgusting, he is covered) and to top it all,
I’ve run out of lightbulbs so am surrounded by candles, squinting. Apart from
the modern technology that is my laptop, it all feels very 18 somethings (century,
not year old). Age, incidentally, is currently off topic in our household as last
week I hit 40 (actually, I think it turned tables on me and whacked me over the
head, as I’m still reeling). Worryingly, instead of being all mature and sorted, I
seem to be regressing. I don’t even think I was all that evolved in the first place.
Before Christmas one of my wisdom teeth began popping out (late, I know, but
wisdom never really was a strong point, hindsight teeth is what I should have). So
I found myself approaching 40 and teething. Terrific. At a friend’s house I asked
if she had some painkillers and she passed over some Calpol, saying it was just as
effective anything else. I spent the next week toting a bottle of Calpol like a baby
with a hip flask, swigging every now and then to keep the pain of my new tooth
at bay. Great stuff, I highly recommend it. I don’t know why they don’t market it
for grown ups, we are totally missing out there. Now not only am I embezzling
funds from the piggy banks of my children, I am also snaffling their stash of
drugs. Oh well, at least they will have nothing to rebel against.
Then there’s my return to the womb in the form of compulsive bath taking.
Since we’ve had a bright, shiny bathroom with taps that actually work, and I
don’t have to do that Cinderella kettle filling bath thing, I find myself sneaking
off to the tub with my book at least twice a day. It does help that it’s the warmest
place I can find, tbh.
To top it all, I’ve given up solid foods and am juicing everything instead. Even a
bit of fingernail which I peeled along with a cucumber. It’s like I don’t even need
my teeth any more. I dread to think what’s next!
Anyway, I seem to have turned back the clock rather too effectively, and am now
emulating the ages of either 4 or zero rather than the two combined. Far less
scary than assessing my life’s achievements to date. Although having learnt how
to swipe the top off a champagne bottle with a heavy sword whilst a fluffy
poodle was getting jiggy with my leg on Christmas day was a late but important
addition to my list of things never knew I wanted to achieve before the age of 40,
but am glad I have. I think.
Well, for everyone who doesn’t suffer from triskaidekaphobia, here’s to a great
2013. And anyone who can’t cope with the number that comes after 12, here’s to
a fab 2014-1!!! Oh, and please, please throw money at whoever kindly delivers
your parish pump, we do rely on your wonderful support and hard earned cash!

Dear friends
A friend of mine said to me the other day that he was a bit ‘under the weather’. It
was not, as I assumed, because he was suffering from one of the numerous bugs
that invade the atmosphere at this time of year. It was that the prolonged gloomy
days of winter when the mornings are dark and the days seem so grey, were
getting him down. He had lost that sense of well-bing which is such an important
factor if life is to be worth living.
So what is it that makes life worthwhile and brings happiness? Does it depend on
the weather or money or what? Someone has parodied the American Declaration
of Independence as defending Life, Liberty and the Purchase of Happiness. The
delusion that getting enough money is the way to happiness is only too familiar in
our modern world. Woody Allen expressed the folly of it with his typical quip,
‘What's the use of happiness it can't buy you money!’ A BBC research
programme concluded that Britain is far less happy today than in the post war
1950’s, although we are threetimes richer!
What is often ignored in our society is that Jesus spoke more about both
happiness and money than almost anything else. In fact, in what is often
described as the greatest sermon ever preached, he elaborates both themes with
radical lucidity. And he begins the whole discourse with one word ‘Makarios’. It
is not an easy word to translate, and so there are a number of different versions,
but the simplest and probably the best are ‘Oh the bliss!’ or ‘Oh the sheer
happiness’ or ‘Oh the joy’. In other words he is spelling out the fundamental
secret of well-being. And what he says is radical and arresting. To begin with, this
bliss is for those who are ‘Poor in Spirit’. He is not talking of financial poverty,
he is speaking of spiritual bankruptcy. We are prone to be discontented with our
financial circumstances, but satisfied with our spiritual condition. He challenges
this. The truth is that until we begin to recognise how empty we are spiritually,
we don't long to be filled. The first step is to begin to see just how needy we are.
A friend of mine used to say there are two important words to remember. The
first is Compare, the second is Pray. Stop comparing yourself with others in your
social circle and start comparing yourself with Jesus. That is the only way you will
begin to see how bankrupt we are. Secondly, Pray. The destitute man in the street
never stops begging, and God longs for us to come with our begging bowl to
him. He is far more ready to give than we to ask. What he wants to give us is the
joy of the Kingdom of Heaven. The bliss of the poor in Spirit is just the first of
the eight principles for well-being he outlines at the start of his great sermon on
the mount. We could do no better than to let the full impact of his words break
through into our lives during this coming year. Then the weather and the FTSE
index will not control our well-being.
Harry MacInnes

1st Sunday 3rd February Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany
10.30am            Alvescot           Benefice Communion   Rev Wheaton/Rev
4.00pm             Bradwell Village   Church@4             Rev Wheaton/Rev
6.00pm              Langford          Evensong             Rev MacInnes
2nd Sunday 10th February Transfiguration Sunday
9.00am             Alvescot         Holy Communion         Rev Wheaton
9.00am             Broadwell        Holy Communion         Rev MacInnes
9.00am             Westwell         Holy Communion         Rev McGrath
10.30am            Filkins          Parish Communion       Rev McGrath
10.30am            Shilton          Parish Communion &     Rev Wheaton
                                    Children’s Church
11.00am            Little Faringdon St Margaret’s Day      Rev MacInnes
6.00pm             Black Bourton    Evensong               Rev MacInnes
6.00pm             Kencot           Evensong               Rev Wheaton
Wednesday 13th February (Ash Wednesday)
7.30pm              Kencot            Benefice Communion   Rev Johnson
3rd Sunday 17th February First Sunday in Lent
9.00am             Black Bourton      Holy Communion       Rev Johnson
9.00am             Holwell            Holy Communion       Rev Ross
10.30am            Langford           Parish Communion     Rev Johnson
10.30am            Kelmscott          Family Communion     Rev Ross
6.00pm             Filkins            Evensong             Mr Jeremy Lane
6.00pm             Westwell           Evensong             Rev Ross
Wednesday 20th February
9.00pm               Shilton         Compline              Rev MacInnes
4th Sunday 24th February Second Sunday in Lent
9.00am             Shilton            Holy Communion       Rev McGrath
9.00am             Kencot             Holy Communion       Rev MacInnes
10.30am            Alvescot           Parish Communion     Rev Kettle
10.30am            Filkins            Family Communion     Rev Wheaton
10.30am            Broadwell          Matins               Rev MacInnes
11.00am            Lt Faringdon       Parish Communion     Rev McGrath
6.00pm             Holwell            Evensong             Rev MacInnes
6.00pm             Langford           Evensong             Rev Wheaton
Wednesday 27th February
9.00pm             Black Bourton      Compline             Mr Jeremy Lane

13th February      Black Bourton           10.00           Rev Johnson
27th February      Black Bourton           10.00           Rev MacInnes

MARCH Sunday 3rd March (Lent III)
9.00am      Alvescot                        Holy Communion              Rev MacInnes
9.00am      Westwell                        Holy Communion              Rev Wheaton
10.30am     Kencot                          Parish Communion            Rev MacInnes
4.00pm      Bradwell Village                Churches@4                  Rev Wheaton/Rev Ross
Wed 6th February         11.30am                 Communion               Rev Wheaton
Wed 20th February        11.30am                 Communion               Rev MacInnes

