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									                                    McLaren and Grand Prix
Formula One, also known as F1 or Formula 1 and FIA Formula One World Championship is regarded as
the highest class of single-seater auto car racing managed by Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile
(FIA). “Formula” came from the set of rules that is mandated for all the participants in the racing.

In Formula 1, the words “Constructor” and ‘entrant” pertains to different meanings. Entrant is the one
responsible for registering the car and the specific driver for the race. An entrant can be a person or a
corporation that will be in-charge of the preparation and maintenance of the car. As they are involved
actively in the preparation and on the main car racing, the term “team” emerged to apply to any entrant

According to Article 6.3 of the FIA sporting Regulations, "the constructor of an engine or chassis is the
person (including any corporate or unincorporated body) which owns the intellectual rights to such engine
or chassis." Thus, when they win in the championship, the title is given to the car “make” that has scored
the highest points on the ongoing season with the condition that both the chassis and the engine are under
one name.

On the case that the chassis and the engine are made by different entities, the car make for instance
McLaren –Mercedes, the name of the chassis constructor will be the first one to be mentioned before the
engine constructor. When this happens, the two different makes and points will be scored separately.
And the World Constructor’s Championship title will be given to the constructor’s chassis that earned the
most points.

From 1980s, Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) requires that F1 entrants own the
intellectual rights to the chassis they enter. This is where the terms “entrant”, “constructor” and “team”
became well known. Before the said years, constructors have the freedom to sell their chassis to other
teams. In 1960s and 1970s, Brabham and Lotus chassis were used broadly by other teams.

A Grand Prix pertains to the Formula One race, a sporting event that happens for three days usually on
Friday to Sunday. It involves sequence of practice as well as qualifying sessions before the final race that
is done on Sunday.

According to the ongoing regulations, there will be two free practice sessions that is usually happening on
Friday, a qualifying and practice session on Saturday and the final F1 race on Sunday. However, with
time, activities may vary.

Apart from the mentioned activities for three days, there are also races in FIA series like the GP2 Series to
entertain the vast crowds of spectators.

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