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					                All about is one of the best platforms for Minecraft lovers. The site provides users the opportunity
to interact with many of the servers in Minecraft server list. It has the most exciting quality and is
flexible for everybody to join the fun. You can submit your own server if you like. Registration takes a
few moments of your time.

You can vote for the servers at MC-Index and check the popularity of each server by the number of
votes visible. The counters are set to zero at the start of the month, so that every new server gets a fair
chance to gain popularity by its players. Every server has written its rules. Every player must abide by
these rules to continue to have access to the server.

The servers let you imagine completely new possibilities. It allows players to create challenging tasks for
other players, and promotes interaction in a fun way. Many servers have markets where you can sell
and purchase valuable potions, elements, and enchantments. You can even trade your things with

The Minecraft Server List is available on the homepage and has all the top servers indicated. You can
browse through the list by filtering the results with different options. This helps you to browse easily on
our website and find servers that meet your requirements.

The most common plug-ins that allow access to servers are Factions, mcMMO, Auction, Mob Arena
Chest Shop and Ranks. These are mostly active on all servers. Each plug-in involves access to different
options like in Auction plug-in. This allows you to sell items that you cannot sell at a shop. Factions’ plug-
in is the main area of the server and center of the happenings.

Discover what every plug-in does by joining and playing Minecraft via servers. Nearly every plug-in
requires that no hacking should be done while in the server. So, browse Minecraft Server List while
keeping this in mind.

In addition to no hacking, avoid spamming, especially to advertise other servers. Breaking laws can
result in warnings and you will lose access to any of the Minecraft servers. reserves the right to remove any server at any time. This can happen if your server has
violated any of the laws of the website. You can visit our FAQs section if you have any queries. If the
FAQ’s are of not help, feel free to contact us right away. We will be in touch as soon as possible.

Our website hosts a concise Minecraft Server List, which provides you a variety of server options to
choose from and join the fun. You can join new servers, submit your own, and vote for the ones you like.
With Minecraft, the fun does not end.

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