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					         Derbyshire Group of Endurance Great Britain

                    NEWSLETTER MAY 2012

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Darius                            11
General Equine News               12
                                       Bridleway News Report
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           6th June 2012
   Venue: Duke of York, Pomeroy
           Time: 8.00pm

                                       The hope of weather to come!
                            Derbyshire Group Newsletter – May 2012

                             FROM THE CHAIR
A rather disappointing start to the season               This meant an operation this week to clean
from a Derbyshire ride perspective. Firstly,             up the bone and as I write this he is due
Peak District ride had to be cancelled due               home in the next couple of days to begin
to snow and then Manifold due to the wet                 recuperation. The thought of the ginger
conditions. I really felt for the organisers as          arab confined to his box for a few weeks is
they had already done so much work. It’s                 not one that I relish!!
great that Ruth & Craig have rescheduled
their ride and I would like to take this                 In the meantime I continue my quest to be
opportunity to thank all of our wonderful                fit (just in case Harvey is ever sound to
organisers – there would be no Derbyshire                ride). I am tackling a 10km run next
EGB without them.                                        weekend and then a half marathon at the
                                                         end of May.
There is some good news to report. Beccy
Broughton and Annette Masterson                          I try to keep in touch with how you are all
successfully completed 160km FEI 3* at                   doing but I do sometimes miss things.
Haywood Oaks coming first and second.                    Don’t be afraid to email me details of your
Huge congratulations to them.                            achievements. We all like to hear how
                                                         others are getting on so don’t be shy!
My season has been “rather disappointing”
with Harvey being diagnosed with bone                    Fingers crossed for better weather and
spavin in March and then managing to get                 safe riding for you all.
himself kicked in the same leg, damaging
the cannon bone.                                         Rachel

 Well here we are in May and despite the                  I hope everyone has a great season of
 weather I have managed three BBQ’s!                      endurance riding, whether for pleasure or
 Please feel free to call me crazy, too                   competitive purposes…or both.
 determined for my own good or too
 typically ‘British’ but these things have to             In between lots of riding, if anyone has any
 be done!!!                                               stories to tell or snippets of information to
                                                          share, please do let me know so that I can
 I am pleased that I can now ride my horse,               include them in future newsletters. Pictures
 Buster every morning before work…helping                 too…your horse’s moment of fame!
 to keep him trim and out of mischief…even
 if it does involve a 5am start. He is not                I hope you enjoy this edition.
 always terribly keen on the idea but you
 cannot beat being the only person out at                 Catherine
 that time, with just the sound of the birds
 singing and his clip clopping

                 ASSOCIATE ENROLMENT 2012
To join as an Associate Member for 2012, please visit our website at
to download the form and then send it with your payment to …

The membership fee is £20.00 or £24.00 for a family (one parent plus 2, resident at the same
address). Please complete separate forms for each Associate Member.

Cheques should be made payable to: Endurance GB Derbyshire Group

                              Derbyshire Group Newsletter – May 2012

                           FORTHCOMING RIDES
All of our forthcoming rides are published             Booth Hay Ride - Sunday 26th August
on our website at:                                     Okeover Ride - Sunday 23rd September                             Carsington National Ride - Saturday 29th
We will publish entry forms to download for            Longdendale Ride - Saturday 6th October
each ride and contact details.
                                                       Charity Ride Dates:
2012 Rides Schedule                                    Eland Lodge Charity Ride - Sunday 20th
Manifold Ride – Sunday 27th May- Ruth
Chadwick                                               Osberton Sponsored ride in aid of
Buxton Ride - Sunday 3rd June – Rachel                 safe@last. Contact Calre Sherratt on
Dowle                                                  01909 566977 or email
Ashover Ride - Sunday 17th June – Julie      
Glossop Ride - Sunday 1st July –Rachel                 Chatsworth Charity Ride - Sunday 8th July
Dennett                                                Contact Debbie Bell on 01433 631017 or
Shirley Ride - Sunday 15th July- Linda                 email
                                                       Carsington Charity Ride - Sunday 22nd

                                                       Ockbrook Charity Ride - Sunday 9th

                          ASHOVER ADVENTURE
The Ashover Adventure Ride is to be held on Sunday 17th June 2012

This ride will take you on an adventure around the picturesque parish of Ashover, between
Matlock and Chesterfield.

