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									                                                                                              Illinois Chapter

                                Governors’ Newsletter
February 2011

                Message From The                                           Message From The
                Governor                                                   Governor

                Susan T. Hingle, MD, FACP                                  James J. Foody, MD, FACP
                Governor, Downstate Region                                 Governor, Northern Region

Dear Colleagues,                                           Dear Fellow Illinois Internists,
    t is my pleasure to send you a personal note

                                                                  he most significant and controversial news is
    wishing you all a happy, healthy, and fulfilling
    new year. In addition to the beginning of the new
year, my sister’s journey this past year with breast
                                                           T      not local, but national. The enactment of the
                                                                  Accountable Care Act of 2010 represents a crit-
                                                           ical development for all of us. ACP advocacy was
cancer has given me cause to reflect. Additionally,        critically important for the passage of the legislation.
one of my ACP colleagues recently lost his wife and        The ACA does not include everything supported by
through his experience I have had the opportunity to       ACP and contains some provisions that that are not
think about my own experiences with the loss of my         to our liking, yet overall the ACA is consistent with
mother and brother in-law. I would like to share with      the principles and goals of the College. ACP contin-
some of my personal reflections from this past year.       ues to be resolute in its purpose of ensuring that
As physicians, particularly as internists, we are truly    everyone within the United States has access to
privileged to participate in our patient’s lives in ways   needed health care services of high quality.
that others will never experience. It is truly remark-         As I stated in a prior message, Dr. Marie
able, amazing, and fulfilling. For me, this is one of      Brown will take the role of Governor-elect for
the true blessings of having long term relationships       Northern Illinois at the end of IM 2011. Marie is in
with patients. Never forget the privileges we have         private practice of general internal medicine with a
been given.                                                particular interest in geriatrics. Her office is in Oak
    In this era of fragmentation of care, continue to      Park and she is a member of the medical staff at
see your patients in the hospital, even if others are      MacNeal Hospital in Berwyn. I look forward to her
primarily providing the care. You have so much to          succeeding me as Governor in April 2012.
offer with your presence, relationship, and experi-
                                                               IM 2011 will be held in San Diego April 7-10. Our
ence. A familiar face and being with someone who
                                                           combined Illinois Chapter reception will take place
knows the whole story is incredibly valuable and
                                                           on Thursday April 7 after the convocation. A respite
“significantly therapeutic”. It can be of great help
                                                           in San Diego in the springtime is always a good idea.
with healing. Don’t ever underestimate the impor-
                                                           That, in combination with educational opportunities
tance of the continuous healing relationship we have
                                                           and comradery of fellow internists is, unbeatable.
with our patients.
                                                               I will devote the remainder of my message to
    As opportunities to move on have presented
                                                           highlighting the benefits of membership in ACP. In
themselves, I have thought about the richness my
                                                           speaking with members, I learned that many oppor-
patients bring to me. Many of my patients have also
                                                           tunities that internists wish they have, actually are
become friends to me. I could not imagine a life
                                                           already benefits of ACP membership. I will list only a
without them. Be grateful for the richness patients
                                                           few. You can download many of these resources for
bring to your life.
                                                           PDA or smart phones.

                                   Continued on page 2                                         Continued on page 2
                             Susan T. Hingle, MD, FACP            Practice Support
                         Governor Message, from page 1
                                                                  • Free patient handouts, both in English as well as
        Be involved. The investment you make by being             • Video links for some conditions to provide patients
    an active member of your community will provide you             tools for reinforcing your advice.
    benefits beyond expectations. This includes your              • Resources to download including office forms,
    medical community as well as your civic community.              lists, etc.; HIT resources; tools for running a med-
    One of the greatest benefits is the collegial relation-         ical lab
    ships that develop. Appreciate the support of your
                                                                  • Patient Centered Medical Home Builder
    colleagues. It is invaluable.
        Nurture your whole self. While our “work” is very         Insurance discounts available to members at
    important, we should not let it entirely define us. Take      substantial discounts
    time to exercise, eat right, cultivate your spiritual life,   • Liability insurance through The Doctors Company
    foster meaningful relationships, and develop your
                                                                  • Life, personal healthcare, auto, homeowners,
    interests (photography, reading, dance, etc…) A well
                                                                    long-term care, disability, and accident insurance
    rounded person makes a better physician, a better
                                                                    through Marsh Affinity.
    family member, and a better friend.
         We have wonderful opportunities in our everyday          Advocacy
    life. Make the most of them!                                  • Leadership Day in May offers an opportunity to
       Be kind. Be committed. Be you. Best wishes for a             learn first-hand about policy discussions from
    wonderful 2011!                                                 briefings by Congressional staffers and ACP public
                                                                    policy experts. Members have an additional
                                                                    chance directly to discuss issues with their
    Susan Hingle                                                    Representatives and Senators.
                                James J. Foody, MD, FACP
                           Governor Message, from page 1
                                                                  • The College and AARP created a brochure in
    Continuing Education                                            English and Spanish that you can download from
    • Discounted cost of MKSAP for members. In addi-                www.acponline.com or order in bulk. We are the
      tion, completion of MKSAP for credit fulfills some            most valuable advocates for our patients, but as a
      requirements for maintenance of ABIM certifica-               corollary, they can be the most effective advocates
      tion.                                                         for us.
    • Additional opportunities for recertification require-            From my perspective, the most important benefit
      ments including preparation courses and SEP mod-            is the personal sense of belonging to our professional
      ules.                                                       home.
    • Members receive discounted registration fees at IM             It is a privilege to try to be of service to you. I
      2011, perhaps the best venue for CME available to           am fortunate to enjoy the support of our
      internists.                                                 Downstate Governor, Susan Hingle.
    • Publications including Annals of Internal Medicine,         Warmest regards,
      ACP Journal Club, ACP Internist, ACP Hospitalist. All       Jim
      of them are also available electronically through
    • Clinical guidelines including those about dementia,
      depression, ED, low back pain, osteoporosis, pallia-
      tive end of life care, perioperative pulmonary com-
      plications, screening mammography, VTE                                   Visit the Chapter website at
      prevention and others that are under development.