February 3rd (Green) Fourth Sunday after Epiphany
Jeremiah 1:4-10     Psalm 71:1-6 (UMH 1 Corinthians 13:1-                Luke 4:21-30
                    794)                13
February 10th (White) Transfiguration Sunday
Exodus 34:29-35     Psalm 99 (UMH    2 Corinthians 3:12-                 Luke 9:28-36 (37-
                    819)             4:2                                 43)
February 13th (Purple) Ash Wednesday
Joel 2:1-2, 12-17        Psalm 51:1-17        2 Corinthians              Matthew 6:1-6,16-
                         (UMH 785)            5:20b-6:10                 21
February 17th       (Purple) First Sunday in Lent
Deuteronomy 26:1- Psalm 91:1-2, 9-16   Romans 10:8b-13                   Luke 4:1-13
11                 (UMH 810)
February 24th (Purple) Second Sunday in Lent
Genesis 15:1-12,         Psalm 27 (UMH           Philippians 3:17-4:1    Luke 13:31-35
17-18                    758)
BIBLE STUDY GROUP Glimpses of God - Hope for Today’s World
The theme of our Lent Course this year is; ‘looking for evidence of God’s
presence and activity in a world beset by so many moral conundrums’. The
course CD includes contributions from Bishop Stephen Cottrell, Baroness
Shirley Williams, Rev’d Lucy Winkett and Canon David Winter. We are spreading
the course across the whole term, rather than squeezing it into five weeks:
January 15th    The God who hears our cry
January 29th     The Shepherd who guides his people
February 12th The Son who is the Way, Truth and Life
February 26th The God who shares our pain
March 12th      The God who calms our fears
Our meetings are on Tuesday afternoons, from 2.00pm to 3.30pm,at 11 Oakey
Close, Alvescot. You are welcome to any or all of them: I look forward to seeing
you! Contact me on 01993 846169 for more information
 Liz Johnson

              Every month we have a number of services specifically geared for
              parents and children to worship together. Why not come and join
              us at one of them?
Feb. 3rd ‘Church@4’       Bradwell Village Hall
Feb. 10th Children’s Church Shilton
Feb. 24th Family Communion Filkins
For more information contact: Rev’d Patrick Wheaton - 01367
Here I am sitting in Shilton Old School looking forward to Soup Day.
The sun is shining and I can’t believe it was only a fortnight ago we
were celebrating Christmas in the rain!
On reflection perhaps my fondest Christmas memory is our visit to
the home at Bradwell Grove. There were about 14 of us and we started in
reception and processed through the home singing carols and making new
friends and catching up with old ones. To say that there was a very joyful
atmosphere was an understatement. Everyone was in hearty voice.
I am not sure at what age you become elderly and my guess is that it is more a
frame of mind rather than anything else. But this I do know we undervalue our
elderly population and they are not given the love and respect they rightly
deserve. They have a lifetime of valuable experience which only time can give.
Their joys and sorrows along life’s way have moulded them into the very special
people that they are. I think we are at last realising just how important and how
lucky we are to be blessed by these folk who have loved and cared and achieved
so much for us, and I suppose a very poignant reminder of this to us is the
celebration of the Queen’s Jubilee last year. Here is a lady who, without celebrity
status, just gets on with the job in hand, dedicated, devoted and an example to all
of us. So to wrap it all up, Christmas is about more than giving and receiving
presents, good as that is, perhaps more about giving of ourselves and as we give
how much more we receive. Perhaps that‘s the message of Christmas.
Preachers for February:
February 3rd           Informal              February 17th        David Earl
February 10th          Barry Shepherd        February 24th        David Earl
All of our services begin at 3.00pm and everyone is very welcome. Our February
Soup Day is on Wednesday 6th from 12 to 1.30pm. and again everyone is very
Elizabeth Harfield

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday 6th February at 3.00pm in the Methodist
Church Schoolroom.We will be looking at slides prepared by the women of
France prior to the Women’s World Day of Prayer, which is on Friday March 1 st
at 2.30pm. All are welcome. Refreshments will be provided.
There will a service at 3.00pm every Sunday in the Methodist Church.
Barbara Edwards

The 15 villages that make up the 11 parishes in the Shill &
Broadshire Benefice are lively places. Every month there are
dozens of events organized by the many local organizations that
flourish here.
We are pleased to report on every event that has happened, and
to publicise all those that are to come.
We try to incorporate all the many contributions we receive, but
please accept that we can not always advertise your particular
event in the way you would like.
But please do keep sending us all your Village News.

                 St Peter’s

As part of our fund-raising for St. Peter’s Church, we shall be handing out
£10.00 notes during the spring! The challenge is for you to use your talents to put
the money to work and multiply it, and in the autumn we will gather it in and see
how much it has grown. More information next month, so do start thinking now,
what could you do?
Liz Johnson
Progress with the Restoration and Improvement 2013 update
Our vision developed in 2009/2010 by the Parochial Church Council (PCC), in
consultation with Alvescot villagers and the school, for restoring and improving
the quality of the church building for whole community use is gradually coming
closer to implementation. We have been fundraising hard for three years for this,
and are continuing to do so with ongoing events, grant applications and appeals.

Managing the terrible damp is a priority and we have now obtained some support
funding from English Heritage to begin work on this. English Heritage funding
will also enable us to replace the roof of the tower which recent surveys have
shown is very worn. This will start in 2013 and should be completed in 2014.
Some of our fundraising will be required to support the English Heritage grant.
We have also been awarded grants from West Oxfordshire District Council, the
Oxford Diocese and The Department for Culture, Media and Sport. These, along
with our own fundraising, will enable us to add the small extension at the back of
the church which will house the new heating plant room and the toilet facilities.
This work will begin in 2013 and we already have planning permission to do this.
We also have gained some grant funding towards the new ground source heat
pump, but we now urgently need to raise funds for the whole costs plus the new
flooring and heating system. This is our priority for the months ahead.
Alvescot village residents will have heard that St Peter’s School is in the early
stages of the necessary consultations for possible expansion. The timescale for
any development is as yet uncertain and the church project will be underway
before the possible school expansion is agreed by the different bodies. Our
restoration and improvement will proceed as planned with ongoing
communications with the School Governors about both projects. With
continued fundraising support we look forward to the end of 2014 when we will
have a church building that is dry, warm and comfortable, and more readily
usable by the whole community, including the school.
Tessa Farley and Jayne Lewin
It seems hard to believe that in only 4 months’ time we will be basking in
glorious Summer sunshine at our Village Fete (the eternal optimist!). We are
holding an Open Meeting to start planning this year’s event at St Peter’s School
on Thursday 21st February at 7.00pm. The Fete is a very important annual event,
raising much-needed funds for Village organisations. We need ideas for themes,
entertainment, stalls, however wacky, it would be great to do something a little
different this year, so do come along if you if you have any suggestions! If you
can’t make the meeting, and would like to get involved in any way, please do let
me know on 01993 841522. Many thanks
Ann Cadogan
Please make a note in your diary for 23rd March 2013. Lots of people enjoyed the
evening with The Oddfellas last year and they are happy to play for us again next
year. This time we will raise money for Breast and Prostate Cancer Research.
Tickets £8.00 in advance from Terry 01993 842135 or me on 01993 844124.
Doreen Hart

On behalf of the children, staff and
governors of St Peter’s, I would like
to wish you all a very Happy New
Year and to thank everyone who
supported the School during 2012.
We look forward to what the year
ahead holds and to working together
to ensure the continued success of the school in 2013.
The school continues to run a range of after-school clubs for Key Stage 1
children. Last term, for the first time, Reverend Liz Johnson and Tessa Farley ran
a JAM Club for a group of eight children who enjoyed learning about different
characters from the Old Testament through a range of creative activities. This
club will run again during Term 4. Mrs Morris continues to run the Gardening
Club, with the help of one of our parents, Dawn Bough, and both do a
wonderful job of helping the children to feed the birds and look after our
grounds. The school choir has proven very popular and, thanks to Mrs Gilroy,
the children have enjoyed learning lots of new songs. Mrs King was extremely
grateful to Paul Floyd and James Maddern last term, for running the Tag Rugby
Club! Thanks you to everyone who is involved in providing these extra-curricular
opportunities for our children.
Our Christmas celebrations began with the Christmas Bazaar. This year £1520
was raised, some of which has been used towards the purchase of the ipads for
the use of all the children. Thank you to everyone who supported this event and
helped to raise such a marvellous sum.
Once again, the school took part in ‘Operation Christmas Child’ and this year
received over 20 shoeboxes. Thank you to all the families who donated a box and
made a difference to a child in need, somewhere in the world, at Christmas.
This year’s Christmas Nativity, ‘It’s a Baby’, was truly magnificent. The children
were wonderful and there were many memorable performances. Thanks to all the
staff who worked so hard with the children to give them this wonderful
opportunity; rehearsing songs and lines, painting the set and making costumes- it
truly was a great team effort.
Many thanks to Sue Morris who played the piano for us and Al Birmingham who
took photographs, donating 50% of his profits to the school.
Photographs of the nativity and the children singing at County Hall can be seen
in the photo gallery of the Children’s Pages on the school’s website at:
Sam King

