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					Daily bulletin                                      27-8-2008

Public help is sought in identifying the following bodies:-

Old Delhi Railway Police have sought public help in identifying the
following bodies:-

A male, age around 50 years, height 5’6”, wheatish complexion, oval
face, wearing cream colour kurta and payajama, found on
A male, age around 25 years, height 5’6”, shallow complexion, medium
built, wearing rose colour shirt and blue jeans, found on 21-8-2008.
A male, age around 35/40 years, age around 6’6”, wheatish complexion,
round face medium built, wearing yellow shirt, red baniyan and tobacco
colour pant, found on 21-8-2008.
A male, age around 30 years, height 5’6”, shallow complexion, round
face, medium built, wearing sky colour checkdar shirt and blue pant,
found on 21-8-2008.
A male, age around 40/45 years, height 5’7”, shallow complexion, oval
face, wearing blue shirt, black pant, white baniyan, found on 22/8/2008.
A male, age around 65/70 years, 5’6”, shallow complexion, thin built,
wearing dirty shirt only, found on 18-8-2008.

Sarai Rohila Railway police have sought public help in identifying the
following bodies:-
A male, age around 40 years, height 5’6”, wheatish complexion, round
face, normal built, wearing Sky blue shirt, black pant,
found on 23-8-2008.
A female, age around 30 years, height 5’, shallow complexion, round
face, strong built, wearing Pink printed shirt, pink salwar & green chunni,
found on 22-8-2008.
A male, age around 50/55 years, height 5’6”, shallow complexion, long
face, wearing shirt, pant and vest white colour, found on 20-8-2008.
A male, age around 30/35 years, height 5’7”, wheatish complexion,
round face, medium built, wearing checkdar black shirt and grey pant,
found on 20-8-2008.

New Delhi Railway police have sought public help in identifying the
body of a male, age around 35 years, height 5’6”, long face shallow

              complexion, thin built, wearing light brown pant and blue shirt, found on

              HN Din Railway police have sought public help in identifying the body
              of a male , age around 45/50 years, height 5’8”, wheatish complexion,
              long face, strong built, wearing white shirt and black pant found on 18-8-

                                              PRESS RELEASE


        With arrest of four persons New Delhi District Police has busted a gang of burglars who used to target
shops of mobiles & recharge coupons in New Delhi area. In last four months, three incidents of burglary
during night were reported to PS Chanakya Puri. In all these cases the modus operandi was same i.e. the
burglars targeted the shops that deals in mobile phones, recharge coupons and cosmetics.

        During investigation of one of the cases ASI Attar Singh, IO of the case obtained the details regarding
use of the recharge coupons. On further investigation he zeroed down one Anoop Kumar Chawala, age 21
years, who was working as driver but now unemployed for last 4-5 months. His father is a Govt. employee
and is living in MP flats servant quarter on rent. On sustained interrogation he confessed involvements of his
3 associate i.e. 1. Ravi Verma age 19 years, whose parents are running a tea shop at GPO and also residing in
MP flats servant quarter, 2. Jamna Das @ Tarjan age 21 years, his father is class IV employee in CPWD and
also lives in MP flats servant quarters, 4. Govinda age 19 years who lives in Jhuggi opposite MP flats BKS

        Being resident of MP flats servant quarter the all accused persons were familiar with the topography of
area and the presence of police personals. Using the same they used to target shops, which deal in mobile
phones, recharge coupons etc in nearby area and use to sell the stolen goods to one Rajan, also a resident of
MP flats servant quarters. The said Rajan is on the run, efforts are on to nab him.
        The Police have recovered six mobile phone, cosmetic articles etc. from their possession..

                                                                                  Dy. Commissioner of Police,
                                                                                New Delhi District : New Delhi.



       The South District police has busted a gang of Car Stereo thieves, arrested four members
of the gang and recovered two Luxury cars, 15 stolen car stereos, CD changers, LCD screens and
other car accessories at their instance. With their arrest a total of 17 cases of car stereo and
accessories theft at PS Kalkaji, Greater Kailash and Kotla Mubarak Pur have been worked out.

