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									London's Garden Squares Are On The Rise.
Aside from London being a vibrant and buzzing capital, with its magnificent architecture,
monuments and thousands of cultural and culinary hotspots, it is also the greenest capital in
In fact, alongside all of its fantastic parks,

                       London has over 600 wonderful garden squares!

And the great news for those of you specifically looking for a garden square home, is that
even more green spaces are being designed by central London property developers, so now
could be the perfect time for you to find one.
Just drop us a line on 020 7563 7272 and we'll be able to talk you through what garden
square properties are on, or soon to be on offer.
The garden squares found in some of the smartest areas of London add real charm to the
streets of the capital. Often beautifully tended, each is unique and some only allow private
residents to gain access by granting them keys.
Moving a little farther afield, you may have already heard the rumours that the long-awaited
revamp of Elephant and Castle is to take place. It seems there are plans for 2,500 new homes,
a new market square and the biggest new park in London for 70 years!
That certainly sounds as if it will put “the Elephant” as it's affectionately known, back on the
So as you can see, modern developers are certainly seizing their chance to build more garden
squares, because they're an effective way of creating a timeless, neighbourhood feel, in and
around stylish surroundings.
If you're interested in a garden square property, or a property that's located near to one of
London’s green spaces, please either pop in to see us, or if you prefer, drop us a line on 020
7563 7272 and we'll be happy to talk through all of our available properties.

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