Plastic Surgery Pioneer Brings a Surprise to Late Night on ABC’s “Tuesdays with Dan” by kalai7


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									Plastic Surgery Pioneer Brings a Surprise to Late Night on ABC’s
“Tuesdays with Dan”

Dr. E. Gaylon McCollough, founder of The McCollough Institute of
Appearance and Health, has something special in store for television talk
show audience members on February 4th.

Pensacola, FL, January 31, 2013 -- Dr. E. Gaylon McCollough is one of the
America’s most renowned plastic surgeons, which is why his visit to the
set of ABC’s “Tuesdays with Dan” at the Caribe resort in Perdido Key,
Alabama on February 4th should appeal to anyone in the region considering
plastic surgery: Dr. McCollough will be offering free consultations to
audience members on the night of the taping.

The episode, which is scheduled to air two weeks later on Tuesday,
February 19th (ABC’s WEAR, late night at 1:00am after “Jimmy Kimmel" and
“The Insider,” and at 8:00am on affiliate MY35) will feature a man who
has built one of the largest and most luxurious “enhancement centers” in
America, The McCollough Institute of Appearance and Health, located in
Gulf Shores, Alabama.

More than just a creator of pretty faces, McCollough’s Alabama roots run
deep: He played football at the University of Alabama with Joe Namath,
and even authored a book about his former coach and good friend, the
legendary Paul “Bear” Bryant. But enhancement of the appearance--and
self-esteem--of others is his passion.

“You may look at another individual who is considering having something
done to change their appearance and their lives in a positive fashion,
and your response might be, ‘You don’t really need to have that’--but
that’s not what they need to hear,” says McCollough. “Remember, what may
seem to be a small thing to you, to the person who lives with it every
day is a major impediment.”

Dr. McCollough’s tremendous success – his institute has provided
enhancements for over 20,000 clients—makes him a perfect fit for an
appearance on “Tuesdays with Dan.” The show’s focus is on achieving
success, and each week, host Dan Vega himself offers insights gleaned
from over 20 years as an entrepreneur and business coach.

“Tuesdays with Dan” is produced by Tall Hat productions and is taped
before a live studio audience. Dr. McCollough’s episode is scheduled for
taping at 6:30pm central time on Monday, February 4th. Seating is
limited. For tickets or more information, visit

MW Jordan
Tuesdays with Dan
3 West Garden Street
Pensacola, FL 32502

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