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September - Collision Expert


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									    Collision Expert
               Carolinas’ Voice of the Industry               
Volume 23, Number 9                           A Division of OAS, Inc.                                 September 2011

CIC, Consultant, Seeking
Industry Views On Topic Of
Industry Repair Standards

Make Your SMART Goals
WISE Goals

Telling The Tale Of The
“Neutral Information Provider”

Shop Owners Share Experiences
Of Trying To Renegotiate Contracts
With Information Providers

SCRS’ Repair Driven Education
Draws Support From PPG

The Ethnic Factor In Marketing

Alllstate To Open
Electrionic Communication
With Non-DRP Shops

Lively Venue Planned For
ASRW Welcome Reception

Wrangler...Humane Society of

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2        Collision Expert               September 2011

    Table of Contents                                                                                                                                          Collision Expert
                                                                                                                                                                 Published 12 times a year
    ARTICLE                                                                                                                      PAGE NUMBER
    CIC, Consultant, Seeking Industry Views On Topic Of                                                                                                                         Editor
      Industry Repair Standards by John Yoswick ..................................................................................... 4, 6-7                                 John Ogden
    Make Your SMART Goals WISE Goals by Joelle Jay, Ph.D. .............................................................................. 8                         Marketing & Sales Manager
    Telling The Tale Of The “Neutral Information Provider” by “The Insider” ..........................................................10                                  Ceil Ogden
                                                                                                                                                                        (704) 365-0710
    Shop Owners Share Experiences Of Trying To Renegotiate
      Contracts With Information Providers by John Yoswick ........................................................................... 13-12                         Contributing Columnists
                                                                                                                                                                          Tom Franklin
    US House Committee Holds Hearing On Insurance Oversight .........................................................................14
                                                                                                                                                                         “The Insider”
    PPG Fall MVP Conference Set To “Reveal The Power Of Performance” ............................................................ 16                                    Joelle Jay, Ph.D.
    SCRS’ Repair Driven Education Draws Support                                                                                                                           Myles Mellor
                                                                                                                                                                         John Yoswick
      From PPG Refinish.........................................................................................................................18
    The Ethnic Factor In Marketing by Tom Franklin ...................................................................................19-20                              Design Staff
                                                                                                                                                                 Andrea CinqMars Advertising
    Alllstate To Open Electrionic Communication With Non-DRP Shops by John Yoswick ........................................22-23                                   Sean Pfost Page Layout
    Crossword Puzzle by Myles Mellor ........................................................................................................24
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    Wrangler...Humane Society of Charlotte ............................................................................................... 24                          The Gaston Gazette
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Collision Expert                                                                                      rules and regulations are made solely for
                                                                                                      information and in no way constitutes a legal
                                                                                                      interpretation of any legislative or
                                                                                                      administrative enactment. For advice

Distributed free of charge on a monthly basis to all members of the collision repair                  concerning the legal effects of any
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industry including all independent and franchised dealer body shops, all dealership                   enactments referred to herein, you should         warranty, expressed or implied, made by Collision Expert
                                                                                                                                                        regarding the accuracy or reliability of this information.”
parts managers in North Carolina, South Carolina and Southern Virginia, and many                      consult a licensed attorney, certified public
other industry related companies and personnel.                                                       accountant or other qualified professional.

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                  Richmond                                         theCCRE                                   Sarah Myers          Ronnie Duncan        Suezanne Perry       Spartanburg
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4       Collision Expert              September 2011

    CIC, Consultant, Seeking Industry Views On Topic Of
                 Industry Repair Standards
                                                about 10 of the 40 interviews —           will examine if there is support        other industries and in the collision
                                                about half with repairers and half        for the idea of a standard-setting      repair industry in other countries.
                                                with those in other segments of           body, and if so, how that body could       He said he is also looking at what
                                                the industry — that he anticipates        be structured and funded. As part       various segments of the industry
                                                doing to prepare the report for the       of the research, Condon also will       view as “deal-breakers” in the
                                                committee. That report, he said,          examine standard-setting entities in    concept.

                                                     CIC Data Privacy Committee
                                                      Rolls Out Two Important
                                                          Industry Surveys
                                                     The Collision Industry Conference (CIC) Data Privacy Committee
                                                 rolled out two important Industry surveys at the CIC meeting in Salt
                                                 Lake City on July 21st in response to the concerns with data privacy of
                                                 collision repair industry estimating and management system data.
              by John Yoswick                        Tony Passwater, Chairman of the Data Privacy Committee, states,
                                                 “The possible unauthorized usage of the data we generate using collision
   The skittishness among some in                estimating and management systems is a major concern of many within
the industry about how formalized                the industry. Not only is the vehicle owner affected, but the concerns
repair standards may be developed                are also echoed by repairers and insurance company representatives.”
or implemented was evident during                For this reason the committee has been working on two information                            Mike Condon
discussion at the most recent                    gathering surveys to identify the sources where the data is going, how it
Collision Industry Conference (CIC).             is protected, and to gather verification of the cases where the data has             “We want to flesh those out
   At the meeting, the CIC-                      been possibly “leaked” inappropriately.                                          so we don’t go down a path that
formed Repair Standards Advisory                     The first survey is designed for providers of products and services           ultimately will not work,” Condon
Committee offered an update on                   to the collision repair industry that are currently capturing, storing,          said.
its work, including the hiring of                or transmitting data from computerized estimating systems and/or                    Speaking for the Society of
a consultant to build a business                 management systems. The second survey is designed for anyone with                Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS)
case for the development and                     first-hand knowledge of cases where specific repair information is               and the Alliance of Automotive
implementation of formalized                     reported outside the internal usage of the repairer generating it with           Service Providers (AASP), Aaron
standards.                                       their estimating and/or management system unexpectedly, or without               Schulenburg of SCRS said the two
   Ru s s T h r a l l , p u b l i s h e r o f    authorization.                                                                   groups “believe standards are both
CollisionWeek and a past CIC                         The survey links can be found on the CIC Website under the Data              necessary and a good thing,” but
chairman and who co-chairs the                   Privacy Committee Section. We encourage all providers of products and            have concerns about the approach
advisory committee, said the goal of             services to the collision repair industries that are capturing estimating        the CIC committee is taking.
the consultant’s work is to present              and/or management system data to complete the Products/Services                     “Our members believe there
a report by November about what                  Survey. We also encourage anyone with first-hand knowledge of where               are standards that exist today,”
consensus exists within the industry             specific repair information is reported outside their internal usage,             Schulenburg said. “They view the
about standards and a possible                   please complete the Validation Survey.                                           (automaker) recommendations
new organization to oversee the                                                                                                   and procedures as the standard.
development and implementation                     All upcoming meeting information and previous presentations                    That standard is not followed
of standards.                                    are available on the CIC website:                         every day because while that’s the
   Thrall said that as of mid-July, the                                                                                           overwhelming view of repairers, not
committee had raised $26,600 of                     The Collision Industry Conference (CIC) is a forum where collision industry   every industry segment recognizes
the $60,000 it needs in sponsorships                stakeholders come together to discuss issues, build broad understanding,      that or agrees with that statement.
for the consultant’s work and the                  find common ground and communicate to the industry at-large, findings and        And some of those other industry
development of an industry forum                                                possible solutions.                               segments and participants who
on the topic in November. More than                                                                                               don’t necessarily support that as the
50 percent of the 21 sponsors to                                               CIC ADMIN OFFICE                                   standard are involved in this activity
date are collision repair businesses,                                    .O.
                                                                        P Box 2757 Tri-Cities, WA 99302                           and committee, and that is cause
38 percent are suppliers and less
                                                                              Phone: 509-543-7773                                 for concern.”
                                                                            Email:                                Thrall said those opinions are
than 5 percent are insurers.                                            Website:
   Mike Condon, whose consulting                                                                                                  part of what Condon’s research is
firm has been hired by the
committee, said he has conducted                                                                                                               (continued on page 6)
                                                   September 2011   Collision Expert   5



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6     Collision Expert      September 2011

Views On Industry Repair Standards... (continued from page 4)
designed to capture, and that the       While some CIC participants at         “There isn’t even general             State Farm, others offer updates
associations’ volunteer leadership   the July meeting in Salt Lake City,    consensus within the executive              In other news and discussion at
are among those slated for           Utah, raised questions or concerns     committee,” Biggs said. “I can tell      CIC in Salt Lake City:
interviews.                          about the consultant’s research        you that’s what Mike’s charter is: to
                                     process or the questions being asked   see what people’s opinions are.”            George Avery of State Farm said
                                     in interviews, Rollie Benjamin, CEO                                             the insurer is continuing to work
                                     of ABRA Auto Body & Glass, called         Dale Delmege, another former          on an electronic parts ordering
                                     that “micromanaging the process.”      CIC chairman who has been asked          system it will require its Select
                                        “I trust Russell, I trust Mike.     by the committee to raise the            Service shops to use. “The repairer
                                     I think they will do a good job,”      additional $33,000 needed for            will continue to have a choice
                                     Benjamin said. “I think they’ll come   the project, urged repairers to          on who they buy parts from, and
                                     out with the information we need       donate $100 per facility (insurers       they will have control over which
                                     to make a good decision on whether     and vendor sponsors are also being       parts they buy, regardless of the
                                     we move forward or not. Let’s let      sought) for the effort. Delmege          price,” Avery said. “We are not
                                     these guys do their job.”              said he sees the consultant’s work       interested in purchasing parts. What
                                        Scott Biggs of Assured              as having no bias toward shops,          we’re interested in is helping the
                                     Performance Network, who also          insurers or automakers. He also said     industry smooth out the process.
                                     is part of the leadership of the       his research of the repair standards     We believe in quality, efficiency
                                     committee, said he understands         program in the United Kingdom            and competitive price. As you know,
                                     that the standards issue may be        indicates it has been positive for the   we have a scorecard that we use to
                                     “threatening to so many different      industry.                                evaluate performance across the
                                     organizations because it is such an       “They transformed their industry      board in those three categories. So
                                     enormous issue.” But he said those     —about an hour and 15 minutes            that’s why we think the repairer is
                                     with concerns should understand        before regulators ‘helped them’ do       the best person to make the choice
                                     that opposing viewpoints are held      so,” Delmege said. “Those people         on parts.”
          Russell Thrall             and being voiced even among those      over there are pretty happy about
                                     leading the effort.                    where they got to.”                               (continued on next page)
                                                                                                      September 2011           Collision Expert           7