  1.  Ishtyaq, Aged 25 Years S/o Babu R/o Village Zahidpur, Post Khas, PS Kharkhoda,
      Distt. Meerut, UP
   2.    Ashfaq, Aged 30 Years S/o Babu R/o Village Zahidpur, Post Khas, PS Kharkhoda,
         Distt. Meerut, UP
   3.    Javed, Aged 30 years S/o AnsarR/o Humanyun Nagar behind Madarsa, Meerut UP
   4.    Aas Mohd. @ Pappu, Aged 30 years S/o Liyaqat R/o Village Zahidpur, Post Khas, PS
         Kharkhoda, Distt. Meerut, UP

       In view of the increasing incidents of Motor Vehicle and car accessories theft in and
around Delhi, a team under the supervision of Shri Rakesh Paweriya ACP/Kalkaji, headed by
Inspr. Joginder Kumar/SHO Kalkaji assisted by Inspr. Swadesh Prakash, SI Ashish Dalal, HCs
Harish Chandra, Ambrish Kumar, Cts. Satbir Bhati, Raj Kumar and Azad Singh was constituted
to develop information and arrest the accused.
       During the course of investigation in case FIR No. 172/08, U/s. 379 IPC PS Kalkaji,
involvement of accused Isthyaq was confirmed through a secret information but by the time he
could be arrested, it was found that the said accused has already been sent to judicial custody by
the Hon'ble Court in case FIR No. 328/2003 u/s 379/411 IPC, PS Model Town, Delhi. He was
interrogated in Tihar Jail with due permission of the court and was arrested in case FIR No.
172/2008 u/s 379 IPC P.S. Kalkaji. One day police custody remand of the accused was requested
before the court and he was thoroughly interrogated.


       On sustained interrogation, he disclosed that he along with his associates had been
indulging in stereo theft since 2002 and was arrested in cases of theft of car accessories at P.S.
Model Town, Delhi and Modi Nagar, UP. He alongwith his brothers Ashfaq and Israr had been
stealing car accessories and disposing off in other states with the help of his associate namely
Aas Mohd. Continuous raids were conducted in and around Delhi at the possible hideouts of the
other accused and they were also arrested.

      The gang members used to visit posh areas and target luxury cars parked in that area.
They used to park their luxury car adjacent to the targeted car. While one of the gang members

      seated in their own car, other members used to steal the music system and other
accessories of the targeted car.
i     One Hyundai Accent No. DL-3CQ-9475 and one Tata Safari car No. DL-3C-AJ -0099
      used by the gang members for committing crime.

ii    15 stolen stereos, 21 Remote of car stereos, 4 stereo mouse, 5 Tudors, CD changers and 3
      LCD screens.
iii   Drilling implements, one rod and a Base Ball Bat, have been recovered at their instance.
Raids are being conducted to arrest one absconding member of the gang namely Israr.
      Further investigation is in progress. More stolen properties are likely to be recovered.

                                                        (H.G.S. DHALIWAL)
                                                   DY. COMMISSIONER OF POLICE
                                                    SOUTH DISTRICT: NEW DELHI



            The South District Police has arrested one Udai Singh s/o Nathu Ram r/o
Vill. & PO. Jhangir Pur, PS Sawar, Distt. Kashi Ram Nagar, U.P., and solved a case of
Night Burglary reported vide FIR No. 374/08 u/s 457/380 IPC PS Kalkaji and recovered
29 stolen Mobile phones at his instance.


              In view of the increasing incidents of burglaries, a special team comprising
of SI Upender Singh; I/C PP Govind Puri, ASI Hazari Lal, Ct. Ramesh No. 3158/SD, Ct.
Anil 1071/SD & Ct. Narender No. 3037/SD headed by Inspr. Joginder Singh
SHO/Kalkaji under the supervision of Sh. Rakesh Paweriya, ACP/ Kalkaji, was
constituted to develop information to nab the burglars, active in the area. On 25.08.2008,
a secret information was received at P.P Govindpuri that a person standing on pedestrian
way near wine shop Maa Anand Mai Marg, alongwith his associates had recently stolen
mobile phones from a shop in Gali No. 13, Govind Puri in the name and style of “Pandit
Mobile Shop”. If immediate raid is conducted, he could be arrested. Following this
information, a raiding party was constituted and suspicious looking youth was
apprehended at the instance of the secret informer. Two stolen mobile phones, reported

vide case FIR No. 374/08 u/s 457/380 IPC PS Kalkaji were recovered from his

             On sustained interrogation he disclosed that he alongwith his associates
Arvind and Kapil used to broke open the shutters of mobile shops at the night and steal
mobile phones. They used to dispose off these mobile phones in the J.J. clusters of
Sangam Vihar.     29 Mobile phones of various makes were recovered at his instance.
Raids are being conducted to arrest his accomplices and more recoveries are likely in the

