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									                                           The Price Of Divorce

Getting a divorce is fairly common these days. Many marriages simply don’t work out, and couples are
left wondering what their divorce options are. Marriages end for a number of different reasons,
including financial issues. If finances are one of the reasons that you are getting divorced in the first
place, you may be concerned with the cost of the divorce process. Depending on the specific details of
your divorce case, there are different options you can take when filing, as well as dividing property and
possessions. The decisions that you make about the details of your divorce will constitute how much
your divorce will cost.

When filing for divorce there are two main options. You can hire a lawyer for divorce that will assist you
in writing the content of your divorce papers and mediate the division of property. Another option is to
file your divorce online. If you and your spouse are involved in an amicable divorce, you may want to
file online in order to bypass the costly lawyer and court fees. However, if you need the knowledge and
experience of a divorce lawyer to walk you through the process, then the extra cost may be worth it.
Keep in mind, you want to choose the option that will lead you to the best outcome possible. Only file
your divorce online if both parties are in agreement on all details of the divorce.

In almost all cases, the more amicably the divorce can be carried out, the easier it will be on your wallet.
Contested divorces, where the spouses cannot agree on the terms of the divorce, will cost more because
the lawyers are often left arguing as to who gets what, and other minute details of the separation. Child
custody cases can add another expense to the equation. When the parents can agree on a child custody
schedule, there is no need to battle it out in court. This will save thousands of dollars for both parties

There are other fees to consider when filing your divorce papers. Not only is there the initial filing fee
with the court, but also processing fees, serving fees, and subpoenas may be added on depending on
which services your case requires. Some lawyers will also charge you for faxing documents, travel
expenses, phone calls, and photocopies. A lawyer for divorce is paid by the hour for providing their
consultation services. When you speak to a lawyer, even if it is for 10 minutes over the phone, you are
charged a prorated fee for your conversation.

Getting divorced can significantly change the way you live your life. If your spouse was the main
breadwinner of the family, you will have adjustments in the way you live. You may have to get a second
job, or find childcare for your children. Many couples that have children will avoid divorce altogether
because they simply cannot afford to live without one another. Although their marriage is no longer
one of love, it is a business partnership that they need to make ends meet.

How much will my divorce cost? That depends on the choices you make. If possible, separate on
friendly terms. Not only will it be more affordable for both of you, but it just makes the situation less
stressful for everyone involved.

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