Downstate Chapter Meeting Summary
    The 2010 Illinois Regional Scientific Meeting was hosted by the Downstate Chapter on October 29-30 at the
Hilton Springfield in Springfield, Illinois. The meeting was held in conjunction with the 2010 Illinois Downstate
Associates Meeting, which provided members and associate members alike the opportunity to share in the best
of both these annual meetings. A total of 217 registrants participated in the meetings’ events.
Features of the scientific session held Friday, October 29 included:
• State-of-the-art clinical updates on the metabolic syndrome and the use of device therapy in heart failure
• A panel discussion regarding controversial new breast cancer screening guidelines
• A chapter “town hall” meeting co-hosted by Northern Chapter Governor Dr. Jim Foody and Downstate
  Chapter Governor Dr. Susan Hingle
• Afternoon breakout sessions geared toward practitioners of ambulatory medicine (hypertension, chronic
  obstructive pulmonary disease), hospital-based practitioners (acute stroke treatment, palliative care), and
  associate members (medical ethics case discussions, internal medicine career paths)
    All attendees were also able to enjoy the events of the Associates meeting on Friday, including research
and clinical vignette poster competitions, an oral vignette competition, and the always popular Doctor’s
Dilemma Trivia Bowl competition. Special recognition was given to the following winners of those competi-
• Katarzyna Nosek (UICOM Peoria), medical student poster
• Dr. Rudhir Tandon (UICOM Urbana-Champaign), resident research poster
• Dr. Poonam Velagapudi (UICOM Urbana-Champaign), resident vignette poster
• Dr. Lubaba Kobaisy (UICOM Peoria), oral vignette presentation
• Drs. Dheeraj Reddy, Amith Parekh, and Rujuta Trivedi (SIUSOM Springfield), Doctor’s Dilemma Trivia
     As winners of the resident poster competitions, Dr. Tandon and Dr. Velagapudi will be invited to display
their posters at the ACP Annual Meeting in San Diego, California in April 2011. Likewise, the Doctor’s Dilemma
Trivia Bowl team from SIU will represent the Downstate Illinois Chapter in the national competition in San
Diego in April. Good luck to all!
     A new feature to the state scientific meeting was held on Saturday, October 30. This portion of the meet-
ing included review of three modules from the ABIM Self-Evaluation Program (SEP). The SEP modules
reviewed included Office-Based Internal Medicine, Hospital-Based Internal Medicine, and Infectious Disease.
Each of the 25-question modules was reviewed in a 2-hour session led by two faculty members. Participants
were given the option of registering for one, two, or all three of the sessions. For each session attended, par-
ticipants could not only obtain 2 hours of category 1 CME credit, but could also earn 10 points toward the ABIM
Maintenance of Certification program. Over 30 registrants attended each of the three sessions, and the evalua-
tions of the activity were extremely positive.
   One of the special events of every chapter meeting is the opportunity to recognize members who have
made special contributions to the Chapter, the ACP, and the community of internal medicine. At this year’s
meeting, two such members were recognized through presentation of the ACP Laureate Award. Dr.
Meenakshy Aiyer was the recipient of this distinguished award from the Downstate Chapter, and Dr. Vineet
Arora received the award from the Northern Chapter. Congratulations to both Dr. Aiyer and Dr. Arora!
    Credit for planning the 2010 meeting goes to the members of the Chapter Education Committee. Those
members include Drs. Susan Hingle (Governor), John Rogers (Chair), Janet Jokela, Larry Jennings,
Max Brito, Meenakshy Aiyer, Praveen Kandula, Srikanth Vallurupalli, Poonam Velagapudi, Akshra
Verma, Siegfried Yu, and Anushree Agarwal. A special “thank you” goes to Ms. Donna Seawards,
Chapter Executive Director, for the remarkable work that she did in the planning, organization, and administra-
tion of the meeting.
       Please plan to attend the 2011 Illinois Regional Scientific Meeting, which will be hosted by the Northern
    Chapter. The dates and location of that meeting have yet to be determined.
    New Members
    Hany Abdelmalak, MD                    Alin K Abraham, MD                     Subhashish Agarwal, MD
    Neeru Agarwal, MD                      Azazuddin A Ahmed, MD                  Jaclyn K Anderson, DO
    Jennifer L Angeles, MD                 Ricardo D Arbulu Guerra, MD            Bassel Artin, MD
    Vyjayanthi Atluri, MD                  Shaji M Baig, MBBS                     John S Baird, MD
    Lara Bakhos, MD                        Jessica H Bartfield, MD                Hasnain S Bawaadam, MD
    Ajay Bhatia, MD                        Jurate Marija Bucha, MD                Suk-Yin Chan, MD
    Melody A Christians, MD                Aaron G Coates, MD                     Beatrice M Correa, MD
    Katya Y Cruz, MD                       Ashti A Doobay-Persaud, MD             Matthew M Dunne, MD
    Chukwudozie O Ezeokoli, MBBS           Samuel A Farbstein, MD                 Colleen Flynn, MD
    Luciano Fochesatto Filho, MD           Swapan R Gaddam, MBBS                  Olga L Garcia-Bedoya, MD
    Shweta Gupta, MBBCh                    Sara Hanif, MBBS                       Sarfaraz Haque, MBBS
    Valerie A Heidenry, MD                 Vagish S Hemmige, MD                   Fahad M Iqbal, MD
    Edward S James, MBBS                   Prathima Jasti, MD                     Kamran Javaid, MBBS
    Antonio M Jimenez, MD                  Shinta Jong, MD                        Mohammed H Kazi, MD
    Maria S Khan, MD                       Susan L Kim, DO                        William M Konitsky, MD
    Bency Kurian, MD                       Karen M Lee, MD                        Janet Leon, MD
    Ari Levy, MD                           Meera George Madappallil, MD           Vamsilatha Maddala, MD
    Ronald J Maggiore, MD                  Michael A Markos, MD                   Golbarg Moaddab, MD
    Mauro Vido Montevecchi, MD             Ekanka Mukhopadhyay, MBBS              Jasdeepa Nagi, MD
    Steven P Nash, MD                      Abd A Noghnogh, MD                     Charlotte A O'Leary, MD
    Oana Olaru, MD                         Elizabeth A Paesch, MD                 Joanna Pakula, MD
    Jyothsna Palla, MD                     Anand N Patani, MD                     Shruti Patel, MD
    Dadhija Patel, DO                      Shephali H Patel, DO                   Sunil S Patel, MD
    Hari R Paudel, MBBS                    Elaine M Peplow, MD                    Paloma Gaelle Pina Peguero, MD
    Caroline A Poku, MD                    Valerie G Press, MD                    Jeffrey Pua, MD
    Bharat K Puchakayala, MD               Lindsey O Ragland, MD                  Mahesh N Raju, MD
    Lisa M Roshetsky, MD                   Rupali Roy, MD                         Yasmin A Sacro, MD
    Faisal Saeed, MD                       Mohammed Samee;MD                      Barnard D San Gabriel, MD
    Neel B Shah, MD                        Dipal Shah, DO                         Vipuj Shah, MD
    Neil K Shah, DO                        Arshea Siddiqui, MD                    Harkanwal Singh, MBBS
    Preetika Sinh, MBBS                    Grazyna Siwy, MD                       Lolita M Smith, MD
    Timothy D Smith, MD                    Kavitha Srinivasan, MD                 Lavanya Srinivasan, MBBS
    Kaleo Staszkow, MD                     Montha Suphangul, MD                   Ming-Yeng S Tang, MD
    Sabrena Tangri, MD                     Sejal Thaker, MD                       Francine Touzard Romo, MD
    Shira R Tropp, MD                      Abhishek Vedavalli, MBBS               Larissa Verda, MD

