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					                      Woodmen Pointe Homeowners Association, Inc.
                           Meeting of the Board of Directors
                                 December 9th, 2008
                          7710 Fargo Drive, Woodmen Pointe

Call to Order: 6:00 P.M. by President Rodger Oetjen

Attendance: Board members Rodger Oetjen, Bruce Brian, John Cyboron, Scott Glaze and
Todd Gripentrog. Social Committee Chairman Kristi Glaze.

1. Owner Business: None.
2. Board Business:

      a. Approval of Minutes: November 11th, 2008 Board meeting minutes approved

b. The Board unanimously approved a community outdoor Christmas home decorating contest.
Judging will be accomplished by the Social Committee the weekend of 20-21 December. Input
from homeowners is encouraged and comments may be made directly via telephone / EMAIL to
Kristi Glaze at 282-7822 / kristiglaze@msn.com. Two homeowner winners will be selected.
They will each receive $25 and a “Winner” sign to be displayed on their front lawn through 15
January or until such time as the homeowners take down their Christmas lights / decorations.
Homeowners are reminded that outdoor Christmas lights and decorations must be removed no
later than 30 days after the holiday (SEE FOLLOW-UP INFORMATION BELOW).

c. The Board unanimously agreed that Welcome Committee members may send reimbursement
requests with receipts for small homeowner gifts directly to the Management Company. A Board
member will sign the check approving the purchase. Management Company point of contact is
Ann Jagitsch at 634-3785 or ann@haleyrealtyinc.com.

d. The Board unanimously approved having John Cyboron coordinate with a landscaping expert
to draw up a plan during the Winter months for enhancement of the common areas. The intent is
for the Board to review the plan, approve the necessary funds and schedule the enhancements
before commencement of the Spring growing season.

e. The Board unanimously approved a letter seeking City assistance in evaluating traffic issues
within the Community, and developing a comprehensive plan (along with the provision of City
resources) to correct problems.

f. Subject to a submission of a satisfactory written bid from the HOA electrician, the Board of
Directors and Alliance Urgent Care have reached a tentative agreement to install a timer on the
Urgent Care light oriented towards Pascal Court / Chancellor Drive. The terms of the proposed
agreement include Woodmen Pointe HOA agreeing to pay for an outdoor light timer and any
costs / damage associated with installation of the timer, and Alliance Urgent Care agreeing to set
the timer so the light goes “off” no later than 11:00 P.M. daily. If the Urgent Care hours change,
the agreement will be renegotiated (SEE FOLLOW-UP INFORMATION BELOW).

g. The Board discussed its November 18th letter to homeowners regarding proposed Rules
changes. No comments from homeowners have been received (SEE FOLLOW-UP

h. Individual homeowner actions:
1. 7650 Manston – Request for installation of a Dish antenna. ARC voted 2-0 for approval.
Board unanimously approved the request.

2. 4775 Pascal – Portable basketball hoop laid down in area West of the driveway. Board
member will contact the homeowner and ask that the basketball hoop be stored out of sight when
not in use.

i. The Board unanimously agreed to conduct its next meeting on January 13th, 2008 (6:00 P.M.)
at 7605 Fargo Drive; Woodmen Pointe.

3. Adjournment: 7:00 P.M.


The second annual Woodmen Pointe Christmas home decorating contest is over. The two
winners are 7410 Chancellor with their "chasing" lights and 7475 Chancellor which was
a wonderland for kids of all ages! Honorable mentions go to 7335 Chancellor with a very classic
look and 4735 Manston with a decorated rock wall. The two winning homeowners received $25
each and a sign of recognition to display on their front lawns. Thank you to all who made the
neighborhood look so beautiful this holiday season!

The Board received a firm estimate from the electrician ($300) and approval from the Urgent
Care to install an outdoor timer for the light. The outdoor timer will preclude the HOA from
having to pay $60 twice a year for time adjustments. The Urgent Care and Board approved a
formal written agreement on 22 December and installation of the timer should occur soon.
The Board voted unanimously on 23 December to approve the proposed Rules changes regarding
Paragraphs 7 (Clean and Sanitary), 13 G (Parking/Tow Away/Maintenance), 16
(Residential/Commercial Use) and 19 (Trash/Fire Hazard). One comment from a homeowner
was received between the Boards’s meeting on 9 December and its final vote on 23 December to
amend the Rules. The homeowner objected to the Board changing the HOA’s By-Laws. The
Board responded by assuring the homeowner that the By-Laws would not being changed.

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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