Views On Industry Repair Standards... (continued from previous page)
                                       “recommendations” to instead offer   technicians are Hispanic, it will       electronic communication process
                                       much more specific “requirements      soon release a Spanish glossary         between repairer and shop.
                                       on what process, procedure and/      of collision industry terms. The           I-CAR’s Jeff Peevy said 11
                                       or components...should be used in    glossary, which will be downloadable    percent of shops in the United
                                       a repair.”                           and searchable, was funded in part      State have achieved the “Gold Class
                                                                            by a grant from AASP  .                 Professionals” designation, and
                                                                                                                    another 20 percent are involved in
                                                                               The CIC Insurer-Repairer             some level of consistent technician
                                                                            Relations Committee released a          training. But 69 percent of shops,
                                                                            draft of what the committee is          he said, have no consistent training
                                                                            compiling as elements of the “most      for technicians “yet they claim
                                                                            beneficial and productive repairer-      to do collision repairs.” He urged
                                                                            insurer relationships.” Those           more insurers to require their DRP
                                                                            elements — 11 of them in the current    shops to maintain the Gold Class
                                                                            draft, some of which apply to non-      designation. “If you do not require
                                                                            direct repair program shops as well     training of those shops that are
                                                                            –— include an explicit outline of the   doing repairs for you, you need
                                                                            key performance indicators (KPIs)       to consider the rapid changes (in
                                                                            used to measure shop performance;       vehicle design and materials),”
                                                                            consistency between corporate           Peevy said. “You cannot properly
           George Avery                                                     and field employees regarding           repair a new car accidentally any
                                                                            the selection and retention of          more. You just can’t do it.”
   Doug Craig, collision repair                                             DRP shops; an unbiased dispute                            ••••
manager for Chrysler, said Chrysler,                                        resolution process with a designated    John Yoswick, a freelance writer based
Ford and some other automakers are                Doug Craig                point of contact to resolve issues      in Portland, Oregon, who has been
working to “commonize where we                                              “free of the fear or reprisal’:         writing about the automotive industry
can” some of their “approaches to         The National Auto Body Council    communication to the consumer           since 1988, can be contacted by email at
different repairs.” He said Chrysler   said because 20 percent of all       about the relationship between        
also will be moving away from          collision and mechanical repair      insurer and shop; and a streamlined

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8      Collision Expert         September 2011

                           Make Your SMART Goals WISE Goals
                                            You can also use smart goals           Written                                       This may be the biggest
                                         to help integrate your work and              Writing your goals is a critical        differentiator between SMART
                                         home lives to find better balance:         step — and one many people miss.           and WISE thinking. Spending too
                                            2. Leave work (a specific,             Writing forces you to be clear in your     much time and energy boxing your
                                         action-oriented verb) by 6:00 p.m.        thinking. It allows you to look at         objectives into a hard and fast
                                         three times a week (a time-bound          your plans with objectivity. It instills   formula can squeeze the life right
                                         commitment that is realistic and          commitment and puts your thoughts          out of them. Some examples:
                                         measurable).                              in a durable form you can revisit
                                            Smart goals are just as helpful        again and again.                              SMART GOAL– Schedule team-
                                         in your personal life:                                                               building and strategic planning
                                            3. Go on a date with my wife (a        Integrated                                 off-site by end of January
                                         specific, action-oriented verb) at             Integrating your ideas means              WISE GOAL –Transform my
                                         least twice a month (a time-bound         bringing them together in the same         staff into a team of inspired,
                                         commitment that is realistic and          place so you can look at them all          empowered partners
                                         measurable).                              at once. Allow your personal and
                                            All of these goals illustrate          professional lives to intermingle. It’s       SMART GOAL – Leave work by
                                         how the SMART criteria get you            okay if right under “increase profit        6:00 p.m. three times a week,
                                         to be very concrete about your            share” you have “get more rest.”           organize my office and work with
         by Joelle Jay, Ph.D.            goals, which makes them easier            They both improve your quality of          my assistant to find new planning
                                         to attain.                                life. They both contribute to your         system within one month from
   As a leader, you’re used to              T h e p r o b l e m w i t h S M A RT   definition of success. You get to have      today
setting goals. But are the goals         thinking is that it has a tendency        it all. There are no rules. You make          WISE GOAL – Feel in control of
you’re setting really as powerful as     to limit instead of inspire. SMART        it up.                                     my life
they could be?                           goals can work against you if:
   Goals help us to cut through the                                                Synergistic                                   SMART GOAL – Go on a date
clutter of a crowded mind and keep         • You neglect to write them and            Whereas integrating your goals          with my wife at least twice
our thoughts on the things that              keep them fresh.                      means bringing them together,              a month and tell her why I
matter most. They help us focus.           • They’re isolated from other           synergizing means making them              appreciate her at least once a day
To be effective, you can’t just set          important parts of your life.         work together. Synergy happens             starting August 3rd
random goals the way many people           • They conflict or compete.              when one idea advances another.               WISE GOAL – Fall in love again
do — long lists of wishes that pop up      • They lack spirit and conviction.      Keeping a vision of what you want
at random and eventually fall away.                                                in mind when you think about your             The best goals are both “smart”
You can be smarter than that with           To avoid these pitfalls, make          goals will help create that synergy.       a n d “ w i s e . ” S M A RT t h i n k i n g
your goals. Wiser. This article shows    sure your goals are both SMART and        You really lose something when             gives your goals specificity. WISE
you how.                                 WISE.                                     you decouple your goals from your          thinking gives them heart.
                                                                                   vision; they become just another              Every good leader has goals.
  In the business world, we’ve           WISE Goals                                prioritized list.                          Your goals will help you stay on
been trained to set SMART goals:           ‘WISE’ stands for:                         The most powerful and peaceful          track to achieving your bigger
                                                                                   way to think about your efforts is to      vision day after day, and the
    • Specific                                                                     see how they can coalesce into one         “SMARTer” they are, the more
                                            • Written
    • Measurable                                                                   complete vision for your life.             productive you’ll be. However,
                                            • Integrated
    • Action-Oriented                                                                                                         make sure that your goals are also
                                            • Synergistic                          Expansive                                  WISE enough to inspire you, excite
    • Realistic and
                                            • Expansive                               Think big. Your goals should            you, and move you in new and
    • Time-Bound
                                                                                   inspire you to stay on the path to your    exciting ways. You will find you
   There’s value in that. “SMART”           Using these criteria to improve        dreams, not lock you into a pattern        don’t just meet your goals; they’ll
goals have helped many people            your goals will transform them into       of ticking off bite-sized action items     actually better you.
move from vague unattainable             a more powerful approach.                 from here to retirement.                                      ••••
goals to clear, specific action. You                                                                                            Joelle K. Jay, Ph.D. (http://joellekjay.
might want to use this standard to                                                                                            com/) is an executive coach specializing
transform your commitments into                                                                                                  in leadership development and the
powerful goals.                                                                      Shouldn’t YOU                                author of The Inner Edge: The 10
   Here are some examples of                                                                                                    Practices of Personal Leadership, in
SMART goals that meet all of these                                                   Be A Member?                               which shows leaders how to improve
criteria. This first example shows                                                                                                 their effectiveness by learning to
how you might use a smart goal at                                                    Membership Information                       lead themselves. Her newsletter,
work:                                       Society of Collision                          P.O. Box 909                             The Inner Edge Quarterly, offers
   1. Schedule (an action-oriented                                                     Prosser, WA 99350                        articles, exercises, tips, quotes, and
verb) team-building and strategic           Repair Specialists                                                                   success stories from real leaders to
planning off-site (specific activities)                                                   1-877-841-0660                           help you excel. To register, please
by end of January (a time-
                                                                                     visit and
bound date that is realistic and                                                                                                 click on Newsletter, or email Info@
                                                                       September 2011    Collision Expert   9

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10       Collision Expert                    September 2011