Marina Vidovic, MD               Michael S Wang, MD               Ashley X Wang, MD
Pamela R Warnick, MD             Alexis A Williams, MD

New Fellows
Leszek J Ballarin, MD FACP       Lalitha K Darbha, MD FACP        Kathryn L Eubanks, MD FACP
Travis L Figanbaum, MD FACP      Ben S Gerber, MD FACP            Olumuyiwa Idowu, MBBS FACP
Maninder S Kohli, MD FACP        Victoria Kut, MD FACP            Ronnie R Mandal, DO FACP
Muhammed S Mohiuddin, MD FACP    Arun Narang, MD FACP             Jill A Patton, DO FACP
Rani N Rao, MD FACP              Melissa J Robledo, MD FACP       Michael J Schneck, MD FACP
Amir A Torshizi, MD FACP         Phuong L Tran, MD FACP           Tamara J Vokes, MD FACP

New Associates
Veronica Abegunde, MD            Ayokunle T. Abegunde, MBBS       Angela Aboutalib, MD
Amanda K Abramson, MD            Mary E Acree, MD                 Mohammad Aftab, MD
Anoop Agrawal, MD                Mazna T Ahmad, MD                Mansoor Ahmad, MD
Nahreen H Ahmed, MD              Joshua D Ajjarapu, MD            Olayinka A Akinola, MD MPH
Fahed Al Darazi, MD              Nassar Al-Zubaidi, MD            Mohammad Alhaji, MD
Yaseen Ali, MD                   Munsif Ali, MD                   Yazan Alia, MD
Antonio Alvarado, MD             Alfred L Amin Shehata, MD        Anupama L Ananth, DO
Emilio P Araujo Mino, MD         Monika Arora, MD                 Vinay Arora, MD
Maham Ashraf, MD                 M Sadiq Ashraf, MBBS             Dayra C Avila, MD
Saba Wasim Aziz, MD              Khalid Tala Bannan, MD           Buchcic A Bartosz, MD
Yohannes Bayissa, MD             Dinesh J Belani, MBBS            Keerti K Bhanushali, MBBS
Sumit Bhattarai, MBBS            Tanmayee Sunil Bichile, MBBS     Kiran Bidari, MD
Matthew Bielecki, MD             William Blosky, MD               Andrej Bogojevic, MD
Nathan R Bolden, MD              Katrina A Booth, MD              Jeffrey R Borgeson, MD
Nasser A Boshra, MBBCh           Dominick V Bufalino, MD          Meredith H Burns Brauer, MD
Shyam Chalise, MD                Gajapathiraju Chamarthi, MBBS    Christopher G Chapman, MD
Hem P Chataut, MBBS              Saleha Z Chaudhry, MD            Rupal N Chavda, MD
Kevin Y Chen, MD                 Ling Chen, MD                    Ming Chi, MD
Ikechukwu I Chineme, MD          Andy Chon, MD                    Prameela Chunduru, MBBS
Irina Clubotaru, MD              Joshua S Cohen, DO               Fareed M. Segundo Collado, MD
Paulina Crus-Bravo, MD           Habib Dakkak, MD                 Daniel R Davis, MD
Sherif Fahmy Tawadros Dawood, MD Allison S DeKosky, MD            Chris Tara B Delos Reyes, MD
Sumedha Dhar, MD                 Gati Dhroove, MD                 David DiBardino, MD
Adrienne E Edgren, DO            Monica Rose Edwards, MD, MPH     Drew W Engers, MD
J Raider Estrada, MD             Francis J R Evangelista, MD      Daniel A Feldman, MD
Dustin R Fraidenburg, MD         Lariven Franada, DO              Mandana Fughani, MD
Magdalena A Fus, MD              Satish Kumar Reddy Gaddam, MBBS John Patrick Galvin, Jr MD MPH