The area is steeped in history and you will have the chance to ride along ancient bridleways,
quiet lanes, through a river and across old quarry workings. Spectacular views are to be had
along the way. Some steep stoney climbs are to be expected together with some gates and a
few busy road crossings. Wherever possible a steward will be available to help. Weather
permitting we will also have access to cross some private farmland.

Two routes will be available, 22km or 18km. Sorry no water or toilets are available at the venue.
Some areas of the route have no mobile phone coverage.

Light refreshments and rosettes on completion.

For further information contact Julie Brown, Walton Cottage, Matlock Road, Walton, Chesterfield.
S42 7LG. Telephone 01246 567782 or 07968 128313 no later than 8pm please.

                                                Derbyshire Group Newsletter – May 2012

                          FYLDE COAST BRIDLEWAYS RIDE
Fylde Coast Bridleways Association & Lancaster & District Branch of The Pony Club:
Pleasure Ride & Pony Club Regional Ride Sponsored By Stanah Horse Feeds

Saturday 16th June 2012 at the Ferry Car Park, Knott End. Starting between 9.30 & 10.30am

CLASS 1                PONY CLUB REGIONAL RIDE 25km (15.5 miles) including 3 miles beach & 6 miles
CLASS 2                PLEASURE RIDE (same route as Class 1).
CLASS 3                PLEASURE RIDE 18km excluding beach.
CLASS 4                PLEASURE RIDE 11km including 3 miles beach & 1 mile bridleway.
Public toilets, cafe and pub at venue. Ride limited to 80 riders and only open to members of Fylde
Coast Bridleways Association, EGB, BHS or The Pony Club.
To join FCBA, please include £1 Life Subscription with your entry. Every rider must wear a hard hat.
Pony Club riders must obey Pony Club Endurance Rules (see The Pony Club website). Riders must
be at least 8 years old on the day of the Ride and if under 13 years, must be accompanied by a rider
over 18 years (1 adult may accompany 2 juniors).

Trophy for best turned out. Rosettes for all completions.

Entry Fee £12 made payable to Fylde Coast Bridleways Association should be sent with your ENTRY
FORM and a S.A.E. for map and route description to: R Hogarth, Old Vicarage Farm, 186-188 Park
Lane, Preesall, Poulton-le-Fylde, FY6 0NW.


KNOTT END RIDE ENTRY FORM                                                         Horse’s Name: .........................................
Riders’ Name: ............................................                        Membership:
Address: ........................................................                 FCBA No: .................................................
...........................................................................       EGB No: ...................................................
...........................................................................       BHS No: ...................................................
...........................................................................       Pony Club Branch: ...................................
Tel. No:                   .................................................      ...................................................................
Age (if under 13 on 16th June 2012): .................                            Name of rider accompanying under 13
                                                                                  year old rider: ………………………………
Class Entered: ...................................................

If riding as part of a Pony Club Team, enter the names of the other team members here:

1................................................... 2......................................................

DISCLAIMER: I understand that neither the organiser nor the FCBA accept liability for any accident,
illness, damage, or injury to horses, owners, riders or spectators or their property as a result of this

Signature .......................................................                 Date ......................................