            St Mary’s
Bravo everyone for making the carol singing in the church such a memorable
evening and resounding success. Sarah Miles led us all beautifully on the organ,
supported by young violinists Chloe Rodger and Libby Shaw.
The scrumptious mulled wine, delicious mince pies, savouries and nibbles,
beautifully decorated candlelit church, the readings and a rattling good sing
helped us all forget the commercial pre-Christmas hassle! Many thanks to all the
people who provided all the ingredients for a lovely event.
Jane Jones
P.S Good luck and best wishes from us all Sarah for your grade 8 piano exam.
Please make a note in your diary for 23rd March 2013. Lots of people enjoyed the
evening with The Oddfellas last year in Alvescot Hall and they are happy to play
for us again. They sing a variety of British and American Folk songs and play a
variety of instruments This time we will raise money for Breast and Prostate
Cancer Research. Tickets £8.00 in advance from Terry Morris 01993 842135 and
Doreen on 01993 844124.
On behalf of St Mary’s PCC, I would like to thank all those who donated
towards the Christmas Trees. It is wonderful to have the path to the Church lit
up with pretty lights. A special thank you to Tom Lanham for sponsoring the
tree in the Church and to his Mum, Jeanette, and her mum for knitting all the
decorations. This year the theme was ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ and it
looked splendid. Tom made a wonderful sleigh for Father Christmas. The
Church was also beautifully decorated with flower arrangements, so many thanks
to all those who found the time to do that and a big thank you to Jane Jones for
co-ordinating everything. The Church is not just for Christmas it is active all the
year, so a big thank you to those who keep it clean and welcoming all year round
especially Tessa Taylor who is a super cleaner and Bill Taylor for keeping the
graveyard so tidy.
Christine Pope has been the main flower arranger for many years and we all wish
her the best for her operation and hope to see her running about and active soon.
Many thank to the BBVA for arranging the trip to ‘Aladdin’ in Swindon before
Christmas. Everyone had a great time and we were all hoarse from all the
shouting and laughing. Of course, the star of the show wasBlack Bourton’s very
own David Ashley. He was superb. Oh yes he was!

Getting back to the nitty gritty of life, meetings are held in St Mary’s Church on
the fourth Wednesday of the month at 7.30 pm. Everyone is welcome. The next
meetings will be 27th February and 27th March.
Doreen Hart

                    St Peter & St Paul’s

Best wishes to June, who will be back next month with all the news from Broadwell

Happy New Year to everyone involved with Broadshires
Preschool. Thank you to all who supported our Christmas
raffle. We raised £200.00 towards school funds.
The snowy weather this week had some individuals run
outside to create an obligatory snowman. However, the
ending was almost as tragic as the Snowman and the
Snowdog with the only thing to greet me on my arrival to
collect being a sad little mound of mushy ice. Thank goodness for photographic
The Chinese New Year will be celebrated, although perhaps not overly
enthusiastically by those with a phobia of snakes. Our slithery friends are going
to be interpreted through puppets. I’m thinking that may be an easier task than in
the Chinese year of the horse or dog!!
Our link with the preschool in Kenya has continued to grow. Sue, the
administrator for the Nasio Trust, brought paintings and drawings that the
Kenyan preschoolers had done for us. Our children at Broadshires took part in a
sponsored colouring exercise and raised the money to buy 20 solar lamps for the
children and their families in Kenya. As they have no electricity in their homes
these will be a hugely valued addition. A fully charged lamp gives 8 hours of light.
It makes you realise just how much we take for granted here.
As always, if you are interested in booking a place for your child or would like
any further information please contact Jackie Overton. Telephone : 01367
860729 or email :
Rowan Harris

        St Peter’s

Filkins Village Hall on Tuesday 19th February at 8.00pm, everyone is welcome to
attend and members will be able to vote on the distribution of funds. If you are
not a member please come along and learn more about what we do. Details of
funding available and how to apply will be on the Filkins website soon.
Mary Bohm
Telephone: 01367 860620 Opening hours
Day           Morning                   Afternoon
Monday        9.00am to 12.30pm         1.00pm to 5.00pm
Tuesday       8.30am to 12.30pm         Closed
Wednesday Closed                        Closed
Thursday      9.00am to 12.30pm         Closed
Friday        Closed                    1.30pm to 4.30pm
Covering the villages of Filkins, Broughton Poggs, Langford, Little Faringdon,
Kencot and Broadwell (All telephone codes 01367)
Tuesdays                                 Thursdays
5th Feb      Mrs G Cox         860250    7th Feb      Mrs H Ward             860430
12th Feb     Mr J Langer       860700    14th Feb     Mrs A Dossett-Davies   860357
19th Feb     Mrs F Shrouder    860053    21st Feb     Mrs J Higham           860197
26th Feb     Mrs J Geake       860534    28th Feb     Lady Allison           860787
5th March    Mrs G Cox         860250    7th March    Mrs M Cover            860302
12th March   Mr J Langer       860700    14th March   Mrs A Dossett-Davies   860357
19th March   Mrs J Geake       860534    21st March   Mrs J Higham           860197
26th March   Mrs F Shrouder    860053    28th March   Mrs H Ward             860430
Charges: Surgery Runs: Carterton, Lechlade and Burford - £2.50, Fairford and
Witney - £5.50 Hospital Runs: Cirencester and Swindon - £9.00, Cheltenham and
Oxford - £11.00 (plus parking charge if paid)
Patients should notify the nominated driver at least 24 hours in advance of their
appointment. The Surgery Service only covers appointments up to 4.00 pm on
Tuesdays and Thursdays. All users of the service must be able to make their way
to and from the car unaided. For all hospital runs please contact me on 01367-
Tony Woodford

We have now returned to our ‘normal’ nursery life after a very busy Christmas
term. This year as a change from our traditional Nativity, we
held a Christingle in the nursery garden. Despite freezing
temperatures of -4, Patrick Wheaton led a beautiful service;
the children sang ‘Away In A Manger’ whilst holding their
Christingles and we ended the proceedings with a rousing
                                                        chorus of ‘Show Me The
                                                        Way To Shine For Jesus’.
                                                        All the children decorated
                                                        a glass lantern and paraded
                                                        carefully with their glowing
                                                        tealights. A huge thank you
                                                        goes out to over 70 parents
                                                        who braved the cold
                                                        weather to celebrate with
                                                        us and join us afterwards
                                                        for a glass of mulled wine;
                                                        the evening was a huge
                                                        We also enjoyed a
                                                        Christmas party at the end
of term with traditional games and a visit from Father Christmas.
We have welcomed 6 new children to nursery this Spring term. Our topic is
Winter and so far we have been fortunate to experience some very varied
weather conditions! Children even became famous explorers venturing across
glaciers in their sledges and camping out in igloos. We are joining in with
National Storytelling Week during the last week of January, when the children
will be looking at some of their favourite stories in more depth.
We are also looking forward to an exciting week learning all about Chinese New
Year, eating Chinese food and exploring Chinese culture.
Our half-term Holiday Club is running from Monday 11 th February-Friday 15th
February. We welcome all children aged 2-11 years. Please ring us on 01367
860594 to find out our planned activities during the week.
Louise Jenkins
Do please remember that minutes and notices of meetings are displayed on the
notice boards in the bus shelter, in Broughton Poggs in the Village Shop, and in
the Post Office. There is a more comprehensive file of Parish Council bumph in
the Cotswold Woollen Weavers Coffee Shop.
Cris Hoad

