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					                                    Central Water Commission (CWC) is a                 the Central Water Commission in cooperation
                                    premier Technical Organisation of the country in    with the Research Designs and Standards
                                    the field of Water Resources. Hydrological          Organisation (RDSO), Ministry of Railways,
                                    Studies Organisation (HSO) is one of the            India Meteorological Department (IMD), and
                                    formations under Design & Research Wing (D          Ministry of          Surface Transport (MoST)
                                    &R Wing) in CWC. The main function of the           developed regional models based on rainfall run-
                                    HSO is to provide basic inputs in the field of      off transformation for estimation of flood for
                                    Hydrology for pragmatic planning of the water       small and medium catchments. For this purpose,
      Information Bulletin
                                    resources projects at pre-planning, planning,       the country has been divided into 26
                                    design stage and also at project operation stage.   hydrometeorological homogeneous subzones. So
          Workshop on               The Organisation also provides support in the       far, 21 flood estimation reports covering 24
                                    hydrological activities relating to education and   subzones have been published. These reports
  “Design Flood Estimation          training, standardisation, development of           describe a simple and rational technique of
             For                    computer software as well as technical              design flood estimation for various return periods
Small and Medium Catchments”        coordination with national and international        based on unit hydrograph analysis.
                                    organisations.                                      It is our experience that even though these
     7th – 8th February, 2007                                                           reports are now available for almost all the
              (2 days)              OBJECTIVES                                          subzones in the country, procedure outlined in
                                    In the recent years, considerable advances have     these reports are not finding appreciation at the
                                    taken place in the field of Hydrology which are     field level. This may be because the working
                                    being applied in the design of WR projects.         level engineers engaged in the design of
                                    However, hydrological design of structures like     hydraulic structures are either not aware or not
            New Delhi               road and railway bridges, cross drainage works,     familiar with the use of these techniques. In
                                    small irrigation tanks etc. is not receiving        order to raise the level of the awareness as also to
                                    comparable attention because of inadequate data     get the feed back about the difficulties being
                                    availability. Also the data collection requires     faced by them, it was felt that training workshops
          Organised by              both time and money. Many a times economic          would be very useful to reach the potential users.
                                    constraints do not permit data collection at all    A series of training workshops had been
Hydrological Studies Organisation   locations where such structures are planned.        organized earlier by CWC in various state
  Central Water Commission          Estimation of flood for design of hydraulic         capitals.These workshops at CWC headquarter is
                                    structures having small and medium catchments,      a regular activity.
                                    where hydrological data are inadequate or totally
      New Delhi – 110 066
                                    absent and use of empirical formulae may lead to    Of late use of these reports is being extended to
                                    uneconomical design. To improve this position       major projects where these reports are to be used
with caution which many a times may lead to
over/under estimation of parameters.               TECHNICAL SESSION-IV                                Address for communication / confirmation of
                                                   - Flood Estimation Using Regional Flood             nomination:
TECHNICAL DETAILS                                  Estimation Reports
The programme will consist of technical lectures   - Flood Estimation Using Flood Frequency            1. Shri A.S.P. Sinha
and case studies/problem solving sessions          Approach                                               Director (Training)
covering all aspects of Design Flood Estimation.                                                          Central Water Commission
The faculty will be drawn from CWC having          CONCLUDING SESSION                                     520 (S), Sewa Bhawan, R.K. Puram,
long professional experience in the discipline.     - Open House Discussion                               New Delhi -110 066
The detailed technical programme is given           - Valedictory                                         TeleFax:91-11-26101668
below:                                                                                                    E-mail:
                                                   VENUE AND DATE:
Detailed Technical programme:                      The Workshop will be held between 1000 and                      Or
                                                   1730 hrs. from 7th – 8th February, 2007 at
DAY 1                                              Training Hall, CWC, 5th Floor, Sewa Bhawan,         2. Shri R.K. Gupta
                                                   R.K. Puram, New Delhi – 110 066.                       Director
INAUGURAL SESSION                                                                                         Hydrology (RS) Dte.
                                                   PARTICIPATION:                                         Central Water Commission
TECHNICAL SESSION –I                               All State/Central agencies dealing with the            708 (S), Sewa Bhawan, R.K. Puram,
- Historical Developments and Standards for        Planning & Design of WR projects may sponsor           New Delhi–110 066
Design Flood Estimation                            engineers associated with Hydrological studies,        Tel.No.:91-11-26104208
- Various approaches to Design Flood               having some hydrological background. There is           E-mail:
Estimation with Case Studies                       no limit on the number of participants from any

TECHNICAL SESSION-II                                REGISTRATION :
- Design Storm Studies with Case                   There is no registration fee for the Workshop.
Studies                                            However travelling and boarding and lodging
                                                   expenses of the outstation participants will have
DAY 2                                              to be borne by the respective Departments/
- Unit Hydrograph Approach and Case Studies
- Flood estimation for large catchments
           “Due to insufficient number of nominations from the targeted participants,
   it was decided to postpone and reschedule the two days workshop on Design
   Flood Estimation for Small and Medium catchments during 6th-7th Dec. 2006 at
   New Delhi. It is now proposed to organize the above workshop during 7th-8th
   Feb. 2007 at New Delhi. Other things related to the workshop remain
   unchanged. The nominations received for the workshop proposed earlier during
   6th-7th Dec. 2006 will be considered for inclusion in the names of participants for
   the workshop to be held during 7th--8th Feb. 2007 at New Delhi. The list of the
   nominations received so for is as under:-

   1.    Sh. A.K.Das, Assistant Director–    O/o the Engineer-in-Chief, Water
         Dam Safety                          Resources, Govt. of Orissa, Secha
                                             Sadan, Bhubaneshwar
   2.    Sh. G.C.Mishra, Assistant Director,                   -do-
   3.    Sh. S.S.Katkade, Executive          O/o Superintending Engineer,
         Engineer                            Dam Safety Organistion, C.D.O.,
   4.    Sh. S. Ramesh,                      APGENCO,         Vidyut      Soudha,
         CE/Civil/Hydel/VS/Hyd               Hyderabad.
   5.    Sh. D.Sudarsan,                                       - do-
   6.    Sh. B.B.L. Mittal, Chief Engineer & State Engineers Academy, Govt. of
         Director                            Uttranchal, Kalagarh, Uttaranchal


**In addition to the above nominations, all other nomination
sent to CWC for the rescheduled workshop to be held from
7th to 8th February' 2007 at New Delhi have been considered
and the concerned participants are requested to attend the
workshop as per the scheduled program. The final List of the
nominations is enclosed herewith as under.

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