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									                                     Getting Out Of A Speeding Ticket

It’s never really a fun time to get pulled over and then cited for speeding. It can feel even more unfair if
you know you weren’t speeding or something out of your control affected your getting pulled over. In
such situations, it may be easy to decide whether or not you are going to contest your citation.
Understanding how to get out of a speeding ticket will really help you from the moment that you get
pulled over, especially if you are worried about getting a speeding ticket out of state.

Avoiding a speeding ticket ultimately starts with you and your driving habits. It stands to reason that if
you are obeying traffic laws, you won’t get pulled over. Practicing safe driving is the best way to avoid
getting cited for speeding. If you do get pulled over, however, one of the best ways for you to avoid a
ticket is to be polite and courteous to the officer. The officer has a choice about whether or not to
actually cite you. Being rude with the officer might only increase the chances that he or she will cite you,
so remember to be polite, even if your instincts tell you otherwise. Even if you think you are being cited
unfairly, the officer is not the one you will need to convince if you are cited.

Taking down all information that will help you contest your ticket can be a key part of getting out of
your ticket. You can take pictures of difficult-to-see speed limit signs, or take a photo of obstructions in
the roadway. You can make notes of incorrect information that hurts you on your ticket if your officer
did not fix it when asked. You might also take notes or pictures of the weather or how heavy the traffic
is, depending on what you are being cited for.

Getting all of this information can be even more important if you are cited with a speeding ticket out of
state and will not be back in the area for a while. Having all of this information might also help your
lawyer if you decide to get help with contesting your ticket. You might also consult with a lawyer to find
out what other options you might have.

Remember to do your research as well. If this is your first speeding ticket and you really don’t want it on
your record, you may be able to work something out such as attending traffic school or some sort of
defensive driving course. You still usually have to pay a fee for this, but the speeding violation does not
show up on your driving record. If you have multiple violations within a given set of time, however, you
may not qualify for traffic school.

Knowing how to get out of a speeding ticket can be beneficial whether or not you are actually guilty of
speeding. If you know you’re innocent, there are ways that you can go about building your own case. It
can sometimes help to hire a lawyer to assist you. Even if you were speeding, you may be able to get
your citation reduced and keep the violation from showing up on your driving record by taking the
proper steps. Keep your head, and remember that the best way to beat a speeding ticket is to follow the
traffic laws at all times.

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