Day                  Morning                                      Afternoon
Monday               10.00am- 12 noon                             3.00-5.00pm
Tuesday              10.00am-12 noon                              3.00-5.00pm
Wednesday            10.00am - 12 noon                            3.00-5.00pm
Thursday             10.00am-12 noon                              3.00-5.00pm
Friday               10.00am - 12 noon                            3.00-5.00pm
Saturday             10.00am-12 noon                              3.00-5.00pm
Sunday               closed                                       3.00-5.00pm

                  St Mary’s

John Heyworth, 1925 - 2012.
On 5th December Holwell Church, of which he was churchwarden for more than
fifty years, was full to bid farewell to John Heyworth of Bradwell Grove, best
known to us all as the founder of the Cotswold Wildlife Park.
Villagers, estate staff and Wildlife Park staff, past and present, joined the
Heyworth family in Church. Sun streamed in through the south window,
illuminating John’s coffin festooned with flowers arranged by the Wildlife Park
gardeners, for a moving service, before he was borne out, accompanied by the
strains of the Eton Boating song, to his final resting place in a grave next to his
mother and his grand-parents. We then all went back for quite a party at the
Manor House in the Wildlife Park, where John was born in 1925.
 Later, on 19th December, a Service of Thanksgiving for John’s life took place in
Burford Church, attended by nearly 400 people, a measure of the universal
affection and respect which he inspired in so many.
 Familyman John and Sue happily celebrated their Diamond Wedding in 2010 -
countryman, naturalist, agriculturalist, he was a wise man and modest one who
fought the vicissitudes of life and health, and kept his sense of humour. We shall
miss meeting him, as he rode out on his iron horse to see and keep in touch with
all that was going on in the Wildlife Park and estate .
A full obituary appeared in the Daily Telegraph, and can be viewed on:
Don’t miss it, it illuminates the life of this fine and unusual person, who will be
remembered with gratitude for his achievements, and for himself

                St George’s

Church Brass and Flowers - Emma Horner

                   St George’s

1st to 13th February             Susan Portergill
14th        February Lent        no flowers

This took place in Kencot on 20th December. Fifteen plus people turned out
during the evening to sing at houses around the village, ending up in the Village
Hall for refreshments and further singing. £300.00 was collected for Cancer
At the joint Carol Service with Broadwell £300.00 was collected for Helen and
Douglas House. The collection on Christmas Day was for Barnardos and
£200.00 was collected.
Gill Cox
This will be held on Thursday 21st March 2013 at 7.30 pm in Kencot Village Hall,
being followed by the Village Hall Annual General Meeting.
Election of Chairman of Parish Meeting There will be an election for
Chairman of the Parish Meeting to take effect from the date of the Annual
Meeting, the current Chairman, having held office for 3 years. Any Kencot
resident who is interested in the position is encouraged to be in touch with Ian
before the meeting. All Kencot residents are welcome to attend both meetings.
Ian Morrison (Parish Chair)
Virginia’s Charity, which brings ‘Roundabout Wells’ to waterless African villages,
as well as much fun to children as they play, has had another successful year. Our
daughter hopes to have established 100 wells by the end of this year. To our great
delight, Virginia was awarded the MBE in this year’s New Years Honours list.

Our sincere thanks to all villages who have supported her in fundraising.
John & Marjorie Barstow (ex Kencot)
Further information on Lawerence’s Roundabout Well Appeal is available at

               St Matthew’s

February Rachel Range.
Carol singing around the village took place on two nights in December, one very
cold when the welcome glass of mulled wine with Mr & Mrs John Dudley, half
way round, was much appreciated. Also the wonderful fire with more mulled
wine and hot snacks provided by Mr & Mrs Rod Stewart at the end. The next
night was less cold but the refreshments provided by Mr. David Freeman were
still enjoyed. We ended the evening in The Bell singing many carols and were
rewarded by hot soup from the hosts. Thank you to all who refreshed us on the
way round, £434.00 was raised for St. Matthew’s Church. A really big thank you
to our choir master Christine Apperley who chivvied, cajoled and generally
organised a bunch of amateur singers into sounding not too bad on the night!
Speeding in Langford
There have been several complaints about speeding in the village. Please can all
motorists in the village be aware and keep to the speed limit of 30mph. This is
especially important in icy weather with slippery roads, the lack of pavements and
narrow bends in some places also add to the danger, especially during the ‘school
run’ times when there are lots of children about.
Please slow down and consider our village.
Join us for an evening of whist at Langford Village Hall on Tuesday 5 th February.
We start at 7.30pm; however if you would like some tuition please arrive a little
earlier than this. You do not require a partner, but are very welcome to come
with one. The entrance fee of £1.00 includes tea and biscuits at half time.
Everyone is welcome. All profits to Langford Village Hall. If you need any more
information please ring me on (01993) 852378
Jo Hutchings

2012 was a brilliant year for Langford Cricket Club (LCC). Our under 13s won
their league. The Saturday team, known as The Bulls, came top of its league for
the second year running and so is once again being promoted.
Despite the terrible weather three other teams - the Langford Casuals, the Sunday
side and our Langford Lions also played some great matches.
Youngsters aged as young as seven routinely headed to the club on a Friday
evening for youth training. We even saw the beginnings of a fledgling ladies team
with a band of ‘gals’ not only taking part in a six-a-side tournament at Fairford,
but also hosting a brilliant tournament at Langford itself, to which ladies teams
from across Gloucestershire flocked!
Come & Get Involved The Club is a wonderful resource right on our doorsteps,
so if you would like to play or get involved, no matter what your age or ability, do
get in touch. For instance we are running winter nets training at Fairford Sports
Centre every week at the moment, so don’t wait until the summer to think about
it, get involved NOW!
Call Out For Ladies Ladies in particular, if you would like to play please get in
touch with me. Inspired by last season, we are forming a league with other
equally novice but enthusiastic teams from the area and so need more players to
play for LCC. No previous experience is necessary. If you’d like to find out more
call me on 01367 860104
Louise Findlay-Wilson
Although it seems so long ago now, what an amazing time
St Christopher’s had in the run up to Christmas.
Our celebrations began with two musical assemblies; the
children playing festive tunes on a wide variety of
instruments. The children showed great proficiency and I
was particularly impressed by the year 4 children who had
only recently started learning to play the violin and cello.
Many thanks to the Rev. Wheaton for leading a very
amusing Christingle service at the church, although I do hope no one was
traumatised by the sight of the giant Christingle orange!
Our reception, year 1 and 2 children had put in a tremendous amount of effort in
preparing for their nativity play. All those efforts were rewarded when they
produced an awe-inspiring performance which I’m not ashamed to say brought a
tear to my eye. We were so proud of the young children, some still only 4 years
old, showing such confidence, speaking and singing so clearly and putting so
much energy into their performance.
As a church village school it is always special to be able to share our celebrations

with the village and community. It was therefore so pleasing to see how full the
church was for our KS2, Years 3 to 6, carol service. The school has a strong
tradition of excellent singing, but I think that it managed to set even higher
standards by singing such a broad range of carols, some with quite challenging
So as you can see it was a very busy, but rewarding run up to Christmas. The
children and staff very much earned their Christmas break!
We are only a few days back into the new school term, but the children have
settled down quickly and have thrown themselves into this terms topic of
‘Buildings’. This term also sees the start of our Burford Partnership sports events
with groups of children from St Christopher’s and the other schools in our
partnership coming together at Burford School to compete and enjoy a wide
range of sporting activities. The opportunities this short term include indoor
athletics and dance. Year 6 are also attending a Junior Citizen event where the
children will be learning about personal safety and citizenship in a safe but ‘real
to life’ environment.
The staff, governors and children at St. Christopher’s would like to thank Little
Farringdon for their continued support of the school and their kind financial
donation from their Bonfire Night fundraising event. The money will be used to
enrich and support the social and emotional needs of our children. We are very
thankful of the support we receive from the local community.
Shaw Goodwin

