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Many people have a second home. A second home is
somewhere to relax when we have time away from work.
These days the world has become a much smaller place
and a lot of people actually decide to have their second
home away from their actual country of residence.

With many flights per day from most western countries
Thailand has become a very popular destination for people
that would like to spend a significant part of the year away
from their own country. That said the hustle and bustle of
Bangkok is too much for most people, if they are trying to
find somewhere to relax.

Pattaya is just two hours south of Bangkok and is situated
by the sea, in the Gulf of Thailand. Pattaya property is
usually of a high standard and designed in a western
fashion. The city itself is easy to live in and has become
extremely westernised in recent years. Pattaya is an ideal
place for any westerner to hold a second home.

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