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Including property and classifieds information in Pattaya city, Thailand

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									Pattaya classifieds

When staying in Pattaya for a long period of time it is a good
idea to get everything you need as soon as you arrive. This
will mean finding a property for long term rental and possibly
buying a car or motorbike to use whilst you are staying in
the country.

If you buy a motor vehicle it will save you a lot of money
each month renting one. The second hand motor vehicle
market in Thailand is such that, whilst you may have to pay
more than you would back home to buy the vehicle, you will
always get a good return when you come to sell it.
In the past I have purchased a motorbike, used it for a year,
and then sold it on for around the same amount as I bought
it for.

A good place to look for long term property rentals or
second hand vehicle sales, after arriving in Pattaya, is in a
Pattaya classifieds website. There are many available to
look through, simply search for them using your search

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