                               Derbyshire Group Newsletter – May 2012

                                  HELPERS ROTA
The following members have been designated as helpers for rides in the first half of 2012. If you
cannot help at your designated ride, please contact the ride organiser as soon as possible and
email Flick to let her know which ride you are able to help at
  The Fylde Coast Bridleways Association & Lancaster & District Branch of the Pony Club are
  holding a pleasure ride on Saturday help at more than one ride will be rewarded with a
*** Members of Derbyshire Group who 16 June 2012.
free social ride voucher ***
  There are a few different types and length of ride ranging from 11km through to 25km – some with
  sections on without helpers there be no rides – if you nd June 2012 and sent to R Hogarth, Old
Don’t forget – the beach! Entries mustare received before 2enjoy your rides, please give a bit back
  Vicarage Farm, enjoy them as well.
and help others to186-188 Park Lane, Preesall, Poulton-le-Fylde FY6 0NW.

MANIFOLD VALLEY RIDE 27 MAY – contact Ruth Chadwick 07813 983309
Janice Clare, Lesley Cantrill, Sue Mayer, Patsy Barron, Andrew Warren
BUXTON RIDE 3 JUNE – contact Rachel Dowle 01298 79920
Sarah Hotchin, Suzanne & David Chamberlain, Jill Ducker, Gill Denbeigh, Sarah Wright
ASHOVER RIDE 17 JUNE – contact Julie Brown 01246 567782
Ros Jones, Nicola Kelly, Linda Litchfield, Stephanie Lockwood, Paula Lynam, James
Dickinson, Lisa Jones, Lorna Skinner, Sally Wood
GLOSSOP RIDE 1 JULY – contact Rachel Dennett 01457 860186
Sarah Champion, Fiona Gratrix, Retta Mallanaphy, Jan Garner, Rosanne Olley, Maureen &
Mick Lees, Jocelyn Russell

                                   Derbyshire Group Newsletter – May 2012

                                                  Rachel and Rio
This year’s Buxton Social Ride is over a new route – no more scary hill or dodgy road crossing! That
doesn’t mean it doesn’t have challenges! We are now incorporating parts of the Monsal Trail including
the tunnels and a stunning hill climb over Chee Dale.
For those of you unfamiliar with the old route I will start with the venue. We use the staff car park
opposite Tunstead Quarry HQ. It’s hard standing so the rain can’t stop play there! Space is limited so
                               we ask you to park responsibly and I am only accepting entries agreed
          Cressbrook           prior to the ride. Our license for the Monsal Trail also limits us to 40 riders
                               so get your entries in early!
                               The route crosses the road after the Venue straight onto the bridleway that
                               takes you up a hill and through a small wood. You emerge into the quiet
                               road at Tunstead and pick up the Pennine Bridleway, which takes you to
                               Wormhill. These fields offer a lovely opportunity for an uphill canter with a
                               large open water tough at the top of the hill for
                                                                                                          Monsal Trail
                               horsey refreshment.
                               The next part is the longest road section down a
                               quiet lane to Millersdale. At Millersdale carpark
                               we split into long/short route and Check point
                               marshals will be there to offer rider refreshment
and note your route choice. The short route heads right down the Monsal
trail to Chee Dale. This section includes the 3 short tunnels at Chee Tor
and Rusher – all about 400m in length. Keep left and enjoy the history, flora
and fauna this beautiful section in the middle of the nature reserve.
The longer route heads left down the trail and takes in the long tunnels at
                             Cressbrook and Litton. It is important that horses stay left inside the tunnels
   Brushfields Hough         as although they are very large inside and relatively well lit the actual track is
                             only about 10 feet wide with chatter either side so
                             you must allow space for bikes to pass in both              Into Chee Dale
                             directions. Watch out for small children making
                             spooky noises!
                             The ride is on a Bank Holiday and if the weather
                             is good (fingers crossed!) the trail is likely to be
                             very popular. You will meet cyclists, walkers,
                             runners and family groups on our visits, who in
                             my experience, have been polite, responsible and
                             smiley! This is an opportunity to introduce your
                             horse to lots of potentially spooky experiences
and if approached with the right attitude should be a fantastic experience -
the views are stunning and the going easy! Please be aware that the rules
on the trial stipulate that horses are restricted to no faster than trot and
groups of no more than 3 horses.
We leave the Monsal Trial after long tunnels and take the bridleway on the right up a stony steep
section onto Brushfields. This is byway, which is used by off road vehicles. The track is rocky to start
but across the tops (more fab views) and through the small bundle of holiday cottages that take you
over High Dale and Bulltor lane the going is easier. The short road section to Blackwell then brings
you back to the Pennine Bridleway and into the Site of Special Scientific Interest that is Chee Dale.
                                       Both routes bring you to the bottom of
   Looking down on Chee                Chee Dale where we rejoin the Pennine              Mosely Farm
            Dale                       Bridleway and zig zag up the hill to
                                       Moseley Farm. Look down (if you have a
                                       stomach for heights!) and the view of the
                                       valley is fabulous! The Pennine
                                       Bridleway takes us back to Tunstead and
                                       the quiet roads through the village lead
                                       us to the road back to the venue.
                                       So…get your entry in!