    Srinivas Gangadharaiah, MBBS       Kavitha Ganta, MD                   Alpa Garg, MD
    Priyanka Gauravi, MD               Matthew W George, MD                Mohsin Ghadiali, MD
    Nael Gharbi, MD                    Shazel Gharbi, MD                   David Giangreco, MD
    Marilyn Glauber, MD                Kavitha Golipells, MBBS             Gustavo Gomez, MD
    Mukesh Gopalakrishnan, MBBS        Amy M Gordon, MD                    Priyanka Gosain, MBBS
    Devang D Gujarathi, MD             Bridget A Gulling, MD               Manya J Gupta, MD
    Saurabh Gupta, MD                  Preeti Gurnani, MD                  Anna B Halpern, MD
    Hemanth N Hampole, MBBS            Michael Hanna, MD                   Aileen Hariman, MD
    Jonathan L Hassel, MD;MD           Brad M Haverkos, MD                 Kathleen Hayes, MD
    Nancy Ho, MD                       Gina Hong, MD                       Daniela H. De Hathaway, MD
    Jessica Hwang, MD                  Samer A Ibrahim, MD                 Kiran Ijaz, MD
    Jihyun Im, MD                      Eric Imoto, DO                      Hina Iqbal, MBBS
    Sangmesh Jabshetty, MD             Prantesh Jain, MD                   Priyanka Jalandhara, MBBS
    Aarti Jani, MD                     Nikhil Arvind Jariwala, MD          Swapna K Joseph, MD
    Monal Joshi, MD                    Kavita Joshi, MD                    Shivani Kalu, MD
    Jasmine Kamboj, MD                 Katherine Kang, MD                  Anirudh Kapoor, MD
    Douglas J Kasper, MD               Priya Naina R Kasula, MBBS          Puneet I Kaur, MBBS
    Margaret A Kay-Stacey, MD          Jilalu Asmera Kelbe, MD             Sonya Kenkare, MD
    Kemisha Key, MD                    Sameer Khalid, MD                   Sofia Khalli, MBBS
    Rabiya Khan, MD                    Basharath Khan, MBBS                Saadat Khan, MBBS
    Samrat Khanna, MBBS                Shazia P Khatoon, MD                Darren P King, MD
    Kristen Noelle Kobaly, MD          Asa D Koganti, MD                   Prashant Kolar, MD
    Sashank Kolli, MD                  Sharath Kommu, MD                   Matthew James Koster, MD
    Manjunath Kottalgi, MD             Krishna Chaitany A Kottapalli, MD   Adrienne N Kovalsky, DO
    Nataliya P Kozodoy, MD             Jennie H Kwon, DO                   Myriam Manuela Lallinger, MD
    Marci Lynn Laragh, MD              Kristle Lee, MD                     John Lee, MD
    Newton Li, MD                      Agnes Libot, MD                     Peter J Lloyd, MD
    Qilin Lu, MBBCh                    Nancy Luo, MD                       Sherryl D Luvis, MD
    Catherine Ly, DO                   E Allison Lyons, MD                 Silpa Maddala, MD
    Delibasic Maja, MD                 Lindsey H Malik, DO                 Arvi P Mallari, MD
    Aarti Manchanda, MD                Gina A Mathew, DO                   Joanne Mathews, MD
    Swarna Matsa, MD                   Samreen Mattoo, MBBS                Heidi L Matus, MD
    Jennifer A McDonnell, MD           Farah Ahmed Meah, DO                John Melek, MD
    Sladjana Mitric, MD                Farzad Moazed, MD                   Nisha Anjali Mohindra, MD
    Venkata Sai Srikanth Moningi, MD   Nancy L Mora Becerra, MD            David C Mordl, MD
    Anand B Morker, MD                 Monica Reddy Muppidi, MD            Madhavi Nagilla, MD
    Mihir Nalk, DO                     Akhil Narang, MD                    Ravi Kishore NARRA;MBBS
    Soamsiri Niwattisaiwong, MD        Meghan A O'Halloran, MD             Ahmet Afsin Oktay, MD
    Ike Stanley Okwuosa, MD            Hesham R Omar, MBBCH                Randy P Orr, MD

Babadele Oyedepo, MD             Abhinandan Reddy Pakanati, MBBS Kiran R Pandey, MBBS
Rojina Pant, MBBS                Jasmine Kaur Parhar, MD          Srikanth Parimi, MD
Dipal Patel, MD                  Amir C Patel, MD                 Nisha Patel, DO
Amit Patel, MD                   Shinoj Pattali Jayavalsan, MD    Shalini Paturi, MD
Anju Paul, MD                    Francina M Peralta Machado, MD   Michael Perlovsky, MD
Kevin Ryan Polsley, MD           Anugya Poudel Chataut, MBBS      Vinay Prasad, MD
Shweta Punj, MD                  Zainab J Qureshi, MD             Tarun Rai, MD
Anupa Rai, MBBS                  Daniel Ramirez, MD               Faride Ramos Lovette, MD
Sheetal Khedkar Rao, MD          Rabia R Razi, MD                 Devara R. Reddy, MBBS
Sindhura Reddy, MD               Amy Reif, DO                     Harish Kumar Rengarajan, MD
Bindu Madhavi Repala, MD         Jason B Rice, MD                 Nemencio Ronquillo, Jr MD
Prerana Jain Roth, MD            Arti Rupani, MD                  Ashima Synghal Sahni, MBBS
Abhimanyu Saini, MD              Patricia D Salvador, MD          Nausheen Samee, MD
Devang Sanghavi, MD              Carlos M Santos, MD              Andrew B Schlachter, MD
Adam Jt Schuldt, MD PhD          Tejaskumar M Shah, MD            Shivani Shah;MD
Jack Shamoun, MD                 Neeti Sharma, MD                 Ruba K Sharma, MD
Navneesh Sharma, MD              Venkata R Sheri, MBBS            Muhammed Sherid, MD
Nisha Shetty, MD                 Michael Shih, MD MSc             Advayanand Shirsalkar, MD
Manish P Shrestha, MD            Tasneem Siddiqua, MD             Matthew Siegel, MD
Federico Silva, MD               Milagros Silva, MD               Gurbakhshish Singh, MBBS
Mohitmeet Singh, MD              Jasmeet Singh, DO                Gurpreet Singh, MD
Naykky Maruquel Singh Ospina, MD Michael Sjoding, MD              Caroline Skolnik, MD
Kimberly Smith, MD               Akshat Sood, MBBS                Andrej Spec, MD
Chitra Srinivasan, MD            Kimberly Marie St Jean, MD       Danielle Sterrenberg, MD
Ellen S Stolar, MD               Sai S Sunkara, MD                Parimal Sura, MD
Mihaela Roxana Suru, MD          Hamid Safdar Syed, MD            Toyiba H Syed, MBBS
Pavankumar Tandra, MD            Winna Taylor, MD                 Tonye C Teme, MD
Sunil Kumar S Thaghalli, MBBS    Rama L Theegala, MBBS            Saravanan THIAGARAJAN, MD
Joseph R. Thirumalareddy, MBBS   James Tomas, MD                  Erin L Toto, MD
James Town;MD                    Jenny M Tristano, MD             Kyle Turner, DO
Shahaeb M Uddin, MD              Shital Ughreja, MD               Rafath Ullah, MD
Adrian P Umpierrez de Reguero, MD Charles Umunna, MD              Susanne Vanderbilt, MD
Thammiraju Vegiraju, MD          Sunita Verma, MBBS               David Alan Vermylen, MD
Neelima Vidula, MD               Jyothi Vipparla, MBBS            Swapna Viswanathan;MD
Rahul Wadke, MBBS                Adam B Ward, DO                  Ali Hassan Ali Warda, MD
M Sheraz Waris, MBBS             Kaitlyn M Weidenbach, MD         Ryan Westhoff, MD
Thomas E Woike, DO               Eileen H Wong, MD                Elena Xintavelonis, MD
Travis Yamanaka, MD              Naser Yamani, MBBS               Venkata Sudhakara Reddy
Yearva, MBBS                     Mohammad K. Zaheerullah, MD      Fawwad Iqbal Zaidi, MD
Tatheer Zohra, MBBS
                                                Deceased Members

