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					The Muskegon River Youth Home offers a 90-day in-patient substance abuse
treatment program. We utilize the Hazelden Adolescent Recovery Program
to implement the 12-step program. The youth are involved in individual,
group and family sessions. The following information provides insight into
the counseling issues addressed within the program:

Packet 1: Covers honesty. The main focus of this counseling session is to
assist the youth in understanding the importance of honesty in recovering
from substance abuse problems.

Packet 2: Covers the cost of drug use. The main focus during this counseling
session is to assist the youth in understanding the negative impact drugs has
caused in all areas of their life. Physical, psychological, social, educational,
family and spiritual are a few of the areas covered.

Packet 3: This specifically focuses on understanding the dangers of drugs.
The impact drugs has on the mind and body are reviewed with attention to
the dangers.

Packet 4: Is on disease of addiction. This exercise covers the physical and
psychological effects of addiction. This exercise covers the fact that
addiction is fatal and chronic.

Packet 5: is on making a decision to lead a clean and sober life. This
exercise focuses on the choices you make in your life and how they impact
you and those around you.

Packet 6: Exercise six; want something better. This packet focuses on how
their life has become dysfunctional and assists the youth in recognizing that
there is something better in life.

Packet 7: This exercise covers self-worth. Self-esteem issues and how to
correct behavior and work toward feeling better about yourself.
Substance Abuse Program Overview
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Packet 8: rediscovering who you are. The importance of this exercise is
assisting the youth in rediscovering the talents they lost due to their drug

Packet 9: Exercise nine covers changing negative thoughts through using
Rational Emotive Therapy. This counseling topic specifically addresses
critiquing your thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Packet 10: maintain a clear conscience. The youth work with a counselor on
this subject through R.E.T. and the consideration of balance and honesty in
their life.

Packet 11: Step eleven; seek truth. The youth are trained on the importance
of not hiding problems. Truth will help maintain balance in their life.
Honesty is stressed in all areas throughout the program including daily
scoring and behavior within the classroom.

Packet 12: give service. The youth are counseled on the importance in
helping others. When we help others we are helping ourselves and
re-enforcing balance in our lives. Youth involved in the open-medium
program participate in community service projects.

Packet 13: Step thirteen; family relationship. This packet specifically
addresses family relationships and works toward resolution to problem
areas. It is requested that family attend family sessions to work toward
resolution and to complete an Issues Check List with the counselor and
family members.

Packet 14 & 15: Relapse and Prevention Plan. A specific plan is developed
to assist the youth in reintegrating back into his home and community.
Family counseling is completed to assist in developing rules and support
services for the youth.

The above information provides an overview of the program material
covered with youth involved in the substance abuse treatment program.

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