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									                                   Tips For Fighting A Speeding Ticket

The reaction to seeing flashing red and blue lights behind you is practically universal. Whether or not
you were doing something to cause you to get pulled over, it can feel like a stressful experience. You
should remain calm whatever the situation may be. Although you may be inclined to think why the
police officer is pulling you of all people over, remember that the officer has a job to do, and may want
to get back to his work as much as you want to get back to what you were doing. Here are some tips on
how to fight a speeding ticket after you get pulled over.

First, remember that contesting the ticket can start as soon as you get over. This doesn’t mean that you
should argue with the officer. On the contrary, you stand a better chance of contesting your ticket if you
are polite and cooperative. Making rude or snide comments or admitting to any fault can all work
against you in the end. Be polite and cooperative. You don’t have to admit to anything. Sometimes a
police officer may be willing to let you off with a warning if you aren’t being combative. Politeness may
stand to be your best chance of walking away without a citation after getting pulled over.

Once you have your ticket, you can start making preparations to contest it. You will probably have to
wait a few days before the ticket is even put into the system, but once it is in the system you can call
and basically confirm if you will be going to court to fight the citation, or you can request the forms to
defer traffic ticket. Deferring a ticket may be a different process from state to state, so make sure that
you understand what you are doing if you are trying to defer your citation. You may have to submit the
forms for deferment a set number of days before your hearing. A deferment basically has you pay a
deferral fee and you usually have to sign a form that says you will not get any more violations during
your deferment, which is usually about a year. The benefit to a deferment is that usually the citation will
not make it onto your driving record.

If you will be going to court in order to fight your ticket, you should know that you don’t have to go
alone. You can often hire help through an attorney. Having an attorney to help you out brings all sorts of
benefits to the table, including the ability to have the attorney go to court for you if you are too busy to
make your court appearance.

Getting pulled over for any reason can be stressful. If you are cited for speeding, it can help to know how
to fight a speeding ticket if you plan on contesting it. Remember to be polite during your encounter with
the police officer, make the preparations to contest or defer your ticket, and hire an attorney if
necessary. You have the right to contest your ticket, especially if you feel it is not accurate. In the
meantime, do all you can to obey traffic laws, practice safe driving, and simply minimize your chances of
getting pulled over at all. Having no ticket is better than having to constantly plan on how to fight the
next one.

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