                LITTLE FARINGDON
                St Margaret’s

                 CHURCH FLOWERS
10th February. Altar: Fiona Davies. All please help with other arrangements for St
Margaret’s Day.
13th February - 30th March. No flowers Lent
A ‘Happy New Year’ to all Little Faringdonians!
It was lovely seeing so many attending the Carol Service on 16 th December. The
twinkling candles, enthusiastic singing and readings by young and old resulted,
once again, in a memorable, atmospheric evening; thanks, in no small part, to
Barbara Browne’s wonderful organizational skills. It was particularly nice to go
across parish boundaries and to have Honor McFarlane singing a solo, Edward
Baldwin playing his oboe for us once again and Phoebe Richards reading the

                                           lesson from John. We were graced with
                                           the participation of the highly
                                           professional singing of Gerry Shields
                                           and Ruth Dipple during the service, as
                                           well as the fluent French-speaking Cole
                                           family singers, and lovely readings by

Jasmine and Emily Cole! Mention must
also be made of the expertise of our ever-
supportive organist, Geoff Holmes, and
the humour and wisdom of our curate,
Patrick Wheaton. We almost felt we were
in the nativity stable with his realistic crib
scene, even though some extraneous
figures were seen next to the manger.
The first of our quarterly special services in
2013 will be held on 10th February
(11.00am). We will be celebrating the Feast
Day of St Margaret of England, our Patron Saint, then. As was the case with
other special services last year, villagers young and old will be participating. The
service will include a description of St Margaret’s life. This will be enhanced by a
display of acting skills by some of our younger people. Do please come to this
less-than-formal service.
The 2013 Lunch will be kindly hosted by Rupert and Lucinda de Mauley at
Canford on Sunday 23rd June. Please note this date in your diaries. Invitations will
be sent out in late April/early May.
Good Friday In addition to Easter Sunday Communion, we will be hosting a
                   Benefice Good Friday service at 2.00pm.
28th April         The Annual Parochial Church Council Meeting (APCCM) will
                   be held in the church after a short act of worship.
9th June           Songs of Praise 6.00pm Our 2nd special service of the year.
13  th October     Harvest Festival (3rd Special).
1 st December      Benefice Communion (10.30am).
22nd December Carol Service (6.00pm) (4th Special).
Jeremy Taylor

Thank you all who donated so generously to the 2012 Poppy Appeal. Little
Faringdon raised £171.93. The Broadshire villages total was a marvellous £2,312
(including the Remembrance Service collection in Kencot).
Rachel Taylor

             Holy Rood

Well at least at the time of writing, as this month’s PP deadline rapidly
approaches, the sun is shining, the sky is blue and it has stopped raining. It’s not
often recently that this has been the case so long may it last say I, although I
believe the harbingers of doom predict we’re in imminent danger of a cold snap.
I’ve seen snowdrops and aconites beginning to show their colours so Spring can’t
be far away … can it?!
After all the social happenings in and around the festive season there is now a bit
of a lull in Shilton, with no large fund-raisers planned until the egg rolling during
the Easter weekend.
I can, however, start this year in the same way as I ended the last, with the
inevitable ‘thank you’ to the small but select bunch of extremely generous people
who turned up for the free meal at the Old School on New Year’s Eve and very
kindly parted with a total of £645 in donations by the end of the evening. David
and I didn’t expect to raise so much money and are sincerely grateful to everyone
who contributed. These funds are going to Cancer Research UK and Macmillan
Nurses, and of course once the Gift Aid is added the total will be well over
£700.00 Thank you so much.
Shirley Cuthbertson
The schedule of meetings for 2013 is as follows:
Wednesday 20th March Shilton
Wednesday 22nd May           Shilton (statutory Annual Meeting at 6.00pm followed
                             by the Annual Parish meeting, open to all, at 7.30pm)
Wednesday 10th July          Bradwell Village
Wednesday 25th Sept          Shilton
Wednesday 4th Dec            Shilton
All meetings start at 7.30pm unless otherwise stated. Meetings at Bradwell Village
take place in the Dining Room. Call me on 01993 840825 for more details.
Katherine Robertson

Christmas in Shilton was once again a very busy, happy time with lots going on.
The festivities started in the middle of December with our Baptist Chapel friends
holding their Carol Service followed by afternoon tea in the Old School.
Considering the very damp conditions around our Pond we had a brilliant
turnout for Carols by the Pond where our Baptist friends had made the Pond
look very magical with lots of lanterns. We all arrived with umbrellas and wearing
wellies but kept warm with drinking punch, eating mince pies and singing carols
heartily. Sadly our Carol Sheets became rather soggy from the constant rain!
Everyone attending the Church Carol Service on the 23rd must have felt delighted
to see our beautifully floodlit church and then once inside to see candles
twinkling merrily away amongst all the Christmassy arrangements. We had a full
church and thank you Patrick for conducting our very happy service of carols
and readings. Thank you Donald for playing the organ. After the service the
congregation was invited to the Old School where all enjoyed a tasty hot supper.
Many thanks to the Old School Committee and all the villagers who provided
such a variety of dishes.
A couple of days later we were all in church again on Christmas morning to
celebrate the birth of Jesus – thank you Richard for leading such a joyful service
(thanks also for the chocolates!) and thank you Donald for playing the organ (my
goodness you were kept busy!).
So many people work together arranging these very special occasions and the
PCC join me in thanking our clergy, our organist, Derek for seeing to the
floodlighting, readers, our brilliant team of ladies who put together lovely flower
arrangements throughout the twelve months and our team of cleaners.
The festivities were rounded off with a full church of party goers on New Year’s
Eve when we rang out the old year and rang in 2013. Happy New Year to you all.
Jean Roberts
Our February meeting will be on Friday the 8th (7.30 pm in the Old School) when
Liz Woolley will talk about Lodging houses of Oxford. Sounds interesting!
 Fred Robertson
[This was supposed to go into December’s issue, my apologies to Jean. Ed]
We have certainly been buzzing here over the last couple of months with very
enjoyable events and I wish to pass on my thanks to helpers and supporters.
Firstly, we had several Riders and Striders from the village and we did very well in
collecting sponsor money to the tune of £591.70. It was a great day out on the
bikes and my thanks also go to the very willing church sitters.

