Santa Clara Governance Timeline by shitingting


									                                Steering Committee for the
        Santa Clara County Collaborative on Affordable Housing and Homelessness

               PROPOSED: Santa Clara CoC HEARTH Governance Timeline

The following timeline is a proposed set of events for the design, adoption, and
implementation of a new Continuum of Care governance structure.

22 August              Orientation to HEARTH Continuum of Care governance requirements

7 September            Special Session of the Executive Committee to identify key
                       stakeholders, develop an outreach plan, recommend a timeline, and
                       review initial ideas for governance structure

1 October              The CoC must identify Santa Clara County’s “Collaborative Applicant”
                       via the CoC Registration process in e-snaps

October                Stakeholder outreach. HomeBase can host “informational sessions” on
                       an as-needed basis.

November               Community meeting to determine core governance structure.

January                Community meeting to define guiding principles of the new
                       governance structure and develop initial ideas for the charter.

February               Further discussion and drafting of the charter.

March                  Final governance structure and charter presented to the community.

April                  Key bodies to “approve” new governance structure.

May                    Under new structure, officers are nominated and elected.

June                   New “CoC Board” begins work as defined by both the HUD CoC
                       Interim Regulations and by the newly formed charter.

September              The CoC can change the “Collaborative Applicant” or identify a
                       “Unified Funding Agency” via e-snaps when CoC Registration opens.

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