                                                    (H.G.S. DHALIWAL)
                                               DY. COMMISSIONER OF POLICE
                                                    SOUTH DISTT. : NEW DELHI

                                  PRESS RELEASE
                                  NORTH DISTRICT
                                                         27th AUGUST, 2008


             With the arrest of 2 accused persons namely Pawan Soni (21) S/o Nand
Kumar Soni and Pawan Saini (28) s/o Roop Chand Saini both residents of Mahender
Garh, Haryana, North District Police has worked out a case of criminal breach of trust of
area P.S. Lahori Gate, which was given a colour of a sensational robbery. The Police has
also succeeded in the recovery of the complete booty i.e.1.393 Kg. Gold worth Rs. 17


             05.05 AM, on 26.08.08, a PCR call was received that 4 people came on a
Maruti Omni Van at 23:30 hrs at Pul Mithai, area of P.S. Lahori Gate and intercepted
one motorcyclist Pawan Soni. They allegedly overpowered him, threatening him at the
point of revolver and abducted him in a Maruti Omni Van leaving his motor cycle No.
DL-8SR-9993 on Pul Mithai in the custody of their other associates. He was allegedly
taken to Mahipal Pur, where the criminals robbed him of 1.5 Kg Gold worth Rs 17 Lac
and fled away. The victim asserted that he could not note down the number of the Maruti
Omni Van and the robbers also took away his purse and mobile phone. The victim
informed his employer Mr. Dinesh Verma about the incident. Dinesh Verma then made
the PCR call after reaching Pul Mithai.


            Keeping in view the seriousness of the alleged offence, a team consisting of
Insp. Prem Singh Hooda, Insp. Rohtas Singh, SI P.C. Sharma, S.I. Ramesh Dixit, HC
Rajeev, Const. Nepal Singh, Ct. Samar Pal and Ct. Swatantar Kumar was constituted
under the supervision of Shri Rajeev Sharma, ACP Kotwali took up the investigation.
During investigation, it was found that Pawan Soni is a resident of Mahender Garh
(Haryana). His employer Mr. Dinesh Verma and Umesh Verma are his neighbours, who
brought him to Delhi to work as a helper in their workshop at Tri Nagar, Delhi. Pawan
Soni was entrusted the job of bringing metal (Gold Sheet /Block) from Kucha Mahajani
to their workshop in Tri Nagar on daily basis, where the metal was worked upon by
Goldsmith workers to craft ornaments. There were crucial contradictions in the version
of the boy Pawan Soni, which created suspicion on him. On sustained interrogation, he
confessed that he cooked up the story himself and the police was able to unearth the
deep-rooted conspiracy.

      It was revealed that his greed for money made him to connive and conspire with
one Pawan Saini, who is a resident of Mahender Garh (Haryana) and works in an MNC
in Gurgaon. On 25.08.08, after taking the delivery of gold from Kuccha Mahajani,
Pawan Soni went to Ashok Vihar and parked his motorcycle there. After that, he boarded
an auto rickshaw for Mahipal Pur, where he handed over the booty to his associate
Pawan Saini and narrated concocted story of robbery to his employer. But the duo were
apprehended before the sharing of booty between them.


            1.393 Kg gold block worth Rs. 17 Lac.

                                                         (DR. SAGAR PREET) IPS
                                                  DY. COMMISSIOER OF POLICE,
                                                       NORTH DISTRICT, DLEHI.

                                  PRESS RELEASE

NORTH DISTRICT                                                  DATED 27.08.08


     With the arrest of 5 cheats namely (1) Rajesh Kumar S/o Ishwar Singh R/o 13/126,
Dharampura, Bhadurgardh, (2)Vinod Kumar S/o Rishal Singh R/o C-6/159, Sector 31,
Noida UP (3) Rehmat Ali S/o Subhan Khan R/o Village Navapurva, Post -Mahipura,

Motipur, Behraich, UP (4) Ram Phal S/o Duli Chand R/o Gali No.2, Prakash Vihar,
Loni, Ghaziabad, U.P. (5) Sunil Kumar S/o Sish Pal R/o C-667, Metro Vihar, Holambi
Kalan, Delhi, North District police has cracked a racket involved in making and
circulating forged 'No Entry Permission', purported to have been issued by the
DCP/Traffic, Delhi to the vehicles used for carrying essential supplies like vegetables,
fruits,milk etc.