                                         Morton F. Arnsdorf, MD, FACP
                                            Hyman J. Hirshfield, MD
                                        Robert J. McNamara, MD, FACP
                                       Rimgaudas Nemickas, MD, FACP
                                         Lawrence Perlman, MD, FACP
                                             K. G. Rajagopal, MD
                                          Frank R. Schmid, MD, FACP
                                       Edward O. Willoughby, MD, FACP

        We encourage all of our chapter members to recommend ACP Membership through ACP’s Recruit-a-
    Colleague Chapters Program. As you know, the College offers valuable membership benefits and services that
    enable us to stay at the forefront of our profession while providing us with an advocate to address the specific
    needs of internal medicine and its subspecialties. The more members we have, the stronger our voice will be.
         Your colleagues can apply for Membership easily online at www.acponline.org/racc. If they enter your name
    on the recruiter line using this application, you will receive credit toward your 2011-2012 dues and have a
    chance to win a trip to Internal Medicine 2012 -- and our chapter will be recognized for your efforts with
    rewards. Just ask your colleagues to include your name on the recruiter line when you send them the above
       We hope you will strengthen our chapter and our profession by recommending ACP Membership today.

    Chapter Awards
    We have received outstanding news in Illinois concerning awards from national ACP. Two of our members have
    been elected Masters.
        Dr. Patrick Fahey, FACP, my predecessor as Governor, is Professor and former Chairman of Medicine at
    Loyola University Medical Center. In addition to his term of service as our Governor, Pat served in a number of
    roles with national ACP.
        Dr. Robert O. Bonow, FACP is Vice Chairman of the Department of Medicine at Northwestern for
    Development. Prior to taking that position, he was Chief of Cardiology at Northwestern. He is one of the most
    eminent cardiologists in the United States. In 2009 Bob was the recipient of the John Phillips Memorial Award
    for Outstanding Work in Clinical Medicine (“Phillips Award”).

   Two of our members from Illinois Northern and an Associate member from Illinois Downstate have been
chosen for individual honors.
    Dr. J. Larry Jameson, MD, FACP, Lewis Landsberg Professor and Dean of Northwestern University
Feinberg School of Medicine, is the recipient of the American College of Physicians Award for Science (for out-
standing work in science as related to medicine). Dr. Jameson is co-editor of Harrison’s Principles of Internal
Medicine as well as DeGroot and Jameson’s Endocrinology. Dr. Jameson possesses international recognition for
his groundbreaking research. His findings in molecular biology and techniques of interconnecting genetics,
gene modification and intracellular signaling altered the scope of endocrine investigation.
    Joseph V. Messer, MD, FACP, a distinguished cardiologist for many years at Rush University will receive
the Ralph O. Claypoole Sr. Memorial Award (for devotion of a career in internal medicine to the care of
patients). In addition to training generations of physicians at Rush, Dr. Messer is widely known and admired for
his excellence in clinical care.
   Respiratory Health Association of Metropolitan Chicago will be honored as the winner of the
Edward R. Loveland Memorial Award (to a lay person or lay organization for a distinguished contribution to the
health field.) The mission of Respiratory Health Association of Metropolitan Chicago is to promote healthy lungs
and fight lung disease through research, advocacy and education.
  Dr. Melanie L. Zupancic, a resident physician at Southern Illinois University in Springfield and Associate
Member of Illinois Downstate has been chosen for the Joseph E. Johnson Leadership Award (for an Associate
member of the College who has demonstrated qualities that exemplify the College’s mission.)

                            In addition, both chapters, Northern and Downstate, have received The Chapter
                         Excellence Award from the National ACP. The Chapter Excellence Award recognizes
                         chapters, which successfully meet the standards for managing a chapter.
                             We can be proud of our colleagues specially chosen by national ACP. Their
                         accomplishments inspire us to excellence and honor internal medicine in Illinois.
                         Please join me in extending our warm congratulations and plan to celebrate with
                         them at IM 2011 April 7-10, 2011 in San Diego.