                                                 Telling The Tale Of The
                                              “Neutral Information Provider”
               by “The Insider”                                                                                                         The fairy tale ends and the
                                                                                                                                     nightmare begins for the shops.
  “The Insider” is an auto insurance                                                                                                 Maximillion is trying to serve two
  company executive who wishes to                                                                                                    masters. Unfortunately, it’s not
          remain anonymous.                                                                                                          possible. Shops and insurance
    This column reflects solely the                                                                                                   companies have different interests
 opinion of The Insider as it offers an                                                                                              and needs. The once-neutral
  unvarnished look at various issues                                                                                                 information provider is being pulled
               impacting                                                                                                             in two different directions.
         the collision industry.                                                                                                        I think everyone knows who
                                                                                                                                     prevails. Maximillion could lose
                                                                                                                                     millions if he chooses to side with
   In the Middle Ages, civilians                                                                                                     the shops. Right or wrong, he is
didn’t have computers, television,                                                                                                   heavily influenced by the insurance
radio, Pong or even ping-pong. So                                                                                                    companies. Although he attempts
what did they do for entertainment?                                                                                                  to remain neutral, it’s nearly
One tradition was story-telling.                                                                                                     impossible in a world where money
The great thing about telling such                                                                                                   drives most decisions.
tales was that you were forced to
use your imagination. Although it’s                                                                                                       Now use your imagination
important to note that you weren’t                       Fairy tales often have a happy          If we were in Medieval Times,         as to what happens next. Over
expected to believe everything                       ending and tell us about a world         our story would have ended and the       the next 30 years, the strong
that was being said.                                 where anything is possible. The tale     hero would ride off into the sunset      influence of the insurance
                                                     I’m about to tell you is about the       with a beautiful maiden on the back      companies is evident in all three
                                                     “neutral information provider.”          of his horse. But because we’ve          major estimating systems. We’ve
          A Work Of Art.                                 This tale begins in the 1980s,       witnessed computers, television,         witnessed and experienced
                                                     around the time of the first             radio, Pong and ping-pong (and           the so-called enhancements
                                                     electronic estimating system. For        even a newer non-technology-             to the systems, enhancements
                                                     decades prior to the advent of           driven version of Pong rife with         that were clearly designed for
                                                     electronic estimating, shop and          alcohol), we have something else         one purpose: to appease the
                                                     insurers slaved away preparing           they didn’t have in the Middle Ages:     demands and suggestions of an
                                                     handwritten estimates. Along came        “reality.” It’s difficult to use your     insurance company.
                                                     a brilliant man named Maximillion.       imagination and dream big when              That isn’t a fairy tale. It’s the
                                                     He believed that there was a             you know it’s virtually impossible       reality of what has transpired.
                                                     faster and more accurate way to          to have a happy ending with an           Shops should be outraged. They
                                                     prepare an estimate. He thought he       information provider.                    should be sending a strong
                                                     could equally help body shops and           Our story resumes with our very       message back to the information
                                                     insurance companies through the          own superhero Maximillion looking        providers and take action where
      Isn’t it time others see her                   use of technology. Because this new      to expand his very profitable            appropriate. Being neutral
          the way you see her?                       idea would benefit both parties, he       business. The challenge is that he       should not be a choice but a
                                                     thought he would be able to sell         now has competition. As a result,        requirement.
     Fiberglass Quarterpanel Extensions.             this new product to two different        he is losing customers. Max is faced        Shops and insurers alike
     Replica Plastics of Dothan designs, tests       customers. In fact, he could charge      with making his first big decision       pay a lot of money to the
     and manufactures over 400 quality parts         the same amount to each. It was          since deciding to go into business:      information providers. The
     for GM cars including Buick, Cadillac,
     Oldsmobile, Pontiac and Chevrolet. Our
                                                     the start of the now over-used term      Does he sell his product one at a        estimating software should not
     affordable quarter panels install in minutes,   “win-win.” All he had to do was find      time to 60,000 body shops spread         be influenced by any one group
     without having to remove the rear bumper,       a way to take estimating books and       all across this free and beautiful       or groups. These companies
     and come with a full lifetime warranty.         put them in an electronic format.        country, or does he sell it to a         should provide information —
     Contact us today for a complete listing of          In a matter of three weeks,          handful of insurance companies?          not a service where the highest
     parts and prices.
                                                     he created a robust software             I think we know which route Max          bidder decides what’s added
                                                     application. He spent the next few       took. The path of least resistance,      or modified to the database or
                                                     months selling his product to insurers   of course.                               system.
                                                     and repairers alike. Everyone in the        The insurance companies
                                                     country adored him. He was a hero        purchased the estimating system                           ••••
                                                     living the American dream. He was        and required shops to buy the          The Insider is a corporate-level
                    P.O. Box 1147
               Dothan, Alabama 36302                 making far more money than he ever       program as a requirement to be         executive with a Top 10 auto insurer in
                  P: 800-873-5871                    dreamed possible. Life was grand.        on their direct repair program.        the U.S.. Got a comment or question
                  F: 334-792-1175                    Who would have imagined that             Maximillion’s profits soared and       you’d like to see him address in a future
                  E:                   putting a book into a computer could     so did the insurance company’s         column? Email him at Auto.Insurance.
                                                     make so many people so happy?            leverage.                              
September 2011   Collision Expert   11
12     Collision Expert           September 2011

      This Symbol of Quality...
                                                                       ...Speaks for Itself...

Shop Owners Share Experiences Of Trying to Renegotiate Contracts...
(continued from page 13)

the insurer was no longer using             Beware of automatic renewals          signed the agreement for an             “I now have it on every
(that system),” Schaefer said. “I              Scott Johnson of Greensboro        estimating system — even those       calendar in the office to cancel
understood that they had some               Body Company in Greensboro,           his shop already had another         the contract by sending them a
up-front implementation costs that          N.C., said the caution he would       one — in order to participate in a   letter 90 days, 60 days and 30 days
had to be covered, but a 4-year             offer is that shop owners remain      particular DRP. When he decided      before the end of this contract,”
contract for a product I wasn’t using       aware of when any software            to part ways with that DRP, he       he said..
was ridiculous. Their excuse was            contracts end. Such contracts,        called the information provider                        ••••
they had stockholders to protect.           he said, often include automatic      to say he no longer wanted           John Yoswick, a freelance writer based in
My thought was: How about your              renewal clauses, and if you make      that second system — only, like      Portland, Oregon, who has been writing
customers and the industry?”                even one payment beyond the           Johnson and Hackleman, to find        about the automotive industry since
   Today, almost $42,000 later,             term of the original contract, it     out he was several months into an    1988, is also the editor of the weekly
Schaefer said, he is almost done            automatically renews for another      automatic renewal period.            CRASH Network (for a free 4-week trial
paying off that obligation.                 year or more.                            “The only answer I could get      subscription, visit www.CrashNetwork.
   “ I t ’s a s h a m e w h e n t h e s e      John Hackleman of Hackleman        was, ‘Sorry about your luck,’ and    com). He can be contacted by email at
companies don’t respond with the                                                  information on what page in the   
                                            Auto Collision Repair, in Danville,
same reasonable ethical business            Ind., concurred. He switched          contract that was so I could get
practices we expect of ourselves            shop management systems last          my magnifying glass out to look at
and business partners in general,”          year, and told the previous system    the clause,” the shop owner said.
Schaefer said.                              provider he no longer needed the         He now considers himself lucky
                                            support he was paying for every       that the information provider soon
                                            month.                                upgraded to a new system. When
                                               “I found out that although we      representatives of the company
                                            were well beyond our original         contacted his shop to see why it
                                            contract, it renews automatically     hadn’t converted over, the shop
                                            in one-year increments,”              owner told them he wasn’t using
                                            Hackleman said. “I discovered         it and didn’t want it.
                                            this at my anniversary month but         “The next day a lady called and
                                            had not given them the 30-days’       said she could not get me out of
                                            notice to stop as required in the     the contract but could put me into
                                            contract. So I was required to pay    a less expensive alternative,” the
                                            for an additional year and was not    shop owner said. “I am now paying
                                            able to change their mind.”           about a third of what I had been
                                               Another Indiana shop owner,        paying.”                                  EXCELLENCE
                                            who also asked not to be                 His recommendation: First
                                            identified, said he actually had      thing upon signing a new contract,         THROUGH
                                            some success in renegotiating         take the low-tech approach to
                                            a contract with an information        knowing when you are able to get           TRAINING
           Steve Schaefer                   provider. Like Schaefer, he had       out of it.
                                                                                                          September 2011          Collision Expert        13

       Shop Owners Share Experiences Of Trying To
     Renegotiate Contracts With Information Providers
                                       read the fine print — or negotiate       years — the information provider         system, signing a 4-year contract
                                       clauses for additional rights to        has refused to accept any changes        with that system provider for three
                                       end even something as seemingly         to the 40-plus months that remain        of his shop locations.
                                       innocuous as a software contract        on the shop management module               “Having been burned before, a
                                       — have cost some shops tens of          contract.                                clause was added to the agreement
                                       thousands of dollars.                      “I’ve never have even had the         such that if I ever ceased to
                                          A shop owner in California, for      program turned on,” the shop owner       participate in that specific insurer’s
                                       example, has been disappointed in       said. “They already have a year-         DRP program, the contract could be
                                       the response he has received from       and-a-half of my money. I said they      terminated,” Schaefer said.
                                       one of the Big Three information        can keep the amount I’ve paid but           What happened, however, was
                                       providers to his requests over the      just cancel it from there on. But        that a few months later, the insurer
                                       past 18 months to renegotiate           they want it all. I know if I ran my     switched to a new information
                                       his software contract. The shop         business like that I would be out of     provider, requiring its DRP shops to
                                       owner, who asked that his name          business.”                               use a different system than the one
                                       not be used, said he purchased a                                                 the insurer had previously required.
                                       complete package — hardware and         Stuck in contract after DRP                 Schaefer said he was among the
                                       software — from the provider, but       changes                                  similarly-situated shops that asked
                                       realized shortly after he did so that      Steve Schaefer is only too familiar   the first information provider for
                                       he did not intend to the use the        with being locked into a contract        some sort of release or relief from
                                       shop management module of the           with an information provider.            the contract for the system they no
           by John Yoswick             package.                                Schaefer is the president of Schaefer    longer needed or wanted.
                                          “We’re not a large enough shop       Autobody Centers, which operates            “I was told I was bound to the
   The experiences of a number of      to benefit from the time I’d have        six shops in the St. Louis, Missouri,    full term of the contract since I was
shop owners around the country         into using it,” the shop owner said.    area. Four years ago, he said, the       still participating in the insurer’s
serve as a good reminder to always        While he wants to continue using     company joined an insurer direct         DRP program, despite the fact that
understand the terms of any            the company’s estimating system         repair program that necessitated
contract you are signing. Failure to   — as his shop has for more than 15      that he add a particular estimating             (continued on previous page)

                                                                         ATTENTION BODY SHOPS

                                                                               NOW AVAILABLE!
                                                                         Parts email:

