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									                             Tips about Indianapolis Ant Control

Fast moving, sometimes having large populations, and rarely invade indoors, corn field ants
often disturb the peace of rural residents. These ants sometimes swarm homeowners who simply
wish to sit quietly and enjoy the outdoors. Corn field ants are completely harmless. Tolerate
them unless the numbers become so large that some control measure is necessary. Corn field ants
are medium sized, somewhere between large carpenter ants and small indoor invading "sweet"
ants. They are brown or black in color, and their unique characteristic is the quick, dashing run.
Corn field ants are often mistaken for carpenter ants due to their larger size. The main difference
between the two is in their pace of movement; carpenter ants move very slowly whereas corn
field ants scurry quickly. It is important to use the best Indianapolis ant control method for
getting rid off this creature.

Granular insecticide covers a lot of territory, and these ants travel a lot. Liquid sprays could do
the job, but the amount required to cover that much ground and surface is irresponsible to our
environment. Granules serve this purpose well. Just about any residual granule insecticidal will
work, but the active ingredient with a non-repellant insecticide, e.g. Fipronil, allows the ants to
walk across the product, pick up molecules, and contaminate the nest without noticing what is
happening. Remember, any granular insecticide is simply molecules embedded in a delivery
material, e.g. cornhusk pellets, clay pebbles, etc., that are not released until the granules are
wetted, releasing the molecules onto the ground. Once released, the active ingredient spread out
forming a "spot" of molecules with a better chance of ants contacting. Corn field ant control
tactics without pesticides

Corn field ants usually nest underground—also under tree stumps and even inside structures—
making the nest hole inaccessible. Located under complicated debris, rocks, or logs makes the
boiling water extermination tactic difficult. If the nest hole happens to be accessible, pour in
twice or three times the amount of boiling water to ensure it reaches down past complex tunnels
and travels through soft soil. Repeated applications might be required. Besides the obvious threat
of painful bites and the subsequent painful, persistent, ugly wounds, fire ants ruin our landscapes
with mounds of excavated earth, creating patches of ugliness on our green lawns. Wetted
insecticidal granules spread into a minefield of dime- sized patches of death around a fire ant
nest hole puts great stress on the colony. Because the stressed ant will attempt tunneling another
entrance, make sure to spread the granules over a 30-foot diameter from the nest hole. Repeat the
application around each hole that might appear until the entire colony dies. Indianapolis ant
control liquid sprays could do the job, but the amount required to cover that much ground and
surface is irresponsible to our environment.There are several methods that one could use in order
to to control ants and make sure to use the best method.

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