Awards to Mention:
• Chapter Excellence Awards, both regions
• Joseph E. Johnson Leadership Award: Melanie L. Zupancic, MD (for an Associate member of the College
  who has demonstrated qualities that exemplify the College’s mission
Chapter Meeting Associate Awards:
• Katarzyna Nosek, UICOM Peoria, First Place Medical Student Poster
• Nadia Ali, SIU Springfield, Second Place Medical Student Poster
• Rena Shah, UICOM Peoria, Third Place Medical Student Poster
• Rudhir Tandon, MD, UIUC, First Place Research Poster
• Amandeep Kalra, MD, UIUC, Second Place Research Poster
• Sladjana Mitric, MD, Weiss Memorial Hospital, Third Place Research Poster
• Poonam Velagapudi, MD, UIUC, First Place Clinical Vignette Poster
• Usman Cheema, MD, SIU, Second Place Clinical Vignette Poster
• Noaman Siddiqi, MD, UIUC, Third Place Clinical Vignette Poster

     • Lubaba Kobaisy, MD, UICOM Peoria, First Place Oral Clinical Vignette
     • Usman Cheema, MD, SIU, Second Place Oral Clinical Vignette
     • Ankit Nahaa, MD, UICOM Peoria, Third Place Oral Clinical Vignette
     • Winning Doctor’s Dilemma Team: SIU School of Medicine

                                   Congratulations, to Our Laureate Winners
     Meenakshy K. Aiyer, MD, FACP
     2010 Illinois Downstate Chapter Laureate Award Winner
                               Meenakshy K. Aiyer, MD, FACP, is an Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine, Vice
                          Chair of the Department of Medicine, and Interim Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at
                          the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria. Dr. Aiyer completed her under-
                          graduate medical education at Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai, India. Her internship
                          in internal medicine was at the University of Louisville, Louisville, KY, and her residency in
                          internal medicine was at the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria (UICOMP).
                          After serving a year as Chief Resident, she joined the full-time faculty in the Department
                          of Medicine at UICOMP, where she served until her recent appointment as Interim
                          Associate Dean. Throughout her career, Dr. Aiyer has distinguished herself as both an
                          educator and researcher, with a special emphasis in medical education research. She
                          served as the M-3 Clerkship Director from 1996-2009 and the M-4 Subinternship Director
     from 1996-2005. She is a 4-time recipient of the UICOMP Golden Apple Teaching Award, and has also received
     the Teaching Excellence Award from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) Council for Excellence in
     Teaching and Learning.
         She is a graduate of the Harvard Macy Program for Physician Educators, and has subsequently served as
     an invited faculty member in that program. She is also a graduate of the Executive Leadership in Academic
     Medicine program, and is enrolled in the Masters of Health Professions Education program at UIC. She cur-
     rently directs the Caterpillar Faculty Scholars Fellowship, an 18-month faculty development program endowed
     by Caterpillar, Inc. in Peoria. She also co-directed the UICOMP Residents as Teachers Program for 10 years.
         Dr. Aiyer has authored or co-authored fourteen published or submitted articles and thirteen published
     abstracts, the majority focusing on medical student education. She has received grant funding to study compe-
     tency assessment in medical subinterns, is the Chair of the Subinternship Task Force for the Clerkship Directors
     in Internal Medicine, a member of the Subinternship Exam Development Committee of the National Board of
     Medical Examiners, and is co-authoring three chapters in the Primer to Internal Medical Subinternship (in sub-
     mission). She has presented numerous workshops at national and international meetings of medical education
     organizations. Dr. Aiyer has also been an active supporter and participant in the ACP. She was a member of the
     Program Planning Committee for the Illinois Chapter Meeting in 2006, 2008, and 2010. She has co-authored
     numerous abstracts that have been presented by UICOMP residents at the Associates’ Poster competitions. She
     served as an abstract reviewer for the 2006 and 2008 Downstate Associates’ Meetings, and also served as an
     abstract reviewer for the national Associates’ Competition during both Internal Medicine 2007 and Internal
     Medicine 2008. She is presently a member of the Downstate Chapter Education Committee.
         A detailed list of Dr. Aiyer’s awards and achievements is far beyond the scope of this biography. She has
     served her department, her institution, the College, and the community of academic medicine with great dis-
     tinction, and the Downstate Region is proud to honor her with the ACP Laureate Award.

Vineet M. Arora, MD, MAPP, FACP
Northern Illinois Chapter Laureate Award Winner 2010
                           Dr. Vineet Arora was born and raised in Rockville, Maryland. She received her BA
                       from John Hopkins University in 1994 and then went on to medical school at
                       Washington University in St. Louis. After medical school, Dr. Arora moved to Chicago
                       and completed her internal medicine residency, chief residency, and master’s in public
                       policy degree at the University of Chicago. During medical school, she was also
                       awarded the American College of Physicians Paul R. Eisenberg Award, and in residency,
                       she won the American College of Physicians National Clinical Vignette Competition.
                              Dr. Arora currently serves in numerous roles at the University of Chicago. She is
                          Associate Director for the Internal Medicine Residency and Assistant Dean for
                          Scholarship and Discovery at University of Chicago’s Pritzker School of Medicine. Her
                          research focuses on patient handoffs, resident fatigue, and medical professionalism,
                          which has resulted in over 50 peer reviewed publications with coverage by New York
Times, CNN, ABC News and US News and World Report. Dr. Arora has lectured on these topics in over 30 insti-
tutions in 15 cities over 3 continents. As the former Chair of the American College of Physicians Council of
Associates and ex-officio Regent, she testified before Congress on the Medicare payment system and declining
interest in primary care. She has also testified to the Institute of Medicine on her work related to residency
duty hours. As an academic hospitalist, Dr. Arora supervises medical trainees caring for hospitalized patients.
    Dr. Arora has received the American College of Physicians’ Walter J McDonald Young Physician Award and
Special Advocacy Award. In 2008, Dr. Arora became a fellow of the ACP and in 2009, she was recognized as a
Top 10 Hospitalist by the American College of Physicians Hospitalist Magazine. In addition, she has won the
Society of Hospital Medicine’s Excellence in Hospital Medicine Research Award, American Geriatrics Society’s
New Investigator Award, and the Society of General Internal Medicine’s Milton Hamolsky Award. Dr. Arora has
received grants from ACP Foundation, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, National Institutes on
Aging, John A. Hartford Foundation, ABIM Foundation, and ACGME.
    Dr. Arora has also served in numerous roles for the American College of Physicians. In her previous roles,
Dr. Arora has served as a member of the Strategic Planning Committee, President of the Northern Illinois
Council of Associates, and Chair of National Council of Associates. Currently, Dr. Arora is on the Health and
Public Policy Committee and is a member of the Northern Illinois Policy Advisory Committee. Each year, she
travels with her students and residents to Washington D.C. to attend the ACP Leadership Day.
   Dr. Arora enjoys spending time with her husband, traveling, and rehabbing their 100 year old home.