   Parts Direct line:                                      Toll Free (Main dealership line)                       Parts Fax:
     704-659-2030                                           800-MR-TOYOTA)
    Mon – Fri: 7am – 9pm
    Sat : 7am – 7pm
14     Collision Expert         September 2011

                       U.S. House Committee Holds Hearing
                              On Insurance Oversight
                                 Consumer Group Reports States Aren’t Doing Enough

   The House Committee on                Insurance Division and president            All of the witnesses touched on    about individual insurers in the
Financial Services’ Subcommittee         of the National Association of           the new Federal Insurance Office      same way that Home Mortgage
on Insurance, Housing and                Insurance Commissioners (NAIC);          (FIO) created under the Dodd-Frank    Disclosure Act data are collected
Community Opportunity recently           and Greg Wren, a Republican              Wall Street Reform and Consumer       and published for lenders’ market
held a hearing on Insurance              member of the Alabama House              Protection Act.                       performance.”
Oversight: Policy Implications for       of Representatives and treasurer            Voss made the following remarks       Furgatch, on behalf of Property
U.S. Consumers, Businesses and           of the National Conference of            regarding the FIO: “The Dodd-         Casualty Insurers Association
Jobs.                                    Insurance Legislators. Other             Frank Act requires FIO to issue a     of America and the National
   The first panel of the hearing        witnesses included Birny Birnbaum,       report on insurance regulation …      Association of Mutual Insurance
included John Huff, director             executive director of the Center         The report will include legislative   Companies, made comments
of the Missouri Department of            for Economic Justice; and Andrew         recommendations and look at the       regarding the McCarran-Ferguson
Insurance, Financial Institutions        Furgatch, chairman, chief                potential for federal regulation      Act:
and Professional Registration; Susan     executive officer and president of        of insurance. We hope the report         “Since the mid-1800s, U.S.
Voss, commissioner of the Iowa           Magna Carta Companies Inc.               will be honest and factual, but       property casualty insurers have
                                                                                  we continue to believe there is       been regulated by each of the
                                                                                  an inherent conflict in an office of    states in which they conduct
                                                                                  the Treasury Department studying      business. By adopting the McCarran-
                                                                                  ways to further empower itself.       Ferguson Act in 1945, Congress
     Crash Hunger Program Raises                                                  While the national state-based
                                                                                  system of insurance regulation has
                                                                                                                        endorsed state oversight of
                                                                                                                        insurance. State regulation seeks to
     Record Funds And Awareness                                                   successfully protected the interest
                                                                                  of consumers for decades, state
                                                                                                                        ensure that insurers will be solvent
                                                                                                                        to pay their policyholders’ claims
         At Collision Industry                                                    regulators recognize that, like
                                                                                  any regulatory system, it is not
                                                                                                                        and protects consumer rights with
                                                                                                                        respect to privacy and insurance
             Conference                                                           perfect and we are open to hearing
                                                                                  any suggestions FIO may have
                                                                                                                        coverage. During the recent
                                                                                                                        financial crisis involving troubled
     The Collision Industry Foundation (CIF) “Crash Hunger” program was           for improvements. To date, the        banks and securities firms, fiscally
  a kick-off highlight at the recent Collision Industry Conference (CIC)          NAIC has had a good relationship      prudent regulatory oversight by
  meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah. Ginette Bott, Chief Marketing Officer of        with FIO, and we look forward to      states was found to be effective in
  the Utah Food Bank, gave an insightful presentation about hunger needs          continuing that relationship going    safeguarding insurance purchasers
  and how the industry can give “time, food, or money” to help bridge the         forward and working with our          and ensuring the financial strength
  gap in any market.                                                              friend and former colleague, Mike     of U.S. insurance markets and
     The CIC reception hosted the Crash Hunger program and raised in              McRaith.” (Director of the FIO.)      businesses.”
  excess of $3,650, which will be split between the national initiatives,            Birnbaum spoke on behalf of           Furgatch also made comments
  such as Feeding America and the Utah Food Bank, as part of the                  consumers, stating that consumers     regarding the FIO: “The creation
  continuing “Leave Something Behind” program. Leave Something                    weren’t receiving enough              of the new Federal Insurance
  Behind has been an initiative between CIC and CIF to leave behind a             protection and consideration:         Office marks the first time that the
  charitable contribution in several visited cities. This is the largest sum of      “In the vast majority of states,   federal government has had any
  funds ever raised at a CIC meeting for charitable causes.                       there are no consumer organizations   general oversight authority over the
     “The outpouring of support was awe-inspiring,” commented CIF                 focusing on insurance issues other    insurance industry. While Congress
  Chair Bill Shaw of PPG Industries, “I am overwhelmed at how much this           than health insurance. So, for the    was careful to state that the FIO
  program has hit home with so many in our industry. Additionally, we are         vast majority of regulatory issues,   will have no regulatory authority,
  extremely proud of our donation pad campaign. It is an excellent way            there are no consumer perspectives    it does have substantial powers
  for shops to engage their customers through a charitable means. They            to balance out the many industry      to study, collect information and
  can make a $1 donation with every car they fix and raise awareness of            voices pushing for the industry       issue reports on various aspects
  their personal efforts in the fight against hunger in America.”                  policies. Even when there is a        of the insurance industry as well
     Donation pads are available for Crash Hunger through CIF at any time.        consumer voice, it is typically       as to pre-empt state laws in
  Each pad is $50 for 50 sheets at $1 donation per sheet. All businesses          outnumbered and outspent by           limited circumstances where they
  are encouraged to have a donation pad at each location. They are asked          massive amounts.”                     conflict with Treasury-negotiated
  to display each “bought” donation sheet on their wall, thus encouraging            Birnbaum also went on to list      international agreements. One
  greater participation by their customers. They may also display the             auto insurance redlining as a         of the most significant potential
  employees’ names as the donors if they so desire.                               market problem not identified         areas for abuse is FIO’s authority
     To order pads or for more information about this program, please             by state insurance regulators.        to collect information on the
  contact the CIF office at (804) 427-6982. Each pad is $50 with no limit          To improve market regulation,         insurance industry.”
  on the number of pads that may be purchased. Credit cards, checks and           Birnbaum suggested state insurance       To see full testimony from the
  money orders accepted.                                                          regulators “collect and publish       hearing, visit ASA’s legislative
                                                                                  detailed market performance data      website at
September 2011   Collision Expert   15
16    Collision Expert       September 2011

       PPG Fall MVP Conference                                               PPG’S Fronzaglia Named
     Set To “Reveal The Power Of                                           Goodguys Woman Of The Year
             Performance”                                                      For Support Of Rod And Custom Cars
     Dynamic keynote speakers, engaging interactive seminars and              PPG’s Cristina Fronzaglia, manager of marketing and communications
 workshops, and networking with peers and industry partners are all on     for automotive refinish, was named Goodguys 2011 Woman of the Year
 the agenda for the upcoming PPG MVP Business Solutions Conference         during a special ceremony at the 14th annual Goodguys PPG Nationals
 taking place September 18-20, 2011 at the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel      recently held in Columbus, Ohio.
 located in the heart of the “Big Easy.”
     Intended for owners
 and managers of collision
 centers using PPG
 Refinish products, the
 biannual conference
 i s p a r t o f P P G ’s
 commitment to provide
 cutting-edge business
 thinking and solutions
 for its MVP customers.
 The conference’s theme,
 “Reveal the Power of
 Performance,” reflects
 that commitment and focuses on the timely matter of how collision
 centers can maximize their overall performance and profitability in the
 current economically challenging environment.
     “At PPG, we are constantly looking for ways to bring value to our
 customers; it’s something we are very committed to,” said Jim Berkey,
 PPG Automotive Refinish, director, MVP Business Solutions. “We are
 also excited about the opportunity to learn, exchange ideas, and grow
 stronger with our customers and preferred collision vendors. That’s          The Goodguys Woman of the Year award, presented annually since
 what makes conferences like this one so important.”                       1991, recognizes a female industry executive who serves to preserve the
     The theme, “Reveal the Power of Performance,” is carried through      integrity and growth of the hot-rodding industry.
 the conference’s keynote addresses, seminars, and workshops as each          With more than 70,000 members, Goodguys is the world’s largest rod
 event centers on a performance-related component and its impact on        and custom association, known worldwide for its events widely attended
 a shop’s business. Valuable information and ideas will be presented       by enthusiasts of hot rods, custom cars, classic cars, trucks, street
 and shared, all clearly intended to help a shop improve its bottom line   machines, and muscle cars through 1972 vintage.
 through measured performance-accelerating processes.                         “The fact that the Goodguys association chose to recognize Cristina
     Prominent speakers Greg Horn, Ross Shafer, and Chris Andreoli         for her contributions is well-deserved,” said John Outcalt, vice
 will expand on the theme by offering substantive strategies that can      president, global automotive refinish. “As a valued member of our
 accelerate performance. Horn, vice president of industry relations at     refinish team, she has a very special talent for getting people excited
 Mitchell International and a regular contributor to Auto Body Repair      about paint, color, and all its possibilities. She really knows how to make
 News and Property Casualty 360, will discuss trends affecting the         PPG shine in any environment.”
 industry and individual shop performance, while noted author Shafer          In presenting the award to Fronzaglia, John Drummond, Goodguys’
 will point out why being relevant to your customers and team members      communications director, remarked how “her acute sense of color and
 is the only way to grow during a recovery. Andreoli, corporate claims     taste, her creativity and boundless energy as a promoter of our industry
 director, repair shop and industry relations for Progressive Insurance,   made her an easy choice for the prestigious honor. Cristina embodies all
 will present the insurance perspective on improving shop operations.      that is good about the hot-rodding industry. Goodguys, as well as the
     Interactive workshops and seminars led by PPG MVP staff and           entire automotive aftermarket, is richer for her many contributions.”
 industry experts will focus on the diverse factors—from employee             In accepting the award, Fronzaglia said, “It’s our job to help the
 relationships and Lead and Lag measures to social media marketing         custom car creators’ and rebuilders’ dreams come true by providing
 and more—that directly affect collision center performance. Attendees     them the exact color that matches their vision of a project.”
 will have opportunities to examine their current business structure and      Fronzaglia, who joined PPG in 1993 as a sales trainee, served in a
 determine what steps are needed to moderately adjust or radically         variety of sales and product-management roles before being appointed
 revamp their approach to establishing a true performance-oriented         communications manager for automotive refinish in 2005. That led to
 business model. In the end “Reveal the Power of Performance” becomes      her in-depth involvement with the rod and custom industry.
 more than a theme; it offers a dynamic pathway to improvement.               In addition to marketing and promoting PPG’s refinish paint brands
     For more information about the MVP Conference, including details      to collision repair centers and commercial operations across the United
 of seminars and workshops, call 866-237-8178 or visit www.ppgmvp.         States, she also leads the promotion of PPG’s Vibrance Collection® of
 com. Online conference registration is now open. Attendance at the        custom colors and paint systems geared for rod and custom stylists, as
 conference is open to owners and managers of collision centers using      well as restorers of classic automobiles.
 PPG Refinish products..
September 2011   Collision Expert   17
18    Collision Expert        September 2011