      On 13.08.08, it was reported by the Zonal Officer of Traffic Circle Subzi Mandi
that on 11.8.08, one Sagar Singh, driver of vehicle bearing registration No. DL-IL-
J1109 was prosecuted for Traffic violations at Burf Khana Chowk, Subzi Mandi and the
'NO Entry Permission' produced by the said driver was, on suspicion, got checked from
NEP Branch Traffic, where from it was confirmed that the said permission was not
issued by the Traffic Police. Therefore, a case vide FIR No. 219/08 dated 13.8.08 U/s
420/468/471 IPC PS Subzi Mandi, Delhi was registered and investigation was taken up.

      A team consisting of Inspr. Ram Singh, SHO/Subzi Mandi, ASI Ramphal, SI
Prabhat Sharama, Ct. Devender Singh, Ct. Dinesh Kumar was formed under the close
supervision of Sh. Mohd. Ali, ACP/Subzi Mandi North District, Delhi to investigate the


             During the course of investigation, driver Sagar Singh stated that the No
Entry Permission (NEP) was given to him by the owner of said vehicle namely Rajesh
Kumar, who runs a business in the name and style of Munzal Transport, Nabi Karim,
Delhi. On interrogation, Rajesh Kumar disclosed that he had procured the said NEP from
one Vinod Kumar, who in turn revealed that the fake 'No Entry Permission' was arranged
by one Ramphal against a consideration of Rs. 5000/-. Accused Ramphal initially
disclosed that the forged NEP was procured by one Rehmat Ali, who was not having
any permanent residence in Delhi so a watch was mounted at their meeting point i.e.
round about Loni Ghaziabad. The relentless efforts put by the police team bore fruits,
when Rehmat Ali was spotted at the said location on 19-08-08 and was nabbed on the
pointing out of Ramphal. Initially, they tried to mislead the police and projected that the
fake NEPs were procured with the help of one officer of Traffic Police. This version
was, however, found to be intended to thwart the investigation and totally incorrect.
Therefore, Police custody remand of Rehmat was obtained for 6 days during which, he
broke down and further revealed that it was Ramphal, who was the mastermind of the
whole racket. Thereafter, 2 days police custody remand of Ramphal was obtained from
the Court on 25.8.08. On confrontation with Rehmat Ali and on sustained interrogation,
he narrated the whole chain of preparation of the forged NEPs and other aspect of the

           In fact, Ramphal had earlier worked with a courier company, which was
providing services to the Times of India Group. He used to visit Teenmurti Traffic office
frequently for the purpose of depositing traffic challan amounts on behalf of the
employees of the said company. There he came into contact with owners of commercial
vehicles seeking 'No Entry Permission'. From them, he picked up an idea to procure
NEP on behalf of the needy persons on the basis of false documents in order to earn
quick money. For that purpose, he first used false letter heads/documents of Time of
India Group to seek NEP purporting that the vehicles were to be used to carry printing
material, equipments, newspaper and Magazines of the said group. At the same time, he
also tried another modus operandi in that he obtained copies of RC and other
documents from a large number of owners of commercial vehicles and applied for the
NEPs from DCP/Traffic Office during the month of Dec. 2007. In 10 cases, NEPs were
issued by the office of DCP/Traffic. However, his game could not last long and on
2.05.08, acting on the inputs given by the DCP Traffic, he was caught at Teen Murti
office by the AATS of Crime Branch while using false documents for obtaining NEP.
He was booked vide FIR No. 98/08 u/s 419,420,468,471,120-B IPC, PS Ch. Puri, Delhi
and sent to Jail with his associate Jameel. The case was investigated by the Anti Forgery
Section/ EOW/Crime branch. On release from the Jail in the month of July 08, Ramphal
became desperate and went to the extent of fabricating bogus NEPs after making
coloured photocopy of the genuine NEPs obtained by him earlier. For this purpose, he
would first erase the real registration number, retype the registration number of the
desired vehicle, remove the original hologram and then get its coloured photocopy.
Thereafter, he would affix new Holograms obtained by him from M/s Puri Brothers on
the strength of a bogus authority letter purported to have been issued by DCP Traffic
(VIP), Delhi- making it to appear almost similar to the genuine NEPs. With these arrests,
6 cases of forged NEPs have so far been solved. More cases registered in this regard are
to be connected and some more arrests are yet to be made.


1. Ramphal S/o Duli Chand R/o Gali No.2, Prakash Vihar,Loni G. Bad UP. Age- 45. He
   hasstudied up to 10 standard and married having three children. He is the leader of the

2. Rehmat Ali S/o Subhan Khan R/o Village Navapura, PS Motipurva, Behraich, UP age
   -26. He studied up to 5th standard. He is unmarried. He is a conduit between Ramphal
   and vehicle owners. He is previously involved in two criminal cases.