                                   Derbyshire Group Newsletter – May 2012

To be held at Ridgeway, Barbury Castle on August 18th & 19th 2012

Anyone interested in being on the Cheshire/Derbyshire/Lancashire team please let
me know.

Origins of the competition:

Aims and objectives

1] To produce teams with a balanced cross section of all members and participants from within the

2] To encourage participation from all ages and levels of experience

3] To produce a true Championship, which is a Major Event in the calendar!

Proposals and reasoning

The event should take place over two days, longer distances and ER’s on the first day and shorter
distances CR’s on the second, so that Team members can support each other and learn from the
more experienced.

This event will give riders at all levels experience within the Team environment giving them an
insight into the world of competitive Endurance Riding within a protected, secure competition
where they can benefit from the support and encouragement of the Chef D/Equipe and the more
experienced Team members. In the true spirit of the competition, it will be an ideal opportunity for
Novice combinations (Newcomer’s) to compete in a supported environment.

The Inter-Regional Championship also provides an opportunity for Selectors and Chef to see up
and coming talent that can be encouraged to progress to Home International and eventually
International Teams.

In the month leading up to the Competition, Team training events should be encouraged by the
participating Regions!

The Competition

A team competition that ideally should include juniors/young riders at all levels!

Participating Regions

   1. Wessex
   2. Cromwell, Leicestershire & Rutland and Iceni
   3. Offa’s Dyke, Mid-Wales and South & West Wales, De Cymru
   4. South East & Mid-South
   5. South West
   6. Cheshire, Derbyshire and Lancashire.
   7. Cotswolds & Heart of England.
   8. Scotland, North & East Yorkshire, Cumbria, Durham & Tyneside and Northumberland &
   9. Lindum, Nottinghamshire and West Riding

                                 Derbyshire Group Newsletter – May 2012


   -     Each Team/Team Member Placed 1st-7th, will be rewarded with an IR Competition
   -     The IR EQUS EYE Trophy will be awarded to the overall winning Team, and an individual
         Medal will be awarded for Team Members 1st to 3rd Place in the IR Competition! The Chef
         d’Equipe of the 3 highest placed teams will also be awarded a Commemorative Medal.
         (Trophy kindly donated by Sally Reece of Equs Eye) !
   -     Prizes to be given to High Point Young Rider and High Point Veteran Horse within the IR
         Competition, determined by the highest placing within their Class! In the event of a tie,
         highest PF points decide. To be considered for the Highpoint YR and Veteran Horse Prize,
         eligibility needs to be clearly stated on the Team Entry list!
   -     An individual Prize will be awarded to each Class Winner!