                           SCRS’ Repairer Driven Education
                           Draws Support From PPG Refinish
   For the second consecutive           content with a program led by Jim      about helping promote education          SCRS and PPG have a few additional
year, PPG Automotive Refinish has        Berkey and Mark Mueller entitled       to the collision repair community        special activities in discussion to
demonstrated support of collision       Load Leveling — The hidden enabler     with SCRS this fall,” said John          make this year’s experience at the
industry education programs             for shop performance, PPG is the       Parran, director, marketing, PPG         SEMA Show an even more compelling
through their involvement with          first company ever to support          Automotive Refinish. “Education is a      proposition for collision repairers.
the Society of Collision Repair         the program at the prestigious         key part of the value-added services     All I can say is keep your eyes out for
Specialists (SCRS) hosted Repairer      Doctorate Level, truly marking the     we deliver to our customer base,         more information, and make sure to
Driven Education (RDE) series           company as a valued ‘partner’ in the   and it is an honor to be a part of       register for the education classes
during the SEMA Show in Las Vegas.      education series.                      the growing and unique opportunity       early!”
In addition to contributing course         “All of us at PPG are excited       SCRS has put together with RDE.               For more information on SCRS
                                                                               Last year we saw great value for the     RDE series visit, or to
                                                                               industry from our involvement, and       register visit
                                                                               it was an easy decision to continue      specialevents.
       PPG Industries Foundation                                               our support in 2011.”
                                                                                  Complimenting the education

       Supports Student Success                                                held each day of the SEMA Show,
                                                                               PPG will also co-host the much
                                                                                                                         About PPG: BRINGING INNOVATION TO
                                                                                                                                     THE SURFACE.™

          Coaching Program                                                     anticipated Afterburner evening          PPG Industries’ vision is to continue
                                                                               event with SCRS in the Las Vegas         to be the world’s leading coatings and
                                                                                                                        specialty products company. Through
                                                                               Hilton Sky Villas, immediately           leadership in innovation, sustainability
    The PPG Industries Foundation has donated $5,000 to Franklin               following the headline presentation      and color, PPG helps customers in
 University, one of the leading educators of working adults, for its Student   on Thursday, November 3rd. This          industrial, transportation, consumer
 Success Coaching program. The program is designed to help increase            evening function will deliver an         products, and construction markets
 success for university students, who are working adults in Central Ohio.      unparalleled opportunity to take in      and aftermarkets to enhance more
    “We are grateful to PPG for its help in expanding this effort,”            some of the most amazing sights          surfaces in more ways than does any
 said Bonnie Quist, Franklin University vice president for university          of the city from one of the most         other company. Founded in 1883, PPG
 advancement and strategic relations. “Franklin University continually                                                  has global headquarters in Pittsburgh
                                                                               luxurious suites on the strip, while     and operates in more than 60 countries
 strives to identify and implement tools that lead to increased                networking with other shop owners        around the world. Sales in 2010 were
 achievement for students. With this funding, we can offer Success             and industry representatives from        $13.4 billion. PPG shares are traded on
 Coaching to more students and specifically identify students who may           around the country.                      the New York Stock Exchange (symbol:
 benefit the most from personalized coaching.”                                     “Education and networking are              PPG). For more information,
    Through the Student Success Coaching program, Franklin University          easily two of the priorities for shops              visit
 offers new students a coach who acts as a primary point of contact,           attending industry events such as
 providing personal attention and proactively reinforcing the link                                                      About SCRS’ RDE Series: REPAIRER
                                                                               this,” added Domenic Brusco, senior      DRIVEN EDUCATION (RDE) series will
 between short- and long-term goals. Quist said this one-on-one model          manager, industry relations, PPG         feature over 21 seminar offerings,
 has helped to encourage some students at risk of disenrollment, many of       Automotive Refinish. “We believe         many of which are uniquely designed
 whom pursue degrees while maintaining job and family commitments,             that SCRS as an organization is really   and being offered only at the 2011
 to stay enrolled and make positive progress toward graduating. The            connecting with the collision repair     SEMA Show. The series will be offered
 ultimate goal, she said, is to help more students successfully graduate,      community in their ongoing efforts,      either as individual sessions, or as a
 increasing the number of degree-holding individuals in the communities                                                 package, and registrants will have the
                                                                               and the events and information           option to attend seven regular session
 Franklin University serves and thereby strengthening the work force and       they have put together for the           seminars which will be delivered
 economic development in these areas.                                          RDE program are great examples           between the hours of 12:30 p.m. and
    “PPG is strongly committed to supporting the communities where its         of how in tune they are with their       5:00 p.m. each day of the show; as
 employees work and live, especially through educational programs,” said       membership. This is an exciting          well as a special headline presentation
 Carl Johnson, North America director of refinish manufacturing, based          opportunity for any shop.”               being delivered from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30
 at PPG’s automotive refinish paint manufacturing facility in Delaware,            “We couldn’t be more thrilled         p.m. on Thursday evening. Each of the
 and a trustee on Franklin University’s board. “We are proud to help                                                    courses has been individually selected
                                                                               to have such enthusiastic support        or crafted by SCRS because the content
 Franklin University encourage working Ohioans to successfully complete        and involvement from a company           specifically focuses on information
 higher-education degrees. By funding the growth of the Student Success        like PPG,” added SCRS Chairman           that is relevant to collision repair
 Coaching program, we hope more members of our community will be               Aaron Clark. “This year, RDE and         professionals and appeals to the diverse
 supported in realizing their academic goals.”                                 the Collision Repair and Refinish        array of marketplace perspectives
    Established in 1951, the PPG Industries Foundation demonstrates the        section at the SEMA Show have just       within the collision repair industry.
 values of PPG Industries by enhancing the quality of life in communities                                               For more information on the 2011 RDE
                                                                               grown by leaps and bounds, and it             program, visit
 where the company has a presence. Interests of the foundation, in             is an honor to see the support we
 order of priority, are education, human services, culture and arts, and       are receiving from the industry via      Additional information about SCRS
 civic and community affairs. PPG also supports charitable causes by           their participation. I know that the     including other news releases is
 encouraging employees’ volunteerism and board service with nonprofit           education and the evening event are      available at the SCRS Web site: www.
 organizations. For more information, visit             both going to be huge successes that You can e-mail SCRS at the
                                                                               no one will want to miss, and both          following address:
                                                                                                            September 2011          Collision Expert        19

                                     The Ethnic Factor In Marketing
                                             by little his Chinese community       than one shop where most of the        group is often easier than marketing
                                             business fell away. Employees         technicians are Hispanic but where     to the general public. If there is an
                                             are a shop’s biggest expense. It’s    one is also used to handle phone       ethnic newspaper or other local
                                             understandable that adding any        communications with Hispanic           publication, many people in that
                                             new employee is costly, but I’m       speaking callers. Would this work      community will actually read it
                                             certain that a careful analysis of    for other ethnic minorities? Had the   (as opposed to an increasing non-
                                             the situation would reveal that the   shop owner who had a Chinese parts     readership of newspapers in most
                                             benefits of reaching the Chinese      manager used that person to also       cities today). Ethnic readers are
                                             community would have more             handle Chinese-speaking callers,       more likely to look at ads in the
                                             than paid for a Chinese speaking      he might have continued to pick up     publication and respond to them.
                                             employee for this shop owner.         business from that community.          They will particularly respond to
                                                Is there any alternative to           Assuming a shop owner decides       an ad or article that has a quote by
                                             hiring an estimator or front desk     to take advantage of potential         someone in their community who
                                             person who speaks the language        business from an ethnic community      says the body shop did an excellent
                                             of a local ethic group? Perhaps one   near his or her shop, and is willing   job on their car and they were very
                                             economical solution would be to       to employ someone who can speak        satisfied.
                                             hire a technician who speaks the      the language, what is the next step?
                                             local language. I know of more        Fortunately, marketing to an ethnic             (continued on next page)

             by Tom Franklin

   It’s no secret that large numbers
of immigrants now live in many
areas in the United States. Most
gather themselves into close-knit
                                                  TOYOTA of EASLEY
communities where they often
speak their native language.                                                                                                                   TOP
Fortunately for quality collision shop
owners, few of these immigrant
communities have a quality body
                                                                                                                                            100 IN THE
shop in their own ethnic area. If                                                                                                             NATION
there is a shop, chances are it’s
rather primitive and not up to
insurance claim quality. This opens
the door for an astute shop owner
nearby who will put someone on the
payroll who speaks their language
and can help market the shop to
that community.
   I’m familiar with a shop that
opened in a community that had
large numbers of Chinese families
in the surrounding area. The shop
owner hired an attractive Chinese
lady who spoke fluent Mandarin and
Cantonese for the front desk and
he also hired a Chinese-speaking
estimator and parts manager. For
several years this combination
served him well. His Chinese
personnel changed a few times, but
he always kept some at his shop
and enjoyed a significant number of
jobs from the Chinese community.
   With an economic downturn,
when one Chinese employee left,
he didn’t replace her immediately.

