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									                                      BRIEFING SUMMARY


The Manobo Project – Datu Tagleong Agro Forestry Complex (DTAFC), La Paz, Agusan del Sur –
templates Executive Order 23 and Executive Order 26.

Fulfilled within DTAFC are the 3 key elements of Executive Order 23, namely:

       Law Enforcement and Forest Protection during
       the recent massive apprehension of illegally cut
       timber and closure of non-complying wood
       processing mills in Butuan City, CARAGA Region,
       Davao City and other Davao provinces,
       Compostela Valley and in Metro Manila.

       Sustainable Alternative Economy created
       based on commercial agro-forestry project on a
       global scale to serve as the commercial buffer
       zone to protected forest areas and to serve as a
       replacement to the displaced economy due to
       the cessation of illegal logging.

       Indigenous Peoples’ primacy right to the use of their resources as
       provided for by law in the exercise of their self-determination, self-
       reliance and self-governance.

Likewise, fulfilled by the development of falcata plantations within DTAFC is the mandate of Executive
Order 26.

DENR Validation and Recognition

In May 2012, M/Gen (Ret) Renato Miranda of the DENR Anti-Illegal Logging Task Force (AILTF) sent an
AILTF Team headed by Sharon Quitzon to verify and validate the Manobo Project. With the Task Force
Team were Ms. Arlyn de la Cruz and a full media crew of TV Net 25 and Philippine Daily Enquirer.
What the Task Force found is an eye opener, not only to the Task Force but to the Honorable DENR
Secretary Ramon Paje, himself. The Manobo project as validated inspired and crystallized the SPOTTY
implementation of forest protection and concept of forest tenurial instrumentations by the DENR.
Enclosed is a copy of the Task Force Report, with the approval, on a marginal note, of the Honorable
DENR Secretary Ramon Paje (ATTACHMENT 1).

And, in tandem, Ms. Arlyn de la Cruz published the result of her independent journalistic findings on
the front page and a full page with the Philippines Daily Enquirer on 28 May 2012 entitled “Love in the
Boondocks Brings In Multi-Million Dollar Investment”.

At the same time, 1 hour full special reports were made in national TV Net 25 repeated in three (3)
consecutive series. RMN (Radio Mindanao Network) revved the existence of an “AVATAR” project in
the Manobo tribal land.

Reviews and best wishes poured in from the social media as well as from phone calls from known and
unknown sources all hoping the best and cautioning against political interest that are expected to pour

Hopes that there can be a better future for the Manobo, in the hands of the Manobo were
commonly expressed.

Following the mandate of Secretary Paje,
M/Gen Miranda adapted the Manobo
Project as the template for the Sustainable
Alternative Economy under Executive
Order 23 becoming the SPOTTY DENR
Forest Protection Doctrine.

This DENR Doctrine was presented to the
General Meeting of the National Law
Enforcement Coordinating Council (NLECC)
at DENR Head Office.

This forward action of the DENR AILTF
averted what could have been a wrongful
disastrous conclusion by government
agencies, including President Benigno S.
Aquino III and could have mistakenly
absolved responsibility on the illegal
loggers and their political partners.

This joint visit of the Task Force and Ms. Arlyn de la Cruz saved the Manobo.

Because, shortly after this series of events: the visit, the media publication of the journalistic
investigation and this presentation to NLECC, massive apprehension of illegal timber being transported
to Butuan City mostly coming from the sites previously visited by the AILTF Team and the media
exploded in the newspapers.
It took the act of a Mayor, the Honorable Ferdinand Amante to awaken everyone. What the Manobo
has been telling the national leadership about a syndicated environmental and economic destruction
of unabated illegal logging was proven to be true.

To the national leadership and to the people of the Philippines, the task of enforcing environmental
laws became real. The nitty gritty of illegal logging and its implications, not only as to its effects on our
environment but also its effects on the lives of the very people where these illegal timber is pillaged
from and its effects to the national welfare and national interest came to be in everyone’s

The Honorable DENR Secretary Paje and the Honorable DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo flew to the area,
held meetings in Butuan City and other places.

But, the question remains: what will the government do for the most marginalized people of our
society – the very people who live in the mountains, the IPs – and, how will this cessation of illegal
logging be sustained.

It is a legacy project of Secretary Robredo; one that was rightfully started the end of which should also
be right to honor Secretary Robredo.

Hampered by national problems and budget restraints, the government cannot do much. But,
combined with the capability of the IPs with the government agencies implementing the law towards
providing a smooth path for regulatory compliances, mountains can be moved and miracles can

The Manobo Project is proof.