Associates’ Report
By Jami Rothe
    When our Northern Illinois Governor, Dr. Jim Foody, asked me to take on a leadership role within the
chapter, I couldn’t have been more honored and excited about the opportunity to work with other residents
throughout the area. We formed the current Associates Council back in the winter of 2009 with the help of the
Internal Medicine program directors and their chief residents. Currently, we have impressive representation
from majority of the Internal Medicine programs in the Northern Illinois Area. The newly formed Council’s first
order of business was to increase the awareness of the college and membership benefits among our col-

         To do this we had a chapter-wide campaign. Each program was given a presentation about the benefits of
     becoming an Associate Member, including Annals of Internal Medicine subscription, career resources, and
     MKSAP discounts, to name a few. In the summer, the Council then sponsored the first “ACP After Hours”,
     attended by both area medical students and residents to promote a career in internal medicine. It was an
     evening of great networking between colleagues and collaboration between institutions. This past fall
     Northwestern University’s Internal Medicine program hosted the Northern Illinois ACP Annual Associates
     Research Day. The Council encouraged their fellow residents to submit their research, and we had a huge
     turnout with over 350 abstract submissions. The Associate Council was there to support the hosting the chief
     residents and then sponsored an after celebration at a local restaurant.
         The Associates Council is very excited about the opportunities that ACP has to offer residents and fellows in
     the chapter. We have many things planned for the upcoming months including resident/medical student net-
     working events, a local health advocacy day, community service outreach, and an ACP women’s networking
     event. We are always looking for new Associate Members to join the Council. Please email jrothe@md.north-
     western.edu if you are interested in making a difference in the chapter.

     CYPhysicians Report
     By Valerie Press
         As a resident and fellow, I was an active associate member of the American College of Physicians. During
     this time, I had the opportunity to participate in advocacy work through Leadership Day and work nationally
     with the Council of Associates to advance the interests of associate ACP members. Through this work, I was
     fortunate to become involved locally with the Illinois Northern ACP chapter. Under Dr. Foody’s leadership, I was
     able to attend chapter meetings and begin to learn about opportunities to participate in local educational and
     advocacy related opportunities. I was honored when Dr. Foody approached me about helping to revive the
     Council of Young Physicians(CYP). This would allow me to directly give back to our local chapter and commu-
     nity to continue to provide excellent education and advocacy opportunities to help young physicians build a
     community, advance their careers and become more involved with all that the ACP has to offer.
          So what is the Council of Young Physicians? We are a group of physicians who are less than 10 years
     out of training. We are always looking for interested members—whether you are interested in participating in a
     single event or becoming actively involved with our council. To begin to develop the new-wave of the CYP, we
     began by gathering a diverse group of young physicians. This group represents outpatient clinicians and hospi-
     talists, academicians and community providers, generalists and specialists; basically we hope to represent the
     wide range of young internists currently in practice.
         To date we have convened the council and held our first council meeting this past summer. We reviewed
     the mission, goals and bylaws of former CYP and then discussed our goals for the current CYP. We developed
     our current mission and bylaws. These include providing a forum to identify and discuss issues of concern to
     young physicians practicing in Northern Illinois; encouraging participation in the ACP at the Chapter, State and
     Regional level; to provide representation on the Northern Illinois ACP Governor’s Council; to encourage contin-
     uing medical opportunities for Associates; and to provide feedback to the national ACP CYP.
         Finally, we planned and held our first networking event this past September. This evening event was an
     opportunity for young physicians to meet their colleagues and begin to develop a community of young physi-
     cians in Northern Illinois. Our aim is to hold several social as well as educational events throughout the year.
     These include a women’s networking event, representing our chapter at the annual leadership day in May, and
     developing a SEP module course over the next year.
         We encourage anyone interested in learning more to contact us. Please send an email to

Helping Haiti
by P. Mona Khanna, MD, MPH, FACP
     "It's amazing to see how the international helping
community has bonded as a result of the disruption of
life, limb and property in Haiti.
     Upon arriving in Port-au-Prince, its capital, on an
arid Sunday afternoon in March of 2010, I was aston-
ished to see stacks and stacks of supplies from other
countries still pouring into Haiti. I myself had brought
boxes of donated blood pressure medicine, anti-bacter-
ial ointment, toothbrushes, multi-vitamins, antibiotics,
anti-inflammatories, masks and otoscope tips. All of
these items aren't particularly related to just disaster
situations, but they are solid medications that one
might call "evergreen," that is, they are applicable all
the time in the practice of medicine.
    When I was looking for my luggage at the baggage claim in Haiti, I was particularly struck by one group of
aid workers speaking French. As it turns out, they were from the Hospital of Notre-Dame and had been work-
ing steadfastly and consistently since the earthquake.
    They filled up at least 5 carts full of humanitarian aid boxes and bags, making my one cart, albeit overflow-
ing, seem inadequate by comparison. But I knew that the organization with which I was working, AMURT, had
been collecting medical supplies for weeks, and that we would have everything we need to provide medical
care. AMURT, a non-governmental organization (NGO), had been providing support in Haiti for 2 decades, and
knew the landscape well.
   It only took 2 days to embrace the authenticity and friendliness of the Haitian people.
   The children were very playful and touchy-feely, yelling "Hey, you!" when I walked down the street. They
grabbed my hands or poked me in the arm and then ran away; adults smiled and held out their hands for a
handshake without any hesitation at the most minor interaction.
                                                                              Since we worked in the medical
                                                                          aid camps, we asked for order in the
                                                                          form of waiting in line. The children
                                                                          were extremely polite, lining up to be
                                                                          seen both with and without their par-
                                                                          ents without pushing, shoving, yelling
                                                                          or screaming. They opened their
                                                                          mouths to be examined and held still
                                                                          when I look in their ears -- an aston-
                                                                          ishingly refreshing change.
                                                                              And while life has certainly
                                                                          changed for the worse for many
                                                                          Haitians, as evidenced by the huge
                                                                          numbers of tents everywhere, many
                                                                          of the activities of daily living in a
                                                                          developing country remained the
                                                                          same. I saw a woman pulling up
                                                                          water from a well at an orphanage
                                                                          for young girls, and she said she has
                                                                          been getting well water for as long as

     she can remember.
         The Haitian people are among the most grateful patients I have ever had. After teaching Michael how to
     check his blood sugar or treating an elderly woman's high blood pressure and back pain, I was blessed and
     thanked countless times. The elderly women whom we examined expressed the most gratitude, telling our
     Haitian employees what a wonderful thing AMURT was doing by setting up the medical tent.
          We treated hundreds of children, primarily, and adults. We were able to provide limited follow up since we
     dispatched to different locations each day. The work was difficult, but enormously rewarding. My fervent wish
     is that every practitioner in America provide volunteer humanitarian care at least once. I am certain that once
     bitten by the bug, they will return year after year, as I have."
     To watch videos and read more about Dr. Mona's accounts from providing care in Haiti, please go to:
         Medical coverage of disasters has a special significance for Dr. Mona, who is also an Emmy Award-winning
     journalist and Medical Contributor to Fox Chicago News. She has volunteered as an emergency aid worker for
     12 years, and specializes in print, online and television reporting from disasters where she volunteers providing
     medical aid: from Port-au-Prince after the Haiti earthquake, from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, from
     Indonesia after the Indian Ocean tsunami and from the World Trade Center after the September 11th attacks.
     She is a founding member of the Department of Homeland Security, and her medical relief efforts have earned
     praise from Congress, Texas and California governors, City of Dallas, San Bernardino and Riverside counties
     and the Veterans Administration.

     Leadership Day
     Dear Colleague
          Interested in Health Care reform? Want to make a difference at the national level? Then come join the
     Northern Illinois Chapter of the American College of Physicians at Leadership day 2011 in Washington, DC, May
     24-25th. The Northern Illinois Chapter will provide stipends to up to five individuals from each member level:
     student, associate (resident/fellow), or young physician (less than 10 years out of training) to winners of the
     Andy Hedberg, MD, MACP - Essay Contest. To enter please submit your response (500 words or less) to the
     following: "Why is physician advocacy important to you? What do you hope to accomplish by attending ACP
     Leadership Day." Submissions can be sent to Donna Seawards at donnaseawards@hughes.net by March 15,
     2011 at 12:00pm EST. More information on ACP Leadership Day 2011 can be found at:
     Jim Foody, MD, FACP, Governor, Northern Illinois Chapter

                  Council of Young Physicians Networking Meeting
      Join your peers and colleagues for an evening of good discussion at the Monthly ACP Happy Hour aka
Physician Wellness Rounds-- Jointly sponsored by the Council of Young Associates (residents and fellows) and
   the Council of Young Physicians (less than 10 years out of training). These events will be held the last
          Thursday of the month from Spring-Fall from 7-9pm. Please contact Donna Seawards at
                    donnaseawards@hughes.net for more information about the events.

                                             Schedule of Events
                       April 28, 1011 at 10 Pin Bowling Lounge, 330 North State
                        May 26, 2011 at Market Rooftop Bar, 1113 W. Randolph
                                     July 28, 2011 at Shedd Aquarium
                   September 29, 2011 at Lizzie McNeil's, 400 North McClurg Court
                       October 27, 2011 10 Pin Bowling Lounge, 330 North State

                                      After Hours with ACP
               A webinar series offered by Illinois Chapter, Downstate Region
                     1/17: Coding & Billing: Changes, Challenges & Opportunities
                             2/21: For Associates Only: Career Path Options
                                        3/21: EHR: Meaningful Use
                                   Criteria & How it Affects My Practice
     4/18: So You Need to Recertify: A Step-by-Step Walk through the Recertification Process
                          5/16: Practice Management: Regulatory Compliance

                                             SAVE THE DATE

                               ILLINOIS CHAPTER ACP RECEPTION
                                         Thursday, April 7, 2011
                                          8:30 pm – 10:30 pm
                                         Manchester Grand Hyatt
                                               Ford ABC

     We’re on Facebook!
         With close to 600 million users worldwide, Facebook recently became the No. 1 website in the United
     States, surpassing even Google. And it’s not just young people who are logging on: Whether a student or a
     senior, a business or a non-profit, Facebook users are increasingly driving the way people interact. Just ask the
     AARP, whose Facebook page (which boasts more than 20,000 followers) inspired the organization to revamp its
     own website to make room for a social networking platform specifically for its members.
         It requires only a quick glance at the news to note that Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, has become
     one of the world’s most influential (not to mention wealthy) leaders. The social networking site has changed
     the way people think about relationships and, more importantly, how we organize and share the information of
     our lives. But Facebook hasn’t just changed the way we socialize. In a recent article, Zuckerberg talked about
     how Facebook interactions – like people “friending” each other, “liking” products, and posting on each other’s
     walls – are among the most powerful tools when it comes to bringing people together.
         What better way for members of the ACP Illinois chapter to keep in touch with each other, share informa-
     tion, and stay apprised of upcoming news, announcements and opportunities? (Better yet, following us on
     Facebook won’t add another email to your Inbox.) So whether you are a current Facebook user or have been
     looking for a reason to join the party, please check our new page out at:
         To become a fan, simply click the “Like” button at the top of the page. And let us know what you think,
     either by posting feedback and suggestions on the Wall or by emailing Abigail Cutler at
     We hope to see you online soon!

     Pri-Med Access Chicago Area Meetings
     Rosemont Access program will be held on June 17-18, 2011 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center.
     Chicago Access program will be held on June 21-22, 2011 at McCormick Place Convention Center.
        Title: Dizziness; Office Diagnosis and Treatment.
     Jim Foody, MD, FACP
     Professor and Vice Chairman of Medicine
     Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
     Governor, Northern Illinois Chapter ACP


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