G r a d u a l l y, a s t h e e c o n o m y
continued to decline, he lost all
of his Chinese employees. He
intended to replace one or two
but it didn’t happen and little
20    Collision Expert         September 2011

  2011 Pride Award Nominations                                                         AkzoNobel Hosts Industry
      Close September 15th                                                               Leaders At 2011 Gala,
     The Pride Awards, sponsored by the National Autobody Council                    Most Influential Women In The
  (NABC) and now in their 16th year, provide a rare opportunity to openly
  openly celebrate everything that is positive about the collision repair              Collision Repair Industry
  industry, and the men and women that work in it. Truly a part of NABC’s
  DNA, and an integral part of its history, the awards spotlight the many
  collision industry professionals that selflessly donate their time, energy
  and financial resources to worthy causes outside the industry.
     Pride boasts a rich legacy of past winners, each selflessly contributing
  to the world around them in their own unique way. From the Pena family
  adopting an orphanage in Mexico to Sam Metz helping the Reno police
  find a murderer, the industry time and again demonstrates its bravery,
  philanthropy, charity, and selfless acts of kindness.
     The awards presentation takes place at the Collision Industry
  Achievement luncheon during the SEMA Show. Nominations for the
  16th annual Pride Awards close September 15, 2011. Any individual,
  business organization, or group employed in a collision industry segment
  such as a collision repair business,vehicle manufacturer, supplier/
  vendor, educator, insurer, independent appraiser or trade association
  is eligible to be nominated. Nominations may be made online at www. If you have comments or questions, please call
  NABC Pride Chair, Janet Chaney at 480-720-2565.

                                                                                    (left to right) Barbara Davies, Sharon Mazanec, Jennifer Justice-Hayley,
The Ethnic Factor In Marketing...                                                                        Susanna Gotsch and Michelle Rolls

(continued from previous page)                                                         AkzoNobel Automotive & Aerospace Coatings Americas (A & AC)
                                                                                    hosted industry leaders on July 19th at the elegant Grand America
   These days many ethnic               “rule of three.” If they see an ad or       Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah for the presentation of awards to the
communities also have radio             announcement or article in three            2011 Most Influential Women in the Collision Repair Industry (MIW).
stations and even a TV station          different places, they are also             Five distinguished honourees were recognized. The five comprise a
broadcasting in their own               more likely to respond. Immigrants          cross section of service areas within the collision repair, from both the
language. Once again, this is a         often view the purchase of a new            United States and Canada, including publishing, industry association,
captive audience that is more           vehicle as a long-term investment.          independent shops and multi-shop operations.
inclined to respond to ads and          The ones that buy new have
messages than the general public.       great pride of ownership and will               • Barbara Davies, General Manager, Autobody News - Carlsbad,
Ethnic minorities also tend to be       probably tend to get small dents,                 California
very money conscious and likely         scrapes and scratches fixed.                    • Michelle Rolls, Owner, Queensway Fix Auto Collision - Prince
to respond to discount or coupon        And that is very good news for a                  George, BC
offers. Ad spots and program            collision shop owner who has spent              • Jennifer Justice-Hayley, Operations Mgr., Valley Paint & Body Inc.
opportunities may also be less          the time and money needed to get                  - Amelia, Ohio
expensive. Once a shop owner has        a solid foot in the door of a local             • Susanna Gotsch, Director, Industry Analyst, CCC Information
decided to pursue business from         ethnic community. If it’s done                    Services Inc, - Chicago, Illinois
an ethnic community, he or she          right, it’s certain to pay off.                 • Sharon Mazanec, Collision Industry Business Consultant – Junction,
may find some amazing marketing                                                            Texas
bargains. But once again, it will
usually be essential to hire that key   Tom Franklin has been a sales and              The MIW program was established in 1999 by AkzoNobel as an industry
                                        marketing representative and                honorarium. The goal of the program is to promote the contributions
employee who speaks the language
                                        consultant for more than forty years        of key leaders as well as grow the future involvement of females within
and is familiar with the customs,
                                        and is the author of the books, “Business   collision repair and raise awareness of their contributions as a valuable
likes and dislikes of people in this    Battlefield Marketing for Body Shops,”
community.                                                                          resource pool.
                                        “Tom Franklin’s Top 40 Marketing
   One more concern. People in          Tactics for Body Shops,” and “Strategies
ethnic groups tend to be more                                                          AkzoNobel, through the MIW program, collaborates with the I-CAR
                                        for Greater Body Shop Growth.” His
cautious and take more time to                                                      Education Foundation to provide scholarships to deserving women
                                        marketing company now provides
see if an offer is genuine. A shop                                                  seeking to advance their education and pursue career opportunities
                                        marketing solutions and services for
owner has to be prepared to run         body shops and other businesses. He can
                                                                                    within the collision repair industry. The annual $25,000 MIW scholarship
an ad or make a promotional effort      be reached for questions or comments        has to date provided scores of students the ability to advance their
for a longer period of time. There      at (323) 871-6862, by fax at (323) 465-     careers.
is also what might be called the        2228, or by E-Mail:
                           September 2011   Collision Expert   21

Deliveries Twice Daily*
Competitive Discounts
Friendly, Dependable, Experienced Staff
22   Collision Expert     September 2011

           Allstate To Open Electronic Communication
                       With Non-DRP Shops
                                    Allstate Insurance will soon roll-                 Prior to 2009, the industry had   only modestly year-over-year since
                                out technology that will enable                    increased advertising spending        2006, according to figures from CCC
                                shops that are not part of the                     for seven straight years. In the      Information Services.
                                insurer’s direct repair program to                 past decade, insurance industry          The average body labor rate rose
                                communicate electronically with the                advertising — the vast majority of    from $41.42 in 2006 to $44.67 in
                                insurer, much as its DRP shops do.                 which focuses on auto insurance —     2010, up an average of 2.1 percent
                                    Dan Risley, a project manager                  has grown 211 percent from $1.6       per year (paint labor rates rose
                                for Allstate at the company’s                      billion in 2001.                      similarly).
                                Illinois home office, said this new                    The biggest jump in advertising      The national average hourly rate
                                “Transactional Non-DRP” system will                last year was by Farmers Insurance,   for paint materials rose slightly
                                enable any shop to upload estimates                which spent $505 million, up 125      faster, from $22.26 in 2006 to
                                and digital images to Allstate,                    percent from the previous year.       $25.37 in 2010, an average increase
                                receive insurer-written estimates                                                        of 3.5 percent per year.
                                from Allstate, etc.                                                                         Overall, according to the U.S.
                                    “We realize not all customers                                                        Bureau of Labor Statistics, the
                                use a network shop, and we want                                                          Consumer Price Index (CPI) for
                                to make it easier to do business for                                                     autobody work rose an average
                                those shops and for our customers,”                                                      of 3.44 percent per year for that
                                Risley said.                                                                             5-year period.
                                    R i s l e y ’s d i s c u s s i o n o f t h e                                            By comparison, the CPI for all
        by John Yoswick         forthcoming change was just one                                                          products rose an average of 2.2
                                of recent news items related to                                                          percent per year. The CPI for auto
                                insurance companies that will likely                                                     insurance rose an average of 2.6
                                be of interest to shops. Here’s a                                                        percent per year, and the CPI for
                                wrap-up of some of this news.                                                            vehicle parts and equipment (other
                                                                                                                         than tires) rose an average of 3.92
                                Insureds are shopping.                                                                   percent per year.
                                   Consumers shopped and switched                                                           But data for the first four months
                                auto insurers more aggressively in                                                       of 2011 tells a different story. The
                                2010 than they have for 14 years,                                                        overall CPI seems to be rising faster
                                according to preliminary survey                                Dan Risley                than that for autobody work, and
                                findings from McKinsey & Co.                                                              the CPI for auto insurance is staying
                                   The survey analysis authors told                Insureds are confused.                even above that.
                                Auto Insurance Report that the                        Although motorists may be
                                percentage of consumers who got                    shopping for insurance, they don’t    State lawmakers consider
                                a quote from another insurer was                   necessarily know what they are        insurance-related bills.
                                up 23 percent last year, and the                   buying. More than one-third of U.S.      As legislative sessions wrap-up
                                percentage of those who actually                   drivers who have read at least part   for the year in many states, bills
                                changed to another insurer was up                  of their auto insurance policies      regulating insurers in ways that
                                56 percent.                                        have had trouble making sense of      impact shops continue to be passed,
                                   Only 48 percent of consumers                    them, according to an online Harris   considered or rejected.
                                have been with the same insurer                    Interactive poll commissioned by         North Carolina Insurance
                                for six or more years, down from 53                        Commissioner Wayne Goodwin is
                                percent in 2008.                                      About 87 percent of the 2,079      urging motorists to oppose three
                                   The economy is certainly                        insured drivers surveyed said they    bills in that state that would strip
                                prompting some of this trend.                      had read at least some portion of     his office of its ability to cap auto
                                Many people are looking to shave                   their policies, but 36 percent of     insurance rates. “We hear the
                                household costs, and may be willing                those drivers said those policies     insurance companies calling it auto
                                to switch for far less in savings than             were somewhat or very difficult to     rate modernization,” Goodwin
                                it may have taken them to bother                   understand.                           said. “Well, if making your rates
                                just a few years ago.                                                                    skyrocket is modern, then you can
                                   But another reason for the                      Insurance rates outpace labor         just call me old-fashioned.”
                                shopping may be that auto insurance                rates.                                   Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has
                                advertising soared 22.6 percent to                    Increases in auto shop rates are   signed a law cutting the minimum
                                a record-high $5 billion last year,                not quite keeping up with overall     property damage coverage that
                                according to analysis by Dowling and               inflation — but pricing for auto      drivers in that state must carry from
                                Partners Securities. That reversed                 insurance is rising faster.           $15,000 to $10,000.
                                a 4.2 percent decline in advertising                  The national average for body
                                in 2009.                                           and paint labor rates has risen                  (continued on next page)
                                                                                                           September 2011          Collision Expert        23