3. Rajesh Kumar S/o Ishwer Dass R/o 13/26, Dharampura, Bahadurgarh ,Haryana, Age-
   39 years. He studied up to graduation level and owner of vehicle, which use fake

4. Vinod Kumar S/o Rishal R/o C-6/159,Sector-31,Noida UP, Age- 40.
   He studied up 9 standard and was a conduit between the owner and Ramphal.

5. Sunil Kumar S/o Sish Pal R/o C-667, Metro Vihar, Hollambi Kalan, Delhi Age- 35.
   He is owner of a vehicle found displaying bogus NETs.


1. 05 numbers of original NEPs (tempered with )
2. 04 numbers of original cash receipts issued by Traffic police.
3. 51 Copies of applications bearing receipt of traffic office.
4. 16 number of forged/fabricated NEPs.
5. 60 Photocopies of R.Cs and other documents of commercial vehicles.
6. 04 numbers of Delhi Traffic Police, Holograms.
7. 05 pages of list of vehicle registration numbers.
8. 01 diary containing registration numbers of vehicles
9. 01 forged authority letter of DCP Traffic(VIP) for issuance of Traffic Police

1. FIR No. 219/08 dated 13.8.08 U/s420, 467,468,471 IPC PS S. Mandi.
2. FIR No. 223/08 dated 16.8.08 U/s420, 467,468,471 IPC PS S. Mandi.
3. FIR No. 216/08 dated 18.8.08 U/s420, 467,468,471 IPC PS S. Mandi.
4. FIR No. 229/08 dated 21.8.08 U/s420, 467,468,471 IPC PS S. Mandi.
5. FIR No. 231/08 dated 23.8.08 U/s420, 467,468,471 IPC PS S. Mandi.
6. FIR No. 210/08 dated 06.8.08 U/s420, 467,468,471 IPC PS S. Mandi.

                                                         (DR. SAGAR PREET)IPS
                                                  DY. COMMISSIONER OF POLCE,
                                                       NORTH DISTRICT, DELHI.

                                   SPECIAL CELL
                                  DATED 27.08.2008

      A team of officers of Special Cell led by Inspector Subhash Vats and Inspector
Govind Sharma under the supervision of ACP Sanjeev Kumar Yadav has apprehended
two desperate and notorious members of Naeem Pehlwan Gang Mohd Hassan @ Sufi, (
Aged 48 years ) R/o New Jafrabad, Delhi and Aarif,( Aged 26 years) r/o Kardampuri,
Delhi. One country made revolver and one pistol along with twelve live cartridges have
been recovered from their possession respectively. Mohd Hassan is a mastermind of
gangwar in Seelam Pur.

       On 30/4/08 April 2008, Salim Pehalwan r/o Kardam Puri Delhi was murdered on
in Yamuna Vihar Delhi. A case FIR No 164/08 U/ 302 IPC PS Bhajan Pura Delhi was
registered in this regard. In this case Mohd Akil, Raja Thakur, I R Khan @ Guddu,
Salim @ Santosh @ Nazim, Rahis @ Langra (BC of PS Bhajapura) and Tasleem (A BC
of PS Lahori Gate Delhi) were involved.

      Naeem, brother of Salim Pehlwan, planned to avenge his death. He alongwith his
gang members attacked brother and relatives of IR Khan, an advocate vide FIR no.
181/08 u/s 307 IPC PS Sahadra. They eliminated Shameem Bhagat and Irshad vide FIR
no. 258/08 and 297, PS Seelampur ).

      Naeem conspired to eliminate advocate I.R.Khan @ Guddu Chaudhary with his
associates Mohd Hasan @Sufi s/o Sher Ali r/o New Jaffrabad, Shamim Choudhary@
Bhagat, B.C of PS seelam Pur, Abid and Danish. Arif, brother of Naim Pehalwan, Imran
@ Nadeem and Shadat a desperate criminals of western UP and Rehmat Pasha nephew
of Mohd Hasan @ sufi were roped in. As per plan Naim Pehalwan and Mohd Hasan
were arrested on 21/06/08 in an excise case FIR no 191/08 U/S 60/1/14 PS Ratan Puri
Muzaffar Nagar to hoodwink the police. On 23/06/08, all four persons attacked the house
of advocate I.R.Khan. At that time I.R Khan was not at his home, his younger brother
Hasim Khan along with two other persons received gunshot injuries. Thereafter both
Naeem and Mohd Hasan were released on bail.