The Classes for the Inter-Regional Competition for 2012 are:

On Saturday 18th August 2012

IR-Class 1   100km Endurance Ride ( Class 5 only)
IR-Class 2   80km Endurance Ride ( Class 8 only)
IR-Class 3   65km CR ( Class 11)
IR-Class 4   2/day Class, first day 34km ( Class 17)

On Sunday 19th August 2012

IR-Class 4 2/day Class 32km CR (class 26)
IR-Class 5 40km CR (Novice Class 24)
IR-Class 6 32km CR (Novice Class 26)
Please use pre-fix IR-Class .. on your Entry form and Vet Sheet!


100km ER, should have x 2 Rider/Horse combination from each region, but not more, except
where wild card should be used!

80km ER, should have x 2 Rider/Horse combination from each region, but not more, except where
wild card should be used!

65km CR for Open and Advanced combinations, should have x 2 Rider/Horse combination from
each region, but not more, except where wild card should be used!

First Day of the 2 day Class ; Novice/ Open/Advanced combinations ! Should have x 2
Rider/Horse combination from each region, but not more, except where wild card should be used!
End of Ride Vetting after day one has to be ‘passed’ to compete the next day! (No PF score for
first day )


40km CR Novice Class! Should have x 2 Rider/Horse combination from each region, but not more,
except where wild card should be used! At least one combination has to be Novice/Novice!

32km CR Novice Class! Should have x 2 Rider/Horse combination from each region, but not more,
except where wild card should be used! At least one combination has to be Novice/Novice!

                                  Derbyshire Group Newsletter – May 2012

Second day of 2 day Class ; Should have x 2 Rider/Horse combination from each region, but not
more, except where wild card should be used! (Wild card has to be declared before first day
vetting, and cannot be used to replace a rider or horse on 2nd day of the ride if vetted out on the 1st
day of the ride) PF score from day two counts towards team score!

Additional x 2 Rider / Horse combinations, added to the above 12 combinations can be used as a
Wild Card in any of the classes, as long as they fit the criteria and have been declared prior to
vetting! (For the two day ride Class IR4, they will have to be declared prior to vetting on day one)

Each region, concluding from the above, cannot have more than 14 Team Members.


   1. All Rider/Horse combinations in CR’s are scored using the Performance Formula! (Please
      identify on Entry form as IR-Class3-6 and in the top right corner of the vet sheet!)
   2. IR-ER classes will be within the Barbury ER’s, however, IR combinations are scored
      independently for the IR scoring! E.g. Winner will get 1st if IR combination, but if the first IR
      combination was 3rd, that will count as 1st for the IR scoring. (Please identify on Entry form
      as IR-Class 1 or 2 and in the top right corner of the vet sheet!)
   3. Each Region may enter 2 riders per IR class
      If a Region should not utilize both places, for whatever reason, they score a zero for that
      horse/rider combination instead of the Performance Formula points they would have
   4. If the wild card is used for a class, resulting in three team members in one class, the two
      highest scores are used.
   5. The PF points are then translated into placings, e.g. 1st, 2nd etc. for each class! If there
      should be several zero scores in one class the placing will be averaged! ER’s will use the
      result placings as Points. Placing is then added for all classes and the region with the
      lowest count wins.

Let the games begin!!

                               LINDUM TEAM SPIRIT

We are also hoping to have a Derbyshire Team (or two) at Lindum this year for Team
Spirit. This competition is great fun – a 4 x 40km relay on the Thursday of Lindum. It’s a
great contest and there is always lots of support from team mates and crews. It is open to
everyone from novice to advanced.

Anyone interested in being on the team should contact either Rachel Dennett or Flick –
contact details on back page.

                                 Derbyshire Group Newsletter – May 2012

                     FREE REIKI TRAINING SESSION
FREE TRAINING SESSION – Wednesday 27 June, The Anchor Inn, Tideswell.


Reiki is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Energy, an energy which is all around us. Reiki is
a system of natural healing which evolved in Japan in the early 1900’s and which is gaining
increasing acceptance and credibility as an alternative therapy.