Allstate Communication With Non-DRP Shops... (continued from previous page)
   And in appointing insurance          a good move for the insurer, which       total premiums grow on average by       customized messages — such as, “I
company executive Kevin Clinton         has seen its marketshare drop the        20 percent a year for the past five      can’t respond right now because
as the new insurance commissioner       past two years.                          years.                                  I’m driving” — that are sent as
of Michigan this spring, Gov. Rick         The buy should help Allstate,                                                 automatic responses to incoming
Snyder made clear his priorities        as the country’s second-largest          Anti-texting effort continues.          text messages.
for Clinton. Snyder, a Republican,      auto insurer, better compete with           With Indiana recently becoming          Collision repairers needn’t be
said Clinton must “make sure            No. 3 GEICO and No. 4 Progressive        the 32nd state to approve insurer-      overly considered with such efforts,
consumers are protected by making       which, like Esurance, sell directly      supported bans on texting-while-        however. Research by the Highway
sure financial institutions are         online and which have been gaining       driving (Pennsylvania lawmakers         Loss Data Institute showed last year
sound,” and will “lead our effort to    marketshare ground as Allstate           are considering a similar ban), State   that accident rates aren’t reduced
eliminate burdensome regulations        has faltered. GEICO’s 5 percent          Farm offers a free widget for the       by laws prohibiting drivers from
that are preventing the (financial)      growth in total premiums last year       Android phone that it hopes will        texting or from using hand-held cell
industry from growing.”                 puts it on track to catch Allstate (if   help drivers avoid the urge to read     phones.
                                        Allstate’s rate of decline in recent     or send a text while behind the                           ••••
More federal oversight coming.          years continued) by 2013.                wheel.                                  John Yoswick, a freelance writer based
   The U.S. Department of the              Esurance, founded in 2005, sells         The “On the Move” widget             in Portland, Oregon, can be contacted
Treasury in May announced plans         policies in 30 states and has seen its   allows users to compose and reload        by email at
to create a Federal Advisory
Committee on Insurance to provide
guidance to the new Federal
Insurance Office created as part
of federal Wall Street reforms.
Half of the committee’s members
will be reserved for state and
tribal insurance regulators; other
members will be chosen from the
various insurance industries, the
agent and broker community, public
advocates and academia.

Allstate looks to change a
downward trend.
   Allstate’s acquisition of Esurance
(and Answer Financial, an insurance
quote service) from White Mountains
Insurance Group is widely viewed as

Crossword Solution

(Puzzle on page 24)
A   B P   A     M S D S   C   H E S S
K     O   I L     U   U   H     A   E
Z   O O   M       R E S P E   C T E D
N     L     P   R E   T   C         O
O   L I   V E       M A R K   D O W N
B   I N     R   E D   I         W   A
E   D G   E     I   I N S U   R E S
L         T O   R C     I S       K
    S     A V   E   X I R A   L L I C
  S I       E       D M       S O   U
S T E     A R   N S   P O P   U L A R
Y   N     T H     U       A         E
N O N     O E   M P A R T S     D A S
C   A     M A     E   U   E   A R N
S O S       D   U R A N G O     Y A P
24    Collision Expert         September 2011

Crossword                    by Myles Mellor

1         2    3         4
                               5         6         7         8         9

11                             12


14   15                             16                       17

18                  19   20

21             22                   23        24   25             26

               27   28                        29

          30                        31   32             33   34        35
                                                                                Howdy Pardner! I am sure hoping to rustle up some good people to
     36                             37                  38                  take me home! I am a very handsome boy (striking really) who has a
                                                                            great attitude and tries to please. I was rescued from another shelter, and
39             40              41        42        43                       spent some time in a foster home. I am housebroken and did really well
                                                                            with the two other dogs that lived there. I am athletic though, so if I am
          44                                                                left outside for long periods of time I may jump the fence! There are ways
                                                                            of dealing with this though, so I still going to make you one fantastic dog.
45                                       46                  47   48
                                                                                                 Humane Society of Charlotte
          49                                       50                                    
51                  52                                       53
                                                                                                 Open every day from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Across                                   alternate spelling                 Financial information about this organization and a copy of its license areavailable
                                                                            from the State Solicitation Licensing Branch at 1-888-830-4989. The license is not an
   1    Organization                        29 That __ the question
                                                                            endorsement by the State.
representing manufacturers                  30 Set aside
and distributors of non-OEM                 31 Patented pigment used
parts, abbr.                             in the finishes of many black,
   4    They are used in                 gray and red cars                    Down                                              26 Go fast down the
locating information on paint               36 Yes in Spanish                    1 Pioneer of the auto                        mountain
materials, for short                        37 Old German currency,           finish industry’s first color                       28 Vital financial data
                                         abbr.                                measurement tool                                for running your business
   7    Industry trainer, Toby
                                            38 Thus                              2 Auto finishing                                30 Toyota minivans
   10 Lube liquid
                                            39 Rep who proposed               problem                                           31 Scion ___
   11 First word of a Mazda                                                                                                     32 Chevy ____ala
ad slogan                                H.R. 164, “The Damaged                  3 Target
                                                                                 5 “No problem!”                                33 Tigers in the SEC
   12 “You don’t have to be              Vehicle Information Act”, Cliff                                                        34 Internet laughter
loved to be a leader but you             _____                                   6 Undergo, as in
                                                                              damages as in an accident                              35     Dries, as a
have to be _____” General                   42 Much purchased                                                                 coating
                                            44 Extreme, of degree                7 Look into
Norman Schwarzkopf
                                                                                 8 Erode, with away                             36 Street, abbr.
   13 ___pay: money down                    45 Continuing
                                                                                 9 Kia minivan                                  39 Ford systems
   14 Green shade                        controversial issue in the
                                                                                 13 Part of rpm                                 40 ____ize, paint gun
   16 Reduce the price of (2             industry (3 words)                      15 Cover                                     action
words)                                      47 VW: “___ Auto”                    17 Have a debt to                              41 ____ duty truck
   18 Storage container                     49 Docs’ org.                        20 Former name of                              43 90’s Toyota compact
                                            50 Take in                        Ireland                                           46 Turn over, as an
   19 Popular convertible
                                            51 Help request                      22 Guess for when the                        engine
                                            52 Dodge crossover SUV            car will be ready, abbr.                          47 Go solid, of paint
   21 Ford crossover SUV                                                                                                        48 Ban___
   23 Protects against                      53 Talk noisily                      24 Respectful address
possible future loss or damage                                                to a customer
                                                                                                                                  (solution on page 23)
   27 Twisting force,
                                                                                 25 Land of opportunity
September 2011   Collision Expert   25
26    Collision Expert        September 2011

                                       Lively Venue Planned For
                                       ASRW Welcome Reception
   The fourth annual Automotive        (NACE) and the Congress of                         Conference and Exposition with
Service and Repair Week (ASRW) will    Automotive Repair & Service                        hundreds of diverse exhibiting                 About the Sponsor
hold an official Welcome Reception      (CARS), which makes it the                         companies displaying the latest             The Automotive Service
on Thursday, Oct. 6, sponsored         industry’s leading event for true                  equipment, products, services and        Association (ASA) is the
by CCC Information Services. This      professionals to conduct business,                 technology available to today’s          sponsor of ASRW and two of its
year’s reception will take place at    network and engage in industry                     collision repair industry.               shows, NACE and CARS. ASA is
                                                                                                                                   the largest international not-
Cuba Libre, located within close       issues. ASRW is scheduled for
                                                                                                                                   for-profit trade association
proximity to the Orange County         Oct. 5-8 at the Orange County                         CARS – the premier event for          of its kind dedicated to and
Convention Center.                     Convention Center in Orlando, Fla.                 automotive service professionals –       governed by independent
   The reception will again feature                                                       features a high-quality education        automotive service and
complimentary hors d’oeuvres,          About the Events                                   lineup led by industry leaders,          repair professionals. ASA
beverages, and lively music. Tickets       Many new show features are                     along with an exhibitor showcase         advances professionalism and
for the event are available in the     currently in development for ASRW                  of automotive service and repair         excellence in the automotive
Super Pass registration package        2011. Online registration is now                   related equipment, products and          industry through education,
and can be purchased in the online     open and offers various package                    services.                                legislative representation
registration system for NACE and       options starting at $210 Online                                                             and member services. Its
CARS.                                  housing is also open, and provides                    The ASRW media center is              international membership
   “With a new location, new city      a variety of hotel options within                  sponsored by        base includes numerous
and new venue, we’ll have a lot to     the vicinity of the Orange County                  ABRN.                                    affiliate, state and chapter
celebrate at this year’s Welcome       Convention Center.                                    For additional information,           groups from all segments of
Reception,” says Ron Pyle, ASA             ASRW includes the International                contact Hanley Wood Exhibitions          the industry. For additional
president. “We are pleased that        Autobody Congress & Exposition                     at P.O. Box 612128, Dallas, Texas        information about ASA, go
CCC Information Services will once     (NACE) and the Congress of                         75261-2128, call (888) 529-1641          to ASRW,
again sponsor this event, and we       Automotive Repair & Service                        or (972) 536-6444, or visit www.         NACE and CARS are produced
hope everyone enjoys this key          (CARS), which makes it the                                         by Hanley Wood Exhibitions.
networking function.”                  i n d u s t r y ’s l e a d i n g e v e n t f o r
   “We’re very happy to sponsor        dedicated professionals to conduct
this terrific event for the fourth     business, network and engage in