This Manobo Project did not ask for financial support from the government nor does it contemplate to
do so. This project considers the government, as Datu Tagleong says it: second to God. Now, the
Manobo offers its effort so that the government may continue to serve the other sectors of our
country. As President P’noy says: “Kayo and boss ko”.

DENR AILTF M/Gen Renato Miranda and DENR RED CARAGA Marlo Mendoza view the Manobo Project
as a template for a solution. They have both exercised support for the Manobo Project as allowed by
law with fair and decisive action.

What can derail this project? The political machinery of the illegal loggers led by the provincial
political leader of Agusan del Sur who uses resources of the government, such as the former Agusan
del Sur Provincial and Municipal Police hierarchy, the former DENR, the present NCIP, the present
Regional/Provincial/Municipal CIDG, the affiliation of the “Lubog Brownie and K-9” elements to the
Philippine Army to harass and threaten the lives and freedom of the leadership of the Manobo Tribe.

Thus, the Manobo Project needs the attention of DENR Secretary Paje and President Benigno S. Aquino
III. Because the entities that have and continue to hamper the Manobo Project is the syndicate of the
illegal loggers, their political backers and their connection within the government agencies – the very
people whom the President has taken the fight to for the environment, the country and the people.

The Manobo Project – Datu Tagleong Agro Forestry Complex

The scope of the Manobo Project is global.

With the signing of the Joint Venture Agreement at
the Philippines Embassy in London on 15 August
2012 between the Manobo and a major merchant
bank in Canada for expansion funding and technical
support, the scope of the Manobo Project has been
brought to the financial markets of London,

Singapore, Canada and New York.

The Manobo keeps ownership of their ancestral
land; sits in the Board of Directors; acts as Senior
Management; Mid-level Managers (depending on
qualifications); and, first priority on work
(qualification and performance).

Migrants and residents of the area also have
priority to opportunities.

In other words, the stakeholders have control, subject only to qualifications and performance.

40,000 hectares of oil palm – falcata plantation and processing mills on a direct investment of USD$150
Million over a period of 6 years. Starting with the first 10,000 hectares.

The project continues from the Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) of the existing plantation
expanded to the first 10,000 hectares.

The appeal of the project to the global market is: it is an indigenous peoples’
initiative.  The Manobo created value from the use of its resources and the global financial market
evaluated such value and accepted it to its globally accepted standards. This value is a combination of
the resource (use of the land); management; regulatory compliance; and, profitability – a full socio-
economic cycle. THIS IS THE GREEN ECONOMY.

To seal the deal, initial funds have been released.

FUTURE: A Legacy of His Excellency President Benigno S. Aquino III and the
DENR Leadership
If, President Benigno S. Aquino III thru DENR Secretary Ramon Paje and the Task Force provides
priority attention without compromise to the rules of regulatory compliances with fair protection from
the harassment of the illegal loggers and politicians of Agusan del Sur who want to take control of this
project, this project will continue to pass global standards.

Replicated in other parts of the country, capital and technology opens.

In the context of this replication, the vision of M/Gen Miranda and DENR RED Mendoza is to support
the Manobo structure of commercial conservation using agro forestry projects as commercial buffer
zones to protected areas as a test case. Then, their scope will include the Tagulayan Ridge, the
Kinambaeyan Ridge, the Pantarong Ridge, Mt. Kintanlad and the Agusan Marsh. But they also agree
that the Manobo project comes first; until the completion of the ECC of the first 10,000 hectares being
the test case, then the additional projects will be attended to. With the prayed for shield and support,
the Manobo feels that the ECC can be done well and the “packaging” of the other projects can be
started by January 2013.

Together, the initiative of the Manobo Tribe in its small patch of the forest would have continued to
contribute to nation building starting with its own affairs. This time, not thru the pillage of the nation’s
natural resources for personal interest; but, by building a sustainable and lasting heritage that
transcends through generations.

What if this vision is integrally institutionalized through the creation of a Special Economic
Conservation Zone, would this not be in accordance with Executive Order 23?

Truly, a legacy of a chain of historical greatness. Senator Benigno Aquino II provided the idealism.
President Corazon Aquino provided the constitutional framework under the 1987 Constitution. And,
now, President Benigno S. Aquino III makes real the idealism and the enshrinement of the poor and
marginalized sector of our country.

And, without cost to the government.
Thank you.
                  ATTACHMENT 1


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