      Salim @ Roti, a desperate criminal of western UP, alongwith associates murdered
Shamim Choudhary @ Bhagat. Both the attackers were lynched by the associates of
Shamim Chaudhary which included Shabir Chaudhary, the brother of the deceased.
Shabir Chaudhary suspected that Irshad r/o Jafrabad Seelam Pur along with his other
associates are involved in this murder. He alongwith Muneer r/o Seelam Pur,
Mahfooj@Boby@Brambaj, Inam r/o Braham Puri Delhi, Naim Pehalwan and Mohd
Hasan @ sufi conspired to eliminate Irshad. They hired Imran@ Nadeem and Shadat
both r/o western UP, Nasir Chiballa r/o Seelam Pur, Akram@ kana r/o Seelam Pur,
Shakti Yogesh and Azad r/o Buland shahar UP for this task. A recee was done for the
movements of Irshad and as per plan on 3/08/08 Irshad was murdered by all the accused
persons at his residence.

      On 23.08.2008, specific information was received in the Special Cell that members
of Naeem Pehlwan gang would assemble near C-Block New Jaffrabad, West Gorakh
Park PS Welcome to commit some crime. On this information a trap was laid and at

about 3.15 PM when the accused persons came in a Tata Safari, they were apprehended.
From their possession illegal arms and ammunition were recovered. The recovered Arms
were used in the murder.


    S.NO FIR No            U/S                                  PS
      1. 462/05 307 IPC                             Seelampur, Delhi
      2. 357/06 302/120 B IPC (Baddu                Seelampur, Delhi
      3. 181/08 307 IPC                             Sahadra
      4. 191/08 60 1/14 Excise Act                  Ratanpuri, Mujjafar Nagar,
      5.   297/08   302 IPC                         Seelampur
      6.   53/08    25 Arms Act                     Special Cell, Delhi

  S. FIR No            U/S                   PS
1.   108/08 3/4 Gambling Act   Bhajanpura, Delhi
2.   181/08 307 IPC            Sahadra
3.   297/08 302 IPC            Seelampur
4.   52/08  25 Arms Act        Special Cell, Delhi

Further investigation is in progress.

                                                                   ( ALOK KUMAR )
                                                       DY. COMMISSIONER OF POLICE
                                                               SPECIAL CELL DELHI


        Whereas reports have been received that due to the situation prevailing in the areas of
Police Stations specified in the schedule appended to this order, it is apprehended that
terrorist/anti-social elements may seek hideouts in the residential areas of the said Police
Stations and there is every likelihood of breach of peace and disturbance of public tranquility
and also there is grave danger to human life and safety and injury to public property on that

2             And whereas it is necessary that some checks should be put on

landlords/tenants so that terrorists/anti-social elements in the guise of tenants may not cause
explosion riots, shoot outs, affray etc. and that immediate action is necessary for the prevention
of the same.

3.              Now, therefore I, Yudhbir Singh Dadwal, Commissioner of Police, Delhi in
 exercise of the powers conferred upon me by Section 144 of Code of Criminal Procedure,
 1973 (No.2 of 1974) read with Govt. of India, Ministry of Home Affairs, Notification No. U-
 11036/3/1978 (i)-UTL, dated 1-7-1978 do hereby order that no landlord/owner/person of any
 house/property which falls under the jurisdiction of area of Police Stations specified in the
 schedule appended to this order, shall let/sublet/rent out any accommodation to any person
 unless and until he has furnished the particulars of the said tenant (s) to the Station House
 Officer of the Police Station concerned. All persons who intend to take accommodation on
 rent shall inform in writing in this regard to the Station House Officer concerned in whose
 jurisdiction the premises fall. The persons dealing in property business shall also inform in
 writing to the Station House Officer concerned in whose jurisdiction the premises fall about the
 particulars of the said tenants.

4.            This order shall come into force with effect from 28.08.2008 and shall be
effective for a period of 60 days upto 25.10.2008 (both days inclusive) unless withdrawn

5.           Any person contravening this order shall be punishable under Section 188 of the
Indian Penal Code.

6.            As the notice cannot be served individually on all concerned, the order is hereby
passed ex-parte. It shall be published for the information of public through Press and by
affixing copies on the Notice boards of the offices of all District DCsP, Addl. DCsP, ACsP,
Tehsil Offices, all Police Stations concerned and the offices of the NDMC and MCD.

                                                                 ( YUDHBIR SINGH DADWAL )
                                                                 COMMISSIONER OF POLICE,


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