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                    : Graphics Card Review « Matrix HD7970 from ASUS »

   In the quest Permanent ASUS to occupy the leading position in the field of
  manufacturing computer chips, and progress on its competitors with new always

  The company seeks to raise issuance rate card AMD HD7970 Ghz edition and
                  directed especially for gamers and overclocking

Card also fall in the company's series called ROG, Republic of players, and offer a
                       range of technologies marked ASUS

Energy from the circle of digital, supported by exclusive technology from ASUS is
            Digi Vrm offering 20 energy department (phase power20)

 Allows the card to provide high levels of performance, and energy-saving in the
                                    idle state.

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Of course we must pictures of the card to see together what progress ASUS
                Asaddartha MATRIX HD7970 Ghz edition

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 ASUS processed at full arsenal of techniques to make them competitive with the
versions of competitors, is worth mentioning that the release Almusenai Tahiti XT

 Card AMD HD7970 Ghz edition rate Musenaia by the parent company AMD chip
                           named former AMD HD7970

Induced significant improvements to performance, as well as architectural and raise
                   the frequency to the level GHz instead 9xx

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    's Pro represent portray the technical arsenal that I talked about earlier
   In addition to its support to the program GPU tweak distinctive and easy to
  facilitate the process of breaking speed, as well as learn about different card
settings of frequency and temperature and fan speed. Card with technology ASUS
 called VGA Hotwire, which offers an advantage to owners of motherboards from
the same series any ROG attach Settings breaking speed and synchronized between
all the components of the device. And to facilitate the work more attached ASUS
capacity, buttoned to raise voltage card manually to increase the ability to break
speed more, as well as rotation speed control fans And tuned directly on the speed
  of 100%, with providing lights type of LED to give information on the general
 condition of the card and cooling, as well as Azfa aesthetic largest of the card
during operation. Company logo ASUS and name card MATRIX adorns the card is a
  silver lining to give dimension charming additional card. And suggests legendary
   derived from the name of MATRIX which also carry one of the most popular
   Hollywood movies and use at the time the latest techniques and technologies
directing and editing to filming and submitted Impressive. This lighting affected by
 the degree of intensity that adjust GPU card from the previous buttons (voltage
  processor). Card equipped bombers DVI, and 4 D.Port ports supports of AMD
      EYEFINITY Technology compasses R4E waiting for the new links M5E.

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                  Technical specifications for the card screen:

            IGP                           AMD HD7970 GHz edition

            IGP                                    GHz frequency
      Interface card :                               PCI 3.0
  RAM capacity and kind :                          3GB GDDR5
Architectural graphics chip :                  TAHITI XT 28 nm
      Cooling system :                         Direct CU II 2 fans
    Memory Interface                                 348 bits
     Energetic circuit :                        20 Phases Powers

 Other technical specifications did not appear until after issuing the card and

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