Mother Of The Bride: Your Responsibilities Before, During, And After Your Daughter’s Wedding by dynasand60qi


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									    Essential Guide For A
    Mother Of The Bride

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Your daughter's engagement possibly brought you tears of happiness. You are
also likely filled with excitement knowing that your daughter will be wed to a
great man and will be starting a new phase in her life soon. However, as excited
as you may be in making arrangements, you have to remember that this is your
                           daughter’s wedding and not yours, and you have to
                           place her personal preferences above your own. Even
                           so, you have several obligations as the mother of the
                           bride, which stretches from the planning phase, to the
                           wedding ceremony itself, until the party or dinner
                           afterwards. In the following paragraphs are some of
                           your obligations as the mother of the bride.

                          As the mother of the bride, you will don on several hats,
                          from being a listener, expert, and a source of constant
                          support. Your guidance is most precious during the
                          planning stage. One of the earliest items that your
                          daughter and her partner need to make a decision on is
the budget. You don't have to pay for the entire wedding, but it will be best to
offer a certain amount. Aside from this, you need to work with the couple and the
groom’s family in creating the guest list.

Moreover, search for possible locations for the wedding and reception, and also
hotels where out-of-town attendees can stay in and let
the couple decide which ones are best. You also have to
help your daughter select her dress and buy one for your
own as well. If you haven’t already met, contact the
groom’s family and invite them for some snacks or
dinner. If she has not picked a gown already, consider
looking for clothes with the groom’s mom.

During the wedding, you will likely play a role in ensuring
that the ceremony flows flawlessly. Your daughter will
also almost certainly require your help dressing up. Aside
from attending to the needs of your daughter,
attendants will likely channel different concerns to you
instead of the bride. If you are not the one walking the bride down the aisle,
expect to be the last person to be seated before the ceremony commences as

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Hosting the wedding reception is traditionally the function of the bride’s family,
and thus, you and other significant members of your family will be tasked with
greeting and welcoming guests. As the leader of the receiving line, you must make
sure that the guests move immediately into the hall, so the event can start. To
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