Our next event was celebrating Harvest and my thanks to everyone who helped.
Our church looked glorious adorned with flowers, lovely greenery and berries
from the hedgerows, fruit and vegetables. After the service we all popped across
the road to the Old School and enjoyed a fantastic hot lunch. Here again we have
an amazing team there’s an awful lot of work in putting together a lunch for fifty
folk! The profit from the lunch and the church collection has been donated to
the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution and amounted to a brilliant sum of
Our Chapel and Church Coffee Morning was such a happy (and very busy!) time
and I hope a good time was had by visitors and helpers. My thanks to the willing
helpers, contributors and visitors. The Christian Bookshop selling cards, etc
made £280.00, Helping Hands Charity £130.00
£283.04 was raised from the bring and buy, cakes, jams etc and this sum will be
divided between Shilton Chapel and the Flower Fund for the Church.
That brings us up to date except for my thanks to the ‘Soup Ladies’ who
produced a choice of six very tasty soups for our first Soup Day of the winter.
The Old School was buzzing with the fifty people that turned up
Last but not least my grateful thanks to everyone on the Cleaning and Flower
rosters. The church always looks sparkingly clean and the flower arrangements
beautiful. We are always on the lookout for helpers so if you would like to join
us please do let me know 01993 841194.
Jean Roberts
Diary Dates Horse
Racing Evening on
Friday 15th February
at 7.30pm Quiz
Night on Friday 1st
March at 7.30pm
hosted by Stephen
Price. Possible Bill King lecture in March.
Tony Cripps

                     THE QUEEN- GOD BLESS HER!
               Families crowding round small black and white sets
                       Little did we think-or consider then
                     That some sixty eventful years later on
                         We’d be celebrating once again.
              Proudly, then we’d been waving our Union Jack flags
                      Then out with the neighbours for tea

           Looking forward with hope to beginnings bright and new
                        Putting aside years of frugality.
             An elegant young queen robed in white and gold silk
                   Resplendently progressing the wide aisle
             Committing her whole life to the service of nations
                   She vowed, with wave and warm smile.
             Since then we’ve seen her launch railways and ships
               Making speeches, shaking hands great and small
             Each year a new portrait, outfits longer-then shorter
             Diadems, hats of silk, wide –brimmed, floral and tall.
                The Royal family affairs caused interest galore
                          Now that I come to reflect
              Determined to not grow old gracefully-it seemed
                  And never doing quite what we’d expect!
              And while we’ve gone about our daily life’s work
           On wards and upward, though learning, loving and living
                Homemaking and holidays home and abroad
                 Sighing and crying, regretting and forgiving.
                   The years have rolled on for all and alike
                    We’ve all had our hopes and our fears
                Our queen, like my mum-God bless you both
              Have had their own shares of gladness and tears.
            With cheers as each anniversary reached its new zenith
                Remembered each phrase of sadness and glee
            Here’s to sixty diamond year-truly glorious, victorious
                   Let’s raise a glass to the Queen’s Jubilee.
                                Hip, hip hooray!!

        Bradwell Village resident Val Kent award winning tribute to Her Majesty

Do you have young children aged between 0-
5years old? Why not come along to our baby and
toddler group? Weekly craft activity, songtime,
playtime and refreshments included in the £1.50
per family contribution. Come along to the
village hall for a free taster session, you and your
children would be very welcome. Mondays 9.30-11.30am. For more details,
please contact me on 01367 860890 or Lorraine Ainslie on 01993 822689
Miranda Mowbray

                    CHURCH @ 4
                    Missed last month? Come and join us on 3rd February at
                    4.00pm in the village hall for a relaxed service of songs,
                    prayers and a bible talk.
                    There will children’s groups for 3-12 year olds, plenty of toys
                    for babies and toddlers, and a chance to chat over
                    refreshments afterwards
‘Church @ 4’ is perfect for folks who aren’t able to make it along at other times
on a Sunday. Also, it will be great for those who may be new, or only recently
interested in, coming to church and are looking for something in a less formal
To find out more please get in touch: with
me on 01367 860846 or Alex Ross on
01993 824871 Come and join us, we’d
love to have you there.
Patrick Wheaton

                 St Mary’s

Westwell completed 2012 in fine style with its indomitable carol singers braving
the wind and the rain to share our unique interpretation of the most popular
Christmas hymns with our neighbours. The level of hospitality and potency of
beverages received were of such high calibre that the last of us standing (more
truthfully sitting by that stage) did not clock off til past 9.00pm. As well as
enjoying a very convivial evening £130.00 was raised for Noah’s Ark Children
Venture in Macaroni Woods.
 Our last port of call was at the Vereys and this is the venue for the First Pudding
Club of 2013 which will be on Friday 1st February.
Further ahead the big inter-well rounders match vs Holwell has been set for
Saturday June 15th training sessions to start soon..
Finally many congratulations to Pete and Sarah Robinson at No. 6 Mitford
cottages on the safe arrival of baby Austin.
Miles Gibson

A look at events and news from a little further afield.
                     EXCELLENCE IN
                     OXFORDSHIRE AWARDS
                     On Wednesday 14th November, Headteacher Mrs Haig, Chair
                     of Governors Andrew Pitman, Head Boy Ryan Becket and
                     Head Girl Ashleigh Wozencroft travelled to the Kassam
                     Stadium in Oxford to attend the Excellence in Oxfordshire
Awards. The awards are a new initiative aimed at rewarding schools which have
proved they are doing well. They awards were presented by Oxfordshire County
Council education member, Melinda Tilley. Burford School were recognised for
their ‘Good’ OFSTED Report.
Ryan Beckett, Niamh Smyth, Suzanne Cole, James Shuttleworth, and Jack Rose
attended the ‘Politics in Action’ day spending the day discussing local politics.
The event was organised by WODC; they invite students from local secondary
schools to attend and discuss issues which are important to people of their age
group and which can be influenced or changed by the District Council. The
students discussed their ideas all morning during which David Cameron visited
the hall. He went to each group of students and discussed with them in detail
their proposals. Afterwards he answered questions from students ranging from
voter apathy to the nuclear situation in Israel and Iran. After lunch each school
gave a presentation to ‘sell’ their idea to the other students and to the local
councillors who asked each group difficult questions about their scheme. The
students from Burford gave their presentation on the transport problems young
people have living in rural areas of West Oxfordshire and a loyalty card scheme
entitled ‘Bus Miles - we’ll get you moving’.
We are delighted to report that our recent non-school uniform fundraiser held in
October raised £449.46 for the Matt Hampson Foundation charity; £449.46 for
the Special Effect charity; and £160.52 for the St Mungo’s Homeless charity.
Our next non-school uniform fundraiser is on Friday 8th February.
Burford School will be performing the No. 1 Greatest High School Musical
Grease from Tuesday 19th to Saturday 23rd March. So dust off those leather
jackets, pull on those bobby-socks and come and enjoy some of the most
unforgettable songs from the hit movie. Tickets are £10.00 per adult and £8.00

for children and concessions and are available from Mrs Andrew in Reception.
Telephone: 01993 823303 or Email:
Jane Edwards
Lenthall Concert, 27th February 2013
The next concert in this year’s Lenthall series takes place at 7.30 pm on
Wednesday, February 27th at Burford School and features a welcome return of
the internationally esteemed Trio Amael from Slovenia. The New York Concert
Review commented ‘A top-notch ensemble, the Amael Piano Trio!’ They will be
playing a programme that includes piano trios by Haydn, Schubert, Morricone
and Brahms.
Tickets are available at the door (£12.00) or in advance (£10.00) from The
Madhatter Bookshop, , Burford, from the Music Stand in Witney, or from
Lenthall Concerts tel 01993 824949.
Details at: 01993 850137 Gallery Hours: Tuesdays- Saturdays,
10.30am - 4.30pm & Sundays 2.00pm - 4.00pm

S     pecial Winter Tennis Club Membership for readers of the Parish
      Pump. Membership until the end of April 2013 Adults £30.00
      Family £35.00 with no joining fee For an application form please
ring the Club Secretary Ann Cadogan on 01993 841522
We are a historic, beautiful and friendly tennis club at the far end of Broaadwell
Village with 6 macadam courts (3 with floodlights). We offer social and
competitive tennis in the Oxford LTA leagues and have 2 LTA approved
coaches offering group and individual coaching to adults and children
Arthur Marment
A huge Thank You to everyone who helped make the festive season so special
for our residents. Especially to the staff, making numerous trips to the shops to
buy the presents.
Elizabeth and her troupe for the wonderful afternoon when we all enjoyed
Carols around the home and everyone joined in. The evening when David and
his choir braved the chilly night air and came to sing Carols old and new. To
Patrick for taking the Carol Service and to Neville, we dug him out of retirement
and asked him to come and celebrate communion with us just before Christmas,
everyone was so pleased to see him.
To the staff, residents and families at the Christmas Party when competitors used
all their sporting skills when faced with the challenge of musical chairs, pass the

