New Tricks For SEO, Content & PPC in 2013 (Given) by andrewbran


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									               New Tricks for SEO, Content & PPC in 2013 (Given)

It is safe to say that 2012 is a breakthrough year in the field of digital marketing. Tsunamis of search
engine algorithm updates prompted marketers to be innovative and the battle cry of quality pushed
everyone to put internet users at the center of all campaigns. On the other side of the fence, to increase
conversion rates was the desire of all businesses.

However, while the year that was will go down in the annals of digital marketing history as one of the best
to-date, it’s time to put those “2012 best practices” at the backburner and welcome 2013 with a fresh
perspective in terms of search engine optimization, content marketing and pay per click management.

Here are a few tricks you can do to push your internet marketing campaigns up a notch this year.

The Rise of Amorphous Content

Great content will continue its reign as “king” and as one of the key ingredients in successful internet
marketing campaigns. In the past year, content optimization was about creating various content for
various channels (not segments as different audience segments do need different content). In 2013, a
great deal of content optimization will be about streamlining.

Fresh content is arguably your strongest marketing tool and in a fast-paced marketing landscape, fresh
content should be created like how a burger joint cooks its burgers – on the fly, fast and consistent. This
year, you should look into producing content pieces which are shape shifters. Create several headlines
that can easily transform from an article title to a social media post. Invest in in-depth research (i.e.
market surveys) that can give you rich information which will enable you to produce multi-dimensional
content. A blog post can be turned into info graphic. An info graphic can be turned into a video.

However you do it, the core concept is to produce content that with a simple tweak in headline or a
different execution can give birth to varied materials.

Honesty is Your Best PPC Policy

Pay per click management is all business, nothing personal. So, why have emotional attachment with
your PPC campaigns? But it happens to the best of marketers – PPC managers fall in love with an
imagery or a tagline that although bad data is slapping them right in the face, they can’t seem to let go.

Be true when assessing the performance of your PPC campaigns. Kill some if needed and funnel the
resources to those that are actually driving the business results. Additionally, pay per click management
should follow these basic rules:

       Forget about one-campaign-fits-all-target-segments strategies. Each target audience merits a
        separate campaign.
       Diversify your approach depending on the search behaviors of your market segments.
       A/B testing will be passé. As PPC campaigns get more complicated, expect to test more than two
        variations of your ads.

SEO: It’s Time to Step on the Gas

First things first – you cannot do any form of SEO if your site is not optimized for searchers. Once you
have that in place, it’s time to shed all forms of timidity and prowl like an SEO tiger.
Yes, if 2012 was cutthroat, 2013 will be more competitive. There’s no way for you to cope if you’re stuck
in the SEO “best practices” of the past. Push your boundaries. Check your competitors and compete in
spaces where they are getting their links. Build a network of online influencers. Increase conversion rates
by directing traffic to your high converting pages (based on Google Analytics).

This 2013, out with the old and in with the new. Can you share other fresh tactics?

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