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                                                                    • Built-in VoIP via SIP with POTS
                                                                    • Versaport2™ dedicated uplink
                                                                      port for fiber or LAN access
                                                                    • Remotely manageable using TR-
                                                                      069 or WT-087 with or without
                                                                      EnVoy Service Management
                                                                    • Flexible networking via 4-Port
                                                                      Ethernet and 802.11g Wireless
Integrated DSL, VoIP gateway with wired and
wireless access                                                     • Stateful inspection packet
                                                                      filtering Firewall for a secure
Westell’s new TriLink Gateway is the latest integrated                Internet connection
                                                                    • VPN Passthrough Support
DSL device that combines multiple voice and data technolo-
                                                                    • Support for up to 253 users over
gies into one unit. It includes VoIP using SIP, wired and             a single IP address
wireless networking and alternate access for fiber or LAN           • NAT or Bridged Mode operation
via dedicated Versaport2 uplink Ethernet port. The TriLink          • Supports DHCP & DNS
Gateway integrates multiple broadband technologies into               Server implementation
one device that enables self-installable networking for home        • Simple to install, configure, and
                                                                      manage via standard web browser
or small business without the need to purchase multiple             • Software upgradable
devices. This translates into BIG savings and benefits
for customers. USB port                                             Available Options:
In addition, TriLink Gateway offers Quality of Service (QoS)
                                                                    1 Versaport2 for dedicated
for managing multiple and simultaneous applications                   alternate access
for predictable performance.                                        2 VLAN support and layer 2/3 QoS
   Look at these features:                                          4 USB port
   • Integrated DSL modem and router
   • 2 voice ports for VoIP with POTS backup
   • Voice services: call waiting, 3-way calling,
     conferencing, FAX and more
   • 54 mbps, 802.11g Wi Fi networking plus 4
     Ethernet wired ports
   • Remotely manageable and software
     upgradeable via TR-069

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