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					                  Nvidia GTX 700 Series Release Date
Hi there friends. It is the time when we search out the possibilities of upcoming hardware from

GTX 700 series is the upcoming video card series from Nvidia that will take advantage of GK110
architecture and will take it even further.

Nvidia 600 series brought us a lot of mesmerizing video cards and we were very pleased with the
fact that they covered each and every market like low-end, mid-end and high-end cards.

Same goes with AMD HD 7000 series and both companies went toe to toe this year with their
products and we had numerous options to choose from.

Some things were better in AMD for the same price range while some of them were better in Nvidia.
It was all a matter of choice between the cards and games you wanted to play. Anyway, we will talk
about the future prospects of Nvidia, i.e. GTX 700 series or better known as Maxwell series from

However, before we begin, I would like to point out that this article represents personal views and
some rumors and must be taken for informational purposes only, but must not be included in official

With that said, let’s begin:

    Nvidia GTX 700 series is believed to be on Maxwell architecture.

Do you recall Nvidia GTC2010 where we saw Nvidia’s roadmap for future architectures? Well, they
became a little late with the first graphics card based on Kepler. But I think that they will catch up to
Maxwell by the end of 2013.

    The Release Date of Maxwell series

I believe that GTX 700 will be released by the end of 2013 or first quarter of 2014. I can’t be sure
and no one can, except Nvidia. But since they will never tell you about the release date until they
have finished the final product, you have to believe these rumors.

However, I am not saying that out of the blue. I read White paper of GK110 and found hints of
graphics cards to be released in 2013 and it could only be 700 because there is nothing more that is
left (but they always find something, don’t they?).

    Nvidia GTX 690 might not be last dual-gpu card.

If you were keeping up with the rumors then you already know that Nvidia GTX 685 will be based on
GK110 architecture which was previously made for supercomputer.
I think that Nvidia must have made certain cuts with the architecture to make it compatible as a
personal computer graphics card.

It is obvious that we will see GTX 685 by the end of 2012, but Nvidia might also release GTX 695, a
dual-gpu card that puts two GK110 based cards together.

This theory or speculation is not a complete air talk because history is our guide on this one.

GTX 690 may not be the last Dual-Gpu Card afterall

            Nvidia GTX 690 - A dual gpu card- Two GK104 - Holds Being the Fastest Card on Planet

    Games of 2013 and 2014 will be very demanding

If you missed out on Gaming Conferences 2012 then this would a good time to watch it on YouTube
because if you even think of yourself as a gamer then you missed out a lot by not watching those
videos from Sony, Microsoft Games, Ubisoft and Electronic Arts.

Crysis 3 will be released by February 2013, right? But, are we going to see GTX 700 by then? No,
we will not! But let’s look at the history once again, shall we?

Crysis 2 was released on 14th April 2011 and the High-Res Texture Pack with several graphical
improvements was released on 27th June 2011. Is the time difference important? Not so much but
what matters, is that it changed the game a lot.

You can’t play Crysis 2 on Ultra with high res pack on a 3 monitor setup, unless you have 2 GTX 680
in SLI mode and above (equivalent AMD cards will require crossfire).
My point is, Crysis 3 has amazing visuals and a secret-toad-tessellation-tech that enables
tessellation in wildlife in a lot more detail, lifelike vegetation, etc. So, we will be craving for GTX 700
series when it is launched.

Other games are NFS Most Wanted 2012, Far Cry 3, Assassins Creed 3, Resident Evil 6, Dead
Space 3, Call of Duty Black Ops 2, etc. These games are also filled with details that will make your
jaw drop and you have an amazing card, all of these games have Global Illumination, which gives
you lifelike light simulation.

    Switching from DirectX 11.1 to DirectX 12.0 is inevitable.

I am not sure if Nvidia GTX 700 will support DirectX 12.0 on launch or not because they have always
been on the lower version of DirectX with respect to AMD.

Still, it is worth noting that DirectX 11.0 brought a lot of depth and realism in games and DirectX 12.0
might be just thing that we are waiting to make our games seem lifelike and finally characters will
have a virtual gravity in the games.

Yeah, I invented that name, but the sense is very simple. You often see your character going in the
road or in walls or in other characters making them look odd and although it might seem funny to
some people, it is actually a glitch of DirectX.

I am keeping my fingers crossed till they make this virtual gravity a reality and don’t tell me that they
have already made it happen because if you have grasped my point there and you looked at Crysis
3 demo gameplay on YouTube then you can see that the glitch is still there.

    Competing with AMD Radeon HD 8000 series will be tough.

Now, we will talk about how AMD has risen from the ground and took its rightful place as a tough
competitor for Nvidia in these years.

AMD Radeon HD 7000 definitely made Nvidia to drop their prices, to launch affordable yet amazing
cards and create multiple choices for us to choose from.

I think that GTX 700 will continue from 2013 (by the end) to 2015 and we will see several new
games and applications trying to exploit various features of both companies, like PhysX, compute,

So, Nvidia will have to step up their game even more for their new graphics cards when AMD
releases its 8000 series.

    There is no such thing as ‘be happy for what you got’.

This kind of talk suits people who can’t do anything or don’t have the will to do anything. We saw
ping pong on a mono-chrome CRT monitor and now we are going to play Fifa 2013 with dynamic
physics, what does that tell you? Being content with something does not drive you to create
something new and amazing.
Don’t take that heading in a wrong manner because I am not saying that you should not be happy
about what you get, but take it as ‘always thrive to create and have something better’.

This motto helped many people to change their lives from being a whiny person to a successful one.

Now, why am I telling you this in this article that is solely related to GTX 700?

The answer: I read just yesterday about what people were thinking about the upcoming GTX 685
and how GK110 will change the game. I read that few users were saying that be happy for you
already have and graphics cards are already at their best.

If this was the case then Nvidia and AMD wouldn’t be investing millions of dollars in inventing that is
life altering.

Please take a look at how games look and how our dreams look and you will see the vast difference
between a graphics card and our brain.

Someday, Nvidia and AMD, will be able to create something so amazing that defies the graphics that
our brain can produce when we are dreaming. So, don’t be content with the technology of today
when you can dream about tomorrow.

Keep searching and gather information as much as you can because you will be able to decide
better when you know how to decide!

    Conclusion

Maxwell architecture by Nvidia is supposed to be 10 times faster, so we might have to wait for it but
when it does arrive in the market, I am sure that we will see a great leap in gaming and applications
that use graphics card.

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Description: GTX 700 series is the upcoming video card series from Nvidia that will take advantage of GK110 architecture and will take it even further. Nvidia 600 series brought us a lot of mesmerizing video cards and we were very pleased with the fact that they covered each and every market like low-end, mid-end and high-end cards.