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									 Cleaning Services
Are you looking for complete
cleaning services in Vancouver
BC ? If yes then you have
come to the right place. Gum
fighters is an experienced
company providing cleaning
services to both residential and
commercial customers.We are
Gumfighters – Vancouver, British
Gum  Fighters offers the most cutting-edge
 techniques in the industry for attacking the
 problem of chewing gum waste on
 sidewalks at commercial and retail
Oursteam machines are used in
 combination with our more tradition hot and
    Residential Cleaning
 While you are at work or out enjoying life, you can entrust that
the professionals at Thorough Clean are doing what they do
best – cleaning and sanitizing your home. Thorough
gumfighters professional cleaners go through a detailed
background and history check, so you can rest and feel
comfortable knowing your home is in good hands.

 So enjoy your day at work or take time during the weekend to
enjoy a family activity knowing you and your family will be
coming home to a clean and sanitized home environment. No
area inside your home will be neglected – not even those
cobwebs in the corners of your living room. Start enjoying life
and Call us about our special holiday discount! Available only for
a limited time.
Vancouver Commercial
Cleaning Services that you,
It is not expected
 as an employer, will do the
 cleaning yourself. After
 working a full day, it is very
 unlikely that you would
Commercial, Industrial &
Retail Pressure Washing:
  Exterior Building Maintenance
Parkades/Parking Garages
Loading Bays
Dumpsters/Bins/Garbage Bay’s
Interior Building/Warehouse Cleaning
Construction Clean-up
Awnings/Glass Awnings
Window Cleaning
Strip Malls
We provide all types of
cleaning services in
Residential Cleaning
Commercial     Cleaning
Green    Cleaning
Post    Construction Cleaning
Moving    In or Out Cleaning
Blind   Cleaning
24   Hour Emergency Cleaning
Window     Cleaning
Rates & Enquiry:
Website:   www.
Email   :
Full Address:Gum Fighters , 280
 East 5th Avenue , Vancouver , BC ,
 V5T 1H3
Phone   No: (778) 237-6486

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