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									                                  Linda A. Rosenfeld – Chairperson
                                Candida Svirzovsky- Vice Chairperson
                                      Ray O’Connell- Secretary
                                      Sara Hailstone– Treasurer
                                   Larry Hilliard– Asst. Secretary

                                 Tamara Dolan - Executive Director
                                 Daniel K. McCarthy - APA Solicitor

                       ALLENTOWN PARKING AUTHORITY
                        BOARD OF DIRECTORS MINUTES

A regular meeting of the Allentown Parking Authority Board was held September 27th, 2012 at the
offices of the Allentown Parking Authority located at 603 W. Linden Street.

The following were in attendance:

Linda Rosenfeld- Chairperson
Candida Svirzovsky- Vice Chairperson
Ray O’Connell-Secretary
Sara Hailstone-Treasurer
Larry Hilliard-Assistant Secretary

Also in attendance:

Tamara Dolan-APA Executive Director
Daniel McCarthy-APA Solicitor
Bruce Koller-Deputy Director
George J. Grazer, Jr.-APA Manager of Enforcement
Sandra Borgman-Recorder of the Minutes
J. B. Reilly-Real Estate Developer

Linda Rosenfeld called the meeting to order at 4:03pm.


Ms. Rosenfeld asked for a motion to approve the August Minutes. Ray O’Connell made the first motion
to approve, Candida Svirzovsky seconded, all were in favor and the Minutes were approved.

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Allentown’s 250th Anniversary

Ms. Dolan stated that the APA is working closely with the City of Allentown on its 250th anniversary.
One event planned will be an after-party to take place on Friday September 28, 2012 at the
Cosmopolitan Restaurant. The City has requested to use the 6th & Court Street lot to put a “sky tracker”
light there. That lot is rented out by the Community Music School and Symphony Hall. Both of those
entities have agreed to vacate the lot for the evening and so the lot will be closed to parkers. Reserve
police officers will be on site to prevent vandalism. When Ms. Dolan discussed this event with the APA
solicitor and insurance agent it was agreed that all the City needed to provide was a “hold harmless”
agreement. Mr. McCarthy drafted such an agreement and the Mayor of Allentown signed it, so Ms.
Dolan asked for input from the Board. There were no questions or concerns so the Board authorized Ms.
Dolan to sign the agreement.

In conjunction with the 250th series of events, Ms. Dolan has been approached by the City with a request
to launch fireworks from the top of the Spiral deck on New Years Eve, as they did last year. Ms. Dolan
stated that the APA carries $10 million insurance on the property and that is the amount the carriers are
requesting from the City for fireworks. The City has only $5 million insurance for this event. Ms.
Hailstone stated that this has become a problem for the city, as the additional $5 million insurance costs
$5,000. It was suggested that the City identify a sponsor for the necessary insurance.

Promotional Request

Ms. Dolan explained that she was approached by T2, to appear in some promotional materials regarding
our use of their software system. This would include taking photos representing a busy municipal
parking authority; Ms. Dolan asked T2 to place emphasis on the municipality. Ms. Dolan asked for any
concerns from the Board. None were heard, so it was agreed that these photos would be permitted for

Credit Card Meters

Next, Ms. Dolan reminded the Board that parking meters that accept credit cards are being tested in two
blocks of the City. The average cash transaction in meters is $0.47, while the average credit card
transaction is $1.48. This proves the theory that people are willing to pay for parking but may not
always have change on them. This provides the desired turnover and increased revenue. She added that
she hopes to be able to install another 400 of the new meters within the next year. They would be placed
along Hamilton Street and the unit blocks north and south. Ms. Hailstone asked how the City’s cashkeys
would work with the new meters. Ms. Dolan responded that the new meters cannot accept cashkeys, so
the City would get “smart cards” for the new meters as well as cashkeys for the current meters.

Motor Vehicle Accident

In February of this year, one of the APA’s maintenance personnel was involved in a minor vehicle
accident. The other party is claiming injury so the case is in the deposition phase now. Ms. Dolan will
keep the Board updated.

Christmas Holiday

Ms. Dolan stated that the current Union contract calls for the staff to have off on Christmas and the Day

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After Christmas. She offered the Union the option to switch that to having off the day before Christmas
so as to provide a 4 day weekend. She is awaiting their reply.

IT Service Providers

There was an RFP for Managed Services for IT Technology. That RFP has been awarded with a 1-year
contract to Partners in Technological Excellence, (PTE). There were seven proposals received, and the
PTE proposal guaranteed 8 hours per month on-site as well as 8 hours at their shop troubleshooting. The
current provider, LANtek, is working with PTE during the transition.

