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Six Most Key Destinations To Visit During
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Nature has bestowed many blessings on Arunachal Pradesh, in the form of                        Cat e go rie s
impenetrable forests, exotic wildlife, flora and fauna, detention lovely hills, snowy                                            Password:
mountains, lovely lakes and picturesque valleys. The most unique and thing that
makes this state different from others is its tribes with their unique traditions and             Arts & Entertainment
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beliefs and colorful dress.
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The winters are a great time to be here as its beauty is spectacular during this
time. If you are a wildlife lover or love adventure sports and wants to relax while               Computers
the incredible beauty of nature, plan a visit to Arunachal Pradesh. This                                                             Signup to submit articles »
destination promises to quench your thirst for adventure, and in this case the                    Environment
abundance of options. Fishing or boating, rafting, hiking and trekking, you can
enjoy any of these adventure sports. There are several beautiful monasteries of                   Fashion                         Page s
this state as the Monastery of Bomdila, Tawang Monastery etc. Its architectural
beauty and religious significance attracts many tourists and devotees. Below are
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some its important place to visit in the easternmost state of India.                              Food & Beverage
Z iro It is a charming hill station tucked at an elevation of 5754 m. Known for its                                                 A fee soon
rice- fish culture, which is flooded with beautiful pines. It is a wonderful place for            Health & Fitness
trekking and hiking. You can also visit the botanical garden called Tale                                                            For academics
Sanctuary, located just 30 km from Z iro.                                                         Home & Family

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TawangTawang, the land of the Monpa tribes and Sherdukpen centuries- old
monastery, Dragon gates, hundreds of pristine lakes and numerous waterfalls,
located high in the Himalayas Oriental watery eyes. During your stay in here you                  Product Reviews
can enjoy its wonderful isolation from the hustle and bustle from the city life. The
real beauty lies in unhampered views, the serenity of its lakes, streams concerns,                Reference & Education
and spiritual fragrance and always smiling people. The Rocky Mountains, soggy,
snowy peaks and ancient monasteries brewing on the horiz on, are the true                         Science & Technology
treasures of the place. The municipality is in the spur of a hill of more than
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12,000 feet above sea level. It is the main center of Mahayana Buddhists and
Tawang district headquarters.                                                                     Society

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Pasighat Widely known as the entry to Arunachal Pradesh, Pasighat is a very
nice place bounded by snow covered Himalayan Mountain Range. With its                             Transportation

picturesque views, is the perfect place if you like photography? And nothing
beats the charm of the mighty Brahmaputra River, which flows through this hill         Travel & Leisure
station. The river valleys are truly fascinating and are perfect weekend treks in
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the Himalayan Mountains.

BomdilaHome to cascading waterfalls, wild orchids, dense tropical vegetation and
apple orchards is tucked in West Kameng district at a height of 2,530 meters
presenting spectacular views of Himalayan landscapes and snow capped
mountains. This famous picnic spot has many old gompas. A visit to here is a
must on the way to Twang.

Tucked at an elevation of about 1094 m above sea level falls nestled 200 km
from Tez u is one of the battle ground fought by Indian Army 11th Infantry Brigade
against the Chinese who attacked India in the year 1962. Here you will find a war
memorial built in memory dead Indian soldiers who gave their life while fighting
against Chinese in venders.


Dong where the sunrise of this millennium fell is tucked and located beside Lohit
River along the Chinese border. Meyor Communities are the main inhibitions of
this little helmet are bounded by majestic snow- capped mountains and
picturesque pine forests. If you are adventure lovers and want to go for an
adventure tours in India then Dong is one of the ideal destination for you. Its
unexplored mountains are perfect for an adventure trips which you always
dreamt off.

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