No special equipment is needed, it is a “hands on” healing process which can resolve many
problems – physical, mental or emotional. The practitioner acts as a channel through which energy
is drawn to balance the specific needs of the subject.

We are lucky enough to have Karen Chadwick, a Reiki Master, to talk to us about her work with
horses. An increasing number of people are finding that this treatment makes a remarkable
improvement to their horse’s physical and mental wellbeing and Karen will show videos of horses
being treated and the very visible effects that her treatments have.

Even if you are sceptical about Reiki, this is a good chance to find out more about it, and ask some
searching questions.


Flick Edmeston will give a talk about saddle assessment, showing you how to check whether your
saddle is the best possible fit for your horse, and you.

A correctly fitting saddle is one of the most important factors in successful endurance riding and
Flick will explain how a wrongly-fitting saddle will affect your horse, what the most common
problems are and how to deal with them.

The talks start at 7.30pm and refreshments will be provided. Please book early with Rachel
Dennett as places are limited to 25.

                                               - 10 -
                                 Derbyshire Group Newsletter – May 2012

                    DARIUS…A WONDERFUL HORSE
Sassan (Darius) 9th February 1993 – 18th                 I had lots of help and with patience and
February 2012                                            quiet persistence I had the best partnership
                                                         I could have ever hoped for, I loved nothing
I first saw Darius at Bob and Diane Paynes,              more than being out for hours alone with
(Lancs Group) not long after sadly losing                my boy, either competitively or just at home
my mare Folly. The number plate on the                   over Kinder Scout.
drive had the initials JKC, my initials, so I
knew I would probably end up getting him!                So many big learns from a big personality –
                                                         and for that I am eternally grateful. I have
I had a ride round the block and that was                had so many highs, and funny times with
enough for me – Bob and Di kindly lent him               Darius – the achievements for me would
to me to take to Spirit of Sherwood where                consist of winning team spirit at Lindum
we flew round at Mach 1 with no brakes                   2008 (having been eliminated the previous
and I thought, this horse is perfect! I                  year for going too fast) 92km ER at Lindum
apologise if you were one of the riders we               and 160km ER over two days at Robin
passed that weekend!!!                                   Hood in 2009, and 100km elevator
                                                         completed at Dukeries 2011.
It took Darius and I a while to acquire a
braking system (try until last year!) he was             We never did quite get to our 160km in a
always totally up for it and very forward                day, but now I realise he was probably
going.                                                   already ill with Cushings, despite showing
                                                         no signs - so no surprise really. I know he
Best out alone – an independent thinker                  had it all going on to have got there at
and to be totally trusted whatever came his              some point, had we not lost him.
way. Had potential to get ‘messy” but never
in a way that was intentional. As a                      So all of you out there with quirky horses –
personality he was always clear on his                   channel that energy and I hope you get as
requirements, with beauty comes attitude –               much enjoyment as I have from partnering
and he only ever bit the ones he loved the               such a formidable and intuitive equine.
most!!! Just the job in a horse you need to
go serious distance, his aim was always to               That has been the greatest achievement of
please and get it right first time.                      all and for that Darius will always make me