parcel, charades and flap a fish race, and as for the singing, well what can one say,
maybe if we had had the time beforehand to rehearse things might have turned
out better? No really it was good fun, such a hoot and the residents said it was a
long time since they had laughed so much.
Thanks to the chefs and their team who prepared some truly splendid feasting
for the seemingly endless parties when we wished everyone well and said
goodbye to the old year and toasted in a new.
The band ‘No Worries’ who gave their time on a wet Sunday afternoon to play
and sing some rock, pop and seasonal songs.
Thank you to all the staff who helped decorate the home, in and out and from
top to bottom. It was a huge undertaking and everywhere looked festive. Can
anyone explain how the tree lights are put away each year with so much care only
to mysteriously rearrange themselves into a tangled mess the next?
Thank you to the two wonderful young ladies, Lydia and Lois, doing their Duke
of Edinburgh Awards, their cheery and friendly faces always a delight to see and
to the volunteers who so generously give us their free time. We are very grateful.
With a repeated thanks to you All.
Annette Baldwin
Following the Ofsted Inspection of Burford Primary School on 11 & 12
December, 2012, we are delighted to announce that the school has been assessed
as a ‘good’ school.
The inspection provided the school with an independent external evaluation of
its effectiveness based on a range of evidence and evaluated against the national
framework. Ofsted’s inspection of schools performs three essential functions:
• To provide parents with an expert and independent assessment of how well a
school is performing
• To provide information to the Secretary of State for Education and to
Parliament about the work of schools and the extent to which an acceptable
standard of education is being provided
• To promote the improvement of individual schools and the education system
as a whole.
The new Ofsted Framework was introduced in September 2012, requiring a more
rigorous evaluation of schools in four key areas: achievement of pupils; quality of
teaching; behaviour and safety of pupils and the quality of leadership and
management and therefore our ‘good’ grading is a significant achievement for the
school. The full inspection report is available via the Ofsted Website:
Zoey Khan, Chair of Governors Jenny Dyer, Head Teacher

There was an excellent response to the Appeal with 2,666 shoeboxes donated by
local schools, churches, organisations and individuals. All of these shoeboxes
were despatched from Witney on Tuesday 27th November and are now on the
way to Bosnia. We would also like to thank everyone who helped by knitting,
donating, checking, packing and loading. Well done! and thank you, from the
Shoebox Team, High Street Methodist Church, Witney
Ian and Marie Cotton
The cold is now with us and those of us who are over 60 either have had or are
about to get our Winter Fuel Allowance. For some this is a vital payment and
helps significantly over these colder months. For others it is, frankly, a payment
that we do not need, had probably forgotten about, and is simply a bonus.
What a marvellous opportunity this bonus provides for those in the latter group
to make a real difference in our local community by donating some or all of the
allowance to a local charity. There are very many local charities most, if not all of
which, are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain their funding.
I urge those who can to donate to a local charity. As the fundraising trustee of
West Oxfordshire Citizens Advice Bureau, I very much hope that WOCAB
might be the recipient of such generosity. We are entirely self funding and our
volunteers and staff do an amazing job in advising, free of charge, all those in our
community who, for one reason or another, have nowhere else to turn for
meaningful advice.
To add icing to this Xmas gift, if donors are able to confirm to their selected
charity that they wish their donation to be Gift Aided the charity will be able to
claim from government a further 25% at no cost to the giver.
Roland Cullum
                  Exhibition: Memory and Place by Kate Eggleston-Wirtz and
                  Erin Singleton Dates: 2nd - 24th February Opening Reception:
                  Saturday 2nd February, 12- 2pm Location: West Ox Arts Gallery,
                  Market Square, Bampton Open Hours: Tuesdays – Saturdays
                  10.30am- 4.30pm & Sundays 2.00pm- ,4.00pm
                  West Ox Arts presents Memory and Place, an exhibition
                  featuring collage and assemblage by Kate Eggleston-Wirtz and
                  Erin Singleton. Finding their inspiration in history, memories,
and storytelling these American-born artists use a combination of mixed media,
discarded items, and found objects to create intriguing, tactile collages and
assemblages that offer a unique perspective of their individual journeys as they’ve
adapted to life in the UK. Curious, humorous, and mysterious, these dreamlike
works capture moments lost in time, symbolic stories about memory and place.

Due to illness our speaker for the February meeting has withdrawn and will be
replaced by Bob Smith who will talk about Moths in the Garden. We are sorry
for this change but it is unforseen. The meeting will take place on the 2 nd
Wednesday in February at 7.30pm Memorial Hall, Burford Road Lechlade.
Tim Yeoman
                             This May I will be
                             embarking on a 300
                             mile bike ride all the
                             way from London to
                             Paris to raise
                             desperately needed
                             funds for the charity
                             Children in Conflict.
                             Children in Conflict is a branch of UNICEF which
                             aims to provide support and care for children who
                             are caught up in war zones and are subjected to
                             horrific psychological traumas as well as hunger,
disease and family bereavement.
I need to raise as much as I can before February 13th (although you can donate
after this date) and have been training hard. You may have seen me pedaling
furiously through the Cotswold countryside churning up the mud (and snow!)
Please do help me support this cause. All you need to do is visit my just giving
page, on and donate as much as you feel
you are able
Many, many thanks!
Sophie Cole
During December and January the emergency services were
extremely busy with Road Traffic Collisions due to drivers not
taking into account the icy road conditions. Within 24 hours at
Burford we were called to 3 RTC’s on the same road and luckily no
one was seriously injured but their vehicles will probably be
‘Written Off’ by their insurance companies. This not only causes people a lot of
distress but it also cost them a lot of money! This could so easily be avoided if
your speeds are reduced and you leave a greater distance between the vehicle in
front. Driving is the most dangerous thing most of us do, it requires our full
concentration so please do not use a mobile phone whilst driving..

During the winter months road surfaces are covered by frost, ice and sometimes
even snow. Your driving visibility is reduced. All of these factors can make
winter driving particularly hazardous.
Prepare your vehicle for winter
• Check your tyres, the minimum depth is 1.6mm - in rain, ice and heavy snow
the more grip you have the better
• Make sure your lights are clean and working
• Check that your battery is fully charged
• Check the condition of your front and rear windscreen wipers
• Make sure your washer bottle is full with water and screen wash and keep it
topped up through the winter
• Keep the following items in your vehicle
o ice scraper                                o decent footwear
o de-icer                                    o first aid kit
o blanket                                    o hazard warning triangle
o jump leads                                 o torch
o shovel                                     o high visibility jacket
Before setting off
• Make sure all of your windows are demisted and not just a small area
• Make sure all your windows and mirrors are completely clear of ice or snow
before you set off
• Take a mobile phone with you for contact, remember to pull over and park
safely before using it
• If the weather is particularly bad tell others your departure and expected arrival
time and route
Adjust to the driving conditions
• Heavy rain, snow or hail reduce visibility, use dipped head lights and reduce
your speed
• It can take ten times longer to stop in icy conditions than on a dry road - drive
slowly, allowing extra room to slow down and stop
• To brake in icy conditions without locking your wheels, get into a low gear
earlier than normal, allow your speed to fall and use the brake pedal gently
• If you start to skid, ease off the accelerator, but do not brake suddenly
This safety advice is offered as guidance only. If you require any further advice
please visit
Wm Kevin Robbins