Farr Lot Improvements

Last year, plans were presented to the Board for improvements to the Farr lot. Ms. Dolan displayed a
drawing showing the 800 block of Hamilton Street looking north. She pointed out that currently there is
a “pocket park” and a row of large arborvitaes blocking the view of the Farr lot from Hamilton Street.
There have been several private/public partnership discussions about what is desired there. There is a
proposed restaurant for 809 Hamilton Street with outdoor seating alongside the building. If that comes
to pass, the arborvitaes would be removed, which would provide a clear line of sight to the Farr lot, as
well as be more aesthetic for the block. The project as she presented it would cost about $170,000,
which would be shared by several private and public entities. The board will be kept up to date on this.


600 Linden Resolution

Ms. Rosenfeld asked the Board to review the Resolution in their packet which provides for the potential
leasing of the 600 Linden Garage, pending the approval of a lease arrangement. The terms of this were
discussed at the last two Board meetings during the Executive Session. Mr. O’Connell made a motion to
proceed with discussion of the resolution, Mr. Hilliard seconded. Mr. McCarthy stated that the
resolution was an outline and does not include everything that may be in the final contract. Ms.
Hailstone added that the City is very familiar with this project and is very supportive of it. Ms.
Rosenfeld asked for questions, hearing none, she called the question. All were in favor.

Ms. Dolan added that there is a Waiver required from both parties involved. Mr. McCarthy interjected
that Mr. Reilly has been represented by lawyers in Mr. McCarthy’s firm in the past. While it is not
anticipated that lawyers in Mr. McCarthy’s firm will be representing Mr. Reilly in these negotiations,
due to the past relationship it was deemed appropriate that this relationship be disclosed to the respective
Boards and Mr. Reilly, and to request from their clients waivers of that potential conflict of interest. Mr.
Reilly has agreed to sign the waiver. Mr. McCarthy distributed waivers to the Board. The Board now
needed to decide whether to sign the waiver and allow Mr. McCarthy to act on behalf of the Allentown
Parking Authority’s Board in connection with these negotiations, contract or lease formulation. Ms.
Hailstone moved to approve signing the waiver. Mr. Hilliard seconded. All were in favor.

Finance Report

Mr. Koller stated that the August 31, 2012 Financial report was included in the packets. He said that
anything showing 67% was on-target for revenue and expenses. There is a negative variance of
$8899.00, which represents the amount under budget for Operating Revenue. There is also a positive of

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$52391 above budget in Operating Revenue, which is still being carried forward. The report also shows
Total Revenue showing $9687 negative for the month, however still showing a positive for Year to Date
of $49614. Under Operating Expenses, in Wages & Benefits, August was the second month with 3 pay
periods. Due to the costs of wages and the associated expenses, that item shows a bit higher than what
would be budgeted, making that item over by $26500, however, for the Year to Date, that expense is still
$23455 under budget. Total Services and Charges shows $9000 to the good. Expenses are still under
budget for Services and Charges by $32000. The excess revenue over expenses for August shows a little
over $26000 net wise over budget as far as expenses vs. revenue. There is still a surplus of almost
$110000 Year to Date for revenue over expenses. Work has begun on the budget for 2013 and it will be
presented to the Board at the October meeting to be voted on at the November meeting. The lighting
project at the ATC and the AGAPS decks is nearly completed, and should produce significant savings in
electric use.

Minimum Municipal Obligation

Every year, Act 205 requires the governing Board to approve the Minimum Municipal Obligation,
(MMO), for each Authority’s Pension plans. The APA has 3 pension plans, they are; a Defined
Contribution Plan for the Union employees, a Defined Contribution Plan for Management employees,
and a Defined Benefit plan for Management. The last plan, the DBP, has been frozen as of December
31, 2010. There is no contribution due for the salaried employees DBP, based on the Jan. 1, 2011
evaluation. The MMO for the current DCP for salaried employees is estimated to be $66085. The
MMO for 2013 for the DCP for Union employees is $41934. These figures will be incorporated into the
2013 Budget. The MMO documents will be forwarded to the APA’s actuary, Beyer Barber, as well as
to the State of Pennsylvania.


Ms. Rosenfeld stated that she heard about a 10% discount at the Cosmopolitan for Holiday parties if
booked before October 31, 2012. She asked the Board how they felt about having the annual Board of
Directors Holiday Dinner there this year. It was agreed to have the party at the Cosmopolitan. The date
of December 13 was selected by the Board for the Dinner.

Courtesy of the Floor



Ms. Rosenfeld adjourned the meeting at 4:35.


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