                                                - 11 -
                                  Derbyshire Group Newsletter – May 2012

                            GENERAL EQUINE NEWS
Help shape the future of Sport England                   Victory over cattle grid obstruction to
With the Olympic and Paralympic                          Northumberland bridleway
Games fast approaching, sport has
rarely had a higher profile and Sport                    A rights of way specialist has won a two
England wants to build on this by                        and a half year fight over a cattle grid that
creating a lasting legacy.                               obstructs a bridleway at Capheaton,
Sport England, in partnership with Ipsos
MORI, is conducting its fourth annual sport              Alan Kind, of Gosforth, Newcastle, alerted
satisfaction survey, which aims to                       Northumberland County Council to the grid
understand people’s sporting experiences                 that extended across the entire width of the
across the country. With your help, Sport                path in October 2009.
England and British Equestrian will gain a
greater understanding of what motivates                  Although the farmer had created an
people to play sport, the challenges                     unofficial gate to the side of the gate Mr
participants face and what can be done to                Kind argued the public had no legally
improve sport for you.                                   enforceable rights over the land that it
                                                         encouraged them to use.
By taking part in the survey, you will help
British Equestrian become more responsive                But the council failed to act.
to your needs and do more to encourage
new participants.                                        Now, after two unsuccessful appeals to
                                                         magistrates and crown court, two judges in
As a thank you for your time, everyone who               London’s High Court ruled on 14 March
completes the survey will be entered into a              that the bridleway must be widened.
draw to win up to £250 of High Street
‘Love2shop’ Vouchers – a prize which has                 And Northumberland County Council is
kindly been provided by Ipsos MORI.                      now in talks with the landowner.

As well as the opportunity to win this prize,            The decision has been welcomed by the
you will play a part in driving and shaping              British Horse Society (BHS), who
sport in England in the years to come.                   supported Mr Kind in his fight.

To take part in the survey, go the the BHS
website at

                                                         Mark Weston, BHS director of access, said:
                                                         “The society was glad to support Mr Kind
                                                         with this test case which goes a long way
                                                         towards establishing firm and clear
                                                         guidance on obstructions to rights of way
                                                         and the duty on highway authorities to take
                                                         simple, firm and prompt action to put things

                                                - 12 -
                                 Derbyshire Group Newsletter – May 2012

                        DERBYSHIRE COMMITTEE

CHAIRMAN                                                    MEMBERSHIP
Rachel Dennett                                              Rachel Dowle
Rock Farm, Monks Road, Glossop,                             70 Nunsfield Road
Derbyshire SK13 6JZ                                         Buxton
Tel: 01457 861086                                           Derbyshire SK17 7NW
Tel: 07780 670568                                 
                                                            Julie Brown
VICE CHAIRMAN                                               Walton Cottage, Matlock Road,
Felicity Edmeston                                           Walton,
2 Hillside Cottages, Ballidon, Ashbourne.                   Chesterfield S42 7LG
Derbyshire. DE6 1QX                                         Tel: 01246 567782
Tel: 01335 390631
Mobile: 07974 097782                                        Janice Clare                             19 Moreton Drive, Poynton,
SECRETARY                                                   Cheshire, SK12 1FA
Jackie Rose                                                 Tel: 01625 879708
157 Church Street North
Old Whittington, Chesterfield,                              Trish Forrester
Derbyshire S41 9QR                                          1 Lowmoor Cottages, Lowmoor, Pikehall,
Tel: 01246 450592                                           Matlock, Derbyshire DE4 2EE
                                                            Tel: 01335 390188
Paula Lynam                                                 Sheila Oliver
Parkgate Farm, Bradbourne,                                  Ringstones Farm, Yeardsley Lane,
Ashbourne,                                                  Furness Vale,
Derbyshire DE6 1PD                                          High Peak SK23 7EB
Tel: 01335 390250                                           Tel: 01663 732152
                                                            Linda Reeves
TROPHY SECRETARY                                            Tel: 07977 893114
Brenda Hallworth
Ringstones Farm, Yeardsley Lane,                            Sarah Whiteley
Furness Vale,                                               Beech Cottage, Wardlow, SK17 8RP Tel:
High Peak SK23 7EB                                          01298 872318
Tel: 01663 732152
                                                            Jade Shaw
GROUPS LIAISON                                              Rockfield
Jenny Doxey                                                 Common Lane
Netherclose Farm, Starkholmes,                              Chelmorton
Matlock DE4 3DD                                             Derbyshire SK17 9SL
Tel: 01629 583876                                 

Catherine Wheatcroft
The Hawthorns
Moorwood Moor, South Wingfield
Derbyshire DE55 7NU
Mobile: 07895 389919

                                               - 13 -

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