RESIDENTS: Wishing you all a very Happy New Year. As many of
you may be aware there have been some burglaries in the local area
recently that the police are continuing to investigate. With the
weather improving and gardening starting again in earnest ensure
that your shed security is up to date and in good working order and
mark all your garden tools where possible with your postcode. Crime has been
very low in the Shill villages over the festive period. Thames Valley are actively
using the Crime Alert scheme in West Oxfordshire to be involved in reducing
crime look at the link( or contact your
neighbourhood team to discuss. Community vigilance remains a high priority so
keep an eye on your neighbour’s properties, and if you see anything suspicious
such as vehicles or people hanging around please report it on the numbers below.
In an emergency always call 999
FOR: Shilton,Westwell, Holwell and Broadwell NHPT matters please contact
PCSO Darryn MOULDING C6599. I can be contacted on the now standard 101
non- emergency number
PCSO Colin Davies
Since the last Nature Notes we have had very little frost, unprecedented rain and
reasonably mild temperatures. After a wet summer this has had quite an effect on
the birds. Breeding records are very much down on previous years. There have
been fewer birds on the garden feeders over the last couple of months as they are
able to find food in the countryside.
On a rare sunny frosty day in the middle of November I took a trip down to
Pulborough Brooks RSPB reserve in the Arun Valley under the South Downs in
Sussex. This is a lovely area of the countryside covering 420 acres, including 300
acres of water meadows. The flooded meadows attract good numbers of ducks,
geese, swans and waders in winter. We saw Lapwing and Golden Plover in a large
flock and close up views of two Peregrine Falcons. The scarce and secretive
Water Rail was skulking in and out of the reeds, flicking its tail, winter is the best
time of year to have good views of these moorhen like birds that are streaky
brown with grey underparts and a long red bill. About a dozen White-fronted
Geese were grazing among some Greylags with their giveaway white foreheads.
They come all the way down from Greenland to spend the winter with us. A lone
Bar-headed Goose was amongst them and this one comes from Central Asia and
is almost certainly an escaped feral bird.
Later in the month after much rain and when the fields were flooded along the
bottom of Shilton, along the first field looking over the brook a beautiful Barn
Owl was sitting on a fence post where it stayed looking all around for a couple of

minutes before taking off and dropping down into the grass over the wall, then
up again and slowly left across the grass and disappearing behind some trees. It
must have been hungry to be out at 9.00am in broad day light but after all the
rain we had had when they are unable to hunt because their feathers are made for
silent flight and are not waterproof it had a lot of catching up to do. I have never
seen one hunting along there before.
Trips to Slimbridge and Fisher’s Green in the Lee Valley in the first half of
December produced many winter birds including Bittern, Siskins and Lesser
A Kingfisher has been along the Shill Brook a couple of times and on 13 th
December after a telephone call I drove into Witney and a certain garden in
Colwell Drive where twenty Waxwings were feeding on a mountain ash tree, still
full of berries. This is the first time I have ever seen this beautiful migrant from
Northern Scandinavia and this year is a particularly good year to see them. Its
chief winter food is berries and it will eat two or three times its own body weight
a day of these! In most years small numbers of around one hundred are seen in
Britain but during eruption years the numbers can be several thousand.
On 21st December I had a good sighting of a Short Eared Owl flying towards me
up over the hill above Taynton. With all the flooded fields they must be
struggling to find their usual food of field voles this year.
On to the 6th January when the sun appeared very briefly, I popped over to Dix
Pit near Standlake to look for reported Smew but they had moved on. However
there were masses of waterfowl on the water including three beautiful male
Goldeneye that dive frequently for their food.
Snowdrops and aconites are showing now so it is time we had some cold
I shall be away next month so my next report will appear in April’s Pump.
David Roberts
Cat Berrell. Portrait Painter.
That Cat Berrell (or Sutherland as she is known in the art world) is a painter is
due to a bequest made by her godmother: If she hadn’t left Cat the money she
needed to give up her job and move to Florence, she might still be working in a
bank. But I doubt it… paintings, drawings and prints adorn the walls of her
cottage and tomes on painters fill the bookshelves. When she talks about some of
her art she is animated, pointing to examples around us. Cat is not an obvious
member of the financial fraternity.
Brought up in Dorking from whence her father, who was an insurance
underwriter, commuted to London, she had a happy childhood and remembers
always being outside; on her bike, in the garden or burrowing through hedges to

run riot on other people’s land. She and her two sisters attended Claremont
School because her mother was a Christian Scientist, as was her Grandfather,
General Halliday, who lived with them. He was an extraordinary man who had
won the Victoria Cross and been wounded during the Boxer uprising in Peking
in 1900. He went on to be Adjutant General of the Royal Marines and ADC to
King George V. He died when Cat was sixteen but it would seem that some of
his gumption rubbed off on his grand daughter
Before working in banking, she had tried her hand at many things; at nineteen,
with a diploma from Mrs. Hosters’ secretarial college in her pocket, Cat joined
The Economist. She enjoyed it but describes her typing skills as ‘pretty hopeless’
and decided to get into advertising instead. Over the next ten or so years she
moved between agencies, having fun and even fitting in two seasons as a chalet
girl in Meribel.
In the 1980s she was offered a job at the financial group ED&F Man, becoming
PR manager for their Mint Funds. It was at this time that she began taking
evening classes in painting in Notting Hill under the tutelage of Bobby Gill who
was a professor at the Royal College of Art. It was she who encouraged Cat to
do a summer foundation course at the Slade School in London. By now she was
clear that she wanted to paint, but the mortgage needed to be paid so she went
back into the city until her fairy godmother rescued her. In Florence, Cat learned
traditional techniques of portraiture under the American painter Charles H Cecil.
He showed her the sight-size mirror method, which she still uses.
On one of her occasional trips back to London she met Sean Berrell and they
married five years ago. The couple set up home first of all in Buckland so that
they could be near to Sean’s son, Oliver. But Cat had already spotted Bridge
Cottage in Broadwell and when, two years ago it came on the market, they
bought it. On the morning we meet she is arranging delivery of a new canvas so
she can start work on a large oil portrait. Her sense of excitement is palpable;
here is someone doing what they love.
Julie-anne Edwards
Baked Camembert
So, it is January as I write this and February is approaching as
you read it. January is the most depressing month (my birthday
notwithstanding) as funds are in short supply, diets are started
and guiltily abandoned, and people give up alcohol! Yes, really. How depressing
is that? I think a large gin, or glass of wine, is essential to surviving January and it
is far more sensible to have a couple of alcohol-free evenings each week to allow
for a couple of pleasantly sozzled ones just to keep you sane. The diet thing is
tricky too as there are still boxes of chocolates lurking that just call out to you,
and cheese and ham in the fridge which simply have to be eaten. Which brings

me to this month’s recipe. I know I should be conjuring up a delicious main
course using lettuce and cottage cheese but I just cannot bring myself to do it.
Food has its place in cheering us up in the depths of winter and anyway, by the
time you read this you will have been dieting for three whole weeks (!) and
deserve a treat. This is it. It is from Nigel Slater’s The 30-Minute Cook, and,
amazingly, it really can be made in thirty minutes. He recommends this as a main
supper dish for two, served with a leafy salad (that is the healthy part) but it could
equally be a starter for four. As he says, it is a useful way of using a Camembert
that refuses to ripen (a gooey one is liable to leak through the pastry and, anyway,
why cook with a ripe one when it is crying out to be eaten straight away?). I can
guarantee that this will brighten up a dismal February evening; just make sure you
eat it on one the days when you allow yourself a glass of wine!
Ingredients 225g frozen puff pastry (not the ready rolled kind), thawed
1 small Camembert
a little beaten egg
Method Pre-heat the oven to 220°C/425°F/gas mark 7. Cut the pastry in half
and roll out two circles about 4cm larger than your Camembert, one circle
slightly bigger than the other. Lay the smaller circle on a baking sheet, take the
cheese out of its wrapping and place it on top of the pastry.
With a pastry brush or your fingers, wet the edge of the pastry thoroughly with
beaten egg. Place the larger disc of pastry on top of the cheese. Press the
overhanging pastry on to the base and trip to give a 2cm border. Seal the edges
with a fork.
Brush all over with beaten egg and cut two small slits in the top to let out the
steam. Bake for 15-20 minutes until the pastry is golden brown and puffed up.
Leave to cool for 10 minutes before cutting into it, then the cheese will ooze out
voluptuously rather than pouring out. Serves 2.
*If using a fan oven decrease the temperature by 20°.
            Angela Galione

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