Colonel John Stuart Elementary
                                 September 2012 Newsletter

               Dates to Remember                                        Bell Times

September 13    Stand Up Against Bulling Day          First Bell                     8:25 am
September 13    PTO Meeting (6:30 pm)                 Late Bell                      8:35 am
September 27    Curriculum Night (6:30-8:00 pm)       Recess                         10:05 – 10:20 a.m.
September 28    PD Day-No Classes for Students        Lunch Dismissal                11:30 a.m.
October 01      Breakfast Program Begins              Afternoon Bell                 12:30 p.m.
October 01      Milk Program Begins                   Dismissal for Grades P-2       2:05 p.m.
October 04      Picture Day                           Dismissal for Grades 3-6       2:35 p.m.
October 25      Picture Day Re-Takes

Welcome to a new school year. Our opening population is 184 and we have 8 classrooms. There are a
few changes in teaching staff as noted below. With the new staff and new students combined with
our awesome staff and students, we are confident 2012-2013 will be an exciting year.

                                        Staff – 2012-2013

Principal - Sherrial Maloney                              Resource – Sherry Smith

Vice Principal - Tanya Borden                             Early Literacy (40%) – Suzanne Cheverie

Secretary - Rae Ann Penton                                Learning Center – Rosemary Roberts

Caretaker - John Harris                                   Library – Chantelle McIsaac

Primary - Suzanne Cheverie /Susan McCluskey               French – Krista Moreash

Grade 1 – Tanya Borden/VP Relief-Jennifer Moore           Gym – Brad Crossley

Grade 1/2 – Julie-Anne Stienburg                          Band/Music – Amanda Marks

Grade 2 – Debbie McGrath                                  Music – Robert Wilhelm

Grade 3 – Cathy Naugle                                    EPA – Joanne Colson

Grade 4 – Mavis Akasike                                   EPA – Carol Rayner

Grade 5 – Albert Williams                                 EPA – Laura Steele

Grade 6 – Kara Ayers

Registration Forms

We will be sending home registration forms containing information about your child that we have on
file. Please review the form making any necessary changes or omissions and send back to the
classroom teacher. This information is imperative to ensure we have all contact numbers on file should
we need to contact you in case of an emergency. Please update as well medical and allergy information.

Safety Concerns

The safety of our students is a major concern of everyone here at Colonel John. We work hard to
ensure that students are properly supervised during school hours. We have hired Lunch Monitors to
supervise students during the lunch hour.

Teachers are not on duty before 8:10 a.m. nor are they on duty after school. It is therefore
essential that NO students arrive at school before 8:10, or remain on the playgrounds after school
without first going home. The school is not responsible for supervising the school yard after school
hours. Parents need to be aware that younger siblings waiting on the playground for older brothers or
sisters are not supervised by school staff nor are they the responsibility of the school staff.
Stand Up Against Bullying Day

Thursday, September 13 is “Stand Up Against Bullying Day”. Staff and students are invited to wear
pink shirts on this day.

Life Threatening Allergies

We have students with severe, life threatening peanut allergies. Please do not send in food with nuts
or traces of nuts.

Curriculum Evening

You are invited to meet your child’s teacher in their classrooms on Thursday, Sept 27th. Teachers will
give you information about their programs. We will meet in the gym at 6:30 pm. There will be two
sessions to meet the teacher (6:45 and 7:15 pm). Please feel free to leave the classroom at any time
at your convenience, should you want to meet with another teacher.

Safe Arrival

If your child will not be attending school or will be late, it is imperative that you call the school’s safe
arrival line – 464-5204. A message may be left on the answering machine. If your child becomes ill
during the day, we will call you or the person designated by you. For this reason, it is important that
we have up-to-date telephone numbers on record. ALL students that arrive late or leave mid-day must
check in with the office.

Breakfast Program

Colonel John Stuart Elementary has one of the oldest Breakfast Programs in the city. The program is
operated by volunteers. The program will begin on Monday, October 4th from 8:10 – 8:25. All
students are welcome! We would like to thank Jim Bent and Century 21 for their financial support of
the program.

Substitute Lunch Monitors Needed

From time to time we may need to call on a substitute lunch monitor to fill in for one of our regular
lunch monitors. If you are interested in working one hour per, please see the office for details.


The front door will be locked during school hours. There is a video intercom located in the corner of
the main door, please ring it to be let in. This is for the safety of your children. You MUST check
into the office after entering the school. It is important that we know who is in the school at all
times. We ask that you sign in, speak to the secretary as to why you are here or who you are here to
see and put on a visitor/volunteer badge before proceeding into the building.

Planning for Improvement (PFI)

2012-2013 is the final year of implementation for our PFI Plan. The goals are:
Literacy: Our students will demonstrate growth in reading comprehension, specifically in their ability
to use comprehension strategies to understand text at their independent level.
Math: Our students will demonstrate growth in Number Operation with a focus on addition and
In October, a Colonel John Stuart Report to the community will be sent to every family providing
further details of our PFI and other important information about our school.
Parking Lot Safety

Please be patient as there are many vehicles using our driveway at any given time. Make sure when
dropping off children you use the lane on the right and children exit on the passenger side of your
vehicle. The upper area is used for buses only. If you are visiting the school please remember to
park your car in the designated areas.

School Zone Speed Limits

To help make school zones safer, the speed limit has been reduced to 30 km/h in areas where the
approaching limit is 50 km/h, when children are present. This change is effective September 1, 2012.
If the speed limit in an area approaching a school zone is higher than 50 km/h, the school zone speed
limit will remain 50 km/h. Signage in the areas affected have not all been updated as of yet. For more
information, please visit .


If your child has line please call the office at 464-5200, keep him/her home and have your child
treated before they return to school.

4-H Registration and Dartmouth Lakers Basketball Club Registration

4-H is a nation-wide program dedicated to the development of young people to help them become
responsible members of society. It is for young people between the ages of 9-21. Learn how to cook,
work with wood, and training your dog, are a few things you can learn with 4-H. Registration is Sept
11th and Oct 9th at 7:00pm St. Andrew’s Church on 2 Circassion Drive, Cole Harbour. Phone 435-1933
for info.

Dartmouth Lakers invite you to join and keep active all though the Fall and Winter playing Basketball.
We have programs for players from Grade Primary all the way up to Grade Twelve. Registration is
Wednesday, September 12th from 6:00-8:00 pm at Crichton Park Elementary School. You can learn
more on our website.


Please note that students are not permitted to bring electronic devices to school as they are
expensive and the school will not be responsible for broken or lost electronics. Such electronic might
include but it not limited to ipods, cell phones, cameras, MP3 players, DS systems etc. If an
electronic item is brought to school, it will be send to the office and it can be picked up by the
student at the end of the day.

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