                                                                                                      I-CAR Classes at NACE
straight year,” adds Jim Dickens,      industry issues. The Tradeshow
executive vice president of the        News Network (TSNN) recognized
Automotive Service Group at CCC.       ASRW as a 2010 Top 250 U.S. trade
“We’re really looking forward to       show.                                                   In conjunction with the ASRW 2011 Conference Program, I-CAR
seeing our customers and industry                                                           is pleased to present the following technical education courses.
partners in Orlando this year.”           NACE – the world’s collision                      Registration for these sessions can be found under ‘Add-On Education’ in
   Cuba Libre is located at 9101       repair event – represents the only                   the NACE online attendee registration system for just $93/each.
International Drive in Orlando, Fla.   B2B event of its kind specifically
and is a part of the newly renovated   designed for collision repair                        WEDNESDAY, OCT. 5TH
Pointe Orlando.                        industry professionals from                            8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
   ASRW includes the International     around the globe. NACE features                        • IC01 - Inspecting Repairs for Quality Control (QUA01)
Autobody Congress & Exposition         a comprehensive educational                            • IC02 - Steel Unitized Structures Technologies and Repair (SPS07)
                                                                                              • IC03 - Collision Repair for Toyota, Lexus, and Scion Vehicles (TOY01)

                                                                                              1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
                                                                                              • IC04 - Collision Repair for Ford and Lincoln Vehicles (FOR05)
                                                                                              • IC05 - Overview of Cycle Time Improvements for the Collision
                                                                                                Repair Process (CYC01)
                                                                                              • IC06 - Hybrid Electric and Alternative Fuel Vehicles (ALT02)

                                                                                            SATURDAY, OCT. 8TH
                                                                                              8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
                                                                                              • IC07 - Plastic and Composite Repair (PLA03)
                                                                                              • IC08 - Collision Repair for Ford and Lincoln Vehicles (FOR05)
                                                                                              • IC09 - Waterborne Products, Systems, and Application (REF07)

                                                                                              1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
                                                                                              • IC10 - Hail, Theft, Vandalism Damage Analysis (DAM09)
                                                                                              • IC11 - Corrosion Protection (CPS01)
                                                                                              • IC12 - Vehicle Technology and Trends 2011 (NEW11)
                                                                                           September 2011           Collision Expert      27

                                                                                                        FO R ECI A L
                                                                                                             INS DIS
                                                                                                                 T RU CO U
                                                                                                                     C TO NT S
                                                                                                                         R S AV
                                                                                                                            & S AIL
                                                                                                                               TUD ABL
                                                                                                                                  ENT E

        For the first time in 7 YEARS, the world’s collision repair event is headed east!
Join the automotive service & repair industry at the only event that is specifically designed and created for YOU. As the flagship
event of ASRW, NACE constantly evolves with the industry to meet your ever-changing business needs, continues to invest in
   the industry it serves, and is a must attend event for anyone in the automotive service & repair industry. And this year…

                                                 IT’S ALL ROLLED INTO ONE:
   World class exhibits // Unmatched education & training you won’t find anywhere else // Live on-floor demonstrations
               Opening general session // Welcome reception // ASRW Town Hall // ASRW Industry Forum
   Association Leadership Summit // Networking Events // Vehicle Display Featuring the Muscle Car Network of Florida

                                                                                     Co-Located With:
                                  Held During:

                                   ASRW 2011 // ORLANDO, FL USA
                      Exhibits: October 6–8 // Conference: 5–8 // Orange County Convention Center

28    Collision Expert          September 2011

     2,000 Military Children To                                                         I-CAR® Recognizes Award
      Benefit From Generosity                                                             Recipients At 2011 I-CAR
     Throughout North Carolina                                                                Industry Event
    With school having just started, individuals and corporations                     I-CAR, the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair,
 throughout North Carolina can feel pride that nearly 130,000 school               recognized several members of the collision inter-industry for their
 items have been donated to help children of our lower level (E1-E6)               outstanding commitment and dedication at the 2011 I-CAR Industry
 military families.                                                                Event held in Salt Lake City, July 19-21. During the Event, individuals
    The patrons of Dollar Tree donated items at check-out lines, patrons           were recognized with the Russ Verona Award, the Jeff Silver Award, the
 of Walmart donated items on the free-tax weekend, and the outstanding             Tech Centre Award, and the I-CAR Service Award.
 employee giving contests in the following corporations helped move                   The Russ Verona Memorial Award was created in honor of Russ Verona,
 the numbers over the top — Airgas National Welders, Goodrich, GMR                 one of I-CAR’s Founding Fathers and the first business to earn the
 Marketing, Hendrick BMW, General Dynamics, Osprey Management, and                 I-CAR Gold Class Professionals® designation. This year’s recipient, Eric
 Parsons Corporation.                                                              Grossman, Owner of Eric’s CARSTAR in Tucson, Arizona, was the third
    The collection campaign, the Back to School Brigade, was at an all-            shop in the nation to earn the I-CAR Gold Class Professionals business
 time high this year, as more and more of the public in North Carolina             designation and has maintained his designation for over 21 years.
 realize the stress of our state’s military members over the past ten years           Jeff Peevy, I-CAR Director of Field Operations said, “Grossman’s
 of war.                                                                           involvement with I-CAR and the I-CAR Gold Class Professionals program
    The school supplies will be given out to students of military families         truly embodies the spirit and professionalism of the Gold Class Program
 — Army and Air Force at Fort Bragg (Fayetteville, NC), Marines and Navy           and what it represents. I believe that anyone who is a recipient of the
 at Cherry Point Marine Corp Air Station (Havelock, NC), Marines and Navy          Russ Verona Award trains because they care about the families riding in
 at Camp Lejeune (Jacksonville, NC), and National Guard and Reserves               the vehicles that are being repaired, and they want to ensure that the
 (Charlotte, Asheville, Kannapolis, and Lenoir).                                   repairs performed at their facility are complete and safe. That caring
    Some of the children receiving these supplies have lived through               attitude is evident in Eric Grossman’s involvement with the community
 many deployments of at least one parent. It is a fact that deployment of          and industry over the last 21 years. Given that 69 percent of collision
 a parent can increase stress on the entire family, especially the children        repair shops claim not to train, an even greater appreciation for
 who may or may not be informed of all the risks involved and possible             professionals like Eric Grossman that go above and beyond to serve our
 outcomes. Military families in North Carolina have an average of two              industry should be noted. “
 children. According to our data, there are 98,541 military children in               The Jeff Silver Award recognizes individuals who hold the I-CAR
 North Carolina. Nearly 35,000 of the total have dealt with a deployed             Platinum Individual® designation and contribute to their local
 parent who’s half way across the world. While they experience increased           communities and the industry at large. The Jeff Silver Award was
 stress in the family, increased responsibilities to help the family with a        presented to Joe Lacy. Joe sits on the CIC Insurance Relations Committee
 parent gone, increased distractions during school while worrying about            and Definitions Committee, is a member of NABC, and is a Chief Master
 the safety of Mom or Dad; we don’t want them to worry about affording             Structural Damage Analysis Professional. He has traveled to vocational
 the supplies they need to start school.                                           schools and helps students better understand the opportunities available
                                                                                   to them in collision repair, estimating, and careers in the auto body and
    “We are extremely grateful for the outpouring of support to the                insurance fields. Joe has worked for GEICO for 39 years.
 people of North Carolina for remembering our military families and                   “It was a true honor presenting Joe Lacy with the Jeff Silver
 especially their children.” Said Jane Weaver-Sobel, President of OHNC.            Award. Joe’s commitment to the industry is very strong and is clearly
                                                                                   demonstrated though his involvement in several organizations in the
    “This has been an annual project of the statewide operations of                industry,” said Joyce Kasmer, I-CAR Director of Business Development.
 Airgas National Welders,” says Steve Marinelli, CEO, “it engages our                 The Tech Centre Award is presented to an individual or business that
 employees in such a personal way. . . to know that they are helping               has collaborated with I-CAR, lending their knowledge and expertise,
 children and even more so that they’re assisting with the efforts of our          bringing relevant I-CAR training to the industry. Jason Bartanen, I-CAR
 military by helping their families.”                                              Technical Director, presented the Tech Centre Award to American Honda
                                                                                   Motor Company and Shawn Collins, I-CAR Instructor. Additionally, I-CAR
                                   ••••                                            recognized Kirk Cook for his 20+ years of service with I-CAR. Cook has
                 Operation Homefront of North Carolina (OHNC)                      been an instrumental part of I-CAR training in his local area, dedicating
 Operation Homefront provides emergency and other assistance to the families       his time and knowledge to I-CAR students.
 of our service members and wounded warriors. assistance for our troops. OHNC         Jason Bartanen closed by saying, “The award recipients are the
 is helping families from going homeless, saving them from having their cars       ‘true I-CAR’, they are a testament to the I-CAR Vision, and they
 repossessed; repairing cars, ensuring that there’s food on the table and more.    demonstrate their passion for the industry nearly everyday. Thank you
      For more Information, please visit            and congratulations to each of the award recipients honored at the 2011
                                                                                   I-CAR Industry Event.”
 Operation Homefront of North Carolina (OHNC): Operation Homefront provides
 emergency and other assistance to the families of our service members and
 wounded warriors. assistance for our troops. OHNC is helping families from                                              ••••
 going homeless, saving them from having their cars repossessed; repairing cars,   I-CAR, founded in 1979, is an international not-for-profit training organization
 ensuring that there’s food on the table and more. For more Information, please       dedicated to improving the quality, safety, and efficiency of auto collision
                              visit                                                   repair for the ultimate benefit of consumers.
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