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									Planet’s Choice Limited Brought New Pet Products to Hong Kong

Planet’s Choice is a new company entering the pet industry in Hong Kong
recently. The company is targeting the high end pet market and has
brought in US and Korean brands such as Pet Fusion, K&H Manufacturing and
Puppia to Hong Kong in 2013

Hong Kong, January 31, 2013 -- Planet’s Choice was founded in the end of
2012. The company has just brought in dozens of premium pet products from
overseas markets. They now carry renowned brands such as Pet Fusion, K&H
Manufacturing, and Puppia etc.

The company is targeting the high end pet market in Hong Kong, serving
customers who care about the quality and functionality of the products.
Noir Lo, Planet’s Choice founder talked about the brands: “brands like
Pet Fusion and K&H are already very popular among pet lovers in North
America, we are happy we can bring these products to our customers in
Hong Kong. Puppia just won the “World Class Product of Korea”, a National
certificate that is awarded to a company with a specific item (harness)
that is within number 5 of the world’s market share for export.”

Planet’s Choice also provides drop shipping service to pet shops,
probably the first one to introduce such service in the local pet
industry. Noir said: “we want our business partners to succeed so we will
help them as much as we can. Many brick and mortar shops are already
facing big challenges such as high rent and keen competition from online
shops. We hope that the drop shipping service can reduce their overhead
and keep them more competitive without worrying about delivery

The company is looking for business partners to join their retail network
and will launch a series of advertising and marketing campaign in

About Planet’s Choice Limited:
Planet’s Choice is an importer, distributor and wholesaler of premium pet
products in Hong Kong. The company carries brands such as K&H
Manufacturing, Pet Fusion, Puppia, Tinkle Belts etc.

Noir Lo
Planet’s Choice Limited
Rm 1104, Crawford House
70 Queen’s Road